WWL>Topics>>5-15-14 1:10pm Angela: on headache relief

5-15-14 1:10pm Angela: on headache relief

May 15, 2014|

Angela talks with Suzy Cohen, author of Headache Free, about what to do about chronic headaches.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tell me that this is not meant the most perfect spring. You can remember. I have to say it all okay what are we doing right. Every day this month has been beautiful but when you woke up and walked -- I could you believe. We were in southeast Louisiana. It's just too good to be true it's beautiful were locking and more appreciative. I hope you'll stay with -- for the three hours I think we've got some interesting programs for -- beginning with one I know was going to affect a lot of people and that is. Headaches and we have a super authority on how to get rid of them. And then we're going to be talking about this incredible organization. Call propel. And it is it's about helping create new businesses. But businesses with a conscience. And it's happening right here they've already started 26 of them. And then we're gonna do our third -- -- can't wait to meet these people people who decided to reinvent themselves. Some -- little motivated by the downturn in the economy but for whatever reason they've created lines that they -- so you gonna wanna hang on for them. But we're gonna begin with headaches headaches and panics. I don't know anyone who hasn't suffered from a and I've known to many people who have suffered terribly from them. Why do we get them more importantly how can we get rid of if -- headache sufferer the next hour is definitely for you. We have a well known expert with this Suzy -- Known as America's pharmacist. She is also a functional medicine practitioner. And pharmacist from more than twenty years. You've seen on doctor caused the view the doctors. She's written several books but the one we're gonna talk about today. Is entitled headache free. Please give us a call at 2601870. With any of your questions about headaches you've had. Or comments again that's 260187. -- Colin I can't thank you enough for joining us. He -- thank you are. Well we have a lot to talk about and your book is incredible. Again it's headache free. Relieve migraine tension cluster menstrual and -- headaches and we built on and on but I love the title of your first chapter witches. Why you can trust so I'm gonna ask you like and we trust. I don't know at the big question will be performances. Of people that are wired Miami focus on Friday. My husband effort was there for many many years and they were able. I you know -- in front -- the cluster headaches aren't in my green that you would lose their Disney or. There was nothing we could -- -- response. That we were trying an -- -- problem next job would help but nothing or work. And she really having -- up close. And also -- -- -- and facial pain -- him around mean many things up close really mean he contraptions for -- upper. Hand. -- a -- like him well he's an extreme now for eight years. We get them once in -- but nothing nothing like he actually forced you know three year. I want better -- create some economic help the world -- wondered how other people beat a team so to say we need to do something for others -- -- -- -- But thank heaven made his life better you make other people's lives better. There was something else that I also loved I loved -- to call yourself a detective. Well I am beacon city you know one what you. A team and that doesn't respond. Is that typical teen had a really. Dig deeper. Root cause. Heart if it's not responding the doctors what -- -- -- layer ward ward. Either China our. And nothing. You know you've really got to dig deep into -- right there I'd be game has helped coach. Help advocate -- for him you know came out in the mine on -- Detective skills and then you don't care for. Let's kind of go down chapter by chapter because. Hopefully our listeners who suffer we're gonna start with migraines so let's talk about migraines what they are and what really can be done. -- -- -- -- well it -- app worked really hard to describe it. -- you -- Be scary very scary -- confirmed any reason which will it and later. -- -- A lot of people get the aura -- how different. Visual disturbances. -- sensitivity to YE a contrast sensitivity. Around. And they mean it. Come on. Shame on -- -- showing against Edberg but in me can trigger migraines. Aren't here and bacteria. Practical matter that they enter in my green if you -- Now routine drug -- near where it matter in like in the tracks. I don't make these are typical popular. No matter and the fact if for some people. They don't really helped put it there or you know like it was -- in the virtual lock that site but he Asians from continuing law. Some people. Per hour and don't -- any interest. On that level of Eric -- Armed only. Specifically. So that can be a problem if -- all seeking to prep. Insurgents and -- about one out there people won't mind all these different things on the clean in the and they -- all of these different drugs. And generally. Do not aboard. As a general rule. Oh cervical for me dropping from my part to help them determine what -- What I call. It. And the batteries in the well beaten about the big deal. Here much about the level of territory but let. Think that you can't artwork. All that well every I care more about the battery out what was called mitochondria. That's what the replay showed the -- batteries that are dying -- And we'll keep you on track and migrate. And so again the attack is -- -- why can't batteries. I love your term my grenades. The words like hand grenades with that with what's. What's really hitting it as such as gluten. So you're saying find out what it is eliminate that sometimes that's a process of elimination. Yes -- -- -- just clean week of getting rid of all the garbage in your friend of mine outlined in a lot. -- outcropping here at cedar apparently carrying -- how well like illegal it'll eat -- Com and find out they -- you -- which contain artificial Khalid Sheikh Ali Schilling and he drinks are. And she drinks. He. I. Are principally there. And you realize that your artificial cleaners and -- com in your diet so if you right. It's very well built with that I'll I didn't with a bomb. And so she -- stop and we're leaning her off the he carving out their locker. In the -- believe that we are. But you look for other people that I helped. Across the board and take a -- artificial sweeteners even -- kind. You -- a lot better economic as a leader in the decade. -- and there are other. Like I do you know people Oprah cranberries and -- Triggered dried blueberries -- -- It's almost starting with a clean slate okay I'm getting these let me just I'll only one thing for a day at the moment. Almost like that I mean if they're not -- indicating with someone like duke who can recognized she'd had -- -- -- has. These these chemicals and it and that that'll be the constant. Right at you and the pay thirtieth iconic tree could you talk about. Some of them there -- from there and I cabinet and they -- the book because. Really hard getting somebody well with any kind of petty is fining them root cause. And being your own department and the coverage here on my -- because -- different for every one some people relocate -- -- by. They get in that area and Clinton fan or not. But the chewing -- another surprise to me was the vitamin. -- the jury still out on sale in Europe look at how about vitamin C because a lot by the treaty -- -- war. On the action autoimmune disorders and pirate is orders of best we have the -- and light -- and actually. So are being the topic has great for equal active disorder but there. Re emerge show for -- as possible -- and I want -- question mark there I want people. Understand not -- -- -- -- Hey you mind he would attempt to rhetoric he garnered by him in the last the year and noticed increased. Frequency healthier happy. Many -- -- an -- they got hit. By faster but for our. Well again we're talking with -- -- about headaches I want everyone to stay with this we're gonna take a quick break. Give us a call if you have any other questions to 60187. -- and only come back we're gonna talk about the -- I had yesterday and it's called tension. Tension had it will be right back. Suzy Cohen our very special guest week or she is called America's pharmacist. And she's the author of several books with a one we're talking about today is headache free were talking about headaches. And I want Robin from shell met to stay on the line with -- this -- definitely wanna talk about which are asking about. But we need to -- very quickly about tension headaches because you know I'm looking at all of the all of the signs and of course everybody I know has stressed. One way or the other but it's also things like. You know -- bad neck pain into grinding your -- it's everything so I know I get attention addict but -- stop. Re not -- questioning -- -- so there are many different. Army. Would be at work anarchy in my life. Figured you know -- -- there really is about Chara eagle. Optical component was my. So he should be you know about mocked for anything even leisure is from apple could be helpful. I again and I go. Number. You can there will. Shriek. At -- ball war. I'm kinda. Maybe in treating warm out -- and -- you know -- mini temperature. Or maybe something that dollar import little. Another little check to make me increase -- TEL. And it fuel. A little bit impatient and he -- enter. He's not. Even -- in the form out. -- and then check station and I hit a lot -- applies to your -- And apply that -- your options in specifically should TV area. It. -- -- I don't mind me like that work. Are -- forward heartened that. Could be you know structure could be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know maybe rightly have been child or. -- Poor posture. On the cultures. What you can do -- And lot number one. It relaxes them toppled number cue from me. Okay will be. So reveal her come from Russia and -- front and com means that the struck. -- normally quarter will be High Court struck form -- And in the Arctic hybrid. Promote people it -- in order you can tell her record high. Apartment building that you currently seen. Blood -- wings are especially. ET how to function -- Already. -- I think it's a wonderful herbs for people on -- -- And -- pay for people like greens are well extra clean B and pop did you mean that you -- quarter. It knows. -- strapped and are. For people with extra emotional conflict -- -- And and you get to the drugstore. You're out at the health its arcane than -- an incident a tablet form hours -- and you put in a salad. You can get in the capital or you can get a political action act or a man and thank them. We're really talking about 8090 can't find. A -- what we're until your doctor and yeah. -- about. Something about it. And I'm looking at the list of the triggers for tension headaches at the top is eating and drinking cold foods like ice cream in smoothies well that's half my life. Well actually -- attic and you put out. In our interest in weeks -- hall. Green three school. And the cure for that is not here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eat an ice cream beer -- culture -- all year duplicate that a lot. You're. -- and. And -- have. A great here. We may come back detention but I wanted to get to Robin and Shawmut is I think she's gonna bring something that many women suffer problem. Yeah. Yes you had a question or thought. I don't want to know why were content women. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well OK so because of warm and balances. That. -- -- -- -- Alum I'm completely one numbers aren't bad here's what I call you agree with hormone model -- -- are huge. Huge character. For or headaches and because of the drop in the projector on the rise in the past stricken right before you appear. And so some. Talk about the in my book about aren't -- after a decree which you can buy it sort. You can -- your doctor archer in war but -- -- though. But basically you can. -- -- -- -- -- -- Tropical cream that goes on scanned. Goes -- the four year period and it might. Help. All the -- he accurate control quite -- last couple calls I read the three carbon. It's known affectionately as the broccoli axed. Into the thing with your doctor Robby that I'd eat app like happening that captured in eking. And the chapter around relatives. While. The topic and usually at my. -- Our own little thing Q and more on. The entire. Problem again we make time. More about the thank you Robin so much a Susie say with this we have to take a break for the newsroom but will be right back talk and headaches. How lucky we are to have Suzy Cohen who was America's pharmacist and author of headache free with us. And -- I know we've talked about migraines -- we have a caller Bobby. -- you suffer from a parent how are you doing. Actually jumps up for a one today. Sport to ask a question on all don't give them through a good day I wake up. Maybe twice three times a week I wake up with this migraine and it's all right eyebrow. It's in the same spot every single time. -- I'm not -- really a whole lot of medication that would take some allergy medicine. Com -- -- -- net debt is I mean put these headaches skewed so bad it's sometimes rocket Jakob talks or goodies that BA. And it just doesn't -- Are -- your mind you but here but it it's just I've only seen a migraine. He has not. You know have different features of the heated rhetoric or -- you wake up and other related change in over -- high approval yes. It will -- right -- but a lot of times. On the pain will be but above the right probably -- fields of the Beck -- my neck. -- I think it's maybe decide this is Ron dirt bag -- -- but a lot of times -- Jewish rob bag there and at saint saying that all of my and feel all in the -- mark it down wars. Area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I would try -- -- out fairly well. On the troubles some things and then try to figure out what you and I -- is not a word that is -- happened in the -- Whether -- even get them if you have a alcohol and I wake -- one. Org and com I'm not the drinker ami wrote it was not that what about all. Why things -- that happened -- I -- something. That triggering that you're not inning every single thing we need to meet the fact that there's some things happening. That you're getting up making you wake up miserable like -- I would I'll ask your doctor you can buy it hand you know. And and that. Gentlemen. It wouldn't -- -- -- wake up and all night in the it was one year high. Or. Senior high and I would think cluster. I found me like at its war. -- super shall not -- -- -- -- -- more. Of the blood vessels around your dad or your muscles from them. Torture. -- -- -- Well below -- 11. -- that many guys -- are right. -- and not. My -- Period. And obedient paid for that information. Using. Your -- caddie like. And it. You're not latter. It made something posture related I don't know eat me. Of the airy fairy gentle chiropractor. Don't let -- it was -- hazard that you not. Just you know you got -- without their immediate and use it. On something like that. You know might be helpful because again and isolated you're waking up with on occasion and sounds like it's not in the higher hurrying -- which is great I'm glad that. You know more external. 408 in the different from tracks. Even a couple of hot towel or a cold towel and apply. The area. Yeah a lot a lot of arms com. Both four days ago grow one point six market laudable that I'll sleep. I immediately went straight to the show and turned on our challenge is certain at about twenty minutes that that out war Ronald why it's. In fact there is what he's Tuesday that Mo most you know -- that and wait for it to its. And -- yeah it could it be I'm just curious. That he is sleeping in the wrong position or wrong kind of -- Yeah excellently could be I mean not -- EB and you might well try -- -- the -- you couldn't buy it. A health food store or online. Internet you can -- They figured pack in the back then you're -- and then you know under or and you're -- And feel how that works but -- just the fact that response to teach out of the bottom line green like that are now a lot of on you can imagine so -- and I talked about unity you know good luck QBQ. Well thank you for calling him. Yes Bobby thank you very much let's go to Michael because. You brought up but Susie cluster headaches I think that's what Michael wants to know amount. In two clusters are optional so sorry your -- -- -- Michael com. Yes it is about clusters. -- Yeah. Sorry I do about Michael are still up but there there is hope. How many years how do you. Articles. If -- one. For. I -- that I'll -- it and get them and that it. Adam like that. And yet know. Who do you do you. Eat food with -- like Brad and options in our program. Vietnam. In the -- dairy milk and -- -- yet that -- OK it's too simple free. Saying would be illuminate both. And go -- more keenly diet which are being more -- right. Any kind of you'll want to accept. You know deli -- No below -- no and a Catholic app -- you -- -- -- trash chickens and heat in the session archer. And fruit fruit collectibles. Are and he'd probably okay. Right probably okay. But I'd probably get rid of all the other stops on you drink -- -- -- No no well look at. It and actually it it out at one -- -- -- -- -- That should be that's been a problem for the 1991. Tiny attic for book I talk about shouldn't matter which has me because there and that we eat. Rape her body's level -- -- me. We thank you hit it means and means allergy itchy eyes runny nose. -- mean can trigger cluster. And you have to -- read leasing and and that's hard for me. -- I urge you eat these would include a flat as saying shuttle if you're not mad at me telling you to go out and dairy. Then. Help you because these you know are terrible and people -- in the -- don't realize. These feel like you've got stabbed in the would I. Kind of -- So what Jack in cute shouldn't around the horrible when. Cheney. That is catastrophic like but -- how he'd written -- in the arm. Much room practiced meet likes chocolate hot dog the lobby been like that. Are all rich and that means also alcohol. High end can be a problem or from people. I'll tell me you know can be a problem parity right now. The Easter to you want to get rid. Incredible. And then I was I sweeteners. Yep definitely that goes without artificial why would you put something in your body urged. I think you'll see some improvement -- that -- your doctor about buying over the counter. Brand of melatonin. Because that -- natural. We hormone your brain may. And and people with cluster headaches very low so that you see three to six milligrams which is a hideout for melatonin email will. -- -- Stewart I get it checked the report hearing hi Eric and Alex Cora and he help people who helped cluster headaches out here oxygen -- you can get oxygen tank. Did on the frontier house with them a few hours and people who we prepare. Really -- a lot better and I'm confident if you follow my advice here. Clean up your diet really committed about that you would really alleviate these are not sure that all the other I'd seen it. -- -- What it would stretch on it. Leo odd you know could have gotten a warning -- umpire and now. Like yeah. And I now or if you cut the power of you know. Right. There. -- -- -- the call. Well -- or Michael we appreciate this called very much Susie one more break stay with this will be right back cures for headaches. One thing Suzy Cohen so much for being with us a whole hour we're not done we still have more information about to. Headaches she has one chapter before we get to the thyroid issue. You called it a mystery headaches -- But what is that. Conglomeration of very different topic the people wouldn't do they how they were real tree and over. Again and because there was a lightning storm. And we -- -- nobody out why odor -- capture what was there. We -- our. -- -- and you can get from having. In light of the biggest thing for minors. Sometimes actually we're in extra at the very individual -- I talked about I am having merit or traumatic brain injury. Chapter in the -- different site that had it. People are happening and they don't realize that there acted as something in chips will. Would help would be to me you know that interest in. Know that that is bearing interest at the thing about so sex can give you a headache or. The headache is what prevent you from -- the. -- so what's it like the endorphins the feel the -- can help. Reduced the change he a migraine coming on and children are. There -- -- -- there are mobile word. The other -- -- get in are all so you can. Usually. Hand at the point aren't aren't. They get a -- again like. You know a problem because they're bitter sweet and and it can be corrected. Yeah and I hit it objects are all about in the Mike. Again pictures there even. Very good line no and she is she told me in the break that she has a new book where we're gonna do that another time on thyroid. But it's the connection to headaches. Yeah I talk about the new book by healthy and so we can talk about here because he will quietly as -- People were -- by age -- older. -- told. Change or you've got caught. The -- or whatever. And kill and -- a lot of work late on to trap and the change in the case that their old chronic fatigue gender -- out there. -- I enter -- drug after drug. And it. Will. Be able extra call your doctor is that the up and Whitney and a -- not properly. Darren why the problem attracting America. -- scanner that helped. Using -- called ER age as the plot and it and Robert are the very actively you -- -- -- for Rupert -- three. Freak he unreliable and other top cop about it are healthy what you want to conquer the problem. But I can't supplement saying we're natural. Supplement or replace enter. -- You can natural compound -- On the matter. Today are you for different purposes we're in the popular culture neutral writer for. But by article form a pirate form that we will and people very active and some others that he supported well. Can make that occurred occurred two G three which is really what you want. KP. Initial numbers and I -- I -- I need a kind of where we Sheila she yogurt should definitely. Makes you feel warmer your colleague a Colbert are here -- Seek re election will. -- Gilbert. You know that is really fascinating and it's exact I couldn't root team or -- probably many people. Many women I've talked to I never even thought of thyroid but that the other issues there facing that's what they're looking at when in fact what -- -- saying could help alleviate it. Yeah and make good on you but I'm going -- Dot com that support our mind three of -- -- the world lack broadcasting news. Cheney are today currently at night where they sign. Back silently. Dot com don't Eric thirty -- -- it and pop it up about five to accurately. -- ever thought -- on the computer. This is perfect I cannot thank you enough Suzy Cohen we will have you back with you'll come back we'd love it. Thank you are thank you everyone not stay with us we'll be right back.