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Scoot Show 5-14 9pm, Conservative Freedom of Speech

May 14, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show: Is conservative free speech no longer protected in America? Clippers owner Donald Sterling exercised his right to freedom of speech when he told his girlfriend not to bring black people to his games. The NBA has banned him for life and is trying to force him to sell the team. The Miami Dolphins fined safety Don Jones for tweeting how disgusted he was when he saw Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend after being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. The Dolphins also barred Jones from team activities until he finishes sensitivity training. In an op-ed article at FOXNews.com, Wayne Allyn Root writes, "Views considered “too conservative…old fashioned…or 'politically incorrect” are no longer tolerated by Obama's socialist cabal or the “thought police.” Though Root, a Libertarian-conservative Republican, disagrees with comments made by Dolphins safety Don Jones, he supports his right to say it and further argues that true free speech is reserved for the left - and not conservatives or Christians. Gov. Bobby Jindal said America has declared war on Christians. Is conservative free speech no longer protected by the 1st Amendment - or is America changing how it reacts to what some people think and say? Aren't we all accountable for the things we say that might impact the companies we work for? Is it fair to blame the Obama Administration?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It might feel like the forties on the North Shore tomorrow morning it's may the fourteenth this is just such an incredible blessing. What a great day and it's a very comfortable night it's going to be like she -- chilly tomorrow morning because of that time of year it is. And then the high tomorrow ethically in the in the mid seventies. Unbelievable letters so while it's enjoyed because we know how hot it is gonna eventually be here's -- we're talking about on this coach showed ninety. In his attempt to apologize for his racist rants -- clippers owner Donald Sterling I think exposed himself was it ignorant person with a racist mentality. Criticize Magic Johnson for being promiscuous. And getting -- No Magic Johnson doesn't have aids he's HIV positive which is completely different from -- And if he's gonna criticize Magic Johnson for being promiscuous. What about the example that he -- Showing up at his games and in public with his young girlfriend. While he still married. Here's our -- W a pretty -- opinion poll is conservative free speech still protected. In America. 36% say yes that 63%. Say no. It is not. And that's the subject to discuss blog tonight to once again you'll either agree totally disagree but you might wanna read it and -- with others give us your comments if you like. It's titled the new panic over freedom of speech in America. And this is. Partly about Donald Sterling saying what he said. I have had people call the show after his racist rant became public. And argued it will in America I guess we don't have freedom of speech anymore. No we still have freedom of speech and we always half. But America changes overtime and the speech that did you are freely expressing. -- consequences. If you say something that is no longer congruent with the mood of America. Then that speech is going to be judged. But it doesn't mean that you don't have freedom of speech. Also tonight we're talking about the truth there's. First there with the birthers those people who did not believe that President Obama is an American citizen. And I guess the fact that I say I believe he's an American citizen makes me and Obama lover. In the minds of many people know I just believe he's an American citizen. Now there are troopers. These are the people who believe that tragic shooting at the sandy hook elementary school was a hoax. And it was actually set up by the US government. As an excuse to take guns away from Americans. One truth -- call the mother of a seven year old girl who was murdered. As sandy -- elementary school. And told her that she was part of the hoax. And her seven year old daughter. Never existed. And that is the cool. Mentality. Of people like that. Also we're talking about Michael Sam the first openly gay football player drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the NFL draft. His rookie Jersey. Is the number two selling rookie Jersey in the NFL. Johnny man -- rookie Jersey is number one. How did Michael sands Jersey get to be number one on number 200. How'd that happen. Was it just the gay community. I don't think so. Was -- the liberal media. I don't think so was -- the Obama administration. I don't think so. It was Americans. Enough Americans. Supports. Michael Sam. As the first openly gay player even though he hasn't played yet as a detonating outstanding in the N affiliate. Body has Johnny -- But enough American support him. So -- is a rookie Jersey is the number two selling rookie Jersey in the NFL. Again Angela was talking about this subject earlier today. Are you talking about VA -- antibody -- -- Very compelling it's on a podcast right now at WWL account if you gonna join us for the comment about anything we're talking about her numbers 2601870. Told 386688. -- here late seventy. And it takes over is 87870. Here is attacks that reads Cisco I have to disagree with you. Back when Jackie Robinson was was the first African American player. It was a different America. And there was still a lot of racism. And it was more socially acceptable to be racist with a political correctness wave. That has swept America now players are getting in trouble for comments. And speaking their minds if a player like Sam. Would have come out of the closet around the same time and -- or immediately after Robinson. Then may be -- to could be equated. But in the country. In the country we now Libya and it's totally different I have to agree with the call or in saying that players. Are gonna have to tiptoe around him. Compared to what happens in other locker rooms in regards to jokes about male sexuality. It is completely different than the Robinson's situation an era and that is from from Jack. Caller earlier said that he feels badly for the players or something along the lines of feels badly for the NFL players who get to tiptoe around. I'm gay comments anti gay comedy get -- they -- to be careful what they say it in the locker room. And I immediately thought well there was a time when players had to watch what they say in the locker room because Jackie Robinson was the first black player. In Major League Baseball. And while I'm not equating. The gay community with the black community. The idea that you are free to say whatever you -- -- locker room. Is exactly the same as when Jackie Robinson became the first black player in Major League Baseball. Players had to watch what they say. I know my shield but if there are certain things that are acceptable certain things that are unacceptable. And it players know the rules and they do. I don't feel sorry for them if they have to watch what they say. You know you don't have to play for the NFL. That's a choice. That's a privilege. It's not like you're drafted into the military and you have to fight you're not drafted into the into the NFL and you have to play. Now that's a choice that players make. And we've learned that in professional sports. Players are held accountable. For racist. And anti gay comments. And if players don't like that will then they shouldn't play for the NFL. I don't think we've lost our our freedom of speech in America. I simply think that we are now judging things. That are are inappropriate as we always. And I would think that almost everybody listening to the show right now. Could be held accountable for what they say. If it reflects negatively. On the business they were four. It's something that you say or do. Reflects in a very negative bad way on the image of the company that he -- -- You to tell me that you're not held accountable for that. So why is that -- different. And I guess the other question that I have is is conservative freedom of speech. Is that something that that includes racism. Is anybody upset that -- Donald Sterling isn't free to speak his mind without consequences. Not for his attitude and his mentality. Going to the guy to be years and it is an example of a far too many Americans. Who just don't who don't get it and I realize that he's 8081 whatever so what you can't change with the times. -- -- my life I've changed. I would agree that in many ways political correctness. Has run amok in America. But when it comes to simply learning to be polite to each other what's wrong with that. What's wrong with what's wrong with being polite to people. What's wrong with not going out of -- The First Amendment protects your right to offend somebody. And I'm also very sensitive to some people are far too sensitive when it comes to all I'm I'm offended. So people get offended far too quickly. But why would you go out of your way to be offensive. -- just because you can. You know there's there's that there's a shared mentality between people who want to be able to get away with saying racist anti gay comments. And those who want to who wanna buy a gun just a flawed owning a gun. Not for protection. Not to defend their property their lives their families but just because they can't. And that's not the true reason. For gun ownership. Not that you have to have a reason to own a gun and America. Because of the Second Amendment you don't. But there are there are clearly people in this country who should -- I don't guns and there are people who own guns who don't understand. How to use a -- or -- ago and we CNET. Numerous times I even recently and if you think that freedom of speech. Hasn't. Hasn't changed. Didn't think about freedom of speech in the workplace. Think about the comments that you may have made. In talking about females at work. Do you still make those comments. You're free to make those comments. But you held accountable for the comments. That she make. If you wanna join our shooter -- your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy at a -- over is 877. From new world is Patrick here on the -- -- every WL. What oh sure there are. Well I got this or what region. -- when he was talking about America's war Christians. All in order for. Well I don't of the Bobby Jindal say anything specifically about freedom of speech I got this from an article an op Ed article foxnews.com. From. A person who is described as a libertarian conservative Republican Wayne Allyn root and he writes. -- considered too conservative too. Old fashioned or politically incorrect -- no longer tolerated by Obama's socialist. A secret political a group or the thought police. And I just don't see how the president has prevented people from saying what they wanna say. An NI I I agree with you the question should be one is conservative free speech that were not allowed to to express is it is -- raise it back. -- -- -- -- And if it's it's this close. Miami Dolphins in the NFL. Cured and couples where one would sign the contract. You're you're you're stating. New and different if you're golfing and golf but in your current -- do anything to diminished -- more. Reverend war we can march in saying quote board who -- with many company. I don't see what the argument this year than -- and millions of dollars. The argument the argument Patrick I think comes from people who are who are hysterical. -- panic stricken over anything that happens in this country under the Obama administration. With the belief that it does and you have to like Obama or not. But this hysteria that that this country is becoming a socialist Communist nation we're losing our our our freedoms. And yet. People are really struggling to explain any freedom that they've actually lost. Where. Are I think only the only time that is going to -- So. Air and and and there's going to be a -- there will be casualties along the way because some people don't. You know it's it's it's only been for fifty years since. The ball -- a lot a lot of change in the area in the country. And it's it's it's been taken over -- awful we've all the world we're supposed to be. So if -- Republican. Patrick I appreciate calling her show if you wanna join us tonight with your comment our numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. -- early seventy. And a tax -- 7870. And a part of this whole conversation is Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal over the weekend telling a a group of their graduates that are college. That. The country of America. As a nation. Has declared -- Christians. So if there's a war on Christians then -- the casualties. And there really aren't casualties others so -- there are going to be. Again and be Smart enough to understand that this is the extreme. Right wing rhetoric. It is designed to create panic in America. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back on -- VW well it is such a comfortable Wednesday night it's hard to believe when you walk as cited as part of the country that it's actually made the fourteenth. And it's -- -- feeling native fifteenth tomorrow morning or ball date tomorrow one thank all of you who took time to view and comments to the video. Of mr. Kirby the united two year old World War II veteran who. I arrange with some other people to get to the World War II museum and I studio on our web site it's still on our website at WW dot com also blog. About sudden being with mr. Kirby that day in and what I learned in. As I mentioned the other night. I I hope mr. Kirby got as much out of going to the World War II museum. -- as I got. I'm from being in his presence and just being with him but -- the faculty for responding today to giving us send your comments also channel four. I showed up to cover that. Now if I would've said the wrong thing. On camera. I would be held accountable. In the same way that Miami Dolphins football player. Don Jones is accountable for a tweet that he sent out following. The Michael Sam. Kiss with his boyfriend after being. To being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. It like sweet -- the wrong thing if I put on my FaceBook page -- on the air if I if I put the wrong thing on that page I held accountable. I am free to speak. I -- free to express my opinion about politics and about social issues but if I say something. That is disgusting or inappropriate to the point where it reflects poorly on the image of the company I work for. I'm held accountable for it. And I would think that most of you -- in position to where. York actually held accountable. For what you say even if you are speaking freely away from work if it's public. And if he comes back to reflect poorly on the company you work for how would you not be held accountable so -- was that any different. How was that I was at any different. Then. What we're talking about today. With people like Donald Sterling. And Miami Dolphins. Fighting their safety and Don Jones. Who tweeted out that he was disgusted when he saw Michael Stamkos is -- for. I was surprised to get I got a -- a moment ago from some right to fix the whole thing was set up by ESPN. I don't know that it was I don't know they were set up. Here's a -- to -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight is conservative free speech still protected in America. 36% say yes but 64%. Say no it's not. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com for bad rouge Angel here of the -- good evening. Can I mean toilet bowl cheers. And I really love your heart I want it -- my comment at all. On. And on governor Jindal coming. Out now. Feeling that our. You know talking about christianity. Lead -- -- being hurt unit they're trying to calm. He do at. Every turn and -- you know if you wanted to here yet it. Or watch -- -- -- to watch what you don't want in each and Dick and interpreted. Each. I'm very open and there -- high or. Not. And that. Call nine an -- I would not ended. Why you know patrol ballplayer but I'm telling members to work and it and I think it. The current. -- certainly didn't show that the people being entrapped chipped in that girl who. And I think they definitely is an opportunity. Q. -- Still there why wouldn't want to go into why would ESPN do that it. Bring in more -- sure exactly. That in Berkeley. Store and I want an instant. It's no big deal you know -- and and and now it shouldn't have been to change and error -- Your spirits are. The whole situation that I don't think that Kindle what's wrong in comments. To. Well yeah if America has declared war on Christians then dent who reckon with the casualties who's who who's. Who's a result of that. I think we structure by what I'm telling you tell me you've suffered. What could we all of our. I told our attorney who are. I I hold my own truck and in little child who I know endangered. And -- link and then they can make it wrong. -- doing and the iron in your arms. You know there Darian there really are in Jack well I mean -- The rep for action on what their parents with someone else in the night and it might hit but I don't think it. And we're all just chew. -- You know I I I would I would agree that in I would agree that in many ways we are too sensitive I I don't see. I I I I think Jindal bringing up America declaring war Christians is a little political rhetoric. That he's using to position itself and in the same wave that's that conservatives use race many many years ago. Now. And religious -- being used to agree to royal rile people up tonight I just I think it's I think it's much more of a -- that it is reality. You know. I'm aren't going to be trying to bring not your strong and -- and bench. You know it it is just content people that come uncomfortable and awkward situation. It's it's too bad if people weren't comfortable with the -- I I talk about got a lot on the show and I going to -- a couple. And pitcher. You know in in -- -- I need to -- election. But I eyeing. And he's and I'm not a supporter in that one and I'm really not but as I do you see where he. Positioned themselves. For political gain a lot of intense -- this particular statement anyway I don't know personal. Regional -- but I do think that. Our our. Our. Let's too much for current and you know. Checking her out at school things like chat or are. Well that was that was that was taken out a long time I'm no I don't know I -- when it. You -- you you know kits can pray in school it's it's just at the school can't lead the prayer. And if if the school leads the prayer that would what's the prayer going to be an -- Are Hindus if there are Muslims in the class now do we include those prayers as well that's gonna become a lot of -- They don't do anything anymore that well but I don't even I don't. I just I weren't sure. -- -- But Angel if the kid doesn't go to school with an understanding of god in prayer do you think the school reciting a prayer to beginnings gonna change that kid. That's that's Michiko from the school that comes from the home in the heart. I understand. But the thing about it is it but it but it -- not coming from all you know and there's still. Just -- a moment to gather one -- just can't have a moment of time with amber we you know even. We're all Americans in a car trip saying the pledge allegiance to -- correctly whatever it it's just a among the case so you don't know I'm not China now I can't get. You're gonna -- and bad -- if you don't call monster of respect. But what each. What each. -- -- -- Religious decision. It well or whatever personal tried to within each person to be in entrance and. I do but -- I will I will I will tell you that if if there's a kid. It has no parental guidance at home. A a moment of gathering thoughts together at the beginning of the school day is not gonna help a child. And and I think sometimes we put a false sense of importance on things that really are not gonna manifest that change. Well IIIII. I have to disagree with you believe we we can't we can't. We can disagree exactly. But that's at -- -- you were very eloquent anti glacier to timed -- -- here is attacks to that read so what about taking Christ out of Christmas. Who took Christ -- of Christmas. There's -- take another Christmas we talked about this a during Christmas on the show. And fox news's on. Attempt to try to instill panic in America that that there's a war on Christmas. I celebrated Christmas exactly the way I wanted to. But we you know unable to do that. Again I would love to hear your story if you were not able to celebrate Christmas the way you wanted to celebrate Christmas in your home in your life with your family I would love to know that story. From Cincinnati -- on this crucial to be demagogue beating. Yeah in the Soviet Union you're allowed to say anything that you want. As long that it agreed with marxism. And in a piece of anything that went against marxism of course you went to the good luck in the is that same kind of freedom of speech. That seemed like your advocating in the United States. I don't I don't I don't see -- at all. Because we're free do what I say what we want about the president we're free to say what we want about politics and about social issues. But there will be repercussions from private businesses. If somebody says something that reflects badly on the business. And in the case of -- Miami Dolphins -- safety. Don Jones he said something that reflected badly on the NFL and the Miami Dolphins so he was punished. So how -- so like the Soviet Union. What if it's the exact same thing it's. I disagree with somebody politically. In. Then society the I mean essentially what we're dealing with is political correctness which is cultural marxism the whole dichotomy of anti racism and racism. These wars in homophobia. Xenophobia that at all invented by more. What is it that you what is it that you would like to be able to say that you think you can't say. Well I'd like to be able to object to the policies that are destroying my people my who are your people. My people white people in Europe there's not at all -- -- okay. So that tells a lot of that tells us a lot about you can. You know okay -- why he abandoned but he called refer to people white people as your people. Correct you're like a black person within their people here in America and Europe so what is it that you think you people can't do. Let's don't talk about Europe and don't talk about the Soviet Union because that's different this is America a sort of what this country. Okay white people are the only people on the face of the planet who were not allowed to have a country -- county and city a town a village or even at school to themselves. Black people have an entire continent and so. Mexicans. Have had their country to themselves nobody telling them that they need to destroy their rate in cultures. In some kind of melting pot in that they don't like it. Then there. Blacks to permit and make. They should we -- should maybe should folly RSS is -- go back we came from. One happy well actually I'm white people were the first people in North America according to all of the anthropology genetics. Really yes really they're called the -- -- and -- the outgoing from southern France. OK but that's not where you came from where -- your ancestors come from this country German. Our German and English well don't want to go back. Well Campbell because white people aren't even allowed -- -- Europe took a few people were telling us. That if we don't want our wait wait wait wait I'm not one way of putting me you people I'm -- you. But what you are advocating to turn Europe and America not why. I think I just have a true understanding of what this country is supposed to be. Will what others were white nationalist right peace and white supremacists. I didn't say that. Not exactly what you said people might did not say the founding fathers are whites premise. I'm sorry I did not say the founding fathers are whites of -- know you were describing -- -- with it but don't put words in my enough. And what you do or not and what you do that to my people. -- you specifically earlier that goes to support white nationalism white separatism or white supremacists. I didn't say that yet. Do you record your yeah I do you I don't have time to go back to fight gonna move on the additional but I don't -- saying that. -- but you are able to tell me what it is that you disagree with me about. Well I did agree that you heard that -- -- white people in order that an entity. At the I never religion I never mentioned white people on the show until you call it that. But that's what political correctness in cultural marxism is about. That white Christians need to put the interest of other people ahead of themselves and they need to destroy their. Religion I'm gonna suggest that you go back and do a little studied about tell this country started in -- started because I figure. A figure dilution. Okay in the 1790 immigration and naturalization act said that America -- for whites -- this big enough to know what is -- right. Why would you said that we sent right country with -- well -- a little assist countries found it. I'm sorry when was this country found it would -- this country essentially founded win when back and. Sixteen -- may be sixteen Tony when the pilgrim dropped. -- -- So you're talking about a man made ruled it came along later probably for the convenience of some of your people. Well okay will be there is also these man made rules. That these immigration and assimilate night. Can be -- you and I are gonna totally disagree and can you got a totally disagree. And and and that's OK and and your free do. Say what you want and I'm free to say what I want. No actually. It if I if I expressed my disapproval with the immigration and assimilation policies. That are destroying my racing culture I can lose. My job I what are you will all OK so -- held accountable for freedom of speech. They'll do -- bit -- that you expressed. I'm held accountable by don't agree with Neal won a -- one knew quite what to quit your job and go find another job. Well I didn't have to do that I can't -- but if you don't if you don't agree with the rules of your company then worked somewhere else. I shouldn't be threatened intimidated and harassed into believing being destroyed my my religion might race in my culture. Nobody's stopping you from being a white Christian. Yeah they are telling they're saying that if my -- in my culture in my religion are not destroyed. In a I don't want to destroy it -- drew massive immigration and simulation that I'm evil. I wouldn't say evil and we say ignorant. All and so -- ignorant of white people don't distort and that essentially. Point I don't believe that white people destroy themselves by being tolerant can I would suggest that you lock your doors very tight tonight because it sounds like Q. You pretty scared I'm. I'm so glad you called because I like to be reminded. That there are white people like you. Who refer to white people as my people. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back -- to be WL I just getting a ton of checks and a lot of reaction to last caller we had canned from Cincinnati. -- I guess the best way -- he he refer to white people as his people. And said that white people who are Christians will be destroyed two integration into tolerance of gays. And lesbians. Now through the tolerance of different races. Through the tolerance of homosexuality. I am still. A straight white Christian. And I can prove how white I am on any given night by going out and dance. I have not lost any of my whiteness. So I don't know what these people are so damn paranoid about it. From timid -- John your WWL. -- -- and people call Motorola a lot of color an -- wandered. Wouldn't you know as a black man posed as -- -- -- mark felt like if this guy you feel that way. Maybe you should come out and thought much about appropriate group or got together with some light on people. And I'd be in -- treat or you know like a picnic it goes. About duke. Sure -- they -- directly in the community and that he'd be compatible and why they're little and then you know. We feel. About it. Yet Lewis I think it was a very cowardly thing to do to hide behind sheets. And but this guy did you expose himself on the show and I I I I think that he wants to be able to say negative things about -- about blacks. Which I guess makes him feel better as -- as a white person. Again I just I don't understand that mentality but he does he does reflect a mentality that exists in this country. And and abandon that come country in the economic. To win. I don't like David Stern he's able to kind of see all -- Montreal food budget and the big corporate and his troop build a bit behind it's and could still be an extra bit and political that being a perfect one yet these holidays and and -- would've been. And then -- appropriate to what you can and I couldn't believe it comported actual look important. Opening. You know that's John I'm gonna have to get to a break -- -- really glad you called the short if you aren't -- stay with us coming right back with more of your calls in a lot of reaction to the caller -- from Cincinnati. I will put that on our podcast if you missed it -- W dot com and -- you know when that's up. I'm getting a number of text about this as well we'll get to abort your text a coming up and -- tonight is titled the new panic over freedom of speech in America. I believe -- agree or disagree but it's on our website at WWL. Dot com and welcome back to the -- -- from Tennessee Daniel welcome to WW elegant evening. -- -- -- -- Out of all the -- -- -- break that's our real quick one part throat another you have that so expertly I'm so proud of my brand. The later I was sonar reminder but I would like make one comment. His on court called him. Yes people -- his religion didn't set too well what the native Americans -- were -- before them you know it's enormously and think about you know. That's I'm not trying to be bigger -- or bias and anyway pages and what aspect. His religion supposedly. The Leahy and he came across here let you must -- to -- your neighbor about yourself. I'm -- -- -- -- these you do a great. Are -- -- I I appreciate -- listing and in Tennessee. And if this guy is so proud of his people white people and Christians. I I guess he would have to admit that he embraces Jesus who was Jewish. And don't see that's what the real ironies of the kkk. Mean they don't like Jews -- by -- choosing. Here's a Texan -- Q what are you go back to just playing music and give up the talks. Are gonna do that. Here's an -- text -- I think you should have been born African American. Now they would kick me out there you know never united anyone of us a guy can't dance. -- don't know. All right we had a call can from Cincinnati. And he was standing up for his people white people and -- suggested that. The white people are being destroyed and Christians are being destroyed a two integration tolerance of gays and lesbians. If -- -- stay -- -- I went a little -- -- can so that's why were running late this hour I'm gonna get right back with your calls Alaska to be patient coming right back with your calls also. I have got a number of really great text to get to all of that coming up. In the next hour. It's Cisco show like from New Orleans on a Wednesday night's. Only under the WL.