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May 14, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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What's an incredible nights. It's like -- night in Southern California is it's just amazing. Get out and enjoyed I hope you have experiences and it's gonna actually be chilly tomorrow morning we may hit record low temperatures. And tomorrow I think -- -- going to be in the mid seventies which is very usual for this point. In the month of name but it is a really great night when thank all of you who have reviewed and commented on. The trip that I took the video it's on our -- -- have to -- overcome with that mr. Kirby to the World War II museums thank you very much for all of your comments and I know mr. Serbia appreciate that as well it's still trying to go to our website at W if you don't dot com. It's time for tonight's top eight at -- you're the top eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight. -- VW well number eight. You've seen the video. -- is younger sister's life. Punching and kicking Jay-Z and beyoncé does not quite in the elevator yes it's kind of back off in the side she's a wanna get in the fray. But the sisters to launch -- punching slapping and kicking JC in the elevator following a party. Julianne Ross -- policy Mike said that people making jokes about the fight. Are making light of the male victims of domestic violence when I think she's a little too sensitive I mean seriously if that he jokes about this. Not that it's on a serious thing. And I -- the scene of -- getting out of the elevator where -- she's got a really serious look on her face and he's holding his jaw. While she must've gotten a good wood in there anyway will continue to follow that Astoria might. My sources tell me that -- what's a rematch number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Should be your soul. Tiger Stadium but tonight is possible but the question is is this a good idea or are bad idea. The LSU athletic directors talking about how the FCC does not allow school members to sell beer at -- games. But he and his colleagues are now discussing a possible changes he said we've talked about it as athletic directors and said I think at some point. I don't know if it's going to be five years from now or ten years from now but I think at some point. It's gonna happen so here's the question mean is this a good idea and you for talk about this that today under -- well. Should be your be sold it -- Tiger Stadium. Now the honest it's confession time even if you don't callers in the attacks it's confession time to yourself. Have you ever. Have you ever brought in alcohol. To a tiger game. I mean I see people in the stands and I got to tell you -- -- -- get their liquor but -- didn't from somewhere. Or they got really tanked up in the parking spot that -- tailgating before they went into the game. And I guess the question is if you could buy beer. It Tiger Stadium. Would you then be less likely to try to sneak liquor. Into Tiger Stadium. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush who is considered a possible presidential candidate for 2016. Told a gathering of big time Wall Street don't leaders -- traditional marriage is the way to fight poverty in America. I'm Jim bush said a loving family taking care of their children in a traditional marriage. Will create the chance to break out of poverty far better than any government programs we can create. There's not one person listening. Who don't agree with. And Wall Street today executives apparently are fed up with the gridlock in Washington. And a lot of Wall Street's and big shots are not happy with. The the hard core ideological conservative members of the Republican Party. Now when Jeb Bush talks about. Traditional marriage I mean he's he's actually -- these -- actually criticizing. A lot of conservatives. Who contribute to the high divorce rate as well. And -- just do the math. Mean I I saw this when it happened to me I see you when it's happened to my friends. You have one households. With a certain income. And then you divide that household into two separate households. Aunt and of course there's going to be an economic restructuring -- the same situation. However the question is should you really stayed together even though you don't wanna be together that's the only question that you can answer yourself accurate on. In a bad marriage I mean I know that there are I know people. Who are still in marriages that are art or bad marriages and they don't like that they they hate their spouse. I'm not saying they beat him opera and think that they just don't like their spouse. But they're they're afraid to leave because of the money. I don't know about you but I can't imagine. Being married to somebody for the money. -- -- -- -- better than that you went to go after guys like Donald sterling and the clippers. They go after him for the money. So if you stay in a marriage. For the money because you you don't wanna have to do without which you have right now you don't wanna start over. Junior really no better than other people who work sometimes quite often criticized. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Jon Stewart sent out on his tweet this week. A message to Rush Limbaugh. The message is hash tag F. -- act K you rush. Ash tag -- gastric. At. KU. Rush. This was after Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show than a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama holding a sign that read hash tag bring back our girls. Is pathetic. So Russia is kind of -- it here. The on. The right Winger on the radio Rush Limbaugh also said that Hillary Clinton Michelle Obama sympathize with the terrorist. They claimed to have kidnapped in nearly 300 girls. For school in Nigeria. Now if you want to criticize the First Lady that's fine. But this really goes back to the initial criticism of First Lady Michelle Obama when people were criticizing her for caring about children's health. You you you can't just like shouted -- anything somebody -- Try to be Smart about. And I'm not saying this out of defense of the First Lady -- -- as -- defense of myself as a talk show host. Who refuses to buy into absolute ignorant rhetoric. About how everything is their fault. I don't know how he could use the word pathetic to describe the First Lady. Holding a sign that says hash tag bring back our girls but again I think the guys kind of losing. I mean he's he's he's kind of like a wounded elephant in the jungle you know he Stew ST I don't know something is -- the stuff right there. And then to say that Hillary and Michelle Obama. Sympathize with those who kidnapped as schoolgirls in -- I don't see any signs of that. Number for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. In his attempt to apologize for his racist rain. Clippers oral Donald Sterling. Exposed himself as an ignorant person with any racist mentality. He criticized Magic Johnson for being promiscuous. And criticized Magic Johnson for having aids. Well first of Paula. Magic Johnson doesn't have dates. Magic Johnson is HIV positive. That is the virus that can lead to aids but so far that is not -- -- -- So there are there are still people in our society. Or ignorant about the news and assume that if you HIV positive that's the same as -- Donald Sterling as one of those among the ignorant who doesn't understand. He also asked -- Magic Johnson is someone that kids should respect. Because he's promiscuous. -- didn't Donald Sterling flawed he is pretty young girlfriend in public when he was married. What kind of an example is that old cooked. Again I just I if I find this kind of stupidity absolutely. Astounding and I guess I shouldn't be surprised because it's all around us everywhere and it drives me crazy. And then there's this a criticism from a sterling of Magic Johnson because he hasn't done enough for the black community. Suggesting that blacks who are successful need to take care of their own race. I thought the goal was for all of us to stop thinking about race into religious. Do the best we can -- help ourselves and to help everybody I don't know that there should be any particular burden. On. Successful African Americans. To help out African Americans. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. First. There were the birthers. Those -- the people who do not believe that President Obama is an American citizen. And birthers are still out there. Now. There are the truth -- Truth there's -- people who believe that the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. Was a hoax. It was set up by the US government. As an excuse to take guns away from American citizens. One truth there called the mother of a seven year old girl who was murdered. -- sandy -- elementary school called her up and told her that she was part of a hoax. And that her daughter never existed it. I think that goes to show how vicious. Mean spirited. And hateful. Some people can -- There are people who are truth there's. They honestly believe they are they're so there's so obsessed. But the idea that the government is about to knock on your door and take you're gonna win this is not all gun -- by the way. Don't. Don't associate this mentality with Paul gun owners in America. But some people are so obsessed with the idea that America is about to take away your guns. And they're more obsessed with -- when a Democrat is in the White House. Especially Democrat that some people consider a socialist and Communist. They're so obsessed with debt that they honestly believe that something like. The tragedy it's sandy hook elementary school at least twenty young children were killed there. But that was a hoax suited to it if it wasn't a hoax there are people who honestly believe that well it was it was staged. Because. It was going to be an attempt to take guns away. Now as far as I know following sandy hook. Nobody has lost their -- And if you have lost your gun I would love to break that story right here in the -- show a WW well. So with the government has taken away your -- Just because they wanna take away guns. Please. Either call the show at 2601878. Or anywhere across America 8668890. -- seventy. You could send me text 8787. Or give me details about sending an email. My email address you scoot. It to BWL dot com I would love to know the details. Of the government taking your gonna. So please if if if there is this hysteria about this and they're certainly is now let's let's find out about the efforts where. Where is the where -- the facts. Asserting its. Or perhaps do you still have your guards. Number two tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Gay marriage in America updates for federal magistrate judge in Idaho has refused to put gay marriage on hold -- for essentially striking down. A ban on gay marriage in the state of Idaho. A very very conservative states. And opt in nine northern Idaho court Elaine that apart between I guess it would be between Montana -- the panhandle of Idaho between. I guess it would be Montana and Washington State. That is. Debt that is that -- headquarters for a lot of a white supremacists. People who have that whites are premised separatist and kind of attitude. So in the state of Idaho judge is now. And refused to ban. Same sex there's still -- America's changing. And another sign that America's changing is Michael -- the first openly gay football player drafted by an NFL team. His Jersey his rookie Jersey is the number two top selling rookie Jersey after the draft. Johnny mantle's rookie Jersey was number one. Now. How did Michael -- Jersey get to be the number two top selling rookie Jersey. In the NFL. -- did that happen. Was -- the liberal media to the liberal media do that. Was it the gay community. Was at the Obama administration. There are people who don't wanna hear this. But America. Made it happen. The fact that. First of all there are not enough people in the gay community. Do have this kind of impact. To make New Jersey the number two. The number two selling Jersey rookie Jersey following a draft. This is coming from America not the gay community. It's not coming from the liberal media is not coming from the Obama administration. It's coming from Americans. And there are people who don't want to recognize that this country is changing even many young conservatives. Do not agree with the conservative establishments mentality. When it comes to same sex marriage. But I think this was interesting because. America. Did this not the liberal media. That the Obama administration. About the gay community Americans. Made Michael -- Jersey to number two top selling rookie Jersey. And by the way -- Angeles talking about disorder showed today. I Angeles talking to Bobby -- antibody -- -- Christian very compelling if you didn't hear that you might want to listen to all of them have that discussion. That's in a podcast on our website at WWL dot com. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top eight and eight. Is conservative free speech. No longer protected in America. I hear this a lot. And with the controversy with Donald Sterling and it is racist rant. I had people actually called the show would say or what we can't say what we wanna say anymore. You have the freedom to say whatever you want. But aren't you held accountable for what you say. And in most jobs even if there's not contractual. Conduct clause. In a contract with the company. Most people would be held accountable for certain things that they say. That would be publicized. Outside of the office. If it reflects badly on the image of the company they work for this is nothing new. It's kind of always been this way. At least it has been forward for me in the industry to diamond. But people are held accountable people have always been held accountable for what they say. But there seems to be this fear. I think it's irrational. That conservative free speech is no longer protected in America or as they just started talk about in the last hour we talked about or. Is America changing. And is America just simply were acting to some free speech. That is no longer as tolerable. As it once wants. Miami Dolphins find their their safety. Don Jones after he tweeted that he was disgusted. Nobody saw Michael -- is his boyfriend after being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. The dolphins also -- Jones from any team activities actually finishes sensitivity training. In an op Ed article at foxnews.com. Wayne Allyn root rights. -- considered too conservative. Old fashion or politically incorrect are no longer tolerated by the obamas by Obama's socialist. I'm Campbell this is referring to a secret political group or the thought police. Now this guy -- is a libertarian conservative Republican he'd he disagrees with the comments made by dolphins safety. On John's done on Don Jones disagrees with what he said. But further argues that -- -- a right to say it but argues that true free speech seems to be reserved for the left. And not conservatives. And I think feeding into this is also what our governor Bobby Jindal said recently that America. Has declared war on Christians. Is conservative free speech no longer protected by the First Amendment or is America changing how it reacts. To the way some people think and the way. Some people talk. -- to block tonight is titled the new panic. Over freedom of speech in America. You may totally disagree with me you might agree you might wanna pass it on to your friend because you agreed you need them -- you need them to have this information. Mr. blog that you panic over freedom of speech in America is on our website right now at a BWL dot com and also should be our FaceBook page. At WWL radio if you -- join us for the comment about anything we're talking about you are free to call the show. You are free to speak freely but you are ultimately held accountable for what you say. If you say something that no longer is congruent with the mood of America today. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. At a text -- is 87870. This is the Scopes show live in a Wednesday -- under the W I'll be really cool at this sort of in the elevator music and an elevator. I'm saying CN LC systems on shoes. Punching their ticket. I want what is sad is that if -- have any idea what he said. Yeah I think you're learning something unique and in my building I live in downtown there's there's a camera in all the elevators. So I'm a careful about what I do and elevators -- If you haven't thought about this before I think about it went -- happens in an elevator does not necessarily stay in an elevator. And you don't it was that there was that scene in fatal attraction. With Michael Douglas England close in the elevator. Musings anything like that ever take to place an elevator. If it does now there's going to be -- a lot a lot of view of the -- like tonight is titled the new panic over freedom of speech in America. -- is is freedom of speech particularly is conservative freedom of speech. Still protected by the First Amendment in America. Or is everybody free to say what they wanna say it's just that America is changing how it reacts to things that percent. It's your calls your moment will be get to a few text. Here is taxed -- pardon my ignorance but doesn't. A lot of young black men. Look up to Magic Johnson. I don't think anybody looks up to sterling as a role model they just see him as an old culture with a lot of money. I don't know that there are reasons not to respect magic Johnson. And obviously Magic Johnson made a mistake. But as far as I know we start making the same mistake. And here are gay or straight people like Magic Johnson there are straight white people like Magic Johnson. Who have the the AIDS virus HIV either HIV positive. And they're like criticized like. Like Saddam so again I I'd I'd love talking about district that the points out a lot of a lot of hypocrites as a lot of -- on hypocritical. Comments here is so a text about drinking beer Tiger Stadium I wouldn't buy -- Tiger Stadium or the movies because. It's guaranteed to be overpriced. I'll bring a flask to the French Quarter. Here's a text there are enough drunks already at LSU stayed well if they don't sell beer alcohol LSU stadium tiger -- how to drugs Keppinger. Very distinctive and generally really got drunk. Before the game. And here is attacks the reason I'm so tired of all the -- law against sterling. But with that said. Nobody but nobody made it known that he is a married man and has a mistress so shame on him for talking down to people. When he is just as much in the wrong. If you gonna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 877. A more you're text are coming up Curtis here on -- VW believing. There are those who follow it thanks cards. I'll talk about. That the open guy it. Evolved the Altman -- the -- result was that that is because you'd call it. Will be discussed. Their ticket. But -- Arctic is it's a palpable that the problems because -- With the players that that will. The -- data that would it was. But Curtis if we've learned anything about professional sports we've learned that the professional athletes are held accountable for what they tweet and what they say on the news. We saw we saw a lot of that when the Super Bowl was in New Orleans and a couple prayers -- a talked about gay football players. -- the NFL does not tolerate that. Therefore. If that's basically in a -- by the NFL. You would think that the players would get it. There but spoke. -- that now that the batteries. That whole deal will not be called peca. Guys joke constantly. About. The actual -- -- -- you know. There and got out but -- well you know. Go to -- oh -- -- they are but they got they're called world. Well same thing. I'm sure the same thing happened when Jackie Robinson became the first baseball player in the Major League Baseball locker room. Well. That that was -- it'll it'll. Only. No I don't know what I'm not I'm not linking the plight of the homosexual community with a plate of blacks in America not doing that. But it simply saying if you're talking about something -- it's a habit among guys talking. They would have to watch what they say once the first black player and became part of that locker room. Well. Others that would cover -- voters just that. Is it going to be because of our line -- area. Alone that the Petit makes this topic. OK now. You. Get. So big topic account. War yeah. Always. Do because. They. A mystery column. It -- -- well being the guy who. Well I Curtis I'm gonna agree with Hewitt I think that there are users there's not necessarily justice when it comes to. Players that mean Morton and the same the same can be said of -- politicians in this politician Louisiana Republican who is named and it's McAlister I think. Beat the guy who on who I've got caught on video making out with a -- Stanford he's married in Iran on moral values. While disguising -- to resign. But you know there were other higher powered Republicans who have done similar things -- even worse kind -- weren't asked to resign and so. I know I know that that is a fact. Yeah there are going to be there. Orbit around the world because you like -- -- all right Savannah only -- it is going to be a ago. Well -- double problem or oil being gay or whatever. Personal business. Is state what you can't do. Keep it like it is than you do language beer -- I would suggest that America is changing in the same -- of America has changed over the years over the decades and David we're going to another change now. I don't really feel sorry for any football players that have to hold their tongue. When he comes to comments. About gays or blacks or or whatever. I don't feel sorry for him at all. If you know what the rules are and you abide by the rules where you -- played or not drafted to and they're not forced to play it's not like the military in the sixties where they were drafted in court to fight. They don't have the Internet to be part of that industry they don't want to. Well he's technically we're really do atop our top story in the paper where are all. I doubt it but then the question would be would Tom Brady be dumb enough to make that comment. Here you're right -- That civil you know I -- -- -- there's a touchy situation. I have. To be a photographer -- the the bottom line to. -- I I appreciate you listening and thanks for conversation. If you wanna join us with your thoughts -- comments tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy at a Texas amber is -- 7870%. Of VW a pretty general opinion poll tonight's. Is conservative free speech still protected and America. It's going to be very interesting to see how this poll. Goes as we track it throughout the shooter tonight. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot counts. I'm scoots it's beautiful night I mean it just it is so unbelievable for this point inmates may the fourteenth. Just get outside and enjoy it. It's great. We'll be right back under the W well there seems to be a growing concerns that conservatives are free speech is no longer protected in America that's -- WWL party jaguar opinion poll tonight. Is conservative free speech still part is still protected in America. Here's an update 38% say yes but 63%. Say now. So what is it that you wanna say that you can't say what. What is part of conservative free speech. But you can't say. That you like to say. I would hope that racism is -- included in the conservative free speech that you wanna be the same without consequences I would hope that's not which are ordering four. So what is conservative free speech that you that you can't say. Give a sure thing by going to our WW a pretty general opinion poll at WWL dot com and we're continued talk about that throughout the shooting night. There will always be consequences for for what we say. Before you back to your calls from the get to a a couple of these text Dan this reads -- scoot too many people still relate PGA. Between same sex couples that's public displays of affection as deviant behavior. This has to change. That there are some straight couples that go overboard when it comes to PDA. Now we've also talked about on a new group of people called the truth there's. First of with the birthers tell the truth there's or maybe the truth there's relate back to those who believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy. But there. There there are people who believe that the city -- elementary school tragedy which set up by the government. As an excuse to take away guns from citizens. And one true author called the woman -- seven year old daughter which which murdered its Internet elementary school children that she's part of their hopes. And the setup and her hit her daughter never existed here's a -- -- I am officially sick and tired of these. Blanking. Wack job nut cases who come out of the woodwork when a tragedy happens. And says the United States government is behind it first if it was the first of -- it was the attacks on 9/11 and now the shooting -- sandy hook elementary school. My god daughter was one of the children who lost. Their lives that day the only thing I have to say to the people with these mind sets of everything it's a conspiracy. Is I hope god heals the year obviously diseased. Minds and that is from -- Mark your text coming up from Gretna Darryl you're on the -- show good evening. -- schools are good. I get what I want you know and a would be welcome into the 20%. -- you have laws covering governing. All kinds of behaviors that we deal with everything in the work place human well. An Internet benefit from that you know being and if -- happened to be governed by laws you look at. What happened with the a chart there. The Miami -- good player let me. You know an -- beat it is -- bet that these people and people who do these types of things we're gonna have that come up. Darryl I think you bring a really good point if you think America hasn't changed think about how freedom of speech has changed in the workplace. That was a time -- guys would have said things to women in the workplace they dare not say now you still have the freedom to say it. But you will be held accountable for what you -- Let it -- and it may well how we have an American living now little box. A lot of things that the Bible say what went -- -- issue that we that the current attention -- And well actually I didn't. And -- advocated right but. That account to you say that these people -- that's -- You know it does. That then we can do we do we do that with dialogue we. He outlined how about -- on and I believe that -- gay community are also sure to still can't or don't do not agree. Good base and -- away. People who don't agree and I think you know -- and I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- That was not like I got chill in almost that. But it oh why I'm glad that you -- And well to understand that my in laws of our country. Daryl I would agree with you and I agree with user as a straight male. And gay marriage is not something that would affect me. Gay sex is not something that's that I understand. But who in my to tell somebody what they can -- can't doing their -- from purely political show are -- your -- -- -- this if you wanna join us with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about. And we are just getting started our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Dines there late seventy. At a tax receipts have VH seventy this is the -- show. Under the WL got to Texas about he said I hope you're enjoying the full moon like I am just a -- studio window I'll see the full moon. So either it's cloudy in downtown New Orleans or the Loews hotel is eclipsing the full moon. From my vantage point from uptown Daniel -- this too shall be needing. -- great man priceless. So. I want to separate. Two quick things -- and one was Adam. This poll truth or. I think it is you know in my opinion just so beyond bizarre and and I believe that have been ridiculous. It's just the dirt and one question that I would post if I had to -- at four different counter -- there. And eat it situation really is what what appeared returns. Then how I'm gonna become much changed -- thing. Well exactly but it -- that's how obsessed -- how upset some people -- with this idea that the government's gonna can't take away your guns. I know I feel it is it that creepy and mean IIIQ grunt decayed in Nagano myself a lot of my friends are. And and I -- -- You know he's not take your -- he. Is not -- he meeting President Obama. Yeah exactly. Yeah and I had no -- gonna come pick your guns you know maybe. -- might take it everybody should be at war rhetoric important but frankly I'm I'm -- -- killed everybody should not own -- -- period. You know and and and then -- now on the topic you're a whole other thing about -- -- everybody on guns every time there was security in public. Then you just have one guy with that is gone and and and kill the children say -- -- yeah well it wouldn't happen that way and morality. I mean to you know how many times that -- -- you know how many under. But don't be Euro was computer with -- got. It. It's very disorienting and temperature in your crowd you know. That when I when I hear arguments Daniel about now if for people in the movie theater in Aurora Colorado would have had guns would start in the air. And and and people thought it was which was part of of the movie at first this was during the Batman movie Dark Knight. So you know you've got a bunch of people taken out guns and look the truth is a lot of people who own guns are not very good shooters. And so there's going to be a lot of collateral damage and I don't know if that's solves the problem. Daniel I appreciate illicit -- show. -- thanks for calling. I got -- number text to get to we'll get to a more than -- coming up right after the news here's a quick update on RW a dual pretty general opinion poll. Is conservative free speech. Still protected in America. 40% say yes and 60% saying no we're gonna attract that throughout our show. Can -- -- by going to our web site WW dot com and discuss blog tonight which you may totally disagree with his titled the new panic over freedom of speech in America. More on that coming up after the news under BWL.