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May 15, 2014|

Dozens of fast food workers hit local streets to protest the minimum wage. They are demanding that they be paid $15 an hour, saying they can’t survive on minimum wage. Should the minimum wage be raised or should people work to raise themselves above the wage? If the price of items that are produced by mainly minimum wage workers rose to give them a raise…would you still buy the product?

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I just listen to the forecast in our newscast and it sounds like a forecast that was so I'm. It was actually first done in October and we're just accidentally re playing it and it's may fifteenth. And it's cool it was very pleasant today it's difficult tonight very nice tonight it's not a technically a full -- -- it's a beautiful moon hanging up in this guide. Where -- in the country after you can see that it's not cloudy also it looks like the weekend is going to be just sensational so get out and enjoy it. It breaks my heart to see the says these two bodies that were thrown from a car -- your park. We get the story our web site WW dot com. Apparently they're pregnant of course when as a bunny not pregnant. And their lakes were tied together so their legs are broken and I'm looking at pictures that we have on our web site. It shows these bodies that it's now up in the taking care of and apparently they're gonna be okay good samaritan witnessed these two young -- thrown from the car. And laugh in your part they're still trying to find out who did this. Whoever did this is a very very disturbed. Individual. And this person needs to be found. And severely. Punished. But it breaks my son -- a dwarf body for a long time. I'm -- I actually took it with -- -- technically he could keep it at home so like nine to located at one point he broke his leg. It -- cage. And had hit the leg amputated and he lived for many many years after that ignited it all could take care of and so this really that touches. A soft spot in my heart -- CDs these ponies. Thought to myself a blog on our website at WW dot com is titled JC elevator fight which is not a private moment. And we've got the video of this senseless beating of cheesy by his sister in law. In the elevator that's poster with our blog at W dot com you can read -- with others. I give us your opinion if you like and also here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Should being in a hotel elevator be considered a private moment. 73% say no 27%. Say yes. Give your opinion Michael and Debbie if -- dot com and we'll give you an update on net. As we continue to try to pull through or shall I -- and our newscast it to dozens of fast food workers hit local streets of New Orleans area to protest the minimum wage. They're demanding the minimum wage be raised fifteen dollars an hour from the current. Spotted -- 77. Dollars and 25 cents an hour. The main complaint is people can't survive on minimum wage and I think Beckel and I sort of working for minimum wage it never occurred to me that while now I got a job. I've got minimum wage I guess like you should buy some money and get married in and start a life. -- you know it's supposed to do that. Its entry level. Now. I would plead. -- Managers. And owners. Takes a moment ago said that the job of the general manager is to get the most. Out of the least workers. And that's true. And there are times when American greed. Does get in the way of of being. A real human. However there are so many minimum wage workers who don't deserve the increase. That by giving minimum wage workers and increase your rewarding poor behavior. You're rewarding the bad attitude. And that's something we should do. But he Europe if you're a business owner. If you reward those workers who do a better job and weed out those who don't. Then you'll find quality workers I would think that the system would work if you're known as somebody who pays a little more. Then other people gonna want to work for you so the best workers from other businesses are gonna wanna work for you. And I don't buy this idea that well you know I don't make enough to work hard. Mean I remember my own life starting out. And I worked hard and got the attention of management. And so I wished bracken bottles and bagging groceries. And -- better offer from another store. Well -- it was working for wanted to keep me. So they sent me to the a cash register training school. So I can be bumped up to. A cashier at the grocery store they're no longer was -- -- bottles and sweeping in bagging groceries I was at the register. And that was the direct result. Of hard work and somebody else going to hire. That's the way the system is supposed to work. And you're not entitled to a race if you don't deserve it -- to join -- show the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And our text number is 8787. Here's a Texan read so when is a bunny not pregnant when they date Hugh Hefner sorry -- bad joke. From Memphis Chris here on -- W targeting interest. Bad jokes. And on. And wouldn't. It's cute yeah I'll let you -- -- And that's what -- portal and yet somebody texted. Eight McDonald's restaurant big growth and -- like Bob million dollars to pay a lot of points something out. And because my family we had eight. We had a concession business we've been business owners and felt like nine now pretty much my home off from a contractor for transportation company. Well the point something out -- it. -- That's not a true figure OK let's start with the fact number one. Most of most of these threats on our franchise -- okay. There is a great business partner do have to answer the corporate. -- corporate corporate did not come into that building -- very -- he has take the money. Oh. First beat at least the oil and that the buildings -- commentary in the bill the -- and stop the building without the equipment. They have as the as the restaurant is open and you've got to keep your inventory go and you -- -- Taxes on every employee in our worker. They have. Compensation. Insurance for every employee. Look at the taxes that you take this city look at the other taxes that cheap -- the need for them to have your inventory -- entry. Being you. And being. Every single. Question on being for any. Patron who stepped foot properly it would -- trying to make. I understand Chris that there's a lot that goes into owning a business but there there are there are business owners. That really could afford to give better employees more money per hour. Well now and I agree with that and it goes back to what you are deeper. And different something. Different. I agree with you being able. Franchise owners you know -- -- -- you know. Profit of eleven or 12%. At the end of the week in the business -- at Kroger and and everything. You know the letter that lecture he wore a lot now a bit but it's. You EU India on break point and this has more outfield that we have a problem in this country. And that is. Q pot than we want to complying when things right. But how many times do you go to the front of the store where. Wherever you're. And speak to the manager. And didn't tell them. So and so I don't I have a little she got more and how little project. At its. Worst war. And not told us that you know and come in here green building -- and to engage in saint and I should. Pages and wonderful. -- then in many times we want to complain. We take time to actually -- And it's -- that phone call or eat there as a manager and shake their hands on you're doing a great job you've got some great. Korea I -- -- -- with you and I know that they're going to be those people who would argue well I expect people to do a good job whenever award but he you know when it comes to a meal if we get a bad -- the restaurant were more likely to complain that if we. Get a good meal to take time to to complement. And I do think that if we're gonna improve the system that we as individual consumers have a responsibility to to be more forth coming. With positive reinforcement and that will let management know for sure that they're good employees are having an impact on their consumers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How about we call home. -- tell you can step that can step. You're competent. Not only in in your restaurant or whatever bit archery and but that we got an employee in -- able to share that story with them until I appreciate you looking out forget it's. Because it where is the counselors. Companions and and I appreciate it you know I really appreciate that you're exactly right ski. If it's. We in this country where we don't encourage each other enough. In Edwards -- it will look for the negative let's start concentrating on the positives. Chris I totally agree with you you know there there there are times if if -- seed. If -- -- a mother or father or Koppel with kids in in public on an airplane or restaurant. And if the kids are really well behaved quite often I will say something to them. And not just complain about those who can't control their kids that -- off and -- say something positive and we should we should do that. And especially when it comes to business is as consumers if we do that we might actually help inspire a system that does more to reward those workers who were outstanding. A -- or short and -- and having WL. I'll get -- that he deceit -- I will consider support. Minimum wage when a government recognizes and away from management and -- -- -- An extra instructor. And -- person join in the military. Have to go at least. If they thought about the basic level they've got to get through promotions that it would be a border there. So all the people that. Worried about Beckett -- you know or to. -- operating sling burgers. That incident -- a lifelong role -- -- -- And people that or challenging our country for less than minimum wage. -- about what is true to life. And I'm really glad you brought that to point out it's a good point. I'm from New Orleans Janice Iran's crucial. Yes so I couldn't. I -- the -- Two of the bodies it was shown on the hard lesson here. Now I see it looks like there lakes are wrapped up at some principles -- but it extent can I believe they were you. Even attempting. The key to life is differently a lot of people think. If you don't. I can't -- things like that I've given the death penalty. You buy those. Did you like. You know you molested child. It might consider giving you the death penalty. And that's been doing it couldn't animals I don't care what it's bunnies that kitty cat killer at the dog because whenever the end. -- -- -- They can take that was funny. And bring them yet PCA they can even get kind of moments and you could but I don't have. Yeah there's just there's. Something. Really. So sick and demented yeah it's -- -- and. Didn't Medicaid -- and you wonder it's going to harm animals need to -- -- TA. Candice I'm going to call the show out here on Paula do you stay with us this is the -- show live on Thursday night. And it is such a comfortable night I hope it's comfortable where you -- it's just a beautiful night for May fifteenth and is part of the country. If you major in Russia with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. Attacks -- -- 7870. It's a Texan reason welfare attitude coming out of the FaceBook generation. That's what it is. Is it is at the FaceBook generation. I'm sure you see what I see when it comes to minimum wage employees. Many of them don't deserve a race so why would we raise the minimum wage but then that means that businesses really should reward those workers who do go out of their way to do good job. We'll be right back at your comments on WLS. Consumers don't we have the power to start to change the cycle. Where businesses. Are not rewarding employees who do a better job. The employees to do a better job should make more money. But this idea of giving every minimum wage worker and an increase I don't like that idea because there are too many who who don't deserve it. And again if you're a minimum wage worker I can give you any advice based on my experience in life by first hand experience in life from when I started. With a minimum wage job. Is that you work hard and UW can't get noticed. An if you don't get noticed by the company you're working for. That you find another company. But this idea that you you sit back and you wait for that raised you -- for a government mandated race. I I think. Reflects the entitlement mentality that we so often talk about on the show. Argue calls abort your text coming appearance to show how we're all thrilled had mentally ill and our radio finally here at WWL. She's got some great stuff coming up on our show tomorrow at 1 o'clock open Mike. Romance novels of romance writers with a cause friends Mike together they fund -- to help women who have breast cancer. Sharing their love for storytelling and romance. Then at 2 o'clock -- -- on Friday she does and every Friday fun events around the city for the weekend it's could be a beautiful weekend. To make sure you noted it's going on also what's hot what's not at the movies and a big movies this weekend -- god zillow. And million dollar art -- Jon Hamm from mad men at 3 o'clock new -- own Cokie Roberts a three time Emmy award winning. And a political commentator for ABC news at NPR. What is her take on a big headlines today. What is Cokie Roberts -- the Renaissance of the Crescent City. That's tomorrow at 3 o'clock all of that -- Angela hill tomorrow an open mind apology during Angela hill went to fort. -- WL. From Harvey -- you're on the Scotia be needing. Yet that used to. Connie about the minimum wage. Two point that like to bring up one is supplied in the name. Because that was -- Katrina. -- Katrina. -- decaying McDonald at least call -- just bought in the open back up. They were heading in at least ten dollars and now and probably a twelve and thirteen. Because they couldn't get work. So people won't be in. -- that -- but they would make that they at least twelve and outlook that they get these businesses. -- -- OK. And I realized that was temporary you know what Judy got more -- -- change back in but still it will make in. -- in minimum wage when they came back yet supplying the median. Which is which is one problem. So that would suggest that there are too many workers available. But I but I but I don't think there are too many good workers available because when -- when I'm out while I try to recognize those who do a good job. And I'm gonna go out of my way to to talk to management about those who do a good job. There are far too many people who are not doing a good job and yet they still have the job. So if we weeded out if if management was able to weed out those who Arctic. Like the apathetic employee that I had the other day and this one place and I've gone to consistently the last. I guess couple of months and I really should not go there anymore because didn't the employees are so apathetic. If if those employees. I didn't have a job that somebody else was higher than that would help out the supply and demand theory. Right and put it to my second point scoop that you talk about the good employees. When you bought an application to go to another job -- a thing called the references. And and and then also they wanted to know what you read and believe in the company you win. And if you -- on male well I'm trying to better myself I have no chance what they're. You know but then they check your references in the -- back in the -- you -- You've -- network. You know you don't leave early you know completely. It was made you know a couple exceptions here were -- the honorable sport if you do and everything right which you want it bad yourself. And that the better chance you gonna go to another company they'll pop. Obviously -- and that these people when they put back on -- resonate and application. And they act that. Keith I'm glad you called the show it really is about supply and demand and if there are not enough good workers than the good workers that are. Discovered. Should be paid a little more I know this is an ideal world. But I still can't imagine. I just think on on the part of management as well there's been far too much tolerance. For mediocrity. And I'm honest when I tell you this minimum wage workers. In this area. As a whole. Are not as good as minimum wage workers in some of the parts of the country. And sometimes the minimum wage is not that much different it's about attitude. And if you're a parent. You teach your kids you don't sit back and do a good job when you make more money. You do a good job. And then you work to make more money. And I realized that that does -- mean you can work hard and just instantly get the job that you want it doesn't work that way. Ultimately if you have the attitude. That you gonna do a good job no matter what you're gonna do a better job that everybody else ultimately. That's gonna pay off. A west's. On every WL they were asked. At their whole family there. I will put -- on hold sometimes people get involved in other conversations while they're waiting for his. From Metairie Brian euros -- show. It's good -- to expand on this story told earlier about your experience. One of the stores report book -- retail store. And how worked an environment like that -- portly -- don't care about their job you know there apathetic toward caught the matter. -- -- Go back. They're really bad management in these people they don't know how to motivate. A double on a -- you know how to inspire that workers. It'll really get all their workers when he. You know like France it's when your cashier and nobody's there. You're supposed to sit on the in weight in spoke to just. All I have to tell you that that's something that I see and tell Rouse is downtown. If there is ever a -- it's open if nobody's at that dial. -- the stand. At the at least they stand outside of the -- the register. Waiting for you to comment. And a quick story about one of my experiences. I had the deal money managers wants in this -- -- they don't ever -- now. On the story at a very high turn over rate and not take it one day got really heated between an employee and manager. The candidate treated everywhere horrible. Eventually this word got back to the district and it and with the district edited it was he had that human resources lady call problems. And comic about you know. Come -- a report of what's going on the stool. And it didn't favor an attempt to well in but he -- it would be sent these secret shop or. And bookstore -- undercover shoppers. That worked -- the company. Enabled record video there been. Any -- are partly to deceit which apple horribly. India ought. An -- that's the way it should be. -- yeah and and I think that does have a lot to do with it but no company should have poor leadership so then the problem is finding. Finding managers. Who want to inspire people and they shouldn't be able to get away with paying people who are -- again I just I find it difficult to believe. That there are not enough good. People out there who are willing -- who are willing to to do a good job starting at minimum wage. It's strange without so they don't look at. Like it would go. -- -- we just. Brian I would agree with you on language calls show. But -- even if you don't have good leadership. If you do a good job if you have the attitude. As a young person or even this is a somebody's a bit. This is not just about minimum wage this is not just about entry level jobs this is about every job. They're people who complain that they don't like their job or their -- they're getting paid what they think they should be pay. And I realize that you can't snap your finger and get the job you want I realize it's difficult to find what you want or what you think you deserve. But the only real option that we -- Is to do the best that we can. And have a good work ethic. And have a good attitude. Even before you get the job you want. To tell you get the job you. You'll -- yourself. You have a good attitude. And if that's your attitude. You might not get the first job you want you might not get the second job -- moment it might take a little while to find a job you want. But you will find the job you want and you will find somebody who will appreciate you. But what comes first. Is your attitude and your work -- Upper Slidell John you're on WL. And John Oates and it. Brought -- -- so minimal wage jobs you guys -- kids. They -- great credit to -- in -- top job. And the employee gets attacked right from stable in the air. So you really think he's getting good -- for the kids from school. That they -- That man and respect approached -- that they know he would have -- you know. You know -- -- tax breaks. Yes he put the kids school. I mean give them jobs. And but given you know. So for me if you -- in. -- wanna -- the player itself well let me network. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Expects employees to have bow down to me your -- be like asking anybody national. -- Act -- and get tax credits aren't I root -- From grade. Yeah -- your year end and that this goes back to what I've been talking about -- is attitude. And the year. Like every place doesn't -- some some businesses have minimum wage workers and they do a good job it's because they demand that. Places that don't demand should not get any of our business and really the power ultimately ends up with the consumer. Yeah here we should we shouldn't we should. We should exact our power as consumers Biden not rewarding places that don't give good service. I'll eat every bit initiative because percent of doesn't that what too late. And that's something that doesn't cost anything. You don't got a -- That is it that's an intangible that is absolutely. Three you don't have to go to school for that you don't have to learn that. I guess to some degree you have to learn that that's something that that everybody Josh appreciate your call. Got a text a moment ago saying that they haven't heard anything about the story with the bunnies were like please tell the story. It's our website at WW dot com with picture of these these two bodies right now there at the Louisiana SP CA. And did their asking for help in identifying the suspects involved in throwing to pregnant rabbits out of the cart laughing your park. This was Tuesday afternoon a good samaritan saw these two young -- thrown from the car window. For your market both rabbits suffered broken legs I believe their legs were bound. And both were in fact pregnant. Now there's a 100 1000 dollar reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators. Of this active animal cruelty. The suspects in the case which -- only charge of aggravated cruelty to animals. It carries fines of 5000 to 25000 dollars or imprisonment. For one to ten years or both. And again the full stories on our website at WW outcome but there's there's something truly sick and demented. About anybody. And there's no excuse that anybody it would it would harm an animal in this way and throw two to play somebody called early to just turn him loose. Why would you have to type their legs open from out of the windows again it's it's just. It breaks my heart because for a long time. My -- and I handled to -- money. And the brokers like we had evident dictated but he lived for many many years after that we did the best we could it. To take care of jealousy of bunny -- like this in the same -- when you see dollar camp injured believe it really hurt you. If you're gonna join Russia with a comet tonight numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Points every text. It's a 7870. Will be right back before. Debbie WL JC elevator fight was not really a private moment -- some people live just says no this isn't fair that was a private moment. Other people have said that wind Donald Sterling -- talking to his girlfriend it was a private conversation. And it really should have gone public so -- really alone and where's that cheesy fight it and in an elevator at a hotel in New York City. Was at a private moments that's the title discuss -- talk about that after the news. At 11 o'clock in the next hour. Here's a quick update on W -- project opinion poll tonight I should being in a hotel elevator be considered a private moment 73% say no 27%. Say yes. Will be talking about the minimum wage and it doesn't have the minimum wage workers hit the streets of the -- military today. To demand that the minimum wage be raised to fifteen dollars an hour. Here's attacks from someone who says I have a fast food restaurant. And employs twelve people seven the twelve point 750 an hour which is their starting pay. One makes eight dollars more to make 850 an hour and to make nine dollars an hour. I do actually feel the minimum wage should increase over the next few years to ten dollars. But if I have to go to fifteen dollars then I would have to seriously contemplate a new line of work. No way of fast food -- he should started fifteen dollars and hour a total location manager may be but not just starting. Employee and here's another text about fast food lines are slower now than they ever have been and and half of the time the orders are wrong and the workers are -- They want a race that's a joke. That's it I mean it's a legitimate point we we all experience it. And it it it bothers me because. Where these people could go in life. If you don't have a good attitude about about work. Then you're not entitled to anything. There are people who have. Severe challenges. And I see them employed by some grocery stores. And they seem to love what they do. And they might not be able to do it as well as somebody else. But their attitude. Makes up that. And shame on anybody. Who goes to work with a bad attitude. Thinking that your doctor. You know I can ever make any more money because it if you don't do a good job I don't see how you can expect to make more money. -- you're on -- WL. -- ball. I apologize for the audience well last night when Papon went on Georgia. Tonight. Our jobs as much on war and when you -- me just gradually but -- well you know when you're -- more important and talking on the sharp Aaron and that's why -- our daughter -- Guys west of it things happen on the nobody's mad -- of. You know but you know you -- Lawrence on the you know. Actual white -- on the guy you were you know and all -- and all. Personally. My first point years. That call when people are on good job. Aaron. -- you know to try to call was not an air in place. But was replaced. A letter of recommendation. Is I took the time out an album hot. Shots and then ask. And -- I think he can could figure out. Promote -- Me personally. You know -- true well we're in metro. Which it would be sent out. Generally. I would say and I'll now. Would be -- -- app you prove yourself. -- and our point. If you wore -- board employee. And -- good right pairings right attitude just like he says. I have no problem getting so much -- and now they're being outraged and I can't be. -- there in center Bart. Turned policy semis or maybe work here Maria Beaumont. Smiles. And -- -- have a nice day you know and. And -- As consumers may be it can start with us maybe we can start. Complementing those employees who do a good job so they're recognized by people like you or who are dear -- Employers and also if if consumers. Did a better job of like I don't care how convenient it is I'm not going to your business because you don't have the right kind of employees that would force. In the economic structure of things that would force. Employers to make their employees do a better job. Right yeah I actually come army and replace shock a close. Partnership. That latter. Or one that -- Because -- took the top model a scooter called a regional place until college traded. And believe me figured out -- figured you'd think certainly they would normally not do. And albums you know and then that takes it out it was -- right thing. Really was the right thing to do and that takes that takes time on on our part. You know it was so appreciative -- and like two weeks away. The first and again it was grant me -- you know in my -- collapsed it would not honor awarded contracts. If I don't coupons to bring down communities -- Bob doll. 01 Apollo -- I thought that was really aren't. -- I got here I gotta get to a break in kind of get her to grant college are you on that -- that I organizer Eric. If you're -- -- -- this case the -- show live from New Orleans on a Thursday night's. Yeah -- be right back into the W well you know there are so many people who want me to him to come out of the closet. And admit that I'm liberal. But see I can't do that because I'm not a liberal contrary to what you might want to believe the boundary if a war which he. But when it comes to my attitude about not raising the minimum wage when it comes to my attitude about work ethic. Coming first. That's not the ideology of the liberal. Here's a Texan -- -- excellent points on work ethic you should go on the TV news. And talk about this. Here is attacks that read cell lines are slow and workers are rude because they aren't making anything. OK let's. Let's think about it let's talk about the sites. He got a rookie. Rookie player comes. Should that rookie player. Not. Try to do his best. Actually gets a bigger contract. Or. Do you expect the rookie to do a great job. To impress management. To the point where he is offered a bigger contract. And if he respected in net since then why would you tolerate the idea that will workers don't work hard because they're not paid more. I don't know about you but where I started -- making minimum wage. I I got more money. Because I worked harder. But -- offered me more money to work harder you work harder first. And if that's that a message to every young person gets the Shimon -- Is Cisco show and we are coming right back with more of your comments. On -- WL.