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5-15 WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

May 15, 2014|

Dave talks about a new campaign in Boston to encourage drivers to use their "BLINKAS", local weather temps and the latest in sports with Steve Geller.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now -- WWL first news words Dave Collins on WW well AM -- -- dot com ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's me it's the fifteenth. It's 2014. And missed the day before Friday welcome. -- -- I 88 the well man. I guess. I don't I'm hearing people complain -- like crazy are really yes two coal. -- the weather change is never going to be sick I'll and I rolled off a Windsor too -- and I don't get it. I don't gated alls I think it's just fabulous glorious. Wonderful. Beautiful. I'd. -- lava and every little bit of it and don't understand. The complaining you know. It started. Yesterday before any of this even got a year. -- percent I'd just used. Being warm and our -- our camera around -- all I have to say is. -- -- How would. Not me. -- still grades I mean crisp cool air -- rollicking whether yeah. -- is just right but I'm Tanya I've -- of the 3 people already this morning. Were complaining. About the weather. Right -- called. Just got used to everybody's gonna be sick and allergies priority Larry out dance. This taught acoustic. This you know this is the stuff I dream of this is the it. I'm whenever you out can't please all the golf you certainly can a lot of people love to be unhappy and they like to bitch and moan and complain and whine. About Ireland yeah. Nike sells out votes aren't happy -- area. Posted on your FaceBook tweet it. Send us pictures -- -- frowning and subtleties come back and talked enabler and you know 105. -- and a hundred Minnesota living in them it humidity you know at the same time. Yes I guess I'll ask him a text mediate 787 media love it and our idea hate it. The fact that it. I'm usually record breaking cold. For mid may well there's got to windy analysts and died here while. I think that went advisors 7 AM now gonna collapse of the -- -- that we got a gust at the lake front of 37 that's pretty quick out pretty well and -- now for the folks. There was I think. -- neighborhoods last night where trees fell on power and a couple of hundred people lost power. I'd be a little upset but at least it's cool -- -- you're sweating and dying from heat and humidity when you lose power. I'm I'd I'd love. Shot the -- off. And then this afternoon I'm an open a window. But. The but the cool breezes should or on it wafting in that we've -- three text messages so far about the weather the last ten. One says this weather is absolutely marvelous. Another one says you're lucky you don't get sick game I'm already said. She knows that it's may you fool. Or not supposed to be cold. But exclamation points. Calling meaning that like the other yeah. I -- think fifteenth. You did look at -- maybe fifteen that the fourteenth 2014. And that was fourteen maybe I was doing. Whatever book it effects us is Kevin Love it hate it. In different -- -- how do you feel about this. Crisp cool and usually record cold weather you know what a tough afternoon and you know made and 73. Something like this it was warmer than that -- time yesterday. Yesterday's low was higher than today's. Boy -- boy. -- am I'm frolic out of an analyst estimates that even rent and a -- construction that coming up about five minutes turning you know and I technical area. And I didn't care not I just sat there with the the window down and you know -- They probably. We're enjoying it in their destruction -- they -- lolly they were taken their time I'll tell you that they're just picking up accounts afternoon parent out there it and they seemed in no hurry to do it and I would have normally generally -- like -- -- I've got to get -- art but not that. Existed here. Active fifteen minutes -- first news here on them read them well coming up your forecast how long does this last. For those of you love it how much longer you enjoy it for the -- It how soon will appeal over we'll find out -- this meet your -- styles. Planned frolic in music for you all morning as we enjoyed this crisp cool record breaking cold weather. We. That's how I feel. But not everyone feels the same numbers in Texas 87878. You are writing an ATV through an open field day -- you know who know. -- -- isn't that what. People it's way too cold outside. Real way you -- But on the other people's day one of this which it would stay like this all year that this weather's want her fall. Which -- you keep an extra daylight that hip pocket or sometime in August though. People want it. Some people. Along well last. A very late season cold front has brought some cooler weather our way and at temperatures this morning are in the fifties on both sides of the lake. And -- hitting 74 later this afternoon even with sunshine in tonight another cool 150 on the North Shore 58 for the South -- But with some sunshine -- back up to eighty on Friday. And Saturday is looking mostly sunny and 83. Funny at the trustees forecast center -- meteorologist Clark -- tell. It's not really that cold folks it's 57 at the airport in tanner that north when -- fifteen miles an hour making it feel a little cooler but that. Humidity down at 69%. Is what the real differences in the dew points in the forty partly cloudy and 52. In slide now. -- -- The weather. I am and I would say this year. I'm hate me because I'm still not over the terrible cold winter we had. Thank you you were so down with a cold -- -- I don't fine with summer yeah I am ready for bring on the heat I can take it. Plus some nurse and a little bit of a scratchy throat stuffy nose so the change of weather is not helping me. Yeah a lot of doctors will tell you that the weather change does not make people say it. I don't know as a father of four as a human being. I can tell you every time there's a dramatic change particularly cold front. There's far more sniffling and coughing in and runny eyes and things like that -- house. I'm you know I don't know -- science says but I know in my eyes -- and it's that when the weather changes people did tend to get a little more sick but. It is what it is and it is time for sports here on WW. Yes into -- everyone first round draft pick -- in the cooks in the rest of the things rookies will see their first action in black and gold this weekend at rookie minicamp. -- state head coach Mike Riley says before its former receiver may be small in size but certainly not talent. You can basically do it -- all he was a good route runner. He's excited with the ball as you know he's not a big guy but he's very strong as these explosives and hardest hit Apple's. Meanwhile the saints have made it official that team will report to training camp -- Greenbrier in West Virginia on July 24. The first practice will be following day. The Miami Heat early in the NBA's Eastern Conference finals after a racing nine point deficit in the final five and a half minutes to beat the Brooklyn nets. 96 tonight before. Ray Allen drained the go ahead three pointer with 32 seconds left before adding a pair of free throws to cap a twelve nothing -- He forward LeBron James says the closeout games is never easy. To go to -- vehicles -- situation on our home floor. And the circumstances that we had to come back on emotions and there's always wanted to close. You know it's never easy it's never easy trust and always come down they can we get to stop it and doing it said Antonio is also moving on after crushing Portland 104082. To earn a few days' rest. Before the Western Conference finals begin. Danny Green and why Leonard's tee shot over 60%. And finished with 22 points apiece for this birds. Steve -- -- the new head coach for the Golden State Warriors agreeing to a five year 25 million dollar deal. He had been in talks with the -- about becoming their next coach but instead decided to accept the chance to coach a Western Conference contender in his home state. And Kentucky Derby winner California chrome has made. -- been made -- heavy favorite at three to five for the Preakness Stakes and drew a favorable post position in the ten horse field. California chrome will break from the number three post which has produced ten winners in the previous 138 running into the race. Today -- sports talk now that we know we -- the newest batch of rookies will play who will win it's 4014 offensive and defensive rookies of the year award. And at 530 LSU baseball at all over. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning of -- Courtside point three Dave Cohen Steve Geller with you on your radio and I am frolic problem in this weather I am happy I feel like a room without a -- that. I have no idea what that means but that's what I feel like yeah I just realized by say bring on the summer and reading about training camp that now I'm I've really curse myself -- probably what a brutal. Summer out there precincts there element that I can be. Thanks to training capitalist Virginia. What will they will eventually come back to -- during the green mountains either gave birth to -- It Boca training camp Libya there button rookie minicamp this rookies are really get a break. When they've this weekend when temperatures that are low humidity eighties and audit saints can't write they're gonna be like wow this Louisiana heat wave what are people -- -- that's a bad air. Wrong. They've signed a pair of tackles yesterday went on the offensive side of the ball one on the defense that sent the ball. These guys to other teams didn't want. Who are just sit on the couch at home in the sense that -- recommend these guys have any real shot making him. I whoops I mean I would say they're the likelihood is probably very slim but you never know we always the -- always talk about whoever. You know competes and shows them the best of what's on the field I don't care pure. -- a high draft pick or if you were just an undrafted free agent whoever performs best will make the squad so we'll find out a lot about these guys soon. I got message I got information on on our website at WWL not competent to the guys played a little bit in the NFL last year but right now much. But they're gonna get a shot here and well thank you Steve would give you another shot at sports and 25 minutes here on WWL IMF -- dot com. How many of you are happy. The text messages and your forecast next. I'm one person doesn't love and it's. Talk about the weather and other prisons as I've got the heater cranked up all the like in the car and it feels so cozy warm and good either really. The wind is that a president outstanding. -- -- Now there's a bit like euphoria of money people hate it let's hear what's coming up. For your Thursday sunny and mild weather seven before for a -- after you -- trapping tonight down into this fifties. Now for tomorrow mostly sunny again high of eighty and Saturday will keep that sunshine around and a high of 83. The eyewitness -- forecast senator I'm meteorologist Barbara tell. At 57 degrees at the airport in -- but the dew point 47 means our humidity is only at 69%. North wind at fifteen miles an hour. Still gusting to 37 on the -- partly cloudy and 52. At the National Weather Service office and slide now here's a valid complaint one person tactic 78 and because my pool will never warm up. Guess if it's cool outside the -- is -- that the walker in the pools they called but done and also. Love love love love love love love love love love love it. -- tonight love it. Margaret xmas admits the early edition of WWL first news it's may it's the fifteenth it's 2014. -- the day before Friday. Now we frolic. All I think so hot I am finding thank goodness. That people who are angry and bitter and upset with this cold weather they may be vocal now they may be making themselves heard but by the vast majority people testing yesterday. 7870 years Chinese athlete people who are loving this weather. Thank goodness but there -- enough people out there who hate. -- that followed suit this morning -- and a cool weather. TV for Friday -- happy Friday night. It is but presents as I'm loving this weather just right some people just can't be satisfied. You know those people. Life it is no matter what you say no matter what the weather's like no matter how good life is now is -- some of them wind I just put on my summer clothes yet now. I've got to go back to a slaughter. Act all that stuff away -- If it -- Brazil I work at a shipyard I welcome this weather -- their bowl. The president does this weather I like it I love it. -- some more it's cool grades. This person says beautiful out there. But there are people are complaining that it got hurt there vegetable garden at the pools are warm and make them sick yes a lot of people -- the weather elements. They can take their complaints and put them somewhere. I can text and -- that weight the perfect weather. I'd write about this I think it did about 75 for high. With humidity below 75 per that's known as San Diego weather yet and I am not then I want a year round -- -- like him but. Every now and enjoy and I know I know we live in a subtropical climate we chose this places home. And it did you know that. 100 agree 100% -- in June it'll come to 75%. Humidity and 35. It's just. All that. -- that they've had in the midwest. Has created some interesting stories this one is not a fish story but it is a story about it that all real from north royalty in Ohio. A north and northern Ohio teenager caught a three foot car but it includes that with the -- and real sixteen year old -- -- spotted the fish swimming. In the receding floodwaters on his street. He scooped up with a czar Arrigo just -- that are fun. Is on the -- thing on video. -- Parked car on the street it is slowly walked up duties that he can now a couple of them and -- does this eventually got comparable with them. He can't negate the bear hug and picked it up and -- suspects the -- came from a nearby -- -- he returned it. That he didn't want to die in the street. Great story that is got a picture of himself and a three foot TARP he caught with that there. I know some people eat car but I hear there very baloney. Not relieve their best in the world them maybe region and indeed he did the right thing just gently to put it back. Thank you David talked about twenty minutes offers its military that is out there asking people who were in the east this weather this morning if they love it or hate it. So we'll get more of that -- on that read -- well with the. Field this meteorologist Laura but ally right now I just feel bad for Chris Miller this morning. Line because he's out they're asking people their opinion about the weather. You wouldn't believe how many text messages -- candidates that beat them at the age of the lied about something it Europe and a whole can of worms there because. No matter what you say you're on the body hate it that I love that them right and the worse than having like. You know think about opinions right yes everyone's got one at my elbows that -- the radio I like albums everyone's got one exactly what you want to do well. So I just I you know what I do in the morning like that with regardless of my personal opinion I just say here's here's the temperatures that -- about it is configured attempts you decide whether you like it or hate it whether it's nicer -- -- you you go for -- -- what they are. I'm surprised how many people are complaining about it but that's -- majority of people taxing a sedate them and it's -- yeah of the weather. Yeah I had to say and the eat out I -- you know yet one of them that it's gonna hate it caller on that Karl hates anything under ninety degrees broke out yeah it which is great. He's perfect for you Portland I personally think I should be living like San Diego or Vegas horse at that out to rot -- In the west California kind of climate of cool all the time. I'd like you I love these safety -- victims in the morning and 75 in the afternoon it's perfect for me. Yeah I I I definitely one bit about can I just you know people leaving Carmine things like that if you complain about this now and are you know those -- -- in July out all right here it -- July and August but Beckett tonight what I do because those people just complain about every -- do you get unhappy miserable no matter what it aren't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- maybe so for those people who hated this is gonna last couple days look Mabel look it's gone a couple days. Either way -- -- -- -- before it later today and and fifty get 2 bites another cool morning tomorrow. Before we start to see warmer weather over the weekend that that extracts of the week at next seven days sunshine and that we you warm up we get that these deputies. Looks very quiet and just you know kind of lovely weather for the next couple days so we'll get into the eighties for the week for the weekend -- but 77 mid seventies today upper seventies tomorrow maybe these people who were complaining about seventies will be satisfied -- -- -- at him like if you know which I have to say the one thing I thought -- like -- that is kind of bad at that I think today the couple -- -- days for schools. It -- ended the year party kind of deal. And I get that you know you don't want -- -- 27. Degrees -- windy you know that's that is cool for -- I totally understand -- -- Because it's this one day your feel they're sort -- like that but. Other Medicare you know look at -- to the pool will have pool weather certainly by Saturday. How history can swim Saturday and Sunday but today to make how little cool today can you might be shivering the second you get out of the water but the normal water will feel warmer. As his government cool mantown at triggers coolers and -- -- Up in. Boston and have a problem with people not using their turn things whom. And so the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Is trying a new campaign. Is trying to get people do use there. -- -- all gonna let let us the blank gets right they've actually put upon as being you know signs over the wrote that. Changing lanes use yup blank guy with an idea why 88 BLI NK AA. Got Sarah Hughes -- blank. And there hoping that maybe if they city this drivers to. Stop and think. But I just have a feeling that people who don't use turn signals. Are gonna use them just because they put up some silly funny sign over the. I do not understand -- duplicate that it drastically out of Tampa might linger on on my street when there's nobody behind me and happily in my driveway like out of it's just have that yet what to get in the habit each used to all right you're turning you've been out here -- it. He doesn't feel right in right you've to got put your seat on on every time you get the cart has to have that you got to get incident you know. You always use your -- no matter what I did -- I hate when people records are really do -- like there's apparently a lot -- linger. On a turn signal I had tried that and -- thing like neutral ground vs median. Of the semis some people think -- on people deterrent. That Arafat most people don't -- Right now especially changing lines. Well and changing lanes -- the worst in those if you're in the right lane something you're you're making right turns your happiness look at. He -- the people behind to ahead that you're about it especially elderly and those out who swings out -- the last before you turned to the right aura that you come to almost a complete stop before you turn -- you know scared. But only because you're you're the next -- and it's not they're coming your way. Way. They have their blank John and I know all it is they're about to turn my body during the C networks in Boston and. -- -- that down here I would -- here. I don't but it did -- -- -- time thing not. Do his job lying now to the go to Boston thank you aren't funny -- -- everything -- usually I'm going to -- right now. I shall be frolic it more but now live and direct Eyewitness News sports. We are you ready to frolic embedded frolic. This is frolicking weather right. It's human. I want vs tech community 78 -- as free AC. Yes. But that's different because my dad used to say some people complain that there hungry even if they have a local right under each -- Can I get that it thing. I want to thank everybody texted me at 878 that by the way to tell me that is saying is not everyone's got to have our opinions are like elbows everyone's got one. I'm aware that. I know what the real wanted to thank you reverend texted him you reasonable word. But. I can't see that on the radio. The aid -- TV or radio host. To somebody else that made 878 that -- that I like opinions and like I only got everyone's got out and most people do about. And develop. Is Alba that that market and most people want to. Anyway sports time now the WWL. -- grass. Steve -- it's got sports scores here on this wild. Friday -- happy Friday -- university happy Friday eve gave -- Oregon State head coach Mike Riley has high praise for his former receiver Brandon cooks. Who was the State's first round draft it. You'll love this because he feels it is -- hip pocket and that he will stay and work as long as drool stay out there with them I know Drew Brees is a worker and loves his profession and branded mobile pro right away. Kooks and the rest of the saves rookies hit the practice field rookie mini camp this weekend. Meanwhile the black and gold have made it official that he will report to training camp at the Greenbrier resort of West Virginia on July 24. The first practice will be the following day. -- and spurs have earned a few days extra rest before opening their respective conference final series. -- in Miami earned a nine point erased -- nine point deficit in the final five and a half minutes. To beat the Brooklyn nets 96 the night before. LeBron James scored 29 points and had nine rebounds while Ray Allen drained a go ahead three -- with 32 seconds left to play. San -- Danny Green and quiet Leonard each scored 22. In a 104 to 82 pounding Portland spurs head coach Gregg Popovich says they got back to doing what they do well defensively. We picked him up power on the court when we have the first three games and just say there is no better progressives sort of mindset -- That's sensitive pace on offense we didn't really have much -- we'll ask him some work out. Pelicans swingman Tyreke Evans set and this is the grim account that he has gone on undergone successful surgery. Evans posted a picture of himself in a hospital bed with a caption saying surgery went great can't wait to start my rehab and get back on the court with my teammates. It's unclear though what Evans had surgery to repair though he was plagued by left ankle issues throughout the season. And Kentucky Derby winner California -- -- made that heavy three to five favorite for the Preakness Stakes and will break from the number three post. Which is produced ten winners in the previous 138. Running -- Social inclusion is the five to 12 favorite. The depth orange sports talk now that we know the newest batch of rookies will play. Who'll win the 2014 offensive and defensive rookie of the year awards in the NFL -- at 530 LSU baseball at all -- I'm Steve -- with your early morning -- -- sport. I'm really hoping that the saints first and second round draft picks will win the offensive and defensive rookie of the year award it. I don't know that I can make that determination just yet these guys have even gone to rookie anything. I'm really -- I I would guess for defensive side mobile I'm gonna go with the number one overall pick in -- -- -- Houston paired up with JJ -- at the you'll have a lot of opportunity over the -- And then on the open decide the ball and take -- bishops and the running back with the titans just because he's stepping into an opportunity right away. He's gonna see a lot of snaps. There's a foreshadowing for you -- -- prediction on. I what -- thing in your car that you are supposed to. Activate when you're going to make it there. The quicker the blanket of the most people are saying pointer in fact Sheldon matched controls as his wife has a thing healthiest anchor use your point there. Is based down in Boston they're asking people are trying to encourage people when changing planes to quote used up blank now. That's where that that it with a putting on the signs of had the ally and K don't be retire at age reasonably good that people are texting at point care use that. Does this turn and used that blank up may be -- But some naval architect that's the thing they called it fantastic. I guess that would be the -- proper technical term allies take up this person that xmas that growing up my father called turn signals clip clocks. I guess because of the sound like a lot but -- -- when I took it to -- efforts tennis that's caused me a bit of them that are -- and I -- seats -- but as there might -- -- atomic clock at the yeah that's me it's the bleaker over quick look for sure I have this weird thing when I hear a I I want I want to just click clock along with a I don't know why this I hear the sound that won me the the good timing device with them about an element. Thank you Steve with -- about fifteen minutes sports here and WWL. AM at them attack on any real quickly. Auburn. Is this a big challenge for the LSU tigers they're pretty good in baseball -- they get cells of the -- I would say the tigers shoot at least take two out of three here but going on the road in the SEC's always tough so it'll be you know a difficult road series of an agreement and now we thank you Steve -- entertainment sports. And I Tarzan as taxing it detonate them they need no life. Look at that detects my assistant. That's about 95% of it on texting us now loves this cooler weather earlier then I guess it was the unhappy people got to their phones cars in Texas now they didn't like the cold -- -- Four years Thursday sunshine and much cooler weather 50s this morning -- getting up to the mid seventies this afternoon with a little bit of a breeze. Then tonight mostly clear and cool lows will be dropping down into the fifties. Then for tomorrow mostly sunny again a little bit warmer highs at eighty. And by Saturday were back to 83 with sunshine. The Eyewitness News forecast center and urologists are. Now I was I was fifties on both sides of the lake 57 at the airport encounter that north winds still about fifteen miles an hour gusting into the thirties along the lake front but everywhere -- -- -- -- nine down into the teens. Partly cloudy and 52 degrees at the National Weather Service offices like now I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much. Restarting your Friday eve with us here on Debbie WL Friday today's semis. I like to celebrated twice mortgage text messages that this deal like this whether he would hate it. In different about it -- the perfect condition to someone -- today it's 7870 anyone who complains about today's rather just stay home and not ruin our day. Now the president that are first and land on who want to be hot sticky and miserable I love this coal. I had earlier said that some people that are just not happy or satisfied if I'm not complaining. One person says I can't be satisfied I'm satisfied when it's above eighty degrees -- -- And another presences can't get any better weather than this them out love it -- that are in different please try to enjoy it folks. Most people like you more of it tomorrow and then just a little bit warmer up with a guy called me eight F four comedians that.

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