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5-15 7:45am Tommy, kids and concussions

May 15, 2014|

Texas talks about limiting full contact football to those 14 and older. Would this make kids safer or send them onto the field less able to protect themselves? Plus has new information about injuries made you say “no” to your kids playing football? If you played as a kid, were the lessons worth the pain? Tommy talks to Dr. Robert Cantu, Clinical Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Boston University School of Medicine and Author of “Concussions and Our Kids”, about limiting full on contact in sports.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Beautiful Thursday morning and Crescent City and surrounding areas where glad -- and started with this 55 degrees going up suggests the mid seventies today. Strange remain the fifteenth. And -- to be out of north northwest at fifteen Tony Simon weekend's going to be just. Spectacular were saying earlier that it seems more like October 15 and may fifteenth outside -- of course would. Which in a mine for some football. And Texas is targeting and talking about limiting full contact football only those fifteen. And over doctor Robert Cantu joins us right now clinical professor of neurology and neurosurgery. Boston university school of medicine and author of concussions. And Eric kid's doctor we deeply appreciate you taking the time with our. Tell me about year resurgent concussions in kids and manages football but I guess girl's soccer and -- -- and text about lacrosse as well. Chair of the brain doesn't know whether it's violently shaken in football across her fall off of -- so it's pretty much the same situation. But basically what we're calling for and did two years ago in the book. Is that youngsters who are particularly vulnerable to brain trauma that they early ages where their backs are very very weak and not developed and their brains are not as well developed. That they refrain from playing collisions sports and play as safer form the same sports or asking kids. The play but we're asking it to be modified so and what all of that means flag football under the age of fourteen. In soccer would that mean perhaps no hitters are some going down -- on them. A year -- on its future place soccer at the young ages but don't have the ball take the ball off your chest and then kick it when it's aground. They're really on once they actually do better playing soccer that way in terms of the skills. But the important thing is that in the active heading a soccer ball that's -- heads collide. And it's collide but that the body parts and occasionally in the soccer ball itself can produce an entry -- Take the most injurious. Part of soccer out of it and continue to play the sport. So is it a boat. The strength of the -- keep in the head remove being a lawyer they had contacting some denounced both. It's both the next youngsters are very weak. The head of youngsters have reached 90% of the circumference. Of an adult -- by the age of five. So on are very young individuals we've got up Bobble head doll we have a disproportionately. Large -- had a very -- -- So very little impact today. Can now violently shake it the president -- can't. Be rigid and stabilize. And that's why we have that are used levels. The brain taking forces. Equivalent to what's CNET high school college and professional levels. Up there that the impacts -- course a great deal greater book because of the stronger and -- the forces and not increase. So in terms of time I guess I knows soccer is kind of exploded in the country in the last twenty years so. Well markets claim that now -- crosses is just going crazy in terms of popularity but. For everybody that played football before as a younger person and and I don't know if your football historian or not but. If -- was that -- relatively recent development with kids whose next weren't strong enough taken up football full contact football. Yeah -- back 2030 years ago. It was rare for kids to be playing tackle football. Before they got to middle school or high school. And now it's commonplace for kids age five to seven and to be playing pop Warner football also there's been a total shift. And it's been a shift in the parents shifting indicated the plane -- not to do it task. So bottom line needs from what the research shows leagues aside politics aside you would say no. Context -- Where they had is involved until do you think that's the right age fourteen or fifteen area can you say day and -- is all about they kitten is neck in her neck. Well yes everybody develops that it different nations certainly if somebody is far behind in the physical development you might. Deferred beyond fourteen to fifteen or sixteen but. The bottom line is that they early ages where the brain is particularly vulnerable than actors particularly. -- It's best that played the sports without the collision aspect in it so. I'm not saying you know -- football -- the same place like football while you practice the skills of tackle football. But to tackle it on -- amazing you don't bash it and bring people -- the ground. And played soccer for her but just take they're heading at a soccer and play. Ice hockey for sure those that do. But take full body checking out of that -- -- he's really stepped up because in the last couple years they've gone from the age of eleven to the age -- thirteen. You can't full body check until now you're thirteen years old and that's essentially fourteen so. Ice -- these kind of on the right direct genetic other sports will overtimes. Doctor when I was in high school algebra used to make me fall asleep in my head would contact the desk. -- with -- pretty. The serious forces there and we need algebra eliminated from high schools. Right thank you -- sides it was an idea thank you so much have a great day you can appreciate doctor Robert Cantu clinical professor of neurology and neurosurgery. Surgery Boston university school of medicine and author of concussions. And their kids he really was announced through his world history and highs and letting it ride after lunch. And the teacher god bless him as a kind of monotone speakers and I mean sometimes. I can't go to sleep now I Harken back to those days an amount like a light.

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