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5-14 Sports Talk: Workmen's Comp Legislation

May 14, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to Executive Director of the National Football League Players Association DeMaurice Smith about a bill in Louisiana affecting Professional Athletes Workmen's Compensation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back. -- BOT and 69 is what we're talking about right now dealing with. Louisiana workers' compensation. And how it deals with professional athletes and our situation typically talk about. The National Football League -- -- not welcome an executive direction director of the NFL players association DeMaurice Smith. Morris thank you so much for the time and how are you this afternoon. Make -- much closer economic and armed with concerns -- did today. The Morris our first than just jump right handed tell us your thoughts on this off from the NFL players association perspective. Architect it is only players respect that and that bill. Basically cut it. The workers comp and it is a player. Is he injured during the offseason entry. So to make it completely couple under current law. -- player get injured just like any other in the end we -- If you get injured during training camp. He quit. Two. Cat. All the amount of workers' comp or available in. How bad and the Saints won a cup. In. And that simply not fair. Our collective bargaining agreement. Contemplate and vision that our players are well workers are. And that is another way for -- pit. Chew up that may mean the players that are marketed in the warms. And to get out on the -- Now this is that we do when you look at as far as who's actually paying. The workmen's comp a radical where you say when you said that. We start off knowing that no team loses money workman's comp no state no citizen. Loses money a workman's -- But we have owners who -- they're trying to change of water players who they know going to get hurt in this system isn't it pretty much it be more. Money at a mr. Vincent pocket and and not really affect the fans are part explain that. The simple note it's been in in the -- we. Break down there people or okay our players workers. We -- collective bargaining agreement and actually Paige how bad blood sport it all work. What you want under bill is simply do. Not -- money. And all. Reduce our players workers' comp benefits. Where he gets to keep it get. So. You need you -- dollar -- calls. What you know. That you're never paid more than it cents for every dollar you -- That is trying to get -- on the cheap and that the and the person frankly. That we had to deal with this topic in the Saints beat Europe after the war on the all year. -- into the same way to jerk. That would cut our players -- by harper for. Given. The money -- in the year so weren't used to come and and an open our players we -- their. Turn to get our players. And I'm blood work -- jobs were up like the engine block unit. That streak and through robberies. And Jimmy Graham. Who who know what it means to be great leaders. We're gonna come back. The Baton Rouge and we're gonna -- that once again in the -- -- year it's easy to. DeMaurice Smith executive director of the NFL players association is a special guest house BOT and six in nine. Passed by the house 5632. Weeks ago nick hits the state senate. Full consideration now Dumars on the other side the two gentlemen that. Are brought this forward it's sponsored it where Republican representative Chris draw water on Shanahan mini -- Henry. Republican and a Metairie and a quotable mr. brought won't sit pro athletes shouldn't get. Some special privilege to calculate their benefits on what might happen in the future all I'm saying is treat these workers. Like every other work in the state and it's not fundamentally unfair your response to that. You know alive with all due respect. -- -- -- brought water if he -- in the time. To read the collective bargaining agreements. He would now. That this bill creates aptly differently. It represented him -- or taken that time. To read but collected all bargaining agreement he would now. Bet -- citizens in the media page four are the so I can only come to the conclusion that it more like -- where regarded brought water. Then that record that are brought law. Well he wouldn't -- in the time to understand. Not saying that he was playing a true. He would understand. That the only thing that our players want. Is to be treated like every other citizens in the great. And at the bottom line is it's not fair -- different formula to calculate their benefits. Well there I -- under bill. That and we get there yet. Optical limit that the state cap on worker opera workers are benefit. Under bill our players. Respect. So when you say you trying to do something. To eliminate special privilege. How handed me that you introducing table that you are. They were there last. Than any fan of the -- in yet that we. Lamar Smith is a special games in the -- Bob McNabb -- read just about everything we could in. We will -- got the information you would be one of those that we started cram into a bit more. And speaking to both sides in China make fairness of this. This is what I was told by an -- lawyer just -- can explain to me. And I'll I'll let you see -- you can tell me what what to do on this response one Lorena now -- asked about some of the things in this thing he says currently. 1069. Would not strip layers of any benefits what it does it would take them all they exist. In codify it and sort of glance at the mr. Smith duties. You know back at the beauty in the course of the Warriors. Back I don't know what Ortiz off to bird. You can't really read it great couple. You wouldn't know -- bill cut in. But workers' comp benefits that are available. So. You know with all due respect to talk about. I don't know who it was. By by. My opinion that -- We -- topic and in the Saints. The pool -- of the work -- but. My -- is. It. Know so another west of Boston is the regular citizens I think I was at the end and everybody -- -- -- they're there paying attention is but they also want to know how this -- promises -- stamp on what you just I'm not. It does not affect any citizen from taken anything from -- All you don't -- at these. This what it does that -- in his is where it really gets their attention to me. In harms the saints' ability. To lower higher price. Free agents and as the changes what hit. I -- players much harder -- you look at the proposed change. -- less enticing destination for future free agents that if you are a free agent and you look at this scenario. It's like that's they actually I'm midget taken money on the pocket. What bull will look at it this way if you were free agent. And you could play and were you were able to do bullet train better. That were available every other -- in that. -- reasoning you can come into warm ups and play for the site and only yet. What would you do. Yet you go look up for your best in individual interest and that would be as that guys at a confidence thing. Absolutely. So again going back -- -- information you got from the lawyer and I don't know -- year's -- Probably. An immediate and so. On what the law actually means and what are CPA actually said. But the reality of it is fairly simple. Under current law. If a player over during the offseason and training camp they can. Bowl -- Workers' comp benefits to the state law. Competent and want to change that to 50%. Of that. Does that even sound player. In saint Stan who all known that calm and doesn't pay any. So Dumars the ams I'm trying to followed is to just answer questions the semis in this the -- -- if this doesn't calls. I'm a citizen or -- 880 thing. And while I was in sixth and I proposed in. 'cause -- missed a bit Sitting Bull it's the politic I while I was adamant that DiMarco that's right. -- Six. -- letter or GRE. ED. -- That it and I know I better quit yet and and I would be remiss in. Come on this show and talk about. A great player great player representatives like Bob Yeager on your listeners. -- the only numbers that -- be in use by. They need to know. One. Louisiana's greatest arms. -- -- -- -- -- Incidentally. For free agency. And he did not. It was gonna let it impossible. Bobbie is that because he knew that all players who were going to be. And all the players play in the league at. Would not have to deal with those same. Owners certainly agree. That he had to deal away so. Yeah -- outlook these ratio and only because it's not like it. Bobby -- Bears and Freeman McNeil and Reggie White and although the euros or unions. Stand in a rare plants and be remiss not to mention that today. The executive director of the NFL players association DeMaurice Smith is a special guests talking about the proposed house BOT and 69. In Louisiana Dumars I wanna read something that -- Kevin maligned who I think everybody respects in these parts great LSU player great pro player. And a big vital part of what the NFL PA has done in those. Reid called me said the timing of the BO. Five suggest that ownership and sponsors try to sneak that legislation. Is every quote under the radar someone in the house committee hearing he see it as where the Saints players stand on the issues you. Well the Saints don't even know about he said fortunately the NFL PA we caught. Well with our job is to remain vigilant. Yeah I did and family in the organization. Has been for. Again like they've they stepped a little bit Utley and it was Rockets and -- -- The reason why. -- think players do -- is that they know. That we -- and now it's time for nation does stand out. And and take on guys like represented brought water and have him the better question aren't truly stand -- about player. Well. And a bit until -- don't mean that don't mean that answer the age now. Now and -- Hamels was that because we. And union players. Can't tolerate. In any set. Where we've built our players. Had a well. If they injured. Well. It's an owner Stan and those players like the Super Bowl. And basically telling players screw the legislature. And he got here out there. That you have been here. In. That where you in the players will. Now decent man look at also is not a Republican are democratic thing you look representative Chris brought water Republican examining Cameron Henry. Republican. Metairie response it. The bill but then you look on the flip side Rivers and impact -- Republican Marrero said he opposed the bill said it would disregard. Existing contracts held by NFL players and would net negatively affect players so that's his approach and I look at it. Well why even have a CB -- week in and has no power well over the im trying to pass and the lightness. Well I can you. I know that the owners are looking at the expanded playoffs. But I have to. When I stand up and part of our players and and we talk about issues like expanded playoffs. Why would we are reading what system that increases our gains. Where owners -- on the other side saying we're -- protect your ability. To work or images if you get harder. And and I do believe that this CPA is good for our players. Why I believe that mediate at bat compensate owners war. There workers' comp -- that the same time allowed them. Particularly workers' compensation benefit in the spirit of the day. And it means that Heatley to filing a lawsuit against the national football. Age where we're at the national global. For personally our effort again the -- in general. We're gonna do. Because bit of the system -- our players are apt to get everything they have on Sunday. And I know from the legislation. That competent and and the Saints. Don't -- to close to half. Of the dedication. To the team there are players are -- for -- into. Demise. This was passed -- 106 and and by the house 5632. And now hits the state senate for consideration where do you in the NFL Diego now do you. Start talking to the other legislators about is how do you how do you go against that number. Great conversations with -- Marchini. All the that are on the labor committee. We explain to them. How that collective bargaining agreement or we hold them that. Citizens in the media -- -- call. For workers' compensation. And we all of them. What -- -- change in light of the owner's responsibility. To be accountable and the injuries to our players are. Eric and I am competent certain members of the labor committee are vote consistently. -- the governor's committee that voted built around. Almost unanimously. So we're gonna move on it right now. I can actually. Our record brought water or. For doing the work Tom Benson. And trying to pull the wool over. And they're -- But the reality is now. Player like Drew Brees no. Who stands for for the players in the Giants players like -- though. Who stand for the -- player like that. Street now. There for the players so. Our hope is that. The -- -- in the senate. We all understand that it is just another bill. By competent and there are players. Who play so well in the war. And there is union we're -- He's a direct executive director of the National Football League players association DeMaurice Smith the Morris thank you so much for the time we'll begin to -- game -- just think it's -- that. Sent a little later. In all likelihood albeit. In Louisiana there -- show. Bobby thank for been a strong. All right all right -- thank you so much. The Morris Smith RI in late in the program goes we don't like to hear from -- both sides we will also hear from Chris Kahne who his opponent Adams in recent outside legal counsel. For the Saints -- -- has contest co were coming up next here on WW real.