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5-14-14 2:10pm Angela: on afterlife communication

May 14, 2014|

Angela talks with author Dr. Marilyn Mendoza about experiences with deceased relatives.

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Overdoing one of our many mental shift here from rape statistics. To after death communications. Have you ever had communication. From a deceased block one or friend. There are people who have received messages from mother father husband child friend who died. But needed to communicate something to them. This is called after death communications. And it is estimated that as many as 20% of Americans have experienced such communication. Doctor Marilyn Mendoza psychologist who has written a book entitled. We do not die alone is back with us to explain what this is. We really appreciate you coming back we loved your previous show without assuming a lot of comments. Because I think there aren't great number of people who with pat. Something to do with some experience and it's. It's a subject we just don't talk about and perhaps we need to and that's why it's an excellent wonderful to have you here thank you. You have your book we do not die alone which is fascinating. And people need to read but it was also another couple who wrote a book called hello from -- that really did this seven year study about. The after. -- communications. What in your experience. Have have you. -- Oh I've heard. A lot. -- I wanna say also that -- 20%. I'm sure is not an accurate figure. Because just like with near death experiences. In -- -- people don't report. What's happening to them because they are again afraid of being caught the crazy -- out of their mind and so. They keep all that in and as we were talking just a little earlier I've never gone to the top -- seminar that I've given. That somebody will always come up to me after the tall and start to share these experiences even though other people may be cheering them. At that time they still don't want to let other people know that they've had the experience to. On and I think he's much more common. And we realize. Billing GD Guggenheim and wrote the book hello from heaven and that's like the classic in the field they get a. A large study and came up with about twelve. Different types of after death communications. And I think that. You know who among us has not ask when somebody died. Please give me aside and let me know how you are where you are if you're okay. And I'm. That's what these -- to death communications arm back out our loved ones contact us with the main. On purpose of letting us know -- that they are okay it's comforting. And very soothing force in helps us in the grieving process. I remember when you were on last -- told the story of you were on your way to or radio interview in another test and you were very nervous about it and you were walking out of them two ladies room. And you kept seeing these white feathers or what happened was -- And when my mom dad -- began to see these little white feathers and they weren't in clumps they were just like a single white feather. And that day. When I got out of the restaurant and went to go down the paper we're. I'm the restroom was there was a single white feather. Small fluffy white feather in the middle of the pavement with nothing else around it. And that to me was son from my mother that she was there with me in the sense that I picked it up and held it and I wasn't nervous. After that. Now and that is a wonderful example like that cannot help with anybody is listening time. You'll feel comfortable giving -- call and if you've ever had an experience like that share with us. 26018. Summoned. So let's talk about the types. Of after death communications. That is one of them and word that the physical something there. Yes and they're also on other physical things like flowers. For him. Seeing. Pictures -- hearing music that might be related to the person. Funding Corning's. Little things like that that -- meaningful. To the individual who passed in that would have meaning. For the recipient. If there's an account in my book of the woman. Whose daughter was really involved with thinker bill. And head. All kinds of Tinker Bell things -- collections. And so after she died the woman kept saying -- bills on cars. Now I have never in my line senior tinker on our. So -- -- and that was verification for her. That her daughter was sending her messages. On you know the Afghan death communication. -- additions are a form of after death communication remain I think if it that way but he he -- is because is from people. Who come back to escort us across. And these are people who have who are loved ones. And you know really the most. Well known here to death communication. Is Jesus. Most people don't think about that but that is true. I understand exactly what -- mean he has -- people are still you know reticent. To think because we have no real proof we have people if you trust them and if you say they have now. Alter your motive other than they have this experience. That you have to believe they believed it that's right to -- that happened to them it was meaningful to them it was meaningful to them. Talking about these communications a validation. Communication this is I think from there yes. When they're talking about. Oh yes this is -- great one where the grandfather. Died the woman's mother cauldron to -- grandfather has died. And then she is upset lies down and feels that he is communicating with her specifically. Imam Anwar on the second the shelf is something important. And enables her mother and it's there. Yes he was very specific yes and that can happen. They get people can get messages from the other side about -- Wear the jewelry is there. Important paper things like that yes yes. And that's verification of the affected its a true experience. Not only did you have meaning to the person who received it. But -- you more that they say it this is where it was. And if they didn't know where was -- -- -- and and that was the case a woman should know what -- malicious code check in there wasn't that would be. Yeah that would be breathtaking yes absolutely absolutely have you ever had a client or patient has -- experiences like that. -- actually I haven't had anybody. I've heard of them but I haven't had anybody tell me this -- come back and shown them Wear something he has. You know that there's not a part of me having lost my mother a couple of years ago we -- extremely close and I was. And I always say mother to come back and scare but nothing -- -- I always want her with me yet I don't wanna be scared -- Atlanta. And yet there -- people -- visually. Someone shows up. That's right and people. Do you get frightened but not necessarily because of what the person who's shown up his standard that they can save them is just that they don't know what day it that's. And they feel in their grief that they've gone nuts. You know and but as far as I know I have never heard of distressing after death communications. Like sometimes there are with near death experiences. Or death -- visions on that may be out there but I think they're really just people misinterpreting. What is happening to them. I want everyone to stay with this and Melinda -- on the on the line I want you to please stay with us as well we're gonna come back we're going to be talking about after death communication. Stay with us. Doctor Marilyn Mendoza our special guest a psychologist who is the author of the book. We do not die alone. We are talking about after death communications. With loved ones and we have a caller Melinda. Yeah hi how are you -- I came -- Kerry. I will be driving. And listening to discount rate should. Lost an arm and here's my only Korea and Iran and a car accident it's not in terrible. Up front immediately. The job it was barely -- victory. Let's consider buying debt fortunately but believe that they are you wait and gave it would expire at -- Albert it is an update. And I can't bring every night because I'm in the medical profession on me that the absolutely -- Giles. And -- every night. Couple days that last term kind of way we can debate the only thing. And the very -- before he passed. I would begin in -- and -- its -- company beat them. And I'll worry that. Make a long story -- three players. My son came to me. -- we shall turn around and let me it shouldn't. Got -- He's Whitney. The that's wonderful and trump that poor people and actually carry much changed. The way. Absolutely it was a definite. Beliefs and that kind of thing. -- But the line. Absolutely and it in Tripoli. Hello how are people that -- a lot and make things CNET and other people tell me now. You know hot and it ended Sunday meaning that it. Up. To people welcome basket what you bring -- up. Absolutely. I think the -- Did you did you visually see him. So I've felt him and. Actually my child. And that's an -- Actually put an arm on my children and it does it but it was every I'd like tag attached. -- Did not debate which got it right in. And you know I'm troubled. For years and then be -- would be you know a lot of these well. I think that -- Excuse me I think you speak to the point about how important these events are that you can't really measure because they provide hope and could lift the mourners out of their despair. Because that was such. You know and -- week with. Are buying problem that. You know and ten -- the deal. India. -- child playing about great yelling at -- It's not as much as -- pop something good. And that they would not like being in the good discussion. And I got up there prominent straight -- the -- and there are over there. Eight and they -- and you know do what it broke. And -- -- said that maybe we app made. -- it for a little while. -- -- You know and -- that's socket prank canopy making little because and it is on the ground it's not a paper. You know absolutely because that's what the law being what they the very the -- and now. It apt to get so many. And while they heard your prayers and I think bring out but another subject. In terms of that Long Island medium -- I told a friend that I was going on the radio talk about their conduct communication. And she said oh you mean like say on -- her a psychic and I said no these are direct. On the experiences then spontaneous. Although a lot of people make out to a psychic these are directly. You in the person in his past. What I think that we believe and it's so much that I had grandmother who you know we live right is that my payment agent. And you know a lot of their beliefs and agreement that -- met very very. Valid. You know advocate agreement and other. You know and Alec what do we need to get -- -- -- what we got to. The issue that they come out that somewhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We get a fine myself I would be wearing them. You know he added extra -- You know -- -- you know well Japanese colleagues look at it. From GAAP. You know bully somebody let me know that he's got this -- and a lot to bring. What that it from -- agree it's still there it's going to be there. You know and -- -- got even more than the it came out that about not out that there except you about my mother -- -- eventually do what the outlook for immediate. You know it was horrendous but help me get there because it kept saying now -- they. Yes -- and line him. Incredibly sorry for all of the laws that -- had but then. Thank you semis so thank you Vera -- You know you hope to people that's very very nice. To hear. It not get the name of the book I want a the name of the book is we did not die alone and the author is doctor Marilyn Mendoza. Thank you know. -- no thank you very very much Melinda wild to have all those losses and she -- -- She's -- -- absolutely and she experienced something we haven't talked about yet in terms of being touched. Sometimes people feel a pat on the shoulder or or kiss on their cheek or something. On dad is another way of getting their attention. From their low point in the the other people's -- -- Hello happen. There was a comment in there that in all of their studies. Everybody saw there loved one healthy. Yes as if they visually sought after jet that was helping and whether the person had deteriorated from an accident or from a health issue. What they saw was the healthy. Yes very interest it is and that's consistent across deathbed visions near death experiences and after death communications. The individual who is is always seen as healthy get their whole again. And also they appear younger than they were at the time of the death. But but that's her -- was at what that means. -- -- -- -- I guess they'll. We're gonna take a break in a moment ago the news but I just want to say anybody like wonderful Melinda who called who has had an experience. Of any kind what we've seen something felt something hurt something get this call 2601878. But now let's go to the news. Well we are talking with the Merrill Mendoza who was saying local psychologist. We are talking about John. Communications after death -- we have callers Sandra. Sandra in New Orleans. He acted in. -- let it out how you do I would. I was partly because that -- -- to the lady with her comment I just to collect collar talking about -- yeah tapping our shelter. And I had a period after my mother I at about twelve years ago. Hello. Yes on Sandra can hear me. -- that you were talking your mother passed away about twelve years ago. And I accepted part about your -- they get that out being our you know what I. And and activists -- -- -- touched by foot but I didn't see her. And right back where where mom respect you -- okay. -- -- -- -- the that would -- out individually. Like you know people. -- -- Yeah. That's why a lot of people won't talk about it and it so meaningful to you that you want to be able to share with someone -- Lot of people appeared close mind about it and we'll try to take you -- but it happened or. You were hallucinating or something like that but it's also very common. I've had a number of five patients say that they felt. After their husband that they felt someone's sitting on the did. While they were sleeping. On the so it was like has been content to sit on the and it -- them. And I think he is we planned it any of these. Appearances. It the deceased. Or he's at the foot of the ban now I have no idea why. But it is so a place where a lot of people's Chela at the -- -- that they. And to put -- and I really appreciate your call center in on. Again I'm sorry for the loss to mother Toobin good that you got to talk to work. Okay thank you. Thank you Chris in New Orleans. There and we're good. -- hate you. Experienced people. A little. My father passed away or. -- -- cancer and -- experience where -- -- -- big. Are. You thought you. Much ever since I. Am all right. Aren't able. We we were all quote as the other. And the car on. -- forward. Something that -- on my life right now and struck corporate job or am I think. You know my father will be in the and ball with your hockey -- earlier eat healthy vibrant. You know projecting an opinion like she put a lot. I am app that. Like every while the -- and -- hot and I don't know what your opt out. The option to our. Professionals out there. Well I'm glad -- I mentioned that it sounds to me like Q and you can't were pretty close. And -- streams he is involved in your life that's what he's saying by being in the dream he's there repeat during all these different. Situations. So I think that just speaks to the closeness that the two -- and that he's watching over you. Are accurate -- but I -- my I don't know why. Nobody else might that are happy that. I get that area there. And then later -- -- I'm sure. But it I don't know. I get -- trouble making it but it but -- statement. I. Yes I I think it's a gift -- just letting you know that he's involved in your life all aspects that that's just prayer Chris that well. Really appreciate you calling in telling us. Let's go to what David. Yeah. You inexperienced. Yes. I don't -- away before actually. And she was that. Saint it. You couldn't easily achieved what. We're trying to gain world. Ended. Up like. Like I was treatment after it at this game shouldn't art. And -- this -- go into applicable strength now I think he ought to know what you think in the school are now. And now. I'm more like in the back while I like this is on its feet. And that -- like go go go go. -- went back there. And it. It and he turned my back but. You know she she -- -- -- Minutes. -- Does it sit here. Peter. And that could. Was enjoying the game. Yeah I get. It in mind here right there and that that would maybe channel. And -- a look at their. You know just because you pass away doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy the saints. -- Your great David thank thank you much for. Think he. -- in 1979. Out of cops are now on the outside until. You get. Oh my gosh. Well. Yeah I hope kids I think you sound David you're the best -- really mean thank you very very much. Let's go to Joan Joan in -- sitting. Hello Joan. Joan are -- there. Okay I'm sorry I hope she calls back what do we take a break we'll be right back to stay with us as we continue our top about communicating after death. We're talking about having experiences. Communications from those with loved. After they've died and I want Casey -- to stay with this. Joan in bridge city we got you back Joan. Hi yes Angela yes hi I'm Colin made that I've got to tell you this. So -- have real you know about him trying to turn on the radio. But we -- belong in the morning. The -- was I mean -- the TV and another room. One cleanup as spare bedroom because. I can't Alex -- at a funeral Saturday. And my -- Not this past Tuesday -- the Tuesday before. Tuesday. -- have been. And then. Just hold how to do it on didn't go and you know did the perfect life -- -- -- and batons. And two -- just two decades. As that storm may turn on the radio and the right. Because can clean it up a bit. A family commitments immediately. And what can and should. It's about. Communique from -- and you know. You know it's interesting I just asked Marilyn and those who is our guest today can people encourage. Communication. I'm pollutants -- -- -- you're talking to your brother in asking hope everything's okay I'm in the question she had. Can she do that where -- chicken and you can actually -- Them to give you assignment to let them to let you know that they are okay. On many times where more receptive to that during times of prayer and meditation. Or when we're going to sleep when I'm waking. We're more receptive today information they may be giving us. But look for signs to you know it may be a certain bird or something that was special to him. A flower power smelled some people's now. Understand that it's perfume or after share a you know things like that it is kind of keep -- open. Because those things will come out and if you don't look warm you might dismissive -- shortly hands. What made me call because I just -- -- and get all of these questions. A -- radio program met Alicia and every now and then turned and on but until that happened at two days. I'll look like he's communicated you know hey guess what. Not worry about the I'm eight. Yes. And that's called synchronicity in synchronicity these are meaningful coincidences so bad. It wasn't really a coincidence that you turned into their attention to the -- Tuesday. So that's that's -- he's like you know that you can communicate with them. All that great this year John I appreciate this call thanks very much. All right thank you thank you let's go to Dick in Biloxi. Hello Dick you had an inexperienced yes. Yeah so. Ninety tricks -- Not any. December 20 word -- anymore it's pretty well the year later. Mom mom why it ever. We will any big -- out one more. To capitol. Yeah. White wolf in. -- Cheesy she's actually well. -- -- -- -- -- -- And pretty. -- the way. G-8. All problems in life update more. It's more. -- Call swish is more -- -- brought. -- the Arctic more. And he would. I guess in -- -- it's. Expecting it to you recognize. -- And that happens many times that some mighty. Will be dying in a relative will be at home. And get a visitation from the person who is dying letting them know that they have advanced. And then later they get a phone call indeed the person had pay -- at that time that they had that operation. Yes -- interest yes it is only so he must succumb to take your brother. Again -- you know. -- Dick thank you very much that is a fascinating story thank you very very much. -- Italy different. -- -- -- -- -- -- But who might. Have been able to actually. Within. The -- quote you. Know about it. That -- -- and in good you know oh you called it a look now and let them. -- -- -- -- -- It's from the slow -- load. -- metric. You could go. -- and -- is. That you. With a but let -- -- out of the porn. -- and the problem you know bring real you know. In. -- Out of what. And that opened in the -- about. Sure it was beautiful should look. In the want to. -- -- out. -- When -- the killer. And it wouldn't. Bump and in the future. -- change what the public and should look were calm. Well. That we. Have been in the forward. And now they're and that. We can and bird and -- that. Absolutely beautifully said Casey thank -- so much for -- oh my gosh. That is Sundance yes absolutely and at the threw the band and and -- stay with this will be right back. Our guest Maryland and those of doctor Marilyn Anderson psychologist. Her book we do not die alone but we are talking about. After death communications and I've really been appreciative of the people call. Yes yes who kept her send my great accounts. Very meaningful and acting. That's the main idea about these after death communications is they do provide -- comfort and reassurance that you're grieving is hard. On and we still have to do our grief work but when we know that there are okay and that there are -- -- and connected to miss it makes it easier. It does yes and again if somebody is. Wanting to communicate. Just say it out louder and I saving your minding your mind -- -- saying please send me a sign that your okay. -- my gosh we will do further shows on this I just think that death is an important topic and it's one that we don't talk about enough because it is. Discomfort there but as these people open up hopefully -- home mark to yes yes -- and saying you know life. It is part of life. Absolutely and some doctor -- woman does that we will see you again thank you very eerie very much thank you I want everyone to stay with us again we're gonna do another shift. All of our sports guys will be here. You'll definitely want to hear what they're going to say about the Michael -- situation. Now let's go to the newsroom.