WWL>Topics>>5-15-14 10:10am Garland: on internet privacy

5-15-14 10:10am Garland: on internet privacy

May 15, 2014|

Garland talks with Wes Withrow of R2 Cybersecurity about wiping your personal information off the internet.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back sorry. And twelve noon where we're gonna do something -- Brad Pitt's organization will still mention. Of the fund raiser tonight you might get involved but we couldn't get him about it from -- organization notes sore about that nothing. On that -- Ricardo Clark. Let the clock. We've -- -- -- number of troops recently. Altman reports that one out of five women to go to colleges get break. And it was rather startling story when you've got into the date details. What the universities are doing and not doing news show -- And I've talked to experts -- -- Britney over applaud. Then a couple of -- yesterday. And the police department is being accused. Under reporting rapes the New Orleans Police Department. And the -- issues come out and says that's absolutely not true so we can always do better -- buddies got. Instances these cuts that -- them who's got the results -- -- and not -- We're gonna have him on -- very short time. And then we'll have the metropolitan. Center for women and children representative on at the same time it looked at a a number of issues concerning break. -- colleges not just the leaf sports -- couple of other issues. That sell or something. I think is one man's opinion and I think that. A little bit too simplistic. And probably will not lower. But I think we're certainly seeing Little Rock acts in the at a news of technology in the unit. The highest court in the European Union. Highest court. No more appeals this court major decision. Yesterday they decided rather pitch Tuesday. Google. Most Graham all accusers in Europe. Of its search engine right to delete links about themselves. And in some cases. Including links to legal records. What 550. Million people plots. And although these decisions. We're spotlighting on Google. FaceBook quarter. Being. Microsoft. You name it they're all going to be involved in this. And on top of that today. There's a big ballroom -- the coal. Net neutrality. Expletive what that is and talk about what the boat -- mean. And in the income often turned to -- west would throw over as chief information security officer. At or to cyber security -- welcome back show always pretty if you appreciate jamming on the -- -- -- not much of a conversation -- -- technology news. Limited I have bones and and computers. What do you think 550. Million people. Now have the rights to to tell these portals. -- information at all. The first guy I think it's. I mean it's a sign of a trend where everyone realizing that you know -- the information and everything out there and say. Huge probability of impacting -- people's perception and views are right and everyone's starting to. Think about pulling their information back off so this is a trend that you'll start to see. Yup pretty pretty dramatic increase in the odds for one and -- actually doing the exact same thing pulling as much information off it's possible. Not because it's all terrible but because. At the end of the day I mean how much information to people really need to know about you right. And the if it. I'm sure we're on the side of polling information -- but there are considerations. Google and and all the others that get caught up in the rule at least three European you can bet. They're going to be sold but to impugn your science fiction already attempts and other countries I think seven other countries. We're doing we're trying to do some sort of things. Of these companies are going to be charged with the responsibility. And the cost. -- removed. And I would assume that there. Requested to remove and they don't comply and there's an -- Being sued and then the cause of that you know people to remove -- people. That wanna be in those adult. Right right because this actually targets organizations. And it could potentially impacting in two ways right the first is -- the huge question right is. How right how in the world do you go about putting the processes in place to. Answer potentially 550 million people's requests to say remove this link removed that link right. And secondly. Is when people were removing information about themselves or requested that right that's targets the business model and revenue stream of organizations that. Customize and sell your information to advertisers. And and -- etiquette. I'm one of those that believe you do if you're. 20/20 518 years old and -- victims that you believe that some major. You either pay your dues for helping me about the state or -- mistake that doesn't affect. Other people and then missed call and a real problem with you having trouble getting the job getting into school getting -- loan. Because of something you did 203040. Years ago that makes no. Cents well absolutely I mean it's it's it. It's almost transitioning into where Thomas looks like your credit score right so where you have to go to organizations and saying okay you know let me see my credit score. And let me see what's -- one here and then you can dispute if -- if you think it can be disputed but again yet. How do you scale that up to 550 million people or. Yeah I mean people -- point seven billion -- everybody wants to. I mean it's. It's not impossible but it's not highly probable to be something that you can do very quickly are right. Anybody out there with questions -- comments. If you judge orders were worth thinking about. Pairings are you ruling in Europe Tuesday. Whether our highest court ruled against Google Google has no holds of appeals that has fours and goes in Europe. And basically the court told Google. 550. Million plus in Europe people that use these these portals. Google FaceBook quarter unit limit. You've got to take people's information off if they request that puck in the but they're usually -- sustained. And do you wanna see that here ambulance -- juice eggs or whether somebody told -- 866. It is and -- -- rule -- Just have a conversation about pretty complicated subject. He'll be getting tired of technology. I don't mean tired -- year old user and or just tired to Wear. It it's it's like it and that's always there. And I'm forgetting that they that it not a laws a large part of the world. Has decided you know she kisses and so on form fashion. While in Europe looks like they're doing at least so for the highest court in the European Union and -- one country but in Europe. Ruled Tuesday that Google you know from now on -- grip they're users in Europe. And in you to search engines the right to delete links about themselves even want to release -- records. And that's 550. Million people plus. All -- Google now appear experts I've read about -- -- Twitter FaceBook Microsoft stand beside -- -- next. And the question -- columns. Do more companies sustain themselves if they have to go through. The expense of having enough people to poll all -- -- history if you require it. Leave the old ones and it's going to be very very confusing and it every time. Sort talking about. Technology called west -- Chief information security officer -- -- from cyber security. Where if I want to get back to -- who we were talking about the year. It is it useful technology uses hate him and forms shall tomorrow. That it's hard to sustain and you know who's telling you I'm an artist and I use to pay virtually Wednesday. Now not nearly as much among white mentioned the it's it's just you'd get of the morning and you read for the sure and you stop. The income and lecturer at the issuance plan. The news scheduled tomorrow. In -- and the -- virtually absolutely and then you go back and play in purgatory it stops to stop start stop start. Can we -- behind. What -- will try and do the best of -- ability. If if we go through this to coddled we existence because of techno. It's you know it's interesting because I don't I don't have the best answer for that Buckeyes -- -- -- we look and everyone lives. And dies by technology these days -- it it's usually becoming an entire system stop start stop start stop start and we were talking off the area do a lot of writing. Forum for a lot of the clients we work with and yet come to find out it takes two or three days to write a two page document the Kaiser. Stopping and starting stopping and starting so there's no continuity and within the work you do it he -- I mean obviously you have to have some self control but it's. Pretty tough when you've got your 4000 different data feeds coming in -- coming through -- 4000 different gadgets directly into your brain. Yeah it's an agent is getting open era and over and -- that your views on this. -- -- it is on the show probably six months ago. Wrote a small little book called waking up and I mean one of the top businesses -- world. And you know more as long. Computers will double every twelve you can moments the guy that started in -- Came up -- this theory in the 1970s. Has proved to be true every twelve to eight months computers. Double their strict. Call exponential growth and decided to -- He's looking at that and he thinks it's an older more personal speeded up anymore. And he predicts by 20/20 four. We will have a computer or a number of computers that make another computer. Actually better at that and did it and from there to root for you to succeed. And his prediction by a wounded when report is not that computers would take over but that computers would do things. That we don't fully understand it. And I thought to myself well like he can -- -- after the stock shortstop -- You've treated to a computer and it completes it beat UC technology. Going to a point. World. We have most of the control -- parental control that we have to give up. -- absolutely absolutely IEA's use that transitions occurring now and -- faster faster and I would agree with with him I mean I haven't read the book but absolutely. But at the end of the day right what do we understand it and can relate with and it's still very simple things right. -- -- Yellow green right at the end of the day -- whatever -- controlling you need to either know is that a good bad or is it something that yet is in between ten. So. Yeah absolutely but they're still there there'll never be any shortage of needing to simplify the information for us to make decisions for. The it -- easy. There's an example. Of a complex loses. If if somebody running for office is done something really bad it would be really nice to Google him and find out who. I can't vote for those -- war. For the public knows there's no real reason why this issue of me at all that so much upside or -- just the way it is. On the hopes we're gonna talk to the police cheapen. Number of leaders of -- civic groups about an issue of rape here in New Orleans and a while walking of the investigations. And I thought robo ball I was looking. And I've -- gold guy that you should Roland the boot to. Brought culture. An all -- didn't -- and I might just put. -- -- -- -- And it popped up. -- the newspapers here in the general public tried and convicted him without a trial put him on the front page put the big headlines. Now that guy was found. Totally in New York charges straw. And he left the city took its expertise. Took the money that he brought here took the ability to expand into something else. When elsewhere. And here's a guy that can live with a I don't wanna be no probably don't want it to eight I mean it is just a one side. It's a great thing on the other side it's a nightmare -- do we choose between two or even implies both. Those extreme. Yeah its it's interesting 'cause there's that. The world is is that polar opposites right I mean it's it's either very very good -- very very bad it. And you're looking at the very first ever looks at the very first page of whatever hits on Google right now. You very rarely get to the next page breaks you formulate your opinion when someone or in a situation based upon. Whatever the highest ranking priority is through Google search right. But at the end of the day right a year. Talking with people Friday the FD you do you do some research -- at the end of the day you have to do is sit down and talk with people and that's. That's one thing that it's very easy to get disconnected from right now -- you just make all these kind of false assumptions. About whatever with what you've read and and you think well that's that person or that's their business or. And yet then you talk with -- you realize that's not -- your assumptions a 100% incorrect. And it amazes me even if you have an article. In other news report that is fairly rip and I would submit that's almost never anymore. But if you -- -- like that. The -- do you hue and those inhuman and for the American public has a fascination with reading what the cow awards column. And in the column others. And all hear it in discussions. Or read about what should go read the comments. They brought up so. Were were equating Kosovo. With gospel. We're equating. Liberal media's conservative media with the -- And now we've got all bureau I think it's Brazil. Indonesia's like five other countries. Trying to do the same thing saying to Google and the other big portals now. You can't do this person. Where do you think this all goes. I think it starts slow. The I think that. It would be extremely tough in the United States to even get something moving like matches if you look just from a purely economic perspective. The purchasing power of of these large organizations I mean yeah they're they're gonna protect the interest of their company. But they're also not evil people either right I mean. They don't want the same things bad things happen to themselves or their children either so it's not like it's at this monolithic beast that is saying. We're gonna fight this tooth and now it's how -- we do it do it correctly. But do -- a way that makes economic sense as well -- so I think that there will be changes. Coming down the road I don't think that the will be rapid and I and I think. Rapid changes is probably a bad thing because the impact is unknown at this the right thing and. Can you think company it's Hillary changes that could come about that could make a difference. I mean look at the technological -- I think that what you have to do is you have to create a lot of times what's complex special interest groups. Where you're taking feedback from industry. From government and from citizens and from like the academic community. And you create a process whereby you're the special interest groups can provide the feedback and have the channels to talk through it. And then used agree owned small incremental changes. Because the -- I think that it does start taking kind of a life of its own in -- you have. Multiple people providing input. And it starts to more move more and more almost like your credit monitor right where you're able to go in and and say okay -- this information is. True or not true and you can dispute. When we come back went through corporate news. When we come America whereas here or there comes to me this seems like. Busy go on for open rule opportunity. For a company there -- developed the technology that must beat there's some form. Or you can just play. Moderate the agency take everything -- that's on there and give me guarantees that it. Come right back QB Joseph Q1 it is. Think about Europa. The highest court in the European Union and all of Europe that whole global problem in the bill. All the American -- All of our people 550. Million plus people if they want. There aren't provision taken all. Or company's web site you have to do it. Has for reaching. Affectionately bureau but all over the world what do you think 2601. Pizza. If you could just -- -- we're talking about very important ruling via. The highest court in the European Union one that Ortiz. Europe itself. They -- decision. The pro group home. That the most -- users of the search engine or white to deal leaked links about themselves including. Links to legal records. A 550. Million people applause. And of course there's there's a lot of talk about could that. Will partner. And and I've read through everything to Brazil Malaysia. China's ability. African countries. Or in the process of doing this thing and and wanted me to discuss all those words with Perot chief information security -- sugar or -- cyber security. -- that support our -- was sitting here talking about how quickly. Technology's changing issues. And I -- and then you are producer just gave me this I was getting -- an excuse. About a planned vote today with the -- hugely. As good vote or what's gonna vote and some -- net neutrality. And they had let me code readings coal. The -- a couple of sentences to you until we weren't thing. Federal Communications Commission show as dramatically reshape the way consumers experience the Internet. Opening the possibility. Of Internet services providers. Charging web sites for higher quality delivery. Of their content to American consumers. -- So potentially. Get it. You have with -- and I discussed this a few weeks ago and I I was -- I took the the consumer around in the sense that how it impacted me negatively as a consumer. But that. I'm gonna take different perspective this time is that if I am a an organization. Right that wants to pay for better surface because that's really what this is right at the end of the day. If you have the money and you want to pay for something and there's a service available that's -- -- getting so they're very simple simple formats with the -- So what you have that kind of from a yeah how could this positively impact things is one you could potentially had to get better quality service as a consumer. And as a company you could be potentially be able to deliver your content that information to people with -- -- better Bryant. And the idea of when you start to slice and dice and carve out networks. Across the Internet there's the possibility that you know you can be held as an organization. It has business to business and it's paying for this pipeline right you can hold. Your service provider accountable. For a higher level surface so if you're paying for a service and it's an improved service and you're not getting that service delivered. You have the key to say hey you know what you we are working need to be reimbursed a certain percentage -- there has -- there are positive things that are talked independence. And when I've if you could tell me finish -- and I never go what are brands of truth anymore but I I do really a lot of publications is sitting around the world and number of countries. There internet's speed is much more than wars is that -- yes could we catch up by this rule. In other words it's all there -- people we're going to be putting a whole lot more money into better service. Could do better service catch up to and the best in the world. It cut this could fast track right because what happens is you'll start putting. You know investing a lot of money into improving. Infrastructure and improving how you're delivering content and information to people. However. If you're you you only have so many resources to make. Positive changes right. So there's the possibility to that it could slow things down right it's it's. Could go one of two ways for a -- -- it removes fluid that was well slowdown that it says you're applying all of your good resources to. Making sure that all of the networks are designed for these high quality companies who are paying the money. That means you're you are not really applying your resources to building up the infrastructure. For the rest of the quote -- common folk right. And and why you're familiar in the world so for a ahead of us. And in computer screen. The computer's speed in particular computer. Accessibility. Or at least so far ahead of those of government shows putting more money into the. I mean it's it's it's a game of it's been a game of catch up right and as countries start to -- -- had played the game of catch up to us. Also yes the technology changes so rapidly that when they're buying equipment right there -- implementing -- -- -- backed by other governments there report there's a lag absolutely. Absolutely. No wiggle I think government and -- and -- the example we need to for a government that our Olympic break here come right back. Sort of talking about one thing though would find out. The FCC has just approved a plan to allow for aid priorities. On the Internet. When we come back folly of the question is this an -- corporate Nouriel. Opportunity for some company number one commitment say because -- true record. Off will be your provisional opium and take it all and number two. When it says -- to allow -- priority on the Internet I mean the rich and the corporations. We we -- we have very. Multi leveled in that the poorest get -- in the middle class of women in the reached at the other come right. -- job over think about it initially was the highest court in the European Union a couple of days ago. Roll that Google and and there's no appeal this is its higher -- as you get in Europe. Ruled that Google must grant users of its search engines right to delete all of their information. Were to call movements that everything about -- They've got to do it a lot of Barbara it's you know what does not -- the states because of freedom -- as -- We have of freedom -- speech it's never gonna happen but I think what people forget he has. We mentioned American. I mean originated here but -- world war. And businesses do business with -- Europe. We. Indonesia. With -- Brazil with shock and all. The countries and war. That are planning on changing. So. -- situation -- we can do business here Republican dude your problem we have -- Well withdrew with the chief information security officer and our troops cyber security weekly. It's interesting because it. It's almost like it's a the Internet -- Natural resource that is a natural right everyone wanted everyone who -- a bunch of it nobody wants to pay a lot fort. But everywhere need to and -- wants that to say what if current. Britain wouldn't. There's the question a more miserable for. This seems like an -- to -- rule opportunity. So come but it could humble means. I can guarantee you can take your information all the way -- -- absolutely there -- organizations now that. Focus specifically just when you're online reputation -- what I hear about -- -- arrived there too expensive war. Where they do you know they have to stay with that in -- -- to it than. You know you have to keeping them. When I hear about a -- the reasons why. If you've got money. And you don't mind paying an all monthly basis. It's not a 100% sure but it helped a little bit helps a little and it gets you. Just far enough but not as far as you want right because at the end of the day they can't pick up the telephone and called. -- Google or Yahoo! or anyone else and say. Yet you have to remove this they just can't -- it is -- the woods. CNN reporter. And a London a compliment -- shall. And it went up with the young guy that was a hacker and we have when -- pour propeller. Wrong. And people over the people who an odd part. And pulled up their credit card numbers Social Security numbers addresses driver's license the whole thing just by people with him. Some company can come about with the Al rhythms that that when I say. Whereas with more that they -- up a minute that that -- -- that -- like. My -- with the all the other miracles and technology that seems like going to be in the middle of the -- I laps I did it did very campy -- but how right that's the ultimate question and how can be done legally. That. That can't be -- I just that she answered why it hasn't done okay let's go back to. We thought we're gonna talk about upcoming vote while while -- -- on -- obviously receive may have -- what's called net neutrality. And -- make it short talk and hear your answer. They basically decided. My words not theirs to -- split up the web. If you got money for a big corporation. Rich individuals and you're gonna be able to go lot by half faster Internet more input more access to and and and middle class human and lower class issue you're gonna have that opportunity. Marbury number. You're reading it correctly and yet now I and yeah I'm an optimist and that's what kind of we we. When we started talking today that I want to take that perspective. You know from a from a bright business time right. And it -- like -- said it potentially opens up the opportunity to. Deliver higher quality service that kids use the opportunity to. Hold Telecom companies there you're in your providers. Accountable which is you really can't do much of that right now. -- -- so there are some good things that can't can't come out of this now the it would be great it would be fantastic to see. Telecom companies and he has service providers and organizations to benefit the most from this also funnel money back into. Building the infrastructure. Four -- the organizations that don't have the capability to buy higher speed connections right because. Which here which year ended up going nature creating a system that you control 100%. And that's just. What capitalism is about right it's about getting to that stage. But then having the -- and but participating back in the game to make sure everyone has that same opportunity. To rise to where you -- More moral we're streaming have a -- don't have been in the equality thing. And it inequality argument kind of drives me nuts because so complicated because I think -- true capitalist but. Well was it more and more that the authors don't. Though lot of people I -- the middle class or just gonna have access to but -- small. Percentage of population it. It's right that's a terrifying thing because. Yes if you talk to its feel its use for this article says Netflix right would Netflix have been able to turn into Netflix right. If the environment that that's being created right now. Exist I don't know the answer that question that you have to assume the answer is going to be no at some point because secure. Crow and the infrastructure. And skewing. The idea the amount of band with the ever had access to in favor of organization to. Have the money to to do at all. What happens to the rest of the people who are beyond what happens the next company who could've been the Netflix or could have been -- -- right I mean those are rare. But they all start the same spot right which is one person here. Two people and then grow. A little complicated. Now I absolutely. At. Those who have weakened by a little place in the schools and make sure there -- -- cell -- Everything would be from a was all I have always true pleasure to have -- Studio I can't hold his conversation about you don't have the ability. And these are complicated we're gonna do a lot of follow bookstores now that we have an FCC ruling. Now that we have a number of countries trying to change the Internet while we try on one hand to keep the way it is on the other hand to change. Thank you so much him great I appreciate. -- arrived back doubled up BO brigade 75. Rea. All right two cover up in the next -- camp believe it. We're gonna have police -- serve -- so we'll talk to motto Walt I'm. Talk about a little controversy here concerning our inspector general -- portable. And the police handling of rape cases. Little little little book controversy that think the media is Jindal. More than anything else. Mobile get details from him and talked to some groups who were involved in the issues.