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Scoot Show 5-14 10pm, Conservative Freedom of Speech

May 14, 2014|

Is conservative free speech no longer protected in America? Clippers owner Donald Sterling exercised his right to freedom of speech when he told his girlfriend not to bring black people to his games. The NBA has banned him for life and is trying to force him to sell the team. The Miami Dolphins fined safety Don Jones for tweeting how disgusted he was when he saw Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend after being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. The Dolphins also barred Jones from team activities until he finishes sensitivity training. In an op-ed article at FOXNews.com, Wayne Allyn Root writes, "Views considered “too conservative…old fashioned…or 'politically incorrect” are no longer tolerated by Obama's socialist cabal or the “thought police.” Though Root, a Libertarian-conservative Republican, disagrees with comments made by Dolphins safety Don Jones, he supports his right to say it and further argues that true free speech is reserved for the left - and not conservatives or Christians. Gov. Bobby Jindal said America has declared war on Christians. Is conservative free speech no longer protected by the 1st Amendment - or is America changing how it reacts to what some people think and say? Aren't we all accountable for the things we say that might impact the companies we work for? Is it fair to blame the Obama Administration?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This weather is just. Unbelievable -- a sit chilly while it's here because it'll be not soon enough but what a blessing. In the middle of may. Here's an update on our WW property jaguar opinion polls also -- talking about on the show is conservative free speech still protected in America. 28% say yes but an overwhelming 72% say no conservative free speech is not still protected. In America. Okay so what is conservative free speech what is it that you wanna say. That you think you can't say so -- tonight is titled the new panic over freedom of speech in America. And that's on our website at WWL dot com. And perhaps you're among those who don't really understand what is happening in terms of the consequences of freedom of speech. -- all of that's in the blogger agree or disagree you -- -- -- -- with others -- it to -- WL dot com we've also been talking about something that I thought was that was interesting to. To talk about why Michael Sam the first openly gay football player drafted by the NFL. Why his rookie Jersey is the number two top selling rookie Jersey. Joining me and -- rookie Jersey number one Michael Sam is number two. Why is that. The gay community is -- big enough. Doesn't make up enough people in this country. To make that happen. The liberal media didn't do it the Obama administration didn't make that happen. Americans made it happen. In many ways America is changing that a lot of people are resisting that change. Got a call on last hour went a little long with dissent with this call is it was Kenny call from Cincinnati. And he was -- very concerned that political correctness today which I don't like. Political correctness and so I'm not being able to speak freely about blacks and and not accepting homosexuals. All of this is essentially destroying his people. Which he said where news is white people these people. And of any refer to the as you people in my city waited. I'm one of your people and I don't know what you're complaining about because. I'm still white and we've gone through integration. We've gone through a lot of changes in this country and I'm still a straight white Christian. I hear it's a text. This is about freedom of speech advocate to your calls are just a moment and we get this call canned from Cincinnati when we get it up on our podcast. -- -- -- John wicker studio producers working on right on that right now if you missed the call. It's up OK I if you want him to go to our website WW -- archive check out this called for -- in Cincinnati. And then you know call our show and also share that call with other people who might agree with canned or totally disagree. But here's I text about freedom of speech and this is part of the total misunderstanding. Of freedom of speech in this country. -- at this country is pretty evenly divided. On the question of whether marriage should be only between a man and a woman. But -- one of the on air personalities the WWL. Believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. They would be in fear of saying it because they would fear. Repair recrimination. And lose their job that is political correctness stifling free speech. I don't know who this person is but they don't work for the station. Because that is absolutely not true. Anybody on this station. Or our sister station three W well. Can say whatever they -- about same sex marriage. Opinions are not. Are not stifled. So if this is what some people think let's use that text to set the record straight. -- app salutes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Along on a lot lot and I I do. Well listen. Originally I was gonna call you a comic relief that it's kind of show and I. And I are on the road at -- horrible at issue. We've gotten from them as back Arlen. My brother is in the hospital. In that -- but I. Utah and from the collar. And play and share. My brother and I you know at saint are out there at the way we have been there for the past week -- -- -- yeah. He has -- Any there. That's toward her in other -- -- -- They are literally. Races from different countries. -- -- email. In which it would be in air like this actual practice at all I care about. Competent. And that hair. Not brought and it can get up on the way out. And that's the way it should be. And people who are racist. We changed their racist mentality. If it came to the life and death of their child. -- change and are you. Cindy. -- -- that guy candor whatever from Cincinnati. And when at that outweigh the serious machine. So I get -- there. Together we're out together well and we all each. Well what we do and that the spirit of America is that we are we're very young nation relative to the view the countries of the world. And we've tried something that I don't think any other nation has really tried. And we're doing a pretty good job of it. But there are some people who somehow feel like they own this country and they own this country for white Christians. And that is simply not the spirit of America. Well I agree with you there and -- wanna you. Just share my experience and the and what we believe our -- like that you know made up out our Uggla and Alan Alan -- you know make jokes like. But you'll pay ridiculous what -- -- Now I'm glad to call so if you're if you're coming from Memphis to New Orleans -- on I 55 somewhere. We are predicting you -- that can you see the mood I believe is a full moon out tonight. You know why. I cannot see them you know there's a lot of clout where we are but the rain stopped and it can't -- it is lovely I mean. It today and check out. It -- yes I did this not feel like me in this part of the country. Audrey a -- -- calls you when your -- -- like your a lot of fun I'm sure you enjoy time at the card against current sorry you went to Memphis for. -- the reason you went to Memphis and you brought. There we can tell that there are good reason that he minds our daughter. It cracked I don't that -- talking about the election -- eighteen hopefully they're not cheap graduating. Next week. And eat that went to college in Memphis at broad college's -- at that age. That would -- It's vibrant family that they are. That's correct one do you guys have a good trip back you. Aren't thanks sir thanks listing on the road from Metairie and Euro and WWL. You said. Yeah I want -- like you were condescending to that caller. Which -- The one that you're but it -- being condescending. -- -- Cincinnati aware. Of the -- from Cincinnati. Yeah I don't have a lot of tolerance for white supremacists. You know it was an all purpose tongue -- -- alerts. He may be a problem. Bleeding problem. Problem at their site. Debuts in the wrong word because he was nervous or maybe yeah. Funny time -- -- I don't know why or why you're making excuses why are you making excuses for. So compassionate. I was referring to was being compassionate. To callers like that you have done that before. You do -- this time. Are supposed to be -- professional. In in my professionalism -- and certainly disagree that this is -- talk to. Is that this is an opinion driven talks you know. And sometimes when and what it has a value add add add. It is depends on how you define professionalism. I'm getting on getting Oakland and I'm not an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not -- and you can argue with you but it's. I'm not a question of why we're condescending to. Pick. So now that is used to edit the yeah. I don't have to be compassionate. To racists you don't want to. I don't have to. Yes. And I'm really. -- I'm going to call ratio. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text -- 77. Some really amazing how people look for for weeks to attack. And so often if they disagree with you. Then they want to belittle you. And I understand the point that it's making about being Christian being compassionate. Mean I guess in the in the overall scheme of things and compassionate for somebody who is so blind and ignorant. That they don't understand. This the spirit of America. I can be compassionate. Open net but when it comes to having a conversation. When it comes to that one on one conversation. There are going to be times that I might not appear to be is compassion some of you want me to be. Because certain things fired me up in the same way that certain things fired up this is an opinion driven talk show it always has been. It always will be and it doesn't mean everything is gonna always be even keel. Opera Terry -- Jason you're under the W well. It goes to good. Yeah good debate -- -- -- and and the like to give people their chances they have a question for you and then I enter here question that you keep closing the people. Ultimately. -- brother and I listened. About who died from the attack on christianity in so personal question -- -- Richards thing you said hello to. It just so Ronald error free Shubert has suddenly turned industry. Who is affected by conservatives. Who's getting the for demonizing conservatism like what. Can you re free editor in again -- Internet at question pulling. You know on I'm not I'm really not following these engines okay what went out and that they hit the example of conservatism under attack here -- says only. Well I I got this I get this this thawed out in not only from the people who have called the show over overtime and after. I Donald Sterling clippers order and when his racist rant and that was publicized in people asked the question. A while we don't have a right to freedom of speech will Obama had a right to freedom of speech. But we -- held accountable for some of the things that we express. But there was an op Ed -- article at foxnews.com which is titled is conservative free speech band in America. And it's written by capitalist libertarian conservative Republican he's an author Wayne Allyn root. And he says the use considered too conservative too old fashioned or politically incorrect -- no longer tolerated by Obama's socialist thought police. Okay are real quick and I don't -- cut off on -- -- -- -- okay this situation -- Lola -- and Ira and then targeting conservative groups like Tea Party groups. Whether you agree with them that whatever party would that be a good example of targeting conservative viewpoints. And it went into the IRS did that that's terrible but you know I mean -- -- have it here and -- There is new information that progressive groups were targeted as well. So I don't know that the information is overwhelming but if the IRS if the IRS if any branch of the government did anything. To any conservative group that it would not have done to anybody that's a liberal. Salute that my take on that situation when it happened you know we came out and then the -- Ernie whatever again that was kind that I ain't. Just said OK well be the target of progress is to overeat it. I think the attitude in here that we know it could really point the finger bowl we'll leave it that that was my question to the one in the country a little higher at thing nothing that would. -- an infringement of freedom of speech. Correct if it is in happy union agreement if it was targeted towards that Tea Party key partners absolutely. -- edit the -- convoluted and kind of confusing but you want -- -- you didn't even hear your question earlier comment. Again -- -- answered correctly for people being on the road or whatever. You said who dies from. If I didn't say die but if if there's a war -- casualties Seoul Korea today with the casualties. Who -- the casualties from the war on our Christian. In our area this is who died from the war christianity. Are right they. That are profoundly in power whatever non Jewish not -- On the population. Why that would be most states. That would be the majority of the gas being mean not not too which means be comic in your view mode -- it all that the state that. Are considered quoting the Bible Belt okay that it -- for you here followed. It up on that. Are they like to -- wet and -- okay. Predominantly black -- -- we YE. Not very much diversity case. Except in the bigger cities but in the rural areas. Eight more. You know in and you know it's pretty much black and -- in both sides engine operation. Non Jewish non Muslim but it. So what happened. An -- in the attack on it basically like it. What is the Keystone Pipeline or moratorium on oil field in -- yet in that meant as we unit this -- -- things like key to me. Watching meet the put somewhat of any tools we -- here why. Because ultimately. That all week which for a lot people with the -- and the market and that's where Wal-Mart it split. Are these are examples small town people join the military volunteer. But if they're not -- Long Island new work. They're not from wouldn't be enough uncles in order Chicago. There are people are -- of the joint -- I think there is squeezed financially on the -- okay financially in what I mean by. That is. -- -- -- OK so. Many many jobs currently needed because. He's put so much we outlined what -- Jason Gore Jason through every different administrations throughout time there has been controversial projects. Yeah and that and to not to take the air we do our border -- is that these -- these areas these Christians and Howell area. Until that the typical 1920 year old has bureau -- her real job. So who's that nobody is -- is the is the white dominated government in Washington DC. -- YE -- sitting there. On the Internet. And -- well like I've got to get to break -- I -- and legitimately appoint. Okay my point is this they joined the military to fight. But they consider this month when team in or whatever who's that that. I mean Israel basically we got to fight for them over and over. A DCU you know at the Jews now. Well I mean we fight there wars of -- what's different what's your problem telling -- problem. My point is that that the Christians don't want to lose their limbs and and utilize it to actually -- for Israel over or it. Yeah and Israel hasn't lost any lives or limbs are -- because their -- they fight for their freedom. -- not merely. OK Jason will listen I really appreciate that call. Again if you wanna join us with comment tonight and maybe it's the full moon tonight I don't know. Our numbers 2601870. Totals 38668890. Point seven -- text numbers 87870. So here's a guy arguing. That it's. That -- -- the Christians not Jews. Are losing life and limbs. Fighting for Jewish freedom. Here's a -- -- do you were overly kind to that ignorant racist. I felt the pain. In your in your tone a 130 miles. East of view that was professionalism. I if you're Arnold stay with -- -- your calls more of your -- are coming up next. On this Puccio it's a fun night tonight on every WL RK so maybe it's not technically a full Mo what do we miss it by a night of estimate of full moon last night's -- -- called to say that I'm ignorant because it's not a full moon. Well whatever lunar phase we're going through right now it seems to be affecting some people were calling the show. Which makes the show really actually a lot of fun here's an update on our WW a project of people tonight is conservative free speech. Still protected in America. 27% say yes and 73%. Say no -- like tonight is titled the new panic over freedom of speech in America this is a really big issue in this country. There are people who -- trying to convince you. That you don't have a right to freedom of speech where I think what is really happening is America continues to change has always had as. In terms of what speech is considered acceptable. -- bloggers on our website at WW dot com a Gary Europe as coach of the leading. You're circuitry. Award to target or something on their own sort of mark hall -- I'm definitely. -- status partner that you I don't -- -- -- you -- you mean like kind of got that feeling. Well I was listening and I believe that there -- well certainly the one of the end of operations during the war -- what you needed however. I think voters -- pretty huge double standard. There ever had a couple of relationship sure we're young and would love to hear what you think about it that. The first thing -- it's a caller had it been a and so. Instead of being more acute problem provincial -- as being -- Would you have told him to go -- where he turned -- If he would have expressed the same sentiment perhaps I -- again it says it's hypothetical. Yeah I agree are critical but. I really don't think you would have thought that would bear politically correct but that's a tremendous double standard. What I do understand that there's a double standard and that's because of the the past it I didn't create the past I don't perpetrate the past and they need to deal. But the president because of of of of our past scars. We still live with those today so I I agree to some degree there is a double standard. If if a black person. And calls need something derogatory. I don't think that has the impacted me using the N word in referring to a black person and some people might consider that to be a double standard. Burger the meal ever fortunately with a trio call open or a peaceful among wolves who -- or vilified. Media. The era -- homosexual football player and onshore but no second -- sent Michael sent. But he. Why did the -- of the media to make your point to show him kissing his significant other when there was more of a player in the -- to heterosexual. It was shell Houston where. Why don't you tell me you you answered a question -- I mean I know what the answer is would you. Would you try to answer that question. Very well artist and posts. The media is trying to push the homosexual agenda and the general public -- slowly but surely. We're. Taking -- the birdie and then pretty soon it's it's going to be bundled. And I understand. That people get that impression. But they did it for shock value they did -- ratings there's no attempt to push. There's no attempt but there's no concerted attempt by. By the media in the waited some people think there's no conspiracy. To. Spread tolerance for homosexuality. It's something that a lot of people believe it but believe me that kiss was shown. For shock value and for ratings period. Well I don't I don't disagree there. -- so the audience. The audience is responsible for that. -- reaction would have been so outrageous. That it would come back to -- ESPN. Then maybe they wouldn't -- done it but they were -- they were concerned about. I agree with I agree with that completely. I am a Christian more so than I do believe that we don't stand up. -- What we believe strongly in by the end. Of the culture -- -- from Miami who. Just made a statement that -- -- consider it. You know -- marriage armed and. To me what store carried it goes back to understanding the rules of the company you work -- and -- -- there's no surprise. To any athlete any professional athlete that they are accountable for. Racist and anti gay comments that they make. And if they wanna be free to make those comments and not be fine you're not be punished and they shouldn't work for the NFL they should work for an NFL team they don't have to that's their choice. I agree however. Are we going to be millions in the bank gubernatorial over. -- so at the moment the -- period. And I was a little older and -- Christian. And one of my players came out and since something very favorable. -- goes against my Christian beliefs are over that organization. Are finding. -- -- -- -- -- -- currency Gary Gary but there's okay look at what happened to Donald Sterling. There's a bigger continue even if you have millions and owner and NFL team. And that is the NFL and the NFL would not allow you to get away with being an owner that would not punished. Anybody for reflecting badly on the NFL in general. Group there's a double standard actually. Because marble reached. Are different then what to separate -- society as a whole. -- you don't have to change your beliefs but if you work for a an industry if you work for business. That says this is the rule. Then -- agreed that rule. If you were Christian and you wanna be able to say anti gay things they don't play for the NFL. Really had to. Even a Christian I wouldn't. I would vote Saturday Antarctic -- Marked State's -- Tuesday that it. Security -- if you were Christian in the NFL and you -- an NFL owner. Think about the difficulty that you would have knowing how many players were cheating on their wives when they go on trips. Well Margaret. I mean. So there would be a lot of cultural and seriously and -- patrol. And match which are just. -- -- so. What what I am concerned about. It is but it arguably. Stupid double standard. -- it's okay. If if if you're gonna speak in favor of homosexuals and now you're speaking prayer group restart. Issues. Then that you're. Almost celebrated Merrill. Whereas -- -- traumatic incident. Your bark worse and then you're finding her slap her. Well it depends again -- NFL players know the rules and that's not tolerated it we've learned that would have with comments that were made when the Super Bowl was was here in New Orleans. So you know that's that's the role played a few more will abide by their rules and I guess you need to find another business to be it I understand what you're saying about thinking it's a double standard. Nobody can change the way you feel about things only you can decide what you believe in it what's right and what's wrong. But I don't believe you have a right to manifest those. Those feelings if it means. Belittling or discriminating get somebody else. Runner but. But it was sometimes someone can belittle or discriminate against -- Christians ever so very. Yeah and and and there's always going to be a double standard when there's a mass group and then there's a smaller group and whether that's fair or not that is kind of a reality. They're gonna restore or protect our country or clear there slippery slope. Again I don't know I recognized. You were -- audience may not agree with my personal belief split. The community. There are there a lot of people who listened and they totally disagree with me and they totally agree with you. Well. The first published a trigger shall receive haven't to a tremendously. Appreciate you listening to do to get -- I do have to get to a break. So Gary thank you for listening. Have a -- -- If your whole stay -- this sort your calls or your -- are coming up here's a -- WL pretty -- opinion poll tonight is conservative free speech still protected in America. Give us your opinion are going to our website WW dot com and all I just got a text from Simonyi has said that yes on the lunar calendar tonight news. A full -- Looks like on. People are acting like it's a full moon. We'll be right back -- -- well Michael Sam the first openly gay football player drafted by an NFL team he is -- his rookie Jersey is the number two selling rookie Jersey in the country behind Johnny man cells were teachers. That's not the fault of the liberal media and is that the fault of the Obama administration it's not the fault of talk show host like me that's just the way. America feels right now times are changing his quick update on our WW project opinion poll is socket server free speech still protected in America. Only 24% say yes and 76% say no. It's not give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com offer -- -- -- -- show. That question and statement. I'll know what the definition question is ever here you use the word that your question Alan -- You didn't know characteristics of operation the -- you openly say that you go to enable you to link. And god only knows what she didn't. Are you near a bucket. And the other are you ignorant you are you near a bucket because I'm gonna say I'm right on the Christian. I -- a Christian. Lot of people and I have heard that opted that you're on the chalk -- at the news and in your life. Let people -- in -- like he had not only does he -- like chuck you're. Mike that is absolutely ignorant. Tommy Tucker and I don't have those kind of -- Shall accept that works that your fertility that you know in -- in the do you share. That is absolutely not true and don't want to send me an email telling who it is because I don't think you had any name. -- assets like you're. -- might like Richard kept what -- -- Catholic priest and geared toward Utica play at a park which Corey. Well I know you're not. Wow. I -- -- -- in order on the station so again this again is this is a -- to. Disguise how are a whacko. For general David -- to be WL. Think. One. Global column and call us at all. Alex. You know I think it in the game. Cumulative. Anything whatsoever. I in the -- they were. I'm a -- student at church who broke you know and -- on the -- but anyway. On it but I do believe that you can't we want to. Inspection EB that you're in the professional sport. And I beat the territory. Put. Are bitten the bullet -- -- came out. Came out you know in auditorium -- in -- from the tree by Indian draft. But how well in insane. The in effect in -- bullet for entry car and them being hit by the boyfriend and -- you don't count in. In decrying it -- it Serb enemy. And in the it industry -- he said it would not. You know out on to that seen in aggregate. -- -- and again. They've gotten drafted in the disturbed about the scene but it won't. I understand that but you can't if you are in the NFL. Players need to know that that's against the rules and it's it's it's pretty obvious and I don't feel sorry for players who don't understand the rules. It in the same way that I understand the rules of the company I work for hope you understand the rules of the company you work for I have to tell you that. The US may be uncomfortable. But it's that's not I didn't have to kiss anybody's -- I think we've got to remember that date that that the network does that. To attract your attention. And there's no week precaution to the network whatsoever other than. Getting a lot of talking getting a lot of -- they do it for shock value to attract an audience. Are. What are you going to network in the audience. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean the players you know they note that country and that would -- issues -- but he and at the let's let's. The question is YouTube and in Kenya you know -- is that you know at different and I don't believe because I think you'd. Being played in one. In and say OK it's true you can say what you want no good conscience. They can't support -- that had yet to -- am hopeful that -- the right it would one would not be. -- Who would who would who would tear him apart. -- Well they -- they'd like they might think that but they can't do that. When David they're allowed to speak their mind but they're now behind the talent out there. David you can't you can't say whatever you want because it might come back to reflect negatively on the image of the company you work for. You're held accountable for what you say even away from the office. We're all held accountable for what we say and America is changing and some things that -- once acceptable or elaborate perceptible. I think it's a coaching change. Media -- Mac app that if you. I think that went in for the structured -- on our. Miami to their different out back and on about that yet you would put up his Jersey in. Michael same thing you know like just got albeit a bit like it you know come convict. -- who you support I would like to see you don't catch him and they'll just simple but by major agents not. Because of their race and not being gay it was just -- currently they had just been a lot of freedom each. What David again appreciate you calling Michelle but we are held accountable for what we say I've got to take a break -- the -- show. We're not done we'll be right back on WWL I think the lunar phase of the moon has a lot to do is similar callers we're getting on the show tonight it's sure is fun. I'm not really sure why a -- tolerance and acceptance are condemned as political correctness gone wild. I've got a bunch of great text to get to a will get to those are coming up we're gonna get close to the news here goes to -- calling from Gulfport a Troy you're on this crucial and every WL. Take my caught a couple of one point to make it just one quick comment will all built well you know callers. It's -- Michael stamp thing you know like it why they showed his -- the board for an on -- knowledge spoke with just like. The guy that -- comments from Miami. Got trouble you know and because -- -- that though he has about dialogue I think they should set the -- tight but not on. For the -- Ballplayer to where you know -- the -- you know openly in Tokyo ultimately gave that great game all the show source -- -- -- And my point -- I just read an article today on FaceBook that a girl. Got kicked out of the senior from portrait shoot where and so it's just just all want it you know. And why he's so as jurors. Like number two is that man bill I want you to number two I think it's partial yet because the first -- football player I think. Bill are people are they get a there's this could be collectors' items are because it's like that the war. Did it could be but for whatever reason I mean there there's. -- a Detroit I do have to get to break a budget -- for whatever reason it is America that it made his Jersey the number two selling rookie Jersey in the NFL.