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5-15 6:46am Tommy, La. top 5 in STDs

May 15, 2014|

A new law allowing students to be anonymously surveyed about their sexual activity barely gets out of a house committee. Will that help a state that’s in the top five in STD’s? Should kids be sheltered as long as possible or told about the things that can hurt them as soon as they can understand? Tommy speaks to Rep. Patricia Smith who is well aware of the need to survey Louisiana's youth on their sexual activity.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've -- and a representative Patricia Smith representative from district 67 that covers these Baton Rouge area to talk about the the surveys I guess a bill came out of committee dearly and will go on to offer more consideration morning represented about you don't have more. Good thanks to take in a time when this tell me what exactly does bill would do. Well or about twenty years. CDC. Centers for Disease Control has been -- They use behavioral risks surveys across the country. It tries to recognize what risk. Students take so that they can at least look at policies that interventions that would help students. Eliminate those things from there. Behaviors such as drugs tobacco. I am not alcohol things of that sort -- at. Twenty years ago. Louisiana. Took part in it and it is that we received a grant to do it. But they eliminated sexual questions in regarding any. Risk that students take towards sex. So what questions they keep drug use it. That drug use they kept bicycles do you Wear helmets what you had to have a -- ride -- bicycle. -- shoot up you know land and. And what eight in what aid group retirement represented who high school okay so they took they took all of that out in. Are they that. My answer let any right to the sect's west right. And it's a random random sample is -- and have some elements so. No one knows who. And it's it's kept -- the remains are going. So over the past few years of that in the legislature. In looking at the amount. ST as CDs they said the teen pregnancies that we had a month I used between thirteen. And 19. PM I decided to try to push this forward to at least. Seeing what's happening with the students so that at least. Of education is the stage. These he has that would at least -- -- advantage of that information that they would glean from it and look at policies that we've done. Policies that -- set against tobacco Tibetan monks youngsters in the longer. I've I've been used to be. -- drug use is done down alcohol. We do tremendous. Advertisements against alcohol alcohol especially the -- time. What happens so that you know kids are not drinking and driving and I've -- and it affects that actually requested after the seven. So it detects -- -- -- that -- And it's outlines that we don't have the effects questions we have. Some of the highest rates of ideas among chlamydia. Gonorrhea. And sort of states the first the second stage syphilis. We have high numbers into the amongst youngsters and -- -- fourth in the country and teams like. So represented. I guess when I'm asked he has in the push back where is come from because. Well as it's -- just clear this up to make sure it's anonymous it's random name I gonna say. Okay Tommy you filled this out apparently year grist for this and come talk to me just to get. An idea of how many people are -- and one and then develop policies from the -- -- do something about sexually transmitted diseases are. Appeal it should take that responsibility well all of those things should be a part of whether Palin does. But as I told the committee -- that would account for the flowers today. So you don't know what they're actually doing most of them were saying well we I don't know much won't do that you know I've said that one time. And -- -- never ever say that. Went out and don't ever -- can never get worse representative. So don't so that's my push to try to get them and question regarding sexual activity. As legislators say that they'd -- -- and his daughter protected or may be right -- Saying it right but do you really think that. May be other -- in a home school situation and even then kids have friends that did parents listen I need -- to think that there high schoolers not talking about the. Yes for the way they do talk about it. And the pediatrician who came to the table. To talk about what he -- some kids. After the pregnant you know is the fact that they have all these yes about pregnancy one of them -- said that widget section put about I'm. And he David on the belly button. So she didn't get pregnant then. But it band aid to between her knees and whole -- is what she should do. Right but they also talked about he drink and -- do it and -- would not do things of that story that. Net. Bad these children get from the appears they have nothing medically accurate that they utilizing. In order to make these unwise decision. Seems makes sense immediate -- gonna pass. Well it -- house one year in 2012 it didn't make it to the house daily. When he got to -- that education and it was killed just like the same question because it's -- small community. And there are no females really on their house is so they don't have that he's lived don't have an idea at all about the whole. Aspect of this of this pandemic as I call it you know amongst our kids. It's too bad they can't somehow put a listening device you know anonymously -- on the would -- it is. At some of the lunch rooms around schools are here and there -- public or private and listen some -- -- stuff. You look at some of their taxes that they sent down and and what have these these these kids actually I've. Been invited by media and social media about TV ads billboards. -- does something sexual about but the thing is that today. And so it makes that commitment to watch them. Could give them information they need to make better decisions. That could be a problem maybe it makes too much cents -- regular represented by appreciate your time poor represented partners is Smith and we'll talk to you again this is progresses 653. More calls about pit bulls and about the survey with. With trying to educate kids and -- really think any kid in high school is that sheltered that they haven't had these conversations with. Their friends and I would ask you to think back to when you're in high school and what you're talking about.

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