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May 15, 2014|

Dozens of fast food workers hit local streets to protest the minimum wage. They are demanding that they be paid $15 an hour, saying they can’t survive on minimum wage. Should the minimum wage be raised or should people work to raise themselves above the wage? If the price of items that are produced by mainly minimum wage workers rose to give them a raise…would you still buy the product?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening -- welcome to our show on this Thursday night we are just getting started because earlier tonight to real issue and over Barack and playing on WL and LSU beat Auburn. Ten to nothing sixteenth shut out for -- issue which is a school record. And also leads the nation in terms of shut out this year game two between LSU and Auburn is tomorrow night's first pitch is at 6 o'clock you'll hear that right here on their VW. And again tomorrow night will be on right after issue and Auburn wraps up. JC is hit and kicked his wife beyoncé by his side and it is sister in -- the wonders assaulting him in an elevator. Video from this assault. It is all over the world now this was not a private moment but I've heard people argue that it should have been a private -- here's the -- blog tonight typical talk about. JC's elevator fights. Was not a private moments and we've got video of the the heat of -- part saying that he is actually beaten -- the the that the fight with -- didn't fight back -- Jaycee and his sister -- loss of life and has posted with the blog go on our website at WW dot com and here's our -- -- a project opinion poll tonight. I should being in a hotel elevator be considered a private moment. -- opinion by going to our website WW dot com also tonight let's talk about the food fast food workers who hit the local streets in the New Orleans area. A to protest the minimum wage. They're demanding the minimum wage be raised to fifteen dollars an hour and you just heard David Blake and our newscast say that this was an idea that came from the mayor of Seattle. Who is proposing that the minimum wage in the city of Seattle not just for city workers but for everybody who works for business in the city limits of Seattle. But the minimum wage be raised to fifteen dollars an hour it's probably somewhere around nine dollars and cowering in Washington State. The current minimum wage here in Louisiana and the minimum wage around the country is 725 an hour the main complaint is that people can't survive on minimum wage. Should minimum wage be -- and if you order a business from what would you do if you had to pay your employees. A higher minimum wage. Also part of this discussion is a lot of people don't deserve. An increase in the minimum wage. You're gonna be rewarding. Behavior that should not be rewarded. And I I talk specifically about something that happened yesterday. In a big box store to the Kmart. In Metairie. I go. I go in there because they have good prices on a couple of things that I get. But every single time I go and here. I see the absolute. Lacy -- Workers. Collectively they are absolutely the latest work I've ever seen I don't understand how they even have a job. And yesterday afternoon when -- pick up a couple of items. And did the check -- line was open. And -- Walked into the checkout line pass that'd be the girl who is at the register passed her when I I got in line she was working with the candy but she was also on our phone. Was she didn't immediately get offer phone stop working with the can't. I stood there. And she finally got a phone and then slowly and I mean very slowly walked around the counter. -- even grieving has started to check me out. Now -- -- could have been having a bad day. It certainly is true but there's something consistent about that particular store. It just amazes me that these people even have a job. And it's a minimum wage was raised. They don't deserve it they're going to be rewarded for a pathetic performance at work. And I once worked for minimum wage. It wasn't enough. So I wanted to do better than minimum wage and isn't that the goal shouldn't individuals were to rise above. Minimum wage. Now for those of you who were making minimum wage I'm sympathetic. Especially if you do good job and you deserve minimum a minimum wage increase. Some people do to server I would hope that businesses would reward those people who deserve. An increase. Unfortunately there -- lot of companies you can buster but for a company and they won't necessarily give your race. Companies don't wanna share their province and this is a capitalist society. And there are a lot of a lot of reasons to believe the race in the minimum wage is not the right thing to do. So again if you're not happy with the minimum wage why wouldn't you try to. Worked. In an area where you didn't have to make minimum wage -- not I'm not saying that that's easy. But when I started out working minimum wage and and maybe you did as well I never thought that this was a career. I never thought that this was acceptable. And -- -- enough. I wanted more. So I worked to get more. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy and a text amber is -- 77. From dolce Stephen your own description good evening. Good in they're just gonna replace people with Shia the majority you know they should keep personal. That -- occur and there are going to be. Salt in our country it really hurt there and I. Chamblee. You know -- gospel thing like that they just can't afford to take our sport ought not picking out our. I don't know that I don't know that bus boys in service employees would make minimum wage they don't now I I don't know if that would change. -- in the state of or again I do note that that wait staff and bus boys. I'm still receive minimum wage in addition to their tips but I don't know if that's something that -- change here Steven do you work for minimum wage or did you. I have in the past like you order. Light is not a career. It's similar to Eastern Europe they give -- and waiter announced this to happen pretty. A lot of people Americans realize that and gain power workers strike. Paul aren't in at first it. Began in Greek people keep Clinton Era Eastern Europe but you know and they are -- 45. You know that -- -- majority are. Government reports that the print out there protesting at the bigger issue in America or not -- right fifteen dollars. If there's truth of the matter that's so beautiful but this group. It's not about the -- Whether the inclusion in college football and yeah I push it now. George Soros or not push it does now. Across the that's great. But -- -- point for the listeners is to realize that they are right -- shifting out about eight dollars an hour sir. Jobs in the I'll. Career job. Like at right. And -- and omni point it felt that. The bigger issue inflation court. For their oil. That are popping. In -- stimulus dollars that they're back. -- our program cutting their I would were coming getting into another topic here's Steve. But that actual -- probably the chicken or -- inflate the bigger problem. For an increased with each but it they would cut the quantitative easing or -- Well there's so they're -- they're still going to be a minimum wage whatever it is. Like -- -- the economy often they're not gonna. Move -- is -- you know when the for on court. That people realized that quantitative. That the terrorists are doing it's -- into the victory. For our conduct. I'll play -- is also affecting the middle class that's why this is a different don't serve and not just our minimum point she should. Even I have to accord and called -- a little bit -- I appreciate you calling. Thanks to listen. Up from reserved shock your institutional WL. A group. All call you know one thing that most people don't realize that these consumer. You know going into these companies that -- -- -- you know you get that -- -- -- -- -- they -- You know all I mean -- that group of Spain -- -- well and so that that. And and the fact is. Is the minimum wage -- would be. Like people get into the workforce. In order and -- that somebody. They like. In all it and you know espanola and make their way. -- AI I I thought about my opinion of minimum wage when I was working minimum wage where I served for started to bagging groceries at a grocery store. It never occurred to me while I can just get forty hours a week then I guess second you know the figure out how to have a family. Now what of course it was it enough and it it shouldn't be enough -- look I I sympathize with those people who are trying to make it on minimum wage. But I don't know that raising the minimum wage is gonna solve the problem. It's not it's not because all gonna do is gonna make inflation go and in what happened is. It is when you keep getting it you know because everything Hillary what they. So it it it never really out square. Make -- -- weight is going to be able to make it's not that and be able. We -- to have a light at all and what you thought they know it has some are probably at all. You know probably as well it is and that. For the most part it's not the -- drove the ball -- the rest you mean like begat a 25 -- That that in Genesee -- that. To. You know I mean it was kind of ludicrous -- acting at twelve -- -- and at work. It out or trying. And chuck -- glad you called I mean these are all legitimate points about raising the minimum wage if if you're young. Instead of demanding that the minimum wage be raised before you get married before you start a family. Understand that the minimum wage is not something that you're supposed to -- it's an entry level. Wage. And for those who are are so quick to. It because they wanted to think of it in a negative wafers for -- course so quick to to label me a liberal. This is not a liberal stance on this issue. I'm just -- a liberal I would tell you but there's so many things like this. That I do not have. Liberal views about. Raising the minimum wage. That make it impossible for me to be honest with you wouldn't say that I'm a liberal again if -- -- I was I I I tell you. So we're talking about raising the minimum wage and I'm sure you'll agree with me that there are so many people who don't deserve. An increase in the minimum wage. And I'll I'll tell you this this is and this is an honest observation from somebody who is from here. But he's lived around the country. And maybe you've experienced the same thing. Minimum wage workers. In other parts of the country. Are collectively better. Than minimum wage workers here. And that's not just my opinion. Well I guess it is my opinion but if you if you if you go around the country if you travel. You'll notice that in some parts of the country minimum wage workers are better than they are here. And we need to get off our butts and work as hard as we can't. And you don't get more because you work harder if you work harder that ideally. You get more. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Our text number six of the 87 and I'm studio we'll be right back on WWL what an amazing night it sure doesn't feel like it's made the fifteenth and as part of the country I hope your public it out and enjoys a beautiful day today it looks like tomorrow and the weekend are going to be sensational. Here's an update on -- WW project opinion poll tonight. I should being in a hotel elevator be considered a private moment 79% say no 21% say yes. Give your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com we're talking about it elevator a fight where Jaycee was hit and kicked by is -- -- -- -- In a hotel elevator in New York City we're also talking about dozens of fast food workers at the local streets. To protest the minimum wage I think back when I was working for minimum wage it never occurred to needed to get married and try to support them. So before you get to that point understand that no matter how high the minimum wages. You should be able to do better. And the ramifications. That result from raising the minimum wage might actually make the minimum wage. A moot point. Now part of this is the result of of greed in America I understand here's a text that refers to -- today with the unemployment rate. Many people were these jobs as a living. McDonald's pace adult managers -- ten dollars per hour in stores grossing 2.5 million owned by millionaires. It would be great. If if Americans were less treaty. And as a nation we are greedy maybe you're not but they're a lot of Americans are -- They are Americans who don't wanna share. Their profits and I'm sure they apart court capitalist attitude is we don't have to know you don't have to. But I can't imagine working for a company. And making a lot of money. And not trying to provide a better living to those people who were working for me. But that's me. And then maybe that's why I'm not a business owner because that's my mentality and maybe can't have that kind of mentality if your business. I also think that part of this conversation is a lot of minimum wage workers do not deserve a race. If you were to join Russia with a comic -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday. At a text number is 87870. Here's a text when the minimum wage is raised something else has to be raised to make up work it's not going to solve anything get off your lazy blank. And try harder to find a better job from until Richard your under the WL good evening. Here although he Richard. -- -- Believers in a goal -- -- one of those elderly people talk. I played via payroll work ways. Hand -- they work or maybe they can become. Or that there -- absurd as you. -- bottle opener he'll make it live -- they're due back at the one thing. And make Wal-Mart that. There were demagogue sport and nickel and all of them make -- career. No my daughter. Make -- -- wagering -- error I did you know hopefully you don't know what they're there. -- -- -- -- A pocketbook. Weighs one day I call. You all. You know what you do the job the job done it and. -- yeah Richard do you remember starting out making minimum wage. War. When -- -- problem attempt to talk about that. And -- nor did it ever occur to use it I just I just got to get a minimum wage increase or did it occur to you that you needed to -- try to find something better. Oh yeah Malia. Are all being. And -- at the top you know by. You know the way -- -- you know you know the way back. Need to go. Out there and dump artwork. -- They built and get the right. You what do they -- And that they'll. Be you know -- -- a god lord had. Quote the lord it. They don't sweat or duplicate. It in. -- -- Richard I appreciate the call sounds like era a good dad and giving the right message to your daughter but there are a lot of hard working minimum wage workers out -- But there are a lot of them who do not deserve a race and they may be -- is Richard is suggesting that are making the most noise. The field they're entitled to the race but to raise the minimum weight you should be happy at minimum wage period. But there are a lot of people who were part of a minimum wage. But nobody should be happy with -- you should always wanna do better for the lake front -- year under the WL. I didn't the market share -- -- about minimally eight yeah. I click the circles let's start oh well that's okay. All but write about it because I. Apparently years ago. And he excellence and he wanted out and corporate I'm used to. Well I want the circle let's -- our. And I do get a late start and it. God who has worked in the -- -- the action. He had it. Mean we are all are currently not under the trop and outlet allowed -- you all I really do. And he probably you know we didn't let me down -- you waiting so he took -- now. And he took. Me in my comic shop go to college you. Bet your main -- and -- no kidding me and an act that what I needed the curtain on the market. But there definitely worker actually a wall because he went out. And be on it -- the script. And and -- and even though management doesn't have to give him a race. Management all the business owner should not be so greedy that they don't get somebody like that and include. Yeah and it and we -- and like you say you went to Kmart and affair with our herbal and you hit that right to call him out. I can have the right call -- -- heard an. Out because he would be on top. -- you're up an -- the directly or will it work I make good. Black and he had. Com I don't think we read -- look at. The whole picture. You're stepping yelled out you're job description and a lot mentally workers do not want it to get it they act. -- -- -- A. Eventually you will be rewarded -- might not be from from that company that -- working for potential he'll be rewarded because that's your attitude. And that attitude is gonna get too far in life. -- and I'm saying about mentally -- -- talking point we don't want it stay there. But if you do at one particular marker that is -- and you know wait you people watching him he may be in the being -- well into the company. And not what you'd in the you're not in -- but I will. In the door and -- want and that you know I'm going to be cut TBA is he's really helped me out -- -- a wonderful -- Damn right I appreciate it. I appreciate the story and it's it's good to hear those kind of stories. And yes some -- -- and I'll agree that it can -- up -- -- into -- jumping point because. -- to take a lot more. I would and the Olympic and -- not optical looks and will aren't. At the work. Out well because I'm you know you. You don't want to go to college. Well you Google chose to go to work and -- -- and now you know why this is not an excuse. By any civil or an -- into going to building and so it would be -- quietly used it is. You can people really mobile -- -- Why should I should be created in trouble there should be an incentive to move on because the minimum wages is so low nobody should be happy at that level. No end like -- say it's a shame that come out very good work although -- looked -- and it's meant and like I say this particular gender broke. He hit that day and it is not welcome because I don't need to go back and history he's got out of it after that -- -- tell me. You know that's another thing that we really should do as consumers we should do we should be as willing to compliment somebody on a good job as we are willing to complain about somebody who -- They need an appendectomy PS Shalala pick it up and I'd say you know what I'll withdrawal because I don't complain if I hit it it certainly. I'm glad to stop it still -- and -- didn't know what he'd do it out -- report. Debra I appreciate you calling. Are. Due to. That's part of this conversation as well. Business owners and managers. Should reward those who do a better job. That would circumvent the whole argument about raising the minimum wage rewarding those who deserve it and then those who don't deserve it. They don't get it. I -- minimum wage workers who do a great job but I see far too many minimum wage workers as you do to. The don't deserve the due to -- race. -- That they that the cell phone is an incredible thing but. -- I just can't imagine working. And being -- myself. I can't imagine just hang -- on the phone winners Acosta in for enemy and having a conversation on my cellphone while I'm supposed to be working. And that seems to be normal practice with with a lot of people. Here's a -- racecar you took the words right out of my mouth. A minimum wage workers. I have for me would prefer to spend their life on video games. And complain about their job. Or take a week off because it's their birthday. Then complain about everyone else. Wanting to do the same thing saying that they do all the work I've come to work do your job picture pay. It's an entry level job go to school get for training get a better job. Quick I'll get a better job quit complaining. And don't compare. What you do an entry level to whites I -- was a general manager not even close. I agree with that. There what's the argument for raising the minimum wage. It seems like we're we're giving people a reward. Who don't really deserve to be toward it and that's something that we can't do. It's almost as if it's part of the whole entitlement mentality in America. You're not entitled to anything. -- think -- entitled to his life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You're not entitled to the job you want and and and get off the cellphones. But I also plead with with business owners and managers who were in a position to to reward those workers who do a good job. I plead with you to give them ovaries. And hopefully that would inspire others who work for you. To do a better job. And if word gets around. That you're going to give somebody more money. The other than the best people at other businesses. Other companies that it would come work for you. The best minimum wage workers if they know you're gonna pay more. They're gonna wanna come work for you. And I would hope that I would hope that that consumers. Would reward those businesses. That do have the best workers. Receive we -- if we were -- Dan then there -- a better position to reward the workers. And I love this idea that we we take as much time to time to give positive reinforcement to compliment. Those people who. Compliment those people who do good job and not just be quick to complain about those who don't do a good job. If you what did you an issue with a comic tonight numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a text Amber's age 7870. This is the -- show on a Thursday nights -- will be right back on WWL should being in a hotel elevator or be considered a private moment having JC is thinking about that himself and his sister in law. So allies should that be a private moment that's -- WW property your opinion poll tonight. And here's a quick update at 80% say no it's not a private moment only 20% say yes it is. -- shipping by going to our web site to -- -- hero -- from battery Don says she's a Kmart manager Don welcome to dispute -- How good. Are you the night. And I. Caught part. You're so early. In the continent came in and I don't know which annually into. Buying. On the Kmart. I wish to apologize he do. Because -- Kmart customer satisfaction. Is our number one priority. -- I really think it's great that you that you called in it to say that and and if that's the attitude that Kmart has -- in people's need to know. I can tell you that this particular story it's it's not my job to a mention of business in particular to beat up on a business but. Mean it just it amazes me that I consistently go in this store. And it is the absolute worst work ethic and I have ever seen. Anywhere and I should stop going there but I go there because there -- a couple of items that I get their that are less expensive than in the regular grocery store. So right I do go there are so I guess I'm rewarding them but I'm absolutely astounded that. Consistently. There's such apathy among the workers and personally I don't think those workers deserve an increase in minimum wage. And that your opinion and everyone's entitled to it like I -- I don't know which one you win in. Well I like I like knowing it's because the next time I do. Then I'm going to ask for management and just give some constructive criticism. And -- also find out who the regional managers and if that's not the attitude of of of Kmart but if that's what Kmart managers allowing to happen then that shouldn't be allowed. Well. -- that you know -- -- now at the bottom of the seat it cult member bat. Well you know and I don't look at that. And you go in line -- Her comment I mean I want and do whatever content whatever you need to do good or -- So that corporate -- Then they'll get into it store managers that they know what's going -- -- Blue dog -- your your phone call has made me think differently about Kmart in general. And I'm better I'm gonna do what I can't to. Just to express my opinion in Tennessee if if things change it did is it came up because it's capitalize the first woman actually mentioned weird happened. But -- this talk about raising the minimum wage and I thought man yesterday this employee and -- any -- can have a bad day but consistently. There are relieved lazy. Apathetic employees at it what they're apathetic employees. Everywhere in society but at this particular spot I just noticed that it was it was consistent and a while dispersing could have been having a bad day I don't think people like that to serve and an increase in the minimum wage. But I appreciate your call to. I didn't want -- -- and you know how that you would give a second chance to me and yet. It happened and forward Glenn orbit. Make compartments you know to mark back. And that should be my responsibility as a consumer and I -- older -- it quite often I do and -- in this particular case I'm just went ago. And I should -- but I will do it don't appreciate you calling. -- If you wanna join Russia with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Recently Texas seats -- the 870 abort your -- coming appeared just a moment let's go uptown alliger on WWL. Taste here retiree right now. Well I'm surprised that he he felt like. And industrial revolution. Air capitalist pig and make you. You don't understand it. If you have apathetic. Employees who. Rather sell -- equality should be treated like customer base be fired I agree it's not it's not their fault. Did it -- their behavior like at a management ball. Let's two and I still agree. So so if -- and at all -- it can't. Be minimal wage worker. I didn't say cut the minimum wage I don't wanna give it increased to those workers who are doing their job with mismanagement not their job well. I don't wanna cut and nobody increase. -- -- -- -- I'm not saying cut the minimum wage I don't wanna give them a race. I don't wanna cut. But anyone gonna wanna cut it. I don't know I really hadn't thought about it. There were I don't think this this person who would this person who wait on -- yesterday and an occasionally run into people like this. They deserve less than they're getting. Now I. I think he should be finder I agree with Bartlett and forget. Basically fired -- work it management's fault it's not the workers all the workers can't make it -- on an -- So what went well regulated -- -- you don't work hard until you make more money. Now you have well let me put it that way -- if you can't make a living on the when you're working you're gonna disrespect the wager working. -- might give -- -- right well some people might but my theory is you work hard and apply yourself and then you do better in life period. Put extra bullet train as it hit the reasonable purpose for minimum wage it because it ought to be minimal amount at which you can live. And when your content is this. That's not what I that's not what that was never my impression of minimum wage and capitalist society. -- It's it's where you start out -- got to get to -- mentally to call. If you -- -- join our show with your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 866889087. Texas states having is that. I know there's a lot of minimum wage workers out there on what you know what -- make more work harder. Now you work harder and then you get paid more your wide receiver in the NFL you what the big contract you work harder and that's what you get the good contract. You don't start catching more passes when you get the big contract. I'm scoot it academic bureau that moment with that -- his wife beyoncé and his sister loss alive issue hotel in New York City where. His sister and Lon. -- team hands and -- and slapped him. I was at a private moment that's -- -- -- a party jaguar opinion poll tonight also talk more about that in the next hour stood blog tonight is titled JC elevator fights. Was not a private moment and we got the video of the fight with our website all of that -- to -- if you don't count. Opera like his parish Jennifer you're on the scan showed that he. -- ain't getting it -- listen armed struggle for the pole. Know that it's not a private moment they're very rarely maladies in enterprise it. Without a cellphone and on a video camera and things going on telling that bracket. Like the Tilde Tilde customer service in the minimum wage. I have gone to Kmart. A couple of arms my parents actually. Sometimes I get really good service sometimes I get very -- service and I think it's anywhere you go. It does it mean at the -- people who work. Because bill had industries are very hard at full and being like pitch it doesn't. I don't think it for the people be at port service. You know. Big should the other people who work hard should be channel. And and it's going to be hard to give some people. A -- and some people that old. I see it I'll -- should be given constable. And -- out the people. Adam and even don't work well -- customer relations or lack. I just get -- GAAP. Because it's kind of girl I -- -- excellent actor -- a lack. I -- service 90% of the -- at any. That it -- air act work in in Orleans parish taught me here everywhere. And 9% of it and make battles services pork. Go to raising Cain now. And if there is totally. Different they taught to differently. Don't know if everything changed it's that -- able. Which -- like the better -- -- better cut but people I don't know but. I'm gonna have to get to a news break here but I really -- brought up which you brought up that it -- and thank you very much for listening and I'm going to call. If that's the case in the place that pays more is where everybody wants to work if indeed you really wanna work hard -- do you wanna just be lazy. And get a raise anyway. We'll be back.