WWL>Topics>>5-15-14 11:10am Garland: with Chief Ronal Serpas on NOPD misclassifying rapes

5-15-14 11:10am Garland: with Chief Ronal Serpas on NOPD misclassifying rapes

May 15, 2014|

Garland talks with NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas about the reports claiming the New Orleans police under-report rapes, then gets reaction from Rebecca Rainey of the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children and Mary Clare Landry of the New Orleans Family Justice Center.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right here's what most of the headlines. An audit shows impede the reported rate. -- reveals that should know. So now that sooner. Build started breeding and it's a New Orleans Director General at quote from quote too who didn't audit. And found out -- Portman -- Last applaud dozens of forcible rape and three year period and spewed crime data reported to be appeal. -- got into the -- to the bill article and says. It says they don't know. To suggest the reporting errors had been an intentional effort that downplayed the problem. Sexual Fultz and expects next -- it is that should reflect in increase. In the report. And lower ball where actually go sheep and talk Q&A long time Hugh. Broke serve as one of the show. Okay explained its old -- By headlines. Torre it's did all my goodness and with a -- text of the story has said. For some reason this seems Coca problem there's been working -- Not a gigantic. We know. When we came together in 2010 that one unit was. Basically the -- -- we -- the police department the sex crimes unit you'll remember we have for independent -- back and we cleared up 800 rape kit. We investigated. Cases over again. And what happened in the last four years and this is an undeniable fact. We've reported 70% more sexual assault cases nearly 600 cases as opposed to 340 cases before years before. Meaning we are making more efforts to. Find evidence that these cases occurred as opposed -- not occurred and were reporting more. This first year fourteen we're gonna have another increase in reported sexual -- in the first quarter. And a lot of people have suggested that that's a good sign for example the social salt nurses. Noted in an article in the paper in January February that they did -- a tremendous change in the number of cases they've handled. But -- -- you know PD report 30% more sexual assault and thirteen with the step of the boots on forward. Now we need to remind everybody on that national crime victimization survey which is done by the federal government since the mid 1970s. Estimated in 2011. And 2012. In the United States those women who was the victim admitted of the sexual assault. Only 28%. Reported the law enforcement so. We all know that there is a huge gap. Between what's really going on with sexual assault. And what gets reported that the police department. Help America and in his audit what we did. We asked that we -- commission on law enforcement which by statute and practiced in the state expert on how to classify crime in this state. We gave them a random sample of twenty report that were called into question by -- ought to vote as they did their job as the clock rules as they work. But in the overwhelming majority of those cases where the inspector general disagreed with the state experts agree with. So we were curious and wanted to make that point being known. The other point that out to be known is that the headline captures. But the headline does not capture that is required to vote office and we know. That the sample they did cannot be projected to the total sample operates with that means it is. It's not a Nielsen rating you can't estimate the total population listening to your radio because is not a random sample live on network and not intended to be so we will. But I think the reason that these the overwhelmingly. Louisiana commission on law enforcement agreed with -- and not the idea is because our detectives have received. Over 2700 hours of training in the last couple years on investigations and reporting of sex crimes are respect. The tremendous professionalism of the auditors at the IG's office but they didn't get that 2700 hours of training. And it -- expert I got the final point this. There's no evidence and there continues to be no evidence that anybody has purposely trying to downgrade crimes or reduce the crime numbers through manipulation. Certainly not the sex crimes -- -- we know there are so many that are imported anyway. And Garland we made some hay out of this first got here and you know our number in our department if you lie. You give buyer who would want to lose their career. Over -- line about one police report. For what reason it just doesn't make any sense and it continues to be no evidence what we do -- -- Honest people just make honest mistakes and from that point of view mr. ought to -- Admonition that this is an accounting Asian and we need to get better I would never disagree with that. But I will tell you that in this case we don't see the offices purposely trying to downgrade any thing and were reporting more than we ever. It actually the soon to be a good voting quite follow Woodson quote from wounds audit. Ordered in several cases would -- that rig three improperly count classified as miscellaneous. Incidents. When allegations. Were deemed -- founded explain how that works. There's a couple of different types of investigative outcome that would result in. We got a call for service for example that someone had survived a sexual assault. When we actually talked to the victim -- -- that ever happened did just that just not what happened so it's not sexual assault and there is some question that we got greater clarification melt lead into national law enforcement will certainly comply. It -- in both cases reported is unfounded from the dispatch record -- That we'd been doing it correctly that cases and to be a full investigation. -- -- -- says not necessarily so will make that change. And then you have another thing in and his wife and obviously have been played in the media have a different opinion here. Survive as a sexual assault and some circumstances have we believe -- right under the law. To say they don't want nobody to know -- they are what they are but yet that sexual assault kit. Is going to be captured by law enforcement. We use that as a miscellaneous category to document retirement memorial that we had that sexual assault it. In the long run. These cases that a very small number but we don't have a problem considering whether or not that is the right and wrong way to do it. Well we don't see any evidence that there was -- purposeful misrepresentation. Of what happened. So again these are accounting issues that you put it in the right. But we don't disagree that -- in the book it was the right. Have you ever you talked to -- -- and said look we disagree with the neutral agree with this and we're doing this that we think. Is going to and through the concerns. You know one of the things that I do enjoy about our relationship with him and his offices we've met with his auditors on this topic at least for. And each one of those three meetings we spent three and four hours with them I think they've really tried to understand this. And I think we've really tried to say we still have to professional judgment here and occasionally you reach a point where you disagree. But I think in every piece of the investigation net missed quite close offices down the -- -- We have always been willing to recognize -- we can do better but I still think we have a right and a duty to inform the public what we think we got it right. And have other experts agree with us as well. The -- end a statement in response from you think yeah. News that we're pushing forward cultural shift yeah at the new Orleans police or what what do you mean by our cultural -- I am convinced that when I got in 2010. That are sex crime unit had a practice. Not accepting. A survivors statement. As opposed to what we wanted which is accept the statement as it is and prove it happened where I think the prior culture of the sex crimes unit was the proof that they didn't happen. It's -- subtle difference but I think it turned out to be a huge difference in the numbers of reports that they actually -- in justified. A finding that was not consistent with survivors statement. Achieve anything you wanna -- to end and when you look at the headlines and a new look at the guts of the tax. You think the media including reviewed told troops. Reported this correctly. I think that these are topics that aren't very important for the public. And I think that I am not trained well enough to understand. But I walked -- told our writers that it'll be headlines that the holes. It does that line and I guess they do that first -- reason. On this topic we should be talking about the facts the facts are in America not enough women report sexual assault. The facts are in the LP we reporting more sexually assault the fact so far there's no evidence. Anywhere that someone has -- to purposely manipulated downgrade these crimes because Britney be in the father of two girls. And be in the grandfather to girls I would be I would find it obnoxious if anyone would try to dismissed their patients suffering from Bobby respectful well. Achieved our bachelor biz you appreciate the time good talking. To a good. All right come right back what you think governor bill brigade celebrity immortal 53 of them to -- in general 187. -- -- comments questions. Welcome back we're all looking good number of news reports yesterday. That talked about and audited while our overall a New Orleans inspector general quote to vote. And the -- -- headlines are rooted specifically audit shows -- PD under reported break with circling. Your -- argued that they were doing something very wrong. When you're getting to -- -- middle of the report to reboot plot to blow himself says quote. He found no evidence to suggest the reporting errors had been an intentional effort. To downplay the problem of sexual assaults. And he says it expects its your statistic Stewart. Reflect. And increase. And bricks. To better understand that -- you know took him through speaking to the police chief. Now we have Rebecca -- metropolitan. Center for women and children about welcomed the -- appreciated the call. -- I've rhetoric when -- article -- a -- -- -- -- of this troubling union and that's obvious. But -- give me some details of what to look at this in say. This who's mistake this could be improved or or. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well greener where exactly it was the cheap that it doesn't mean I don't think anybody in the fairway. You know intentional under reporting I think it is and audit and accounting problem. Especially. But then mislabeling. Rape kit kit that naturally. I am coming from and nonprofit agency that is looking for our hitters and grant to be true you know the statistics are you -- -- -- -- -- And I think what's happening now -- you know and so -- which -- give up and file it. Like there's been an increase in tax and I think it has just been more consistently warning. And copd in their practice which they can proving that -- involve substantial bulk nineteen. -- currently where they're open dialogue which the agencies that provide. -- -- -- -- -- Statistics are tired of seeing -- -- and and I think that has been huge in an improvement in the report. Understand the difference between miscellaneous opponents and sexual battery. And the on founded. Problems can be unfounded work. The charges were in Bernard Belle but miscellaneous appearances and sexual battery do you understand what that means. Well and I wasn't very clear on Matt. I'm listening to the cheap and it seemed like that that would be at situationally I'll about am -- victim and that didn't happen and are. I'm not sure where that report coming from that very clear and miscellaneous report. Which means I'm in my my impression would be at a rate get a direct it. And and sexual battery he sounds so -- Does that mean not rape but some kind of sexual violence. Would. -- -- it -- when when the chief says it's seem very difficult. This suit George with the chief says. A woman doesn't wonder then that the review. That's what they cupid miscellaneous. But she wants the the beauty. The criminal caught. Charged. How how good will -- -- and you talk to. Bad or very concerned is they should be in this society. With what happened to them after the rate. And -- answered those questions and seemed very complicated. It is very difficult and and it's really based on case by case count those as the victim you know are under. It's been multiple factors -- it occurred either by the name and there are actually you know a victim of multiple attacks. Are made it where it -- IK at the parent abduction of two cars I think I'll I'll. Where we're very fortunate you want out you know the -- nurses and -- and Hubert apple because a lot of the other top. You're gonna get -- kind of attention and care in the region for her on meet that challenge into an hour together or not advocate -- program where we call. And they're great at them at university somebody and -- -- -- edged out there. So typical -- the 10 o'clock the true answer questions. -- do talk to them about certain situations that maybe the saner than going to be able to them out or. You know that police might not be able to get that kind of information. You know we don't get legal advice that you you know it's very support and just trying to block and -- the but the -- I'm you don't get to reiterate it in different every case is different and it's a target and it. Make blanket statement about you know why certain people that wanna be I don't buy why they don't -- -- -- charges -- -- I understand the frustration that we and it advocates. You know providing shelter any women. Trying to get them -- can solve that problem by its. It's a different it's a hole also a -- Their -- simply quoted promo director of sexual trauma response senator and and it's seeing. Good report to prehistoric times -- that quote. It takes very brave and courageous person to come forward and risked being stigma times as a victim among their -- only. -- and community. And that just it just seems like intelligence level. Has it hasn't budged at all in our society that still happens. Frequently. I'm -- Giving them are straining -- universe deeply doctors regarding passionate questioning. Yeah. There pardon and content. You know and it and it does protect men and additionally their feeling like. -- and it does something different maybe they're right you know maybe like a moment and like it's spent the night. You know after the attack or that you know I took my quote he didn't take my. It is there on tightening and it didn't get -- -- and in charge. And Sigmund but then only in for an -- -- Because there's you know there there's a cultural stereotypes and apple -- Erica went. What we're thinking -- And number I mean I edit it and doing and are are being with Dan and pat and support to comment. You know -- And work together like you know that you could have done something to prevent. And certainly that put the victim in the stands like a -- Maybe -- of you know that focusing on the -- Our product code we're producer of the time very much we'll do others chose on this subject. Love to have you back and thank you for your talk. Rebecca Biden meant -- and so the four women and children. Governor we'll talk to the executive director annually friendly justices. Say Republicans. Yeah. A welcome back re a contender Argo surged from about headlines this week. That say things like tips and auto shows nobody on reported rapes. Goes on sale BA therapy do you miss replied miss class supplies doesn't support -- -- 2002013. And violating internal policies. And reported that. All of this from New Orleans inspector general at court to blow a two would discusses further we have. Witness says that important to him. -- clear Landry. Executive director. New Orleans family justice says there are -- and that should thank our. Rugby is the headlines and the techs were -- your thoughts. I certainly didn't read it it's something we as family justice centers have been an extremely involved in in working with. And a PD and suspicious sex crimes unit. Over the past year we created our sexual assault response team so that. We have a number of community partners -- working in partnership with and a PD two. Better to grass. The response to better dressed they have to kind -- -- So it it is disturbing and it and it is frustrating. I don't -- one day. In. Support. And achieved that there had been a number of initiatives. Such as there are response. Had been put in place. -- moving forward on me Lou we're going to be looking very closely at next year's report to see if we're not going to be DNC. Some improvements in it in the reporting. This as a national problem it's it's a problem across the country. We know that. You know. That 12113. Hundred rates in Louisiana and that we only at a 140. That would report and a PD. That we know that the problem that the trust problem and we have to continue to work with. Survivors the field rape victims to it to feel comfortable going to the police. Very few of these cases actually get prosecuted that there is a construct that the process. Very difficult traumatic experience that any young girls life and so. I have to go to the court system and the criminal justice system is even you know more difficult. So. We think we're making some progress we are working on a monthly basis to review the -- on the cases with that sex crimes unit so. We have a number of eyes looking at the current reports so again we are anticipating -- -- 2014. We're gonna see better progress. That will be reflected in next year's report. Why do you think so few cable is good pros -- Well I I think number one it's very difficult. Source. Survivors these cases go on girl on time in May take. A year two years three years to prosecute. And many of these rape victims. -- you have to have evidence many of these they'll have a lot of evidence that they don't go to the hospital. You know -- since 2012255. Patients. You know the total number of outbreaks that that. A whole lot that they don't always get. You know sexual I thought -- giving him within the time that they can actually collect evidence and that the best way. To really prosecute the case is still really hit the result of the sex. Rape -- And it's that not possible then it really good line on. You know other kinds of evidence that they can't. The ethnic imperatives and it it's solely dependent upon the very victim. A lot of time -- -- promise so great that she may be unwilling or I'm incapable of really testifying in going through. You know three years of continuing to read this situation which is trying to move on and he'll. A mother take a look at the three year do you sing about a number of cases where there's evidence. -- the -- is more than willing. And the court system still takes two to three years. It can't I mean that's not very unusual -- is a long time for investigation. And you know for the for the for the police to complete their investigation and then floor. The prosecution. -- in the case to court so. It can drag out a significant amount of time going to the court system and so. You know that isn't that's very difficult process -- for victims who are trying to heal from these aren't. Lawyers always say its businesses in the world. Article yeah yeah world. All right -- and bringing one of our listeners been holding a utility year old would mirrored. I don't think like -- Think everything out of contention on and make a whole lot of sand like. It's time -- Orleans parish to stop making excuses they make excuse. After an excuse. -- everything that goes on -- city. I -- you look at you know neighbor apparently just encouraged I don't believe the opposite networking personal violence unit. And -- and our job yet or are called the sex crimes unit. And thank god they have an 8%. Conviction rate on the case that they bring it would be I think that you -- police officers on the force. I've had a lot of good police also on annual report but I think he got. Some guys that are forcing -- that I. I'm not trained properly you not know what are rate it would be a police -- -- detective you know and investigated. He's not able. Rape or all or a you know sexual -- -- -- -- -- you know -- and and all in Paris and I would bet she'll be up police chief Ronald -- And in New Orleans and Specter that the brought this whole thing up I would submit the media has put headlines although it. When you rebook you inspector general's who do at least who's quoted as. He found no out to adjust a reporting error as word intentional. I mean that big war or reported that they would reported incorrectly but not intentionally. I think they still have a problem again a -- -- the train properly when I go to the police academy and then you know work on the streets for a number years being promoted to the investigation bureau of the government detective. They have a lot of police experience. And they still can't determine that site for weathered the rape or hey -- you know cause sexual assault. And -- America in America -- -- miracle Larry is that. Confusion. Or or disagreement. Over the labeling the difference between miscellaneous. And unfounded. Or include -- -- a better word to use with the plates. Well I'd you know I'd do you think it's a Ukrainian ship and I think it is an accountability issue I mean I have to go hand in hand and and you know -- you know we get frustrated. You know when we listen to the victims and and they listen to this story have been treated by you know PD and and you know again we have to continue to maintain accountability for what's happening and I agree I mean every -- and whether it can be prosecuted. Is another whole issue that is to deny. You know and that believing a victim which she says she was re even if there's enough evidence to go forward. I believe it should still be classified as great -- -- she believes she's great. And she's -- The that courage in the struggle to call the police. And they lie which she even expose yourself to that an even putters now. Up to -- She totally doesn't believe that she's been great so even if it's prosecutable. Case I think she needs her validation. That does happen and you know that were injured aren't suited to help the police understand that the impact trauma. That -- FBI evidence on these cases that they should still be classified as a -- that massacred and is that what you believe that her hand it should be classified that and that downgrade -- that we definitely agree. And that's why we have the and so. Adamant about being part of this process have really. A lot working hand in hand with the police because we want them here at the experience of victim. We want them this year let you know what could be tackled him and what they're. Experiences. Going to the criminal justice system and it's so they can really hear that. And and give our feedback. It's going to be important that we continue to be about that because. You know that he's got back to 2000 happens so it doesn't take into account some of the efforts that have taken place. The consent decree end. Since the creation of -- sexual response teams out. You know it is a work in progress it's difficult in other earth and cultural issues in terms that let people conceive. -- When we come back and talk about that would choose there that are called a problem. Were covered by bad practices double to -- brigades. Immoral to -- Good thing at about a number of -- loans that says you know peace deal and reported. Rapes. Over the last three years through at least 2002013. But -- same -- the gentleman did -- of the Auburn New Orleans inspector general that quote from when viewed as emblems that it's old like. Please did on purpose. Quote to vote is quoted as saying he found no evidences suggest reporting yours had been intentional. Just some disagreement. On labeling. A different cases actions jobs to it's it's an important. A disagreement but at the same time capsule called. -- very clear -- Andrew with the subject and director New Orleans from the justice and let's go to work caller broke project syndrome -- -- -- Urban -- and aren't paying out there aren't about. And making it -- aware of these terrible prior to admit you know adrenaline over a computer. Definitive decision based on economics so just that it of these victims. Do you mean -- anybody looked dead that this style bruised and social level of the victims. You can put them in the on the urgency you know. Look for. Let determination -- could be -- you know -- In touch via a gunship Mary Claire UC any evidence that those are just so important enough. Don't don't get the response solution that. I would not say that I mean we have identified that I think you know I think that today that cases that we see it and founded is. Where they're really -- should -- not a lot and supporting. Documentation net debt can demonstrate. That through sexual did occur. But again. You know what we want the police is just there side you know if someone reports that they had been -- Again and I can't police -- you know especially if they don't even know -- the assailant is. You know for no reason and -- put themselves is that so we can't slide that it reports to pack. At -- adequately. Report. You know the true nature of I would say in terms of prosecution. You know it will only prosecute those cases where they feel they have sufficient. Evidence to hit -- prosecuted and that I I would really say that that has nothing to do it. Economic that's socio economic. It it's really truly depends upon the the evidence that's present. Well we just have not seen that. Merit very clear -- -- -- -- rule a bitter because you called him -- do follow ups and hopefully we'll talk again you have great. Or a little right back doubled up. All right coming up next big goal and Howard just use and read -- guest then -- Kyra. Open -- and think about in the that you like. Although Robert aboard the event while -- called it the thing -- double to mobile brigade celebrity 1053. You have.