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WWL>Topics>>5-15 7:15am Tommy, kids and concussions

5-15 7:15am Tommy, kids and concussions

May 15, 2014|

Texas talks about limiting full contact football to those 14 and older. Would this make kids safer or send them onto the field less able to protect themselves? Plus has new information about injuries made you say “no” to your kids playing football? If you played as a kid, were the lessons worth the pain? Tommy talks to Dr. Jim Harris, retired doctor, writer and activist who is against contact sports of young children.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A spectacular 55 degrees outside right now on May fifteenth highs in the around 74 feels a little bit more like October 15 which would put you in the mind. For some football and are considering something in Texas. That you would think it would be heresy. In Texas when it relates to football and that is not allowing kids that are fourteen. Years age of age or younger to play full contact football back Jim Harris joins us right now retired doctor. A writer and activist in Marshall Texas morning dot. I understand you grew up listening to double WL zero point. Sure and I'm not. My heart Iran accused the media and political sanctions would close Daniel -- which -- -- respects me. Where appropriate that really do. Tell me about the plan in taxes. As I can see it this a couple of different ways. And I can understand that you wanna protect kids but also they need to learn is skills then I would think it would protect him when. The speed increase in the size of the kids increase -- would started this and Maria now one. Apparently been considering its percent and a couple resolutions in the area about service -- quickly said the right tackle football. This suggestions rule. That the bad years in. Critical trying union and education about tackling and potential -- that sort of thing. I'm -- Christian actually in. Not only tackle football and he -- at least -- -- and you. Butler in the door and it certainly at this hour. I'm it would. Tell me doctor why you're so against. I kids under eighteen playing football. Well remember arson and an -- -- and Clinton unemployed but I don't know that story for years which is it's it's. Obvious that it. We compare it to grandma. I'm in contrast and level necessarily -- -- -- Debt. -- you addiction. And in football players. Probably I'd imagine junior Steve Allen vendors and about killed themselves later on. And that's certainly an agent locations. Well that. Certainly it's impossible by the Nazi techniques just to stand. In he promptly. That shows that in different distributions. In and the -- -- spoke out pleasure actually differ from -- chosen in the boxers in different from one saint action potential in the people I'm usually. This is. A contact sport malady that some soccer rugby the particular. And is just that we will austerity that. Logical step down national player should never played probably more college. Russia and some of the sudden change. -- -- Actually what -- ones. But -- number of those are actual players athletes. And issues that hit an iceberg and it goes -- there into the and control the situation. It is wise to keep kids -- the vote that would make it there -- -- From from different problems schools and colleges. And you know what's going on in the power solutions floors in -- election the union's action and -- -- It this resurgent -- -- yet there's research had been done and was available back in the the forties in the fifty's and sixty's do you think the result would have been the same reason I ask you that. He or was it always inherently dangerous in your opinion or did something change. And make it. -- more dangerous for kids. It's important things thousands patents and the players in that and it increase in the number of these partner in the -- -- -- -- That -- the camera. Tablets and the equipment really. One of the problems and that the biggest problem staffers that. The but. It is about 30% its power in the hands of the and so that you -- so. When -- leave. Them bounces around. And and and and you know once now -- -- and you -- suspects -- things I'll. Microscopic. Image that schema and whether. -- poor unfortunate human again. Quite traumatic encephalopathy or shouldn't -- It depends not only currency unit he -- in certain genetic pre dispositions ninety Nike works. That -- does that mean people live longer than that you're here. It in some of these people between -- and McCain erratic -- I can stay in themselves or -- we didn't compete in sports. Dot -- I had made that. It -- -- connections gun on -- wanna ask you before we will let you go you said you played you said you son played do either one of view you'd think him any results. From playing high school football. And that under absentee. Much. And I would never let him play in I would do everything -- to -- To keep him actually demand from playing tackle for. Does your -- have any either resign. Any of the symptoms or anything like then I'm just curious. He had. Problem that sent them -- now. And the last -- in small. That that that actually contribute it to two -- well -- any of them whose opinions out there now that you can diagnose. She seemed you know in many politicians like Tony -- This is -- student at noon eastern. And it's that. Appreciate it that appetite and -- -- on telephone as a very scary proposition around back in that sort of very fan writer. And New York Times which really isn't that reference that. The GTE surged by the way that they're. In -- -- in -- detention there in New Orleans. What is. Can listen -- Been doing a little bit. The players. Certain certain -- well our. I already that the EU domestic Asian culture. Yeah but. It -- very disease. Or metal and clearly this. Took -- Iceland for two years at Columbia University he was. Doctor I appreciate your time and I hope we can -- on again it discusses further. East thank you assert that Jim Harrison. And also against you when you come when we come back at T six 187 he -- creates XE. 8890870. If you played. Football. At any level and do you think you have any. The symptoms of any kind of head trauma I do know this. Back in the day and those -- high school team and I was no football player but it did have to take my shots at. And guard and and plan against people much bigger enemy within with not the best helmet. Get frequent headaches and sometimes my memory is now would it should be and I wonder in the back in my mind that's got anything to do it.

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