WWL>Topics>>5-14 9:10am Tommy, beer sales at Tiger Stadium?

5-14 9:10am Tommy, beer sales at Tiger Stadium?

May 14, 2014|

Tommy talks to Nick Williamson with Bayou Bandits tailgating about the tailgating experience at LSU games

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know yes it is story breaks about dealers UA athletic director considering allowing beer sales Tiger Stadium. And I can't believe that people would actually drink when they go to these games. That do it's. They do masks -- and -- and senator and a couple of thoughts that I -- Would -- be better to have them be able to drink hopefully sensibly sensibly in Tiger Stadium -- game. As opposed again Noelle it cleared up before you go in Indian enough senior that it last 03040. Game -- it's a long time the other way is he is saying everybody would. Drink responsibly there are -- relatively speaking would make for a better or worse though if you if you experience. And a people's sneak in -- and right now nick Williamson joins us right now by U bandits tailgating. And nick first off thanks taken time what does. It. Neck and Italian any of full disclosure all honesty. Lived here all my life never been a game in Tiger Stadium every year as salmon do it never years some miles happens weren't out there. Tell me -- I think sometimes that may applied a lot of people like myself that is deliveries and in go to LSU never. Never got to go tell -- what the tail -- experiences like in terms of alcohol and then. What happens in the stadium. Well I mean it -- Louisiana it's football. And it goes without saying that drinking a court. -- everywhere and everywhere can enjoy themselves. But look at I think for the vast majority the most part. People think that irresponsible. They're all on it it goes without saying well there's definitely a number of people -- Who over indulge and now. You're gonna have that no matter what I think there's. That particular question regarding serving beer in Pakistan or not. You're still gonna you're gonna have a majority people who who responsibly consume alcohol not that you personally. I think it could be a major benefit to that it could be university. That it but it. Both athletic and all the academic. I'll just open your people the world over indulging. Either ordered Serbs are not as you pointed out a moment ago there actually individuals who take the good time you can literally until the point that they can barely walk in the -- just so they can make it -- -- it again. What you think it is about. Drinking in the game because as nudges here in south Louisiana NFL had a can of beer sales of the third quarter. And -- people lined up like crazy before the third quarter ends I can't believe it's because the pretzels were make him thirsty. So what is it about drink and it enhances not just sports but say the whole football experience. I mean it's hard to define I guess it's just part of the culture that you rate and I don't know how how it's become that way all. I know for myself I absolutely enjoy a beer while marking -- saint Blair while watching tiger split. On from the delegating aspect that you believe disparate. It did not drew me to get completely wasted while drinking -- you know -- game. -- to being sort of the five people who run the tailgate. You know detail some war commitment to. -- -- and cannot and everything. Cleopatra and there's a lot of valuable things that we -- -- in together. -- it's certainly the lead out there anything locked up the trailer comeback in the morning yet. I gotta get well I -- -- dropped so I didn't that was a point where. -- but that was cut ourselves off. -- just be responsible to make sure we get our console and get ourselves -- say. On the day I try to be honest with the audience and I'll drink anymore but I -- to enact into how many times -- gets hammered at the game. I wasn't plays these games and argument here than a minute Tiger Stadium on -- you're. That I knew what was on at the time and I actually -- machines say this. Went home from a Monday night Monday game and it went to work on Tuesday thinking that the saints at 11 -- thing. I swear on line and proud of it but stayed for the whole game thing you know is old hat because saints won. Albeit not feeling great and then they Tillman when he time but the jets -- upon peck late in the game and I. I think that's a little bit too much don't you think. Well I accurately that on a few different case I -- -- graduated from -- you have. God knows. Going into the student section were obviously. Out all -- any words in and actually believe it we are on an -- we go to different. You got some -- about that I'll. But you know in the -- -- student section you. All myself and speak for myself I'm certainly not wait -- intoxicated. And I had fun with it and maybe maybe I'd they're a lot for not adding any except in trouble. Same exact but -- and when you talk about the student section. I did they get hammered before they go in errors they're -- and it's going on now analyses is not making money off. Well -- boats are absolutely I don't know have you ever heard of I don't what the name -- -- soft spot is based -- A little flat but it plastic. Then we -- our common that it going in stadium. And I don't think that I don't think it's a state that doesn't know it's just really ridiculous Japanese certain -- -- -- -- walk it now. But I think anybody would enjoy that either security equivalent of a game. I'd -- -- Nancy record for relate to go by you bandits tailgating is an open society -- to be voted in and is there any. -- spanking involved one. Rick you enjoy watching football and and you go like dedicating your world become anybody there's so. There's no spanking involved because delegate and. I never it was like Yale where you put their hoods on secret society anything like that yes and our word yes sir may I have another that kind of thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We enjoy. Drinking quality Louisiana -- beer we enjoyed watching the game on -- projector and any TV and there's really needed and are cooking good food and sit out there -- -- enjoy the game will build. A -- hang onto an eagle is telling me something in my year. -- he says he was gonna join until he found out about no spanking now he's got no interest. Powell well its its -- -- oh yeah we we might get an exception but you have to show up the -- I think it's unfortunate on so many levels nick I don't even know it aside. Nice to take at a time lives and have a great day rate -- have to find out more than if they wanna get involved with of the by UB and it's tailgating. Well we do have a FaceBook pages -- -- bad they -- getting out safe and check out I appreciate you time nick have a great day thank Donna.