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5-14 7:20pm Sports Talk: New Orleans Tricentennial SuperBowl

May 14, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to President and CEO of the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation Jay Cicero about the city bidding to host the Superbowl during the tricentennial.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In New Orleans trying to get another Super Bowl Jay Cicero. The president and CEO of the great New Orleans sports foundation Jones now Jay thank you so much -- time and I would imagine that. Get a little anxious little nervous at this time. Well I'm excited more than nervous you know we've been through this process before and -- But you know that's news for 2018. Burned trash can in the -- on them. Everyone on the important and it attachment cats -- -- -- extra special importance. Now. Counts a lot and you look what they're doing in Minneapolis the bike is the new indoor stadium. I think guy that's in downtown Indianapolis due to be completed in 2016. And we all understand. That owners love to reward teams when they build unbelievable billion Allah facilities. But but why I don't know stand to be heavy Keegan needed to. Why couldn't ages the owners get together and hopefully it is haven't. Indianapolis okay we can reward you'd 2019. Sewell verses eighteen though wouldn't it be a good compromise. Says hello -- as an underestimate. That. You know the year right -- owners the ones that ultimately coach. And you know -- has traditionally awarded Super Bowl student. New stadiums and cities. Yeah that's formidable competition for the right. That brought -- in -- and successfully did it out while. And the you know they brought race that it would have been -- there's there's it's the competition out there were open and everything that we put forth to the owners last week. And that our final presentation will be enough -- there is no problems and 2000. Now what -- does this evening come into consideration. When you look from a PR perspective as far as heritage our tradition our culture. That when you look at this great country in yards as celebrating their tries Centennial. That that has that come and play. -- it it is. Could seem -- mart target and it's. There's that aspect evidently we return children throughout. And it is something knows when you didn't. Yeah that documents that reproduced in and and and that's where we're all about history here. And and the and and being modern at the time -- the very special city. We collected ten of these events the forward not taking it trickling -- that. That we had ten and now it's it's actually our anniversary it is structured awards which were not taken that attitude we're doing everything we can be here. To win it forward -- Jason is roe the president and CEO of the great -- sports foundation is a special guest today at the Super Bowl. And a few months at an MP -- soup bowl on the call some one of the questions that was put fall was done with the black -- have any effect. On our host the Super Bowl has that come up anymore since then. You know really. You know come up in news stories or injury news story and in Indianapolis Minneapolis. And but that you don't really. Year. That much here from the NFL. You know not really a lot of talk about that. I -- -- -- you know at energy Entergy networked together resolve that issue and it's really been put to rest right now but. You know that that did it all. Sort of working again once again. Actually sports foundation. We call -- states. Commitment that is your convention center -- -- Everybody really put our corner and didn't make that work. Now -- how challenging it is. When you're going and policy in the rotation possibly. Well once every decade but it seems like things though boy they really change rapidly he look at the global society. Just -- social media. Hired the stadium that they gonna have the news today of forty -- which not next year's. In Arizona with the -- that. That inner action between the fans and actually what they gonna have -- -- today is going to be unbelievable so is it like a constant change that even though. You know yet agreed experience. You know with the Ravens in a foreign guys and that's who global. It's like that was that long ago. But is Kabila not completely different but a lot of changes if we do landed at 201820. I you're exactly right then and you know part of our -- is that there's going to be -- -- -- universally been superdome. I'm along with them. Some new things that are happening in the -- in a lot of news the construction in the world and he's got around and distraught and everybody at the soccer -- I'll let you things that are happening in the Pentagon on board and all that really plays and Q. Into the and if so then you're Ken house and the Super Bowl. They wanted to know what matters now what happened but you know what what you -- and that's unit that's something special. And you know we can't that. That our our old city. That is very modern and have that historically has perfectly suited for ultimate record Olympics -- Well will be in Atlanta. Sunday Monday Tuesday the final pitch. Sometime Tuesday morning actually morning afternoon. We its -- and pitch. Get your people allowed to speak. Every Iraq -- and intensity period from the convention he either our speakers. And uh oh we're -- minutes of Tom Benson gets you it's to speak the other cities get their fifteen minutes in the in the there I ordered a -- in the -- After that hour of all the -- city present in total. In Chicago about signature page she's the -- players that we don't know well no hopefully sometime early your attitude you have to. Jason sort of president and CEO of the great annual sports foundation Jay thank you so much that -- good luck next week we'll talk decent. -- appreciate our.