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5-14 5:45pm Sports Talk: Saints Draft Picks

May 14, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Mike Triplett who covers the Saints for ESPN.com about the Saints 2014 draft picks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Espn.com. Saints insider Mike Triplett -- now -- would get a chance to look at the rookies. This weekend for the New Orleans -- first of all your thoughts on the saints' draft class in the create. -- mean dollar started out with a -- My expectations. Are what bring -- can bring to this team as a rookie year are probably higher than than any rookie since Reggie Bush. Partly because they're both offensive skill position players with -- speed can be taken advantage of right away I mean just built such a bullet that they certainly had a great. Pavlik or -- -- Lance Moore. I think they're gonna do a lot on things that they have -- including our turner are you at home run -- -- -- -- -- -- exciting. I'm not -- than any other player and an immediate impact. I think they got really good value spirit -- -- and sent round a lot of people were high on him you might take a little Ella. And and -- no -- -- -- on the date three X without turning into but. They got two young linebackers generated that is as one of their top needs are on our linebackers to develop so overall. I don't think it was bullets steals which is probably July people grade -- perhaps gave the Saints complexities you know everybody. -- -- about urged those two career and people projected but I think David did a great job so he's not the first to sort it out step. Everywhere we won't know ultimately until the you know plays out but would you early going into it'd. -- is combat -- is more like Tracy auto mall like Patrick Robinson. Two on now like that programs in. Tracy Porter and and that they'll they'll jam guys -- I think you'll. Ideally be even more mature that workers borderless spell out or grounds -- his speed guys -- that is that enabled. Run with the branding coach of the world that on the field. I think spirit Batista's it's really anything it would be more analyst I've where it is in -- And in that sense pillar of two of the best Ian Lewis and chip it. Might go looking at in they've been -- to have success -- in the latter the later rounds an amateur count like fourth -- fifth from considered. On the back in that when all's said and done to be innocent is the a carry for. And now maybe aside and all of a sudden he got a guy like Ronald Powell in the fifth round in in a few lives up to. Especially the building you know leading coming out of high school program had been in every wanna be writing about -- it's -- while the Saints stole him. What is an opportunity there let it -- to force those guys in the lineup right away they've got. David or anchors Upton Parys Haralson pretty veteran in the starting positions. But those -- won't be around forever. So they needed some young players to develop then and these guys will have an opportunity to look good now that people are starting to have your two. There they'll be some openings there are so I'm excited the other -- Ronald well especially I have a the only. That we might get mark at Wilson prospects that might look at this or this guy. May need to play football and -- -- in -- what is history is and then he -- Recruiter like he said number one recruit out of high school and you know maybe -- armament colleges each certainly some hunger and it was one of the things shall. That drew the saint -- in. How important as to how much it meant to him so there all the potential the world that. Now Mike the article we just talk about the workmen's -- bill and Drew Brees opposed in this thing to him is. And then on opposite sides of the battle and the purples workmen's compensation bill Louisiana. You know would you elaborate on this. That you cities into debate is over whether or not players. -- should be paid workman's comp benefits based in their projected annual salary. Other current weekly salary at that time and injured cars that -- a big image on the all know our. Do season vs the offseason just elaborate open on the. Point counterpoint indeed it's either side -- pro who all. I know the end -- -- Drew -- for example -- and -- each and it's a stunning and I mean against -- What. Are divided by some game or whatever hours. By the by. Seven game checks that say -- -- -- -- we are these but very intimate that it it's it's for you commit X amount. Oh dollars. So you say oh -- -- point as we got hurt obviously he's a good deal. Burst on important thing is it's just just per worker Koppen. The CB today putting. Are still get -- money's contract you know it is that as additional workers comp that. That counter argument though is. There's a lot of guys. Including all the guys are gonna come try out the Saints this week and then guys are going to be roster it's they're gonna make whatever and 7000 dollars during. And it may get hurt and won acclaim well it was enemy fire under the belt this year I've made the team. And and basically that's what they think they were going to eat you could today you can argue that -- -- between so. You know the region the Saints and that only has like changed the -- no audio and it's what they were going. And only professional athletes say what they are going to make but obviously there's there's got to be some sort of hammered out -- that we wire. Smarter people than me or maybe not smarter people -- people went different different different background. Can decide those things but I at least understand why there's arguments for and against. And no different than a lot of -- issues you know I mean I think people. There are a couple of Nancy Drew Brees and the Saints on two different sides and our reports as -- -- -- -- -- heavily involved and -- yeah it's been like that come out. -- -- -- -- -- Big problem Mike Triplett and one dollar idiot in that. Mike thank you so much with c.'s Saturday its eighth game. All right this is -- saw on WW.