WWL>Topics>>5-15 4:35pm Sports Talk: NBA Playoffs Conference Finals

5-15 4:35pm Sports Talk: NBA Playoffs Conference Finals

May 15, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk about the NBA Conference Finals with Michael Lee, the Washington Post Wizards Beat.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael Lee Johnson I have -- talk about the Eastern Conference. Semi finals at night with a Washington Wizards face elimination the other night. Could've played a better game dominated glance. And dominated the game Michael Lee was washed it with that beat writer for the Washington Post. Michael what's the -- in DC right now going through is crucial game six. Well they media work odd dimensions that negate it they're all here you win it all. It -- it ain't that -- compared they've all been on the places that the theory that only one injury. And all that both these and and figure out what to do. To try to get a win and it is so like Mark Richt sat there. He would negate it for the Indiana couples they break and he got older. He could be eat whatever reason. Why he went. Now Michael look at it obviously the last game. When you -- wall and how well he shot and but today -- -- economy and it. That and he truly when a meeting room and evaluate what they needed to do and I think -- -- -- tonight we need to go down low. And and I could be you know so. Outside happy as far as launching the three ball mark urges first thing's for his penetration. Again at the big guys noble will what did you take -- that. On March quickly really -- you know we -- able to put it up right away. I you know what we get the first two at the -- he was ready to attack the black and that the what they they are -- about begat. If you get him involved early -- be accurate that night and that that's what happened to look at the game that it is one of the theory. The clinic exit Roy Hibbert the ball and Whitney -- in the currently being too. They scored 48 when I mean if you get QB and they played our leader on that part Ernie and turner attacked and Blair. But in his game and watch it he had a cola six point. Then he but he never guy he touches and it didn't really get that same effort so. I think with the -- they've been adamant that out in most heated it is it's marcher from the day. And you know the fact it's one of competing on that's going to be -- that you won it they all went opened things up for everybody. Now Michael this is still NBA topic but what is your take were you surprised as a number of people Steve Kerr. In signing our -- little more than Golden State Warriors Warriors is that an -- Timmy Timmy. He's obviously going more to a contender but. And that's kind of humbling when you turn your back a new York and and go gonna. A Golden State team I think the only they can't handle that. What you hit eighth game. On -- is a credit. Eat it -- your day. The creek is tremendous weaker bat -- never -- maybe eighty. Forty Utley -- -- that is a yes but it's over mark acted. It's earlier coach hitters are taking it you know just that and beard. -- out there or what he being a -- Thought he -- he added that the ticket money where every non B&B -- go they'd be an art. W -- pressure. And he's from California. About -- -- at the deal with the function of the -- to attack in the main post mediocre. So what you know in the rob probably -- the fox and you know date though -- And is always there you know all the promise he made it feel about it -- and you -- write the -- In. Net roster. And the and the things that you know through initially. -- it's a much more to it situated. And when they wanna get some money to be a coach. You can't bet -- -- not good out of the low to be an opportunity to Wayne would go to New York I'll do it. Buehrle. That it be at the packaging so. Michael -- for the Washington Post current tonight's game six between the Wizards and the pace is Mike how -- folks probably ought to. Michael thank you so much as always great stuff are -- all right this is WW.