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5-15-14 12:10pm Garland: open lines on the internet and the NOPD

May 15, 2014|

Garland discusses privacy concerns on the internet and the NOPD misclassifying rape reports.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This through our governor no doses so or one things are more developers how power. Couldn't touch on the a couple chose last so horribly yeah talked Roland. Reports and concerns with the way these new Orleans police from clients by Ingrid. And at all so go back to the dog show. Were reported and how quickly lead the Internet is changing and some some major issues. That war and could end up restricting your ability. Two years here and and to a convicted more expensive. But let's talk about the the retention efforts. What we did there at the reasons or reasons resume so I'd do -- the the president made you lose all of you should be reports. -- by New Orleans inspector general a quarter ago. And he headlines. When I read the headlines may do I think -- -- while. General Pete do you been doing its stuff. It says audit shows you know PD. Under reported break. Sun and then you get done and detects. And what are really says is the New Orleans inspector June -- want to blow. -- found no evidence. To suggests. That reporting Arabs terrorists mistakes. Have been an intentional up. To downplay the problem central shall so the story took on a little bit -- and and the -- of call and he explained that basically plunged him Cora played. That he end. The group of people were -- quote rule and the -- rule of the police shoot. At broke compliment forms they're very competent leader board working. But he said he picked a field understand. How they -- labeling. Some of these these -- and some of them are under miscellaneous appearances because. Apart and again and -- the issue correctly. Some women in the Cadbury understandable. Don't like what they grew through the courts don't like questioning. Sometimes it's in bush and that you did something wrong. When they -- charges and they will remain and -- the putter and miscellaneous. Category. And the and the number of things or or argued. Over the listing off. And I think from talking to. Organizations. That help these women that have been. And listening to please shoot but it sounds like. Disagreements. On the the the -- label and a couple of the procedures. But nobody at least that I concede trying trying to do anything wrong. And they seem to be trying to change what is been real problem that the general can -- -- for -- long time. And putting things in place shouldn't but the affordable and Poland about how complicated. The issue rapists. And into media are going to be truthful it's never been complicated. To meet. A woman claims that. You take -- you'd use all of the media. Sympathy and empathy that you possibly can. You -- it is mentally traumatic. From the tests to the question as you can. And get it through the legal system as quickly should care. And apparently all through those things are seldom. Don't correctly. Or duel in and they non painful way. For the rejected. And -- -- prime example. Do the show was Atlanta with the district might have been earlier this week. We're reports came out the president learned -- its vice president its -- the White House administration. Came out with a multi year study that said one in five women. They go to college. That -- One in -- And then when you read down into the report -- said. The universities. That. That. Even spent in the effort after the charges were -- reclaimed from today. Made the alleged. Attackers. Write a note of apology. And may be treatise. On what they did was wrong. And I probably let my anger. Lead to much because got to seventeen year old daughter get ready go to college. And and -- -- you're ruining college president give me call. I'll get five bothers together and will leaks relaying to you want to do. What you're doing. -- Hialeah intellectual. Institution of learning. From water Reid is beyond stupid. Let those five fathers -- we'll explain to you what to do it's called eight fly him. And called the police and -- chart. And and and back to lead seemed pretty. Street Paul. Then in reading. And up to -- -- the -- quote boon to please shoot. I remember. There was a town. He headed up the voodoo fest. And -- -- on him again last night and couldn't find anything both for. The front page article in his photograph poem for a page or run over. With headlines Budapest. Hungary and producer. Rose that'll bring it. Energy with the media tried and convicted now more you. Not for. Built on only social remark is presumed in his RT. People say -- what was in the media. Room and he beat due June when did you hear. You're that flight on television or break you talk -- or newspaper -- site. They also. Did you hear that. They're convinced the majority and they did it. This is a god everything I can -- in doubt about it Dario too -- numero. Made the city some really good money rules the festival. And have a lot more playing. Went out with a woman slept with a one should play break. He was charged front page of the paper. If parliament correctly or couldn't pull a ball story he displacing 25 years in -- it's. And the charges. And lipped out on the Bruton is doing turbulent two Bhutto who takes his expertise in north governor -- -- -- tour. So. All of a sudden it gets more complicated. One -- me with a seventy ruled daughter. I producer Greg but not a deterrent to do I can take that -- -- Ago when we but I remember these kind of thing where the media your conviction. Both born. You can go to trial over the whole thing can. Even were conducted this wonderful. Judicial system we have. Of which the lady that should blues blues. Executive director in new organ trail with Josephson said when moments brave enough compile the chargers. -- drove through the humiliating test. Go through the push and it is all often times accusatory. And they in turn three years. And our justice system. So one side among outraged by what happens women. On the other side of my operated by what the -- -- of those shards. In the -- Let us lead time Agassi misses two days ago. And the headline reads. Rape culture. As a pin. Where -- -- censorship. In false accusations. Large. And it's sexual assault on campuses June when problem. But could you rate cultural crusades. Is turning -- And American throw myself into that category eligible in the did the show. In horror a wonderful. Grows bring bright and call. Turned ugly for me I was. Very. It goes this article in time magazine goes on it's at the list of falsely accuse. Young men. Subject to kangaroo court justice. -- -- And growing quickly and they part of boards and university -- field corner -- Remember there was there actually bird bird. Mark what's -- can listen to them. What's the sport we got a little wicker basket in the ball. Across. Remember the across the that was accuse. By a woman of -- now for a and -- they were rocketed convicted in the media and the public saw. And governed by about the district attorney like so many. In law enforcement in this country. And hid exculpatory. Evidence. Evidence approved the boards wrong. And eventually came -- and I think the the data you. Losses lights. We've got numbers similar thing happened in this society you do. Homework you -- happening all over the country so what the reason up Portis. Look how complicated does. If you can get on sided -- which is where -- And your knee jerk reaction which is what my and watts. Is just make that plane. And I'm owners saw. And then there a middle section. Where. Is Colin bell. Then there's another section. We're solo more maybe -- -- -- were nothing. And and I go back to the think tank then I ask you wore a mask itself what do you think now. Whose side are you all and what are you going to do now. Evidence would be you'd get deeper written to. You understand the issues more you gather more information. What would you do don't you put the women in the girls and more trauma. Virtually. Any question. Is can we accusatory. Libya have on the left though were prone. Metropolitan center for women and children choose girls get -- awards and the like with. -- -- -- -- Continue to ruin. Yeah but there's a number of guys. Locally nationally. Yet falsely accused and ironically the first show we did. On the Internet and how all of Europe. Has been ordered. By a judge not a judge the top court. There's no appeals -- goal all we -- the portal. If anybody 550 million people in Europe plots. Called Google book real report doesn't say wipe out my history they've got to do it. Here's the guy over the brutal fest. I pull him up all I did was Google Boudreau fast break. His picture and name came. Now what he's doing down now what they did before that's who he is now in the -- Sure you put all this together. And I would submit to the big question because of its. Well yesterday the world has been ruled couple here that one. Where we go how -- -- What do you think. 200170. Total free anywhere in the country its exit certain non U roots -- -- but Robert would you would call them that the if -- -- good to -- -- pulling -- this Saturday. Huber called two of them make it bright wondering -- to make it bright organization. If you remember what that is -- Brad Pitt's organization. After oak tree that he came and several gonna build 150 homes right in the pocket of Ninth Ward got parties yet. And very -- have been out there I mean he's got. Look at the list -- -- bring jury had promised me and some of these -- architect in the world. And design those houses. And -- -- they're extraordinary. But it where there heavily upon prisoners Saturday and I'd make it right foundation Brad -- contribute there. Bruno Mars is going to be their first one is going to be there. End. They've expanded the thing to worthy of got a hundred homes out there now. And do their -- -- corner there. Non toxic. All of whom shall power. Our regal renewal energy stingy. And and they apple blocked a built in safety features is deep captures. On the top of the house. Its role in the extraordinary -- and they're doing. Ordinary work. And -- Not for the rich should jump for the Richard lead by a long shot to get teachers police officers. Emergency medical technician 64%. Or Lower Ninth Ward residents 23%. -- educators. 13%. First responders. It's. Heck of blow organization drew an incredible world. Didn't table in the -- toward a chance to come back home and those that did come back home much that'll. Again it's -- make it bright. Foundation. It called for like good of the it's Saturday on Britain's Chris Rock brutal martz Brad Pitt. And you can be guarantee you they're being an analyst -- Hollywood moves towards booze century. Fell right back -- movie two's are general wanted somebody told -- -- country. It's it's dictated -- route -- this it is going to be. Well one thing back to be good -- a dog show. Because I think -- elects a subject that is getting more and more complicated. And it counted dismiss us. Blue with a certain laws and in the -- haven't done and that is the Internet and the loss of products. And those that know beyond that those at -- Galaxies that underpinned million. Those that understand the technology. Have basically. And its own time and some carries and one of our privacy. Applicants who -- privacy news every day lead and bring this. Says -- get privacy it's done so I figured you'd just and we just. In large robot Brey talked about the the gentlemen sorted -- -- principle. Was charged with a great. Put on the front page on how many times in the civilian and convicted. Via the media and public. In the charges were dropped. And he took his expertise in this morning in his ride and -- to. When you Google and even his name. Just brutal past rate. -- votes if you could you. Google brutal. His his name the story is down -- -- not number one like to do withdrew red but its outline. Shall all of these -- things. That I some have the potential. Through it took care of the shall tool that amber. And here we go out everybody told when nothing can be done -- The highest court in the European Union. The one over all of Europe the court. Where you can appeal. Once they make a decision. And listeners ought to take it up and I don't think and that all and losers no -- Google. Which is the target. Of their ruling earlier this week where they'd decide. European Union's highest court -- Google. From now. Any user. Your search engine. Called you is says the leaked all links. About -- sell about two individuals. In some cases even including -- leads the legal records. Wiped out. And European. Union court. As court said -- we agree Google. And it undoubtedly going to be FaceBook and Twitter at all BO the portal Microsoft. Unit and but the 550 million people who in Europe. You can imagine if a fraction of votes. Decide. As soon as the -- to Google should get rid of all women get cost. They're got people who hire this and publish only about the legal liability. If they -- able to do. -- they failed to do. And even though. There's a pretty good chance it will not come to the United States because of press freedom and religions breaches and all -- the constitutional. Laws. That will probably keep that from open. Just a short lists. All of countries. That or trolling and Gordon to do the same thing Brazil Malaysia Indonesia. A trying to. Spain. And others. Are on the -- two groups and to and so the Internet even though it was it was originated. It's it's. It's a worldwide. -- called a fungible. Everything in the swing back the barrels not in the United States in the movies or Asia or South America. It's the war. And it you have to communicate with the world -- -- A lot of a lot of was doomed. War. If you use something like Skype. Or or the one bit of these book just bought. Where you can communicate. And where in the world that virtually -- All of that is going to be affected so one and with the experts saying well privacy just that. This. On top of them while we were doing that show. We get this. And a -- right in the middle through federal computer committee of Federal Communications Commission to day. Boulder and they were advancing a proposal. It would dramatically reshape the way consumers. Experience and open the possibility of Internet service providers. Charging web sites. Higher quality delivery of their content. To the American consumer. So -- surprised in my decision Netflix. We're gonna charge Jewell a lot more. The -- boarded the more it's gonna call or two were rich person sentiment or to a medium sized company. And that leads to the possibility. Smaller companies in the average. Middle class Americans. Can afford paper ballots and deliberate. And would -- additional obstacles. In the consumer. What's -- trickle down effect of higher prices. As web -- try to powerful new call it's a doing business with the Internet service providers. All of this who's to say. -- -- complicated. Our world is. And again I go back to one of the sciences. I had on the show that felt so to -- so gorging -- by the book it's as small waking up in time. It's written by -- neural businesses won the -- in the world. And his concern with -- all of this is and more of the technology experts and temple had birds from its and then. There's there's been called Moore's law. It was gentlemen who helped stored in -- in the nineteen cents. He came up with a period that every year at the beginning of computers computer would double. In strength every 1218 months and as incurred. Every year about why. One of the strongest computers in the world you can put in your back pocket. And this scientist that I have on its. We're looking at explode into grows something that moves to an -- biggest for. Little bit bigger -- little bit bigger all the sudden it's six and thirty to 64 under on the law. Tours -- grows and grows exponentially which means slower person and extremely. He -- -- 20/20 one have a computer. That makes an old computer that actually better than it is. And then -- stronger import drugs at a talent and succeed. Another take on more flaw. And not that we have report were computers wall will Roland our world. What it will do we won't be able to wondrous name we -- -- -- Well we won't be able to understand. What to do about the bad parts or the complicated part. And isn't that where we -- now what do you think tears to zero wondered -- ago -- that what we call that the -- we've done is the minimum accuser talking about your coach rose -- fun. Upon me that eventually will have on anywhere from fifty billion I've -- 200 billion and most revered for -- of these so you can get -- two billion like. So -- -- build a house for 300 tell whether the numbers you know it always adds quite a bit. And and most of them on talk and -- were thinking minimum thirty -- bill anyway a lot of money. Well picked up his left side senator to land group burial in drew she's urging our state senators not. Washington senators. To support our house approved bill. That would limit the use of Louisiana coastal protection on. Now I have -- head. Many of the political analysts that we use during elections in all the wounds at Princeton and talk to appear. And they've also look for the -- royalties when it -- to the money from BP when it comes from what ever Poland's. Your putting him -- cultural protection plan. You better be careful not to -- use -- -- to give the impression. They're -- -- using it because. Washington is looking for every reason pro union ought to have the money. There's a lot of bogus statements state budgets in trouble and everybody's looking for more more money in the general -- And certainly would -- an excuse not to give more money. To a very small sleep with a -- small. Not -- powerful congressional delegation. And end that does give me an excuse. And everything -- bring you bread and be. Political analysts having the show. Is they saved and regardless who have worked their leaving his conservative liberal and believe it we have both. Governor general has been using the -- -- -- to circumvent restrictions. On its surplus dollars. And other -- were the ones that must be spent on one time projects would be what he's done. He's. He's -- restrict cash in the protection on. -- -- To meet requirement the most abused or one time project -- takes so -- mile from the -- To plug into the state operating budget. Takes it out of the coast upon. Puts it back with something else. But it's a promise to put about. Louisiana constitution requires. The coast protection. Restoration -- be spent to say it's -- from protection plan. But the general administration has said that doesn't prohibit foreign reserve money. As long as they don't deplete the belts. In the administration says we're. We're joined this be because we get aboard some major budget cuts and other area. It may be -- you may have remembered the president came in recent NC governor general. You know oval where your funding the public private hospitals in your state you can do that. And is gonna crosses. If the federal courts are right at the -- -- courts. Federal government is right. And if indeed general administration. In the on going communications can get them changer mines. Could cause is hundreds of millions of dollars. Social -- in the quotes from restoration begin taken out. The -- and other areas where the problems to be put in I think right here in New Orleans I think that it took. Fifteen million out of our New Orleans convention center. With a promise to put -- at a later date and their -- knows. That have been on the show better experts and say one of the biggest concerns this Wednesday saying. We're gonna put -- -- they gonna put it back. While he's governor. Or is it's going to be an ongoing thing while he is governor. Then he duties and its the next governor's problems. Her interest -- The reporter Anglican so lawmakers. Agreed to general transfers. Through the coastal ponds in prior years. But recently about how rejected. Jindal from closures to put 51 million dollars in one time cash. Into the State's coastal protection Poland and then remove a similar amount. This -- on next year's budget. If street. -- tree and again and when we do these type reports. Where oversee the governor we always suited to his -- or people follow suit for a present at the legislature. For years and -- -- -- like. All of which won't or column and at -- Subject on this I've been like come and respond. And now I think this. Governor bedroom one time analyst for five years so. When you hear -- quote giving wants that is because that's the only. And thinkers. A question mark -- varieties when and why doesn't. The other side respond. If it's wrong. In a format such as talk radio. Where you can't be added that whatever you say. Is blocked the consumers years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right do -- galway and -- heels a little bit bigger problem from crippling migraine scenario print of that problem. You want to be in this thing. And also. If feud is actually do something you look for a living and and do good. At the same to all let him board come and.