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5-14 6:35pm Sports Talk: NBA Playoffs

May 14, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to ESPN Radio San Antonio Host Ari Temkin about the 2014 NBA playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right Tim -- over San Antonio for ESP in San Antonio the Spurs can punch their ticket to the Western Conference final tonight. If they take care of business against Portland all right thank you so much for the time are you surprised that other than the last game -- Relatively easy San Antonio has made it look against Poland. Certainly don't in this series awaited dispersed perform in the Mavericks. That course between Portland -- you figured it would be much more competitive series. You know obviously we haven't seen them play out partially because. In other seven it say about experience. -- that. Spirit is probable targets are a lot sports but it doesn't mean I think at bat called Doug and -- it good crew out of time. You know that -- do you kind of need. Goes through it -- -- certain experiences of the policies that have. You know dealing in. Adversity -- and getting over I think that there is a very typical piece that the Blazers. Overcome out for. Now that's the mentality organization does it sub at the Blazers it's what got swept or lose five there's still considered a success. Or lose you're out. The Eagles beat that are not out here. Now are able when you look at staying on the TrailBlazer in the Spurs wanna look at a guy like Tony Parker. And I only had fourteen points the last outing at the end score what I believe in these twin nine points so more. And and three at the pass of four playoff games he sales like almost you never question. Like coach Popovich and if he thinks the game is not a hand. And he got almost league's approach to live to fight an added name Edith says a gate Tony Parker Tim Duncan in the likes of ideology is sit down. But don't worry about this. That would that would built to handle even though it's a loss but delta and respond and bounce back and and oh what do you think of that approaches the -- because. The veteran team that he has an end and nose and asked to do it obviously. Yeah I mean and that part of the experience that you know I talked about the playoffs and that you know been the driving a two game regular season and the -- quote. You know he understand you have to pick your spots and you know at that. There's certain that -- you put players in and out epic out of the game or by. Yeah I don't think pot made the decision to -- his guys or until. They really they've they've bowler to twelve point lead back to -- quade and -- -- was about eight realize you know that that this was going to be. Of their day and obviously in the playoffs you never want to approach -- game like that but. The playoffs it's such such a drive into it itself it's you know Shepherd he's been and there are some games or Hewitt that he needs. You have to you have to understand that you particular spot the policy and as much as you do in the regular season and they were -- offer. You know anyway so you might go on what about -- him. -- -- -- is where this talk about the eyes ESPN San Antonio drama the Spurs in the Blazers aren't all right let's look at here at San Antonio verse. The Clippers are the thunder what's what team gives them the the most trouble. A -- he gives them most trouble I think -- that hurting the Clippers but you all season long. It got talked about my shelled for that to India RT EC Pacers. Under and birds. That would interest is as much. They're a different story lines and different things stick side take it away from that. At the end of the day here we are the vote for Pete to be in the final four again even. Every patient on earlier in the Spurs and under the first round of the bat speed too. The NBA and you know at that our league baseball. Team again. Yeah about four and a ballot not the best game at -- but yet about. About threw out. A candidate because about the sector that intends to win. And die it it to move -- This story lines change their big -- Glenn Dorsey early in the playoffs or not maybe. India would get through world on figures that are out there are so critical. That filed for him and I do think Oklahoma City when that series. And that -- present a very very tough matchup of the scorers. For whatever reason. Maybe it's direct what sport they had to do that Beijing I mean desperate for a 20 and couple years ago yeah you know. -- not quite old but starts finals then the under rattle rattle off four straight respect and the honor to be owned whispers. Bob Hope I hope people officer Antonio cause I know once the Russell Westbrook crime no more gutsy and cry. Yeah I thought I am cracked me -- now are you look at it. Unbelievable route. Washington and against Indiana. I was just dollars collected at is this that. Overwhelming. Rebounding edge. 62 to 28 and again be a misprint. But it is goes to show you what you -- Gortat and in games -- in the -- that mean and yet the game live when it did once Stan and I look at John Wall and shooting percentage. How could you get out rebounds sixty -- when it. Does any. There are a bit just and some astronomical gave. And occurred against. Indiana just the other Roy Hibbert to zero point zero rebound game. And were just can't believe what the -- -- agreed. Washington is very similar Portland they have a very good on it cut cut Turkey because he'd -- You know that as hogwash to build something around the court tot -- and wall. You know that that could be very good team in Florida as well Portland that the -- problem in this series and the lack of depth. I think again experience matters in the NB LB matters and any other sport and I improve and overtime play us. But it experience matters the policies you know Michael Jordan Bulls and give pat could. And the Oklahoma City had to cut its key it's just that. You have to go through a -- Yet -- fall off the horse before you get back -- couldn't speak at Portland wash notable -- that although watched that a big sport well but expect that yet here. All right Tim can Arnie how can people follow you on Twitter. Our sport they are high or -- all right Tim -- ESP in San Antonio all right thank you so much -- the time we appreciated. All right this is sport so going to be --