WWL>Topics>>5-14-14 3:10pm Angela: on gay NFL draft pick Michael Sam

5-14-14 3:10pm Angela: on gay NFL draft pick Michael Sam

May 14, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL's sports team - Deke Bellavia, Bobby Hebert, T-Bob Hebert, and Kristian Garic - about NFL draft pick Michael Sam joining the Rams as the league's first openly-gay player.

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Well it's a topic that's been a disgust in the office at the dinner table and every form of social media we're talking about Michael Sam. The all American 2014 SEC defensive player of the year. And the first openly gay player in the NFL. And now we're gonna talk about it here for the next hour with four powerhouses. Of sports talk and thought. And the great Bobby a bear coming in any moment. I think love ain't fair precious T bomb a Marty yes the functional as his Deke Bellavia. And our beloved Christian -- by phone I thank you all for being here it means a lot. I'm gonna throw some stuff out so we have some sort of form to this but. The first question is if -- am truly is one of the best players at his position. And he was -- mean just a star. Why did it take 249. Next. To him. Well actually Angela leave looked -- a lot of numbers on this the other day and if you look at it objectively look I'm not gonna sit here and say. That is sexual orientation did it affect him because I think there's no it be you'd be hard pressed to say that -- 100% just because. With the media storm brings in with a lot of teams I'm sure hesitated -- ever if you look at the numbers objectively. It is honestly not hard to see why he fell all the way to the seventh round. Considering he only really had one -- success that your college that was his senior years last year. And with only that one year that small body of work he was gonna be required to have a really good offseason testing combined. Pro -- setter a lot on the line. When you adjust for differences tightly he actually at the seeks the worst combine over 200 players there. And you guys pro day and fourteen for him his hamstring got tweaked so he could it compete there and edit the Senior Bowl. They tried -- stand up he's a little undersized should be playing with his hand on his that is in the -- every down. And the inability just didn't seem to get it so basically. He became. On undersized. Pass rush specialist. Who some scouts will tell you only has one -- rush so. And and look how I appeal from a political standpoint on the situation. I'm I think. It's ridiculous how -- to -- in this country the fact that they can't get married in states to me is his legal discrimination like to civil rights. Violation that Okie -- but. If you look at the Michael same case objectively. It's it's not hard to make the case for light house and pick Christian to your thoughts on that. I mean I. He that up there now and it is sexual orientation ultimately at any -- On wary of going in the trap you know -- Scouting report and paper and -- -- personal interviews. Paula all of them numerous ways to pay it -- now. Well. The -- came down to where they projected orders and where they project in this case. Michaels and the play out and put it in -- level and -- certainly. You know it's it's. Great story actually it makes it. Right now I think the -- approach has been dead on terms used to make that rocker there's an upside to what. Make the team and it cannot permit so that it to distort. Do all of you think he's good enough to be in the NFL. He's got to produce I mean that's on him that's on hand to show the country weather's good enough to blow up to be in the impelled to meet market if you play well you're gonna stay if you don't get me. Well well he beat of Perth SEC co MVP on defense and not -- and I will say and just say you're not gonna make it -- -- art. The trophies. And gone draft and I'm. Andre is it gonna have a lot at the end of cutting and they put it on the practice. I mean activate the rams the -- this as they are along the line. That mean that is not a good police phone no -- no I was not a good William OK okay is not a good place but it might if you cakes but. Special teams right did in the -- like diva. ITT Bob stated part of that is the mile so as good as anybody could say put. They ended the day is that. The defensive player of the year in the Big 12 Conference that's I did didn't get selected either enemy -- gets elected either because you know cause what he was from Texas all these decks and Jeff -- now he gets elected because he wasn't good enough. To be selected if he makes a team makes the date. 30% of the players in the National Football League last year while undrafted players so we have a fair shot if he makes a team he makes -- -- As a good football player if he does make the team he does make the team as a as a as a good football where there and it is just assemblage. The only thing he needs to be focused on football. He you don't need to be carried the banner for gay rights and all of that -- you are ready made a statement right that -- and being I know general manager at colleges they do not one distractions. If all of a sudden every time the media is approaching him. It's on the did do would homosexuality. Are they gay issue. The NFL below teams don't like that you know why. Because only not only is he answering questions but also his teammates some misty -- be able to talk about football. So when he needs to do here ready made his statement a bold statement. He -- say not the media does their job they gonna keep asking questions. He uses the needs to tell them. Not know how to talk about football I'll answer football questions. And not all of a sudden oval was delayed his greatest thing to promote a weekend and week -- with NFL. An ability is only one that. Let me ask you do you think that Michael -- is the only gay man in football. IE having spent much time and NFL locker rooms but I know there're couple guys in my time at LSU the values there are rumors about nobody. Was open but I mean statistics would dictate that -- that -- -- now. Well and I could save fifteen years of being -- at a lot lot locker rooms. What city. That. He never came out but I would see -- and obviously you think it's warned that five guys. That I thought. When they're -- just not coming now. Budgets that their mannerisms that you could be stereotype and budgets. Here's a different -- just as speculation in the locker room the jokes that would come about and and maybe who they hung out with it. That that Dallas may be questioned but to save you got. Fifteen players on active roster that that it's I don't know 1015%. Like you look at the population. What I -- yeah. Acted exactly you get out of that exact ratio from the general population just is that type. Personality. That football attracts it is a varied. Kind of masculine. Aggressive dominated. Type -- culture. Which let's be honest it's not conducive. To homosexual. Activities are conducive to gay people being in that locker multi and that's why this is. A pretty big step is because you know he's openly gay and everybody knows that going into the situation will be interesting to see. How that now locker room reacts now Jeff Fisher. At the head of that locker room that it's about one of the better spots he could be in the league I think as far as keeping the team on -- And plus here ready knows the local media. Yeah the same people that cover the St. Louis Rams occur over the Missouri Tigers values and outside media obviously come in and the main thing him to help them make fifteen you don't wanna be a distraction. Right there you have it you don't want to be like this sideshow. Considering your seventh round pick and a images played football to make this team. And and if you put -- -- in the long established yourself then you can't promote. A certain agenda. We try to make it you know to be a distraction because. But I thank goodness I'm very clear that he doesn't want to be the face the banner child for. -- -- He just wants to put blinders on and do the job he does and put everything about the people that's going to be -- -- call on him and constantly. Whatever in this social media area all you -- help us out with the animals that always gonna have a lot of pressure he needs a -- to handle all that. And say I -- is focus on football because realistically be trying to promote any kind of agenda don't you have to have exposure and have exposure got to make that team -- age if you don't make detain. It is going to be of an -- a bottom on -- and you gonna -- while he made a bold statement. But you have to have a track record you gotta make it seem to truly maybe it promoted in the would you part. We're gonna take a break we're gonna come back and we have many more questions or sports team right after this. Well I got for the greatest sports guys in the history of the world sitting right here. Christian Garrett on the phone and we know we love him Bobby Hebert T Bob Hebert and Deke Bellavia thing Q we are talking about Michael stamp. I wanna talk a little bit about it brings up the discussion of homosexuality certainly. As many have in many other industries and now all of a sudden it's that the NFL and that's made the big splash in and shoots it it's a very bold statement you make. But most of the comment has come after. When when it was announced and he embraced as boyfriend. And I did the kids in the kiss became the issue rather then. Rather than him getting draft yeah that's correct how fair is that. I I Al -- get out quickly I think it's one of those things Angela businesses. It could take them being used to for some people you know he is generational mean you go back to a long time ago they were things. On the Dick Van Dyke Show in America Alamo they would -- into bed together good at that point downing a separate bids and no and the people will go -- -- used today. You know what do people do and excited when it when -- when he celebrated big moment they -- to make kids. You know and and I am I at I don't know I can see some people -- point eight it's that thing that there's a certain old. Probably hold of people and a generation this is that's unacceptable. And to a new generation it's around -- more it's more accessible is going take some time for some people giving you. And you know of course that if we turn on any cable station and even. The regular stations now we see same sex people kissing yes he would visit brand knew we wasn't the first time and Christian I can hear you talk. EE I mean I think he then on it's generational issue muted than not when you grew up in -- solidarity grew up and then I mean ultimately. You know when I'll watch the encampment at the video up and a lot about poems in there and and of course the shares embrace what is what is block that board and it's no different and you know any other traffic that was selected -- -- -- share in the embrace waited you know it is it is. Lover of the opposite sex. The -- however Chris are you look at it. But eight ESP -- definitely exploited. -- not do -- of course but -- me immediately and ultimately the period SG and are -- the national. Networks -- shelved it it's -- it's it's the drama. Of at all. Certainly they took advantage of it but -- And it seeing time at this time though I'd just from C. Watching it I want I liked the reaction on Twitter afterward and I have it was a record as Scott and Paul is respected army. I try to struggle like I mean I knew of a sexual orientation or Portland pilots. Well -- Well the thing is general I mean -- to a college fashion. They'll go to our military right now. You are not. A good as it he robs the mom I want to US appellate chamber -- 1983. Chicago and -- lie in the cameras are all there you give a -- and a in the and you move on what you gonna. Showed damage emotion and I UK could drop you bushel. So much today most of the whole cake and Zinedine -- Was that like a wedding ceremony and Indy gets it a point where it's exploited too much some. I think worries China say -- -- he's -- does not I have to be into its casino Saturday night and I didn't see it in the group can be around of people they. They were they open minded people they feel like some I wasn't that part of it was a little over the top. It is insane to any it would have been over the top -- look for -- a round draft pick and almost a -- take the drama. To be celebrated big foot anybody if you're like okay you just got you mean you used used dip into the low shot even make the team you know -- In many dancing that's all feedback I got building building building and all of a sudden his name and yes oh my gosh if it is mother had been sitting next inning it. Grabbed her and hugged her we wouldn't. Have this discussion but I -- he was crying wolf I was on national. I -- Because we wouldn't be talking about him and that's the point that you're kind of missing in this is that. This was like it or not I hear people try to shrug it off. It was historic. For reason it was the first time we have an openly gay player it was narrator of course there's going to be more coverage of course in my get exploited jumped. My personal opinion I'm glad they did anybody -- discuss it -- that. It would the program grow up that's the way the country's -- you're gonna have to be exposed that now. All of that said I see the other side of the argument. Wear your Michael Sam and you're trying to make eighteen. He didn't necessarily do what was best for him in their -- in that situation there's an argument that can be made that fair or not. Like it or not. He needed he could take approaching almost full all player first and that to this is going. To remain about me personally I'm glad it went down the way it did. And I I I I think it makes sense but IE will I can -- That probably for Michael Sam's career and for him trying to make it team. That's. Probably not the best -- making a -- regular bench trial so miles an annual salary. But if this young man makes the team and becomes a star. Forget the -- It's never going to be remembered right. It's going to be out we got a great player I think I see I can't -- whether he makes that are now -- -- and this'll be talked about an identity historic moment really its -- it incited -- -- in a lot of people you -- generational generational along with geographical. Right yeah I know a lot of people that -- all they want our -- out yeah it setter the Bible Belt there was a lot more outraged that makes me mad. Is when they talk about the road in your face and the throat in your -- Would imply an agenda and I hate words like -- is if you watched it it was obviously someone overcome with the emotion like you said Angela. Who won't just expressed that emotion any happens to be gay but he still. Expressed it so I -- but maybe is -- in you could say had an agenda. Trying to get views but I would combat that with back yeah it was a historic moment so of course. It's gonna be shown again and again I mean well are these not some of the same conversation if not to the extent. That people had when Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player ever. What did he gets to play and also bill on the flip side. You know what everyone's civil rights as someone doesn't like looking and he's we will turn it off. But -- the got to also it had been an agreement that you still -- respect their opinion. Brian did you don't know if you -- there's a lot of times and days there is talking about. This there's a lot of interest in what would you -- -- -- -- is the way you put you span. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why were they -- accepted so much. -- and I -- a good I'll open it might be like no I don't wanna be in that environment like to go to bars those against the point I'm telling you it's a generational thing you know and growing up people with sixty Errol I'm not I'm not. A stereotype that everyone. But that -- that these these three things. -- Didn't matter to them right or wrong how their way -- they can just look at Donald Sterling. Perfect example. Sexual preference it it didn't matter it didn't matter that -- -- the broad agenda so it's okay. I can tell you grown up and cut off. They had this one Baptist family writer and our streak. We tormented that Portland as he was back -- -- -- -- yet ever I didn't Ewing never directly no I holy holiday I would come easier viewing. Do what we do have good news but hang with us everybody we'll be right back. Gotta love this life and I love the guys in this room and and Christian -- is -- really having a good conversations are the -- on in the commercial. I'm talking about Michael slam the we're talking about it is history. And and it brings up a lot of questions and I'm hearing from T Bob and others we are becoming more accepting as a nation. Of homosexuality is this conversation when it happened twenty years ago many on even ten years ago but it's happening today. And now a player has announced. And so we are having this discussion I'm just very curious. Is there what is being -- -- -- fear but what is uncomfortable -- In a locker room knowing that there is a game and they will do you by the -- Well that the whole thing this is just from past experience with navy teammates -- joke around and -- tell crude jokes. Blog via -- because it's all of which our. Is now I get individual stalls and now I think if he some individual player would have a problem. You know going to follow that I think the -- -- the resources. Why not build showers and individuals dolls. You know but could you are. Taken a shower every once beckoning and you hang on -- -- walk around the locker room right so some obviously some individual players. Might have probably it now. To meet Uggla -- -- talk with you Bob at the break. That this is political correctness the -- -- against suspended. Because when he witnessed he was discussed it OK how can you get suspended for that you might say. His opinion is all these -- but actually get suspend it what you can have an opinion now. And I I personally I think that's wrong I think. You should be entitled to your opinion people are gonna say what about -- that would don't talk to me about Donald Sterling -- Donald Sterling. Had his -- was forced to pay out two of the largest housing discrimination. Suits. Of all time so he is racist opinions and beliefs and actions that. Where he crosses the line to me now should someone be able to disagree. With out giving disputed yes I think they could. But the other side that needs it you're the dolphins. That player represents you like it or not. And -- -- all -- interviewer what they have to be a public conscious -- exact its present all the deadly public colleges of what they're branded as Howard's perceived. And that goes back to something and look I just been the one summer up in Saint Louis. But we can't we have these rookie meeting each and every day after routier's and what are the main things it's drilled in your head is protective shield. So while it may at times feel like a violation. Of your right to talk to your right to have an opinion at the end of the day a public companies like the and forget to take -- bit. A company that out there in the public -- like it felt like the dolphins they have a vested interest in protecting their brands as well it would boost this whole. Like Bobby talk about you know it's whether or not the Michael Sam is the front person he's. Is open up a lot and I are content you'd put this vote they -- about it when this young man. The worst part is gone deal -- as the fines that they'll be relentless especially those and to say yeah steaming go to another stadium now with that said. People who are at that stadium or at home stadium eventually they'll be some people turn around -- -- -- it feels utterly OK you know on Osama. You know he's human being an aunt and -- -- turn over a course of time that'll compete more he was as a you know why they treat newsman like this wired he saying these type of things like this. Andy in there will be a lot of good has come out of Lackey said you know in in the made a lot about the Donald stern thing it tried but to say. Up Contra we haven't advanced a long ways wrong because we don't talk about that stuff as much because it's not happening as much -- know we have -- -- revenue advanced if you look at. And I'm not. Blowing never appoint a thing or stereotyping. But we haven't advanced that much because they'd be a lot of Donald Sterling. If -- truly. It was a fly on the wall and -- commerce yeah of people's 75 and older all -- I don't care black white date is set right ways that they think. What I'd like -- allow it when I was saints -- in in by brings up a point in the it's it's just certain people like. When we when we come up we watched television OK I remember watching the Scooby Doo and I'll let it -- one of the I want only African American cartoons that I knew was was spat out. Now my little girls when mail when -- -- on television as a wall adored explorer view of of of Hispanic descent has won the outcome man of an Asian descent. -- will be -- -- and they grow and they see him play -- in the older generation my body says. And I don't mean as a derogatory. But until they down all -- -- they did it and we get to be a society has more open minded and I am I right now because I got -- we all know people like it. But that's they grew up in a time that's where they now. And -- I don't think they'll collect the diva right equipment but what just your thoughts on. A pro athlete comes out gets drafted. Kisses the significant other but it's a woman. Two women doesn't make a difference that it's two men vs two women. I actually think it does is something we talked it was too good looking women. There were nodded in nearly as much of an issue -- -- probably -- that's a little more out there rebuilding it ten times more than half -- -- everything out there what is what is outrageous I don't know is there -- -- we -- much at any daylight as lights out perverted big guys embraced -- think it would be a part of that. Yeah. And that's the answer I thought we would hear what is everybody were not -- naturally right. Well Michael Sam did make history by being the first openly game person to be drafted by the NFL. He still must make the team and that's that's a big deal and I'm really listening to all of our sports guys. Say that and if he doesn't think it's then it's another point in history. And then they'll yeah perhaps being another point yet to prove himself. I wanted to go back to Christian Lebanese Christian you like -- you're you're trying to say something concerning the issue of if the scenario were to women athletes going professional being drafted. And a similar. Public kissed like that how would people feel is there a difference between seeing too menacing to win. Our mapping -- the body Terry Bowden and become. Echoed Arctic agree with wellness say which -- you know it would be different console look like about it or not. And it that it perverse kind of way and it's kind of what got think about. Yeah took -- unfortunate. It would be different and like -- said you'd probably rush but -- more just because it's. Who via bill ultimately but it a lot of female fans football fans out there but ultimately. You know -- dominated by men and that play it's certainly and those that watch it so. Saturday it would be bit -- it would be a different conversation I think it would be evident that. -- -- -- Outrage really as much out if you kind of reminds me of when I was little kid and the MTV movie awards. Britney Spears and Madonna kissed -- mother or some outraged a lot of that was more just interest like. I remember thinking it was awesome I might have been in sixth or seventh grade like god -- is the greatest thing. That ever happened and it think it would've been more along those lines when is team in it's a different set of circumstances that's. Something that I don't think is right necessarily but it is the reality and it's a mean that we are -- I've been to change and you know. Country another reality is is -- and then the second most popular rookie Jersey Al and that as a statement and that may be. A show of support it maybe this is a curiosity and it is a moment in history and I want evidence of what fuel. It's probably. A mixture of both you know I don't think you just say it's either one surely there is well there's an entire section of the population now. In homosexuals who may be before you know there was no. Gay NFL player were you could really be identify with cheer for now it doesn't matter where your problem. Maybe you wanna support Michael -- because he is gay and he's the first openly gay player in the NFL. And you want them to be successful and you show that support by buying a Jersey. -- Yeah I mean you know it's sort of popularity. Because Doria I think Al there's quite a few folks that are rooting for and as -- as of what it could potentially mean in terms of historical well it's the National Football League I think it's at the big part -- And homosexual or not I do you think like -- say there's a brigade there's a big group a support and others a lot of negativity that brought to the forefront. Because it makes for good talking points and there's been a ton of people in this country have fully support I I really question fast forward five years. Will this even being a discussion and they did it end and that's why this is historically relevant -- -- first. Thank you guys you more spectacular I appreciate this we'll be right. Just wanna think Bobby Hebert T Bob Hebert and Deke Bellavia and Christian -- I love America we can talk about anything see you tomorrow.