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5-12 10:10am Think Tank: Coastal Erosion Money

May 14, 2014|

Garland is in the Think Tank with Author John Barry who is formerly with the South East Louisiana Flood Protection Authority about the lack of money for coastal protection.

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-- -- -- -- Still debating what's gonna happen to veto a bill that basically. Takes away the ability to you southeast Louisiana up flood protection authority east. To -- 97 oil company. And there and if you go of this thing you're gonna say the all the newspapers virtually every website -- pulled -- very virtually every blogger pulled. And and it. Ball all the way down to. Past governors three of them. Good thing to have some ridiculous. If there's nothing to the lawsuit if you if it's something of no consequence. To go to court that the words pollution can be over very quickly. But we've gone our legislators. Still debating between -- and gotten an update yet. Let me give an example how how difficult it is to call our representatives. On the on the platform and ask them questions about that we've passed multiple times they've -- admire. Shouldn't Robert ugly. -- -- along Neil Abrams and Walter illusion that he Cameron him. No response -- -- so. We go back to John -- one of the authors of this launch sued former member. So obviously museum of flood protection authority. And no. Organizer. Of the area group that this pushing to get too close tutored you on welcome back to the show. Banks are happening now what's -- -- Well there could be a vote as early as today. That could be very important as to what committee. A bill that passed the senate last week. Goes to and we had that bill. Beaten and one committee. And sat and it would kill the losses. So they pulled it from that committee. Put it the committee where it didn't really belong. Barely got that commitment and key amendment on the senate floor passed. Eighteen to nineteen by one vote -- I should state lost we lost it by eighteen and nineteen by one vote now it's gone -- house. It and it should go to my house civil war committed because everything in the bill. Relates to things like rights of action and legal issues. But it might go to the house natural resources. We've got a chance of winning in civil law we have lots of good chance considerably less and natural resources. So there twisting rules it's kind of like the refereeing. Drawn flags and call on plays -- ten minutes after the if you start touchdown. There they're twisting the rules to try to laugh tell us -- you -- call your legislators. House number. Is 22 sides. -- 69. 45. And particularly if you live in. Parts of the eastern or loans or strengthen our Blackmon on these ankle already dare follow these are represented. Chris we have poll done on the west bank and black -- or your local representatives. And actually all them that it's a floor vote they all vote. And I think it makes the difference is what we're talking about here. It's not money it's survival. What the money goes do is make in this place. -- Because hundred year protection sounds great. It's the lowest standard and in the developed world. And we can't even maintain Mac. Without money. So forward there is James -- that count yesterday. There was a reason. -- opposed to lawsuits we heard by now there is no reason you know the industry. Itself recognizes that they did the damage and there's -- quest and they violated their -- And that law and that's why they need the legislature. To intervene because -- was court. Aren't -- cigarettes per -- It is there is the the public here you really and passion than this do you understand. Got to -- so far. In these years and out of the show have never had any body explain to me. Howell the cold from production plan is funded. I've had been explanations. On partial funding. With hopes of later pond and like John says this is all about -- dog we're calling to live here does that bother you in and do you think. A lawsuit. To get more money in order to allow you -- stay here and your business and your children. Is that word that when it's legal and the ghost who -- to be decide to Sid zero. One big celebrity doubled up -- -- finger above the debris that's still going on in the legislature today in new turning point concerning. Via itself -- you shall we Joseph Libyan authorities suing 97 oil companies with the elements that even they have admitted they did Toro wetlands. Bum with -- -- John Barry former member all of these. -- protection authority. And heavily involved in in the lighted so. John I was looking. Two very soon after -- that we've on war. And senator -- thing rent a lane. And it talks about better efforts they're making to kill this lawsuit and replant -- moved his right lane. Actually sued pipeline company over damage -- cane fields and reached a settlement in 2011. And ugly on Obama's true. Was in the oil business on April recently. And was one spla and foreign par middle -- so. So little contradictory. That they don't want you to do what they do it. I leave so undulating side. The bet that. I would agree with you know he wants to deny more than a million people one vote. Jurisdiction of the flood protection authority the right to do exactly what he did himself for. And where we're where it. In order to protect people's lives and property. So yet hypocrisy. Shocked shocked to see hypocrisy. And and the state legislature. Let olympians some quick I hope we would do the simple. Understand. When you -- on the liberty authorities you guys decide to do to shoot a gruesome. You're talking to -- lawyer oral warriors is there're a new line in the in the charter is there. -- law in the charted that says yes. You can go do this. Absolutely. It explicitly. Authorizes us to quote too and piece suit and there there's no way you know actually goes around saying that what we did was legal -- He's just. He's got a -- true he wishes it were illegal but laws that he is proposing in this state legislature would make it illegal. But yeah it was legal it is legal. -- actually pursued. They went to court to stop the lawsuit. They being in the -- and oil and gas association. And not only did we win in the losses. The judge to announce they are -- as -- switches sort of a term of our engine and and and the law. Just how outrageous their loss in -- no question we did was fully authorized an absolutely completely totally legal. We'll do this lawyers pushed. Our hypothetical. I -- the road like for sure there's a law that says I cannot rule on the road life. But Tom -- Have political connections I go to legislature. And say. I think as long use is wrong. I would like he would change read true actively. Not just to make sure that I don't have to -- for -- future red lights but I don't have to capable and all that violent. And always clear what the law right that that's basically what does is it. That's exactly what is it. You know retroactively. Excuse me ma'am. From violating state lost him in our permits which are contract -- I would assume that you're good dog down -- -- huge you -- -- I can't I can't imagine now that. Constitutional by the state or the bed. Well I'm unsure of these I'm pretty sure of the legal team. Will line up going to court over some legislation that passes. We still do that system. Some. Hope that the legislation defeated. And you know ominous story. But I tell you something -- having looked at the historical events for much of my life. History does not happen. People make history. And the fact Israel listeners can be part of making history of state. Contact your state legislator. And and get them. Acting you know there are active in and grassroots support and tell them to support the losses and let the courts decide. Open up the legislators listen to their constituents. Could this lawsuit has overwhelming public support -- as overwhelming need the support we've got editorials from Lake Charles Monroe. Almost -- yet -- support -- losses in both the advocate in the times Picayune. But the legislators are our most. So again I think there's two. 342694. It is it is House of Representatives called -- to speak to your legislator. And normal what the courts decide. Our little stream and a Borough listeners sandy suing her own withdrawn. Good morning. -- how -- you -- tightening -- fine thank you. Yes thank you give me a chance to say something I agree with what mr. pageant. Legislators need to hear from -- And I imagine that many -- you listeners -- represented a New England in districts. And I would like to come up to their attention that. A group -- -- the green economy recently staged a peaceful protest outside of his office a month ago. The green on me. Is composed of many organizations that this particular group that day was composed of members and from the gulf restoration network from the Sierra Club. The Louisiana bucket brigade and that he's got away. And we -- that peaceful protest to leave we have to rep they've been sent to recuse himself. From any votes pertaining to. The big oil lashes. It was discussing today and the reason is rep Abrams and represents. Oil and gas companies. It's -- Natalie that the company does that but is it last but he himself represents. Still that was requested you to recuse himself. Later that afternoon. I'll put this in that letter from the representative. Are in which he called protest and be responsible -- -- And said that it was insensitive handling of the situation. Out. Need to point out the green army. Is not a done the green army is real life people who have been hurt and harmed. Irresponsible gas extraction. And the guiding the handling we would exercise. In the peaceful protest the fully protected -- that we haven't had consistent. So if any of you that listeners would like to do so that I would I would -- to pick up the final. And cost you know 45564. -- that you you know when nine. And -- simply asked that they consent to vote against SCB 469. And a group president of Abrams who was one of those Mindy. -- we have requested to be on the show and they couldn't make a regular break we're coming right -- soup with a double a deal bigger celebrity -- -- five area that. Are welcome back were. Thinking about the the big fight illegal legislature. Over -- become south Newser in Louisiana. Flood protection of foreign troops attempt to -- Not a -- seven oil companies for damage they did to the wetlands of which we use. We're going to have to pay if this thing can at least get a hearing. In court. Carting everything Brad -- and certain Rivera for you on the side to be on the show many -- I'm. What they're attempting to do is take you call that was these ball and liquid that and become law we can pick up. And retro actively get it changed. After the violation occurred. That -- talk. Where John Barry British the author of one of the authors author of the lawsuit. Formally will have the blood protection authority. Political scale back to so ballistic -- incompetent in your own double bill appreciative. We do with. Two questions you are here. They fit that bill proposed in America legislature. To allow the harsh elements pursuit -- come -- correct. That is correct the problem and I and I support those losses I'm glad that they were filed and I was more -- would file. This thing is they are very narrow. They don't have the scope of the plot authorities lawsuit. And in fact about two weeks ago the attorney general publicly. Re losing it releasing information. That major oil companies have come to -- seeking a state wide settlement. We're talking about serious money. Tens of billions of dollars total. And that they came to him seeking a settlement because they'll plot authorities -- If you take a lot of -- lawsuit away. And the -- average. To bring than the oil companies to the table disappears. What the plot -- -- wiesel was that. It's lawsuit would precipitate. A statewide solution Leo we you know certainly there's there's more damage to the west of the river. Then there is to the east of there there -- planning on the east but there's more the collapsed and they want this state wide problem. And you know the past two loss to top. Totally supportive of them I'm glad that they're gonna survive the legislative session. But they do not have the genes necessary. To bring the companies to the table. Question now. The Irish government -- here -- -- the body. Harsh. Rhetoric is that correct yeah totally minority people people collected. -- Sides I'm sure you know we were appointed there's -- nominating process but it is legally a political subdivision of the state. Which is essentially the same thing as a paris'. And as the courts have already ruled. A lot of authority as. A full legal. Writes. Just do which is what we did. Where are we -- -- all of our art and I can guarantee you. I was up there for this fight and we had the ladies in -- do we have representative civic organizations. Parent organization. The whole idea. Was again who's who's -- through the system. Out of politics. That's why do this citizenry one that we don't want the ifs that. Go ahead. A bad idea saying it now while Rick where's the weapons that were -- and the loss. For the public bid. Polity -- -- Actual rep that there be upbeat let people -- Well there's a very long process I was in charge of that process the first thing I -- was devoted to academic experts to see if we had a case before I ever approach -- turning. They said yes we both of them independently said at a case. And and try to find some groups to do it pro Bono. I actually found. Someone now a national group that would do it pro Bono in terms of state at the thought they would donate that tens of thousands of hours. They did not have -- millions of dollars. Cash to spend out of pocket -- expert witness as. -- I then went back to sun national expert Iran. Complex litigation like this match for a list of names. For him to recommend. I called the first guy analyst. That was Gladstone down from mine never heard of before. We and that umpire reminded we did talk to. They're trying to. As well I talked attorneys in New York was handled Chicago as well oral. Thank -- it was a very very thorough. Process. -- -- federal open process. What was open in the sense that. We talked a lot attorneys and got a lot of input from Lotta people. Now we -- into our state that that's a problem. I think we're one -- taking on Exxon. BP. Shell Chevron at the same time that's a pretty short list of people who were capable. Of doing that even national. And we did exactly what the law requires. In terms of the openness of the process nobody including the Paris's. Discuss these things openly when nobody knew the -- were filing. Until they actually filed. This was done in executive session which is perfectly appropriate that's what executives sessions. Exist for so that you can discuss your legal strategy. Privately. The limit mentioned something to the audience. I think from curing -- questions. He's not a three of us that Mike yeah. And I wasn't like there I'm turmoil -- general oil Kampman deadly it was a grow rough that routes about superintendent. Double play I'd I'd put blog so partially through -- working in the oil. And always -- local companies pay royalties. That create jobs and help charities. I saw experience. Would bring this is one I think for all moves. They buy their own bullish. Violated the permits. Where they were supposed to weekly what they did their -- they were required to fix it now we're all matters to. In listening to the words of mark Cuban's. You through the tunnel -- who I've known him personally productive use. I see no -- time oil company by sales in this. Here's an academic here bloody bloody roped in this is what you ought to be thinking up. If you or against the lawsuit. He said be aware. That the cause is saving our coats. And protecting our communities. Won't be any lower if we drew one to -- doesn't powerful groups. Don't based in the deal legal reckoning. It just means the foreign central burden. Warship even more on to office. Local taxpayers. War. We'll have to settle for doing laps. Are pros and its people and if that is where governor and a legislature you Melissa wants to take us -- us know and this will be the outcome and it -- -- for that we indeed. We'll have the government and the environment. That we deserve. -- -- Our -- continue to recover solution on the big legislative battle going on. Can certainly go lawsuit against 97 eagle 92. -- national companies follow but the subtleties -- upload protection authority. -- John -- with a one of the authors of this lawsuit. And were were asking you because we we tried to get appeal this side perjury hearing this side. And if you agree with that give the call to the legislature today today -- that are important. 22534264. -- Reagan one more listener Henry or unglued John. Good morning thank -- particular call. I think that suspension now doubts that after the COLT completed I'd be happy to leave my name and phone numbers and perhaps mr. Berry can contact me -- Having said that. I cannot and I do believe that has been damage as a result of the oil industry activity. Mine as if things he has. The complexities of losses to all of the leases that would talk about they're not all state leases. Although all that the leases are on private lands these leases date back 3040 or fifty years and I doubt lot of these old pieces. Attract some of the issues we've talked about but that's going to be a wall. Tangled lawsuit this chemical want to be -- The company on the defend themselves and I think that there is another mechanism. Upon which we can generate a permanent revenue stream. To right the ship in this state I mean we have started the -- of the country's so optimistic that we. We've got gas go to the state we we that refineries and Chemical Financial on the riveted can not beat. There has to be up mechanism to charge fees which by the way it would be amortized by these copies across the entire country to pay for everything we need county. Of that investment proposed for Everett and all of us have religious exemption console -- All good good good question news he just didn't look we got limited time that you went from answers. Oil restoration feel already in place it's totally about it it's so clearly this is illegal -- -- the well number one it's -- all of the above. You know all and for the industry to do. Is repeat here the part of the problem it created it is not responsible for all the land -- So the you'd -- need. It is enormous. The real -- losses on the master planned statewide is going to be over fifty billion dollars well. And it's in all of the above solution what the gentleman proposes I would absolutely support. By this but -- the same token if someone is obligated under the law. Two of six. -- -- -- -- And I do not see why they should be retroactively. Re leased from that obligation now. It'll after the article kind of political settlement the industry agreed to. Paid off. Under taxing game. Then I would be more than happy with that arrangement and that's a long term revenue pot that we can use to protect -- so I don't know I don't oppose what you're saying. You know there're there're many alternative solutions. The main point is. The industry. Is responsible for some of the land -- not all of it. They would work legally obligated to repair it they need to accept that liability. And -- paid off whatever mechanism -- use is fine with that it is. The lawsuit is in place it is a vehicle to force them to the table. The attorney general already said they they have come to the table if the lawsuit survives a legislative session. And work something out I'd be very amenable PowerPoint solutions such as you suggest. All right good lifts all the people one more time. Didn't loaded do what's happening -- house committees and civil war Poland already -- And may or may not be voted on today I am not really sure yet I don't think of final decision's been made. As what committee may consider. The legislation that passes that it should go to -- the law by -- basically every rule the house but there's an effort by the industry. Descended. To the house natural resources committee which is chaired by an oilman -- of where there would be a last chance. Defeating the legislation. -- unfortunately run out of time but. If you have this thing didn't through tomorrow and actually live lips keep doing the -- -- you'd try to get field side on the number of callers to too far. 3426945. You if you just want to have lawsuit. Heard in court if there's nothing to. George -- -- goes away but there's something to -- there's a chance. We may be allowed to live here in the future. John very preacher -- doing things over the course thank you care. Governor bill we're coming right bag don't forget we're gonna give -- a thousand dollar big speech and counting -- old word. Where you may win that thousand Buckley from.