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May 16, 2014|

Dozens of fast food workers hit local streets to protest the minimum wage. They are demanding that they be paid $15 an hour, saying they can’t survive on minimum wage. Should the minimum wage be raised or should people work to raise themselves above the wage? If the price of items that are produced by mainly minimum wage workers rose to give them a raise…would you still buy the product?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's why we've been talking about something that happened in this area today some. Some minimum wage workers hit the streets demanding fifteen dollars an hour. That number comes from the mayor of Seattle who recently we talked about this on the show recently suggested in his who try to push this through the City Council in in Seattle. That's the minimum wage be raised to fifteen dollars an hour. Not just for city workers in Seattle but for anybody who is employed by a company. Within the city limits of Seattle. The minimum wage or again is is over nine dollars an hour -- -- -- 25 -- having five. In fact those. Those people in in in hospitality. Waiters and waitresses. Make that minimum wage a plus the tips. So it is different in other parts of the country. But the idea of raising the minimum wage. Rewards. A lot of workers who don't deserve a race. And I'm not trying to be cold hearted here but I had an experienced yesterday. And it at a big story in Metairie. And I consistently go to this store because I get a couple of items that are less. But the the the service that I get there is consistently. That. Any employees are consistently. Apathetic. And yesterday this this young female employee. Did the wind was open so I go to get -- line I've put my items at the register. And she's doing something with the candy while she's on the telephone. What is she doing on the phone. You know we used to actually work. But now cellphones we actually had to work. And we had to wait until we took a break until we got off work. In order to make a phone call why isn't that standard procedure today. And I'm sure you're as -- as -- by employees who were on the phone while they're working. So I'm standing there and she still hasn't she still on the phone. On to the -- the area of the -- on my on my side of the the DR. And that she very slowly and I mean very slowly. Walks around. And we she got to the registrar said. Do you -- way to go to another registered. She said no. There is kind of by way of sarcastically saying. It in my -- problem here and is just a little too much trouble for -- to check me out. And I -- a seat is quite often. Now how is this girl ever -- and expect to do more out of life. And and why do so many people have that -- to. -- because it really goes ultimately back to parents. But. If you need to have a good attitude. And if you have a good attitude ultimately. You will succeed in life if you have a bad attitude you attack and a 68. If you gonna join our show with a comment tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. In a text numbers 877. Also its it's come out in it. In this whole discussion tonight. In it it didn't occur to me until we were talking about the use that as consumers we'd really do have the power. To maybe. Start to change the whole system. If we if if we were as you know first of all I've made two mistakes with his place and I've gone. First of all consistently go back. It's right next to another place -- right I do some shopping. So since a few items are cheaper there I go there but the service is terrible any employees are apathetic consistently. And by going there I'm rewarding them. For. Their employees -- tendered their apathetic and have a terrible attitude. So I shouldn't do that. Also as consumers we should not only I mean boycotts. Don't go to places that that have banned employees. Because in our free enterprise system this should work its way down. To the point where it causes. Managers and owners. To get rid of those employees of people stop going there so I made a mistake by continued to go to that place I also made another mistake by not complaining. That I wanna go out of my way to complain but I should let them know there's a problem. As consumers we also have the ability. To change the system. By being a little more. Willing to take time to complement those workers who do stand out in terms of the service they provide. And there are some really good young minimum wage workers and older minimum wage workers as well there -- a lot of people do a great job who do have a great attitude. If we take time to go out of our way to compliment them if they stand out in the minds of management. That I would plead with management replete with companies in business owners to give those people more than minimum wage. Because that sets up a reward. For doing a good job. And if you if if businesses develop that reputation. It wouldn't be good employees. Wanna work there what do work at those few places. And then the other places might have such a hard time finding employees. That they would ultimately have to do a better job training their employees. So really I think cup I think a lot of the power. To manifest change. Starts with you and me. As consumers. If you're gonna join ushered in our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's seventy. A tech -- it's updates every here's a text you are an independent and a realist. Yeah I'll. I'll agree was that from Alabama David George WWL. And Croatia. You don't concern or other and the machine. -- so that have that human being and you know. Would be customers are. -- if I had the option there are few places like him the option to to check myself out I would I would rather I'd rather do that -- -- Just in in two -- the rudeness that it gets a Lofton from anti police again -- there are a lot of good employees to. -- -- -- -- -- but the subject the the market about an hour ago mainly the reason that that. You're you're you know they'll be -- back to the server but the problem with -- -- -- middle -- obligation does. That the people that didn't do this job cuts -- -- do you want a but you listen dialogue because they didn't get. They're great attitude they have the great -- but they have and again. That job or they get -- about a position. -- because they're doing such a good job example. Is an example would it and -- like eject. Networks. Should and they'll want the -- when he starts now because he knows. When it entry. You know if you put in the -- put so bad that he's willing to do the job and then a good job. He's gonna vote in the better of the voters like the drug problem. David David you're right but I'll also say that there's no guarantee that management is going to recognize your work ethic ethic but if you do have a strong work ethic is that company doesn't reward you. And if they're not gonna reward you Danny can go to another company you can't teach that company a lesson for not rewarding. Exactly but it is the companies. That that it. The utility job and our company and reviewed more like -- but our job well that struck. And the managers that went to a predator and call me up that -- Packers did. You should editor but it does such -- job there. And that's the way the system should work. They're -- logical to show thanks listing in Alabama tonight. I'll tell the story again and I told earlier when I got my first job and at a grocery store. I was relegated to the bottom of the ladder I was relegated to racking bottles preakness there was still one. Deposit that you would get for attorney bottles. I was -- bottles at the back I was putting trash in the incinerator. It was bagging groceries and getting. Shopping carts in the in the party that was it. I did such a good job. That I was actually offered a job at another store. Not far away. When management of that store realized that I was gonna leave and they were offered me a job in pro news. My god and you work at a store you've been bagging groceries you've been getting carts and EU even putting stuff in the incinerator -- in the summertime in in this area. And you are offered job -- produced where it's nice and cool everything's clean and the vegetables raw foods all -- and wedding. That was the cushy job. But the company it would lose me. So. They offered to take me to. Cash your school within the company and move up the cashier. And there have been times in my life when. The radio station to do recognize. My ability. And it gave me the opportunity to make a decision to go to another radio station. I am just so happy with where I am now but I didn't just get here because. Somebody gave it to. I got here because that's the work ethic that led me to this point and it doesn't mean that I haven't had setbacks. And you will have setbacks. And if you work hard there's no guarantee that that employer. Is gonna recognize you and rewards you. But if you do have that work ethic you one thing that I've learned in my life suit to force and -- thinks that if have. Have challenged me in life. The 11 of the things that nobody can take from. Issue work ethic and -- gratitude. People and life can take a lot from. -- that's something that nobody can take from. And if you have that. At some point you will be recognized. And it assuming you'll be recognized when you wanna be recognized as it doesn't always happen that way. But if you have that attitude. You will be recognized. Here's a -- I'm gonna share this text with you because. It's typical of the mentality. Some people. Schuett was the employee an African American. What difference does that make. It makes no difference at all. And yet. That's what some people wanna focus on. And I guess it's convenient because if this is somebody who is not African American I guess it might make them feel better to think that it was somebody else. It was -- somebody that date the date boast -- associate with somebody else. They're looking to blame. I haven't mentioned whether the employee was white or black or Hispanic or Asian and I'm not going to because that is totally inconsequential. From New Orleans John -- -- -- WL. -- -- -- -- -- To a store and the occasional Arafat deep as you record -- -- be. Arctic waterways are taken -- orders they'll all call talk it would without occasion of him. And in the debate she didn't have a one -- set object it's still going to be the same amount that is pretty well. Third -- correct correct. Eliminate that. Thought indicated record button Pete would it would it. It will be extremely patient. I liked that I mean I like that idea it's it's it's kinda like a form of commission although I don't know how easy it would be to implement that kind of system. It's now and distort history can hear what you -- to go to you go to an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because want to you don't. Water it got dark it wears on as -- -- That bought. 800. Also but ideally John it it could be management that notices those workers who are doing a better job and instead of -- -- customer they do give them. An increase because of of of their attitude. You can you can you can get ought to be quick. In this because -- Cannot wait -- company. But the to look at. -- -- People bought swap in Iraq because. Well there you know if I if I go to places on a regular basis and if if I see. I'm somebody who -- check me out before who was apathetic to -- talking not really paying attention. -- I know I would I would stand in a longer line to go to somebody else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Borrowing -- -- because this evening. John -- like the idea and I appreciate you calling to show although again I don't know how easy it would be two to implement that in there and the system that we have today in terms of minimum wage I think you know one of the answers to the problem is four for managers and and business owners. To reward. By giving them a little more reward those employees to do a good job -- that's the best way. Too but if somebody I'm not saying somebody you give somebody money in order to have a good attitude no I think you start with a good attitude. But if you give those employees. More money. Even if it's a little more. Then. Other employees will we'll figure out that they have to act the same way. But as long as everybody is as -- just point out as long as -- -- can do the minimum and get paid the same. What's the incentive. Well the incentive should come from within. Like you did with me like Oprah does with you the city should come from within. And you should realize that even though I get paid the same ultimately if I have a good attitude and work hard. Then. I'm gonna move on -- from Biloxi Ruth here on WWL. -- Yeah. Well -- -- -- wrong with ideas and -- and then wait to keep up the cost of -- Because -- -- working out late and out that the fat and now. That appropriately effect. And that and a parliament and send them in the -- -- -- and it might attract. But the cost of living and gone. And so far and leaving work out of noble people. While making. Quite what went out. And the only people. They feel entirely that the cup is so all and all your years at that -- that my back. -- junior people who get Tony -- -- So I don't think it depends. If you made -- apparently easy how much you make it don't expect that whole idea of the costs and it. Early should be beyond that I mean you know nobody should have been -- -- what I'm sure you felt the same way when you first started working minimum wage it never occurred to you. Younger now I'm Derek get a family on their race of failing honest. The the idea was to move beyond minimum wage in and find a way to either become educated or skill to where you could do something that generates more revenue. Yeah but in the mean I had went out at this -- goes out to work minimum wage as well. But the cost of living and a -- -- that was and it -- No I I do understood I do understand and -- at a cost of a cost of living increase in the minimum wage it would be easy to argue for that then this. Increased from 725 to fifteen dollars an hour. Yeah I think that they debt if it being ballot. Is an audit could get heated they are not about. -- you actually get. Well. I understand but the mayor of Seattle has brought up the idea of fifteen dollars and out of this is going to be something that's gonna spread around the country. Ruth I'm glad to call the -- thanks listening tonight in Biloxi. Here is attacks today Reid said the young people wanna start at the top. Working hard from the bottom is in being taught to young people because the parents. Are teaching -- I don't disagree with that. But that's not the fault of the employee at the fault of the customer both of the parents. And if you're a young person and you don't have parents. Teaching -- it and you listen to your uncles group here's attacks that reads did the same thing back then West End canal Hillary. I guess referring to the fact that if you work hard. Somebody at some point gonna recognize you. And it's that work ethic it's that good attitude that may not immediately but ultimately. That is gonna help you breakthrough and be successful in life with the your minimum wage. Making more than that -- -- you're in your life. That's the one thing nobody can take away from. You work ethic and your attitude. This is the -- show and to be right back. Under the W well there is a beautiful moon hanging in -- clear cool sky over in New Orleans tonight. And wherever you are across the country we welcome you to our show tonight on WWL. And inspired the song dance and an ammonia line. Here is attacks that are about the minimum wage the hourly wage. Should rise at the same percentage at the same time -- congress' wages. Well hi. I may not have the year right. But I don't believe congress has given itself a raise which by the way it's a topic unto itself I don't think congress has given itself a raise. On for six years I think there's I think there's been a six year gap since congress gave itself -- race so. -- let's not -- compared minimum wage workers to congress although minimal wage workers in a lot of ways were a lot harder. Then congressmen and women here is a text. What you say is ideal. Companies go out of their way to avoid giving out wage increase its. And that's true and so some of the burden does fall on managers and owners who have the power to reward good workers. If you don't reward good workers in you don't deserve our business. We were all in this together. And if if if consumers put pressure on management. And if I don't go to places where they have lousy service and they have apathetic employees. That I'm doing my job. And that should theoretically. Force. Business owners and managers to reward those people who are doing a good job so to get my business. But if they can get away with with with not paying workers more because you and -- are gonna still go to the same places. And shame on us. If you wanna join -- showed comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866 stated nines are we simply text numbers 878 Saturday from New Orleans -- here on the Scotia good evening. Paint the I mean I -- the notion that. And yet. At expedient. At me. And -- you it was right. Which had been. The model animal that accident. In okay. -- like six years and people. When he isn't that -- can deal with it because each shall humble but and the that need to be because. I'm not even me. I'm not make it -- -- and one out. And the Indy. -- That. They want to want to do it in the day. You know -- and you know. Do you do you think those that you think those same people who have a bad attitude do you think they would have a better attitude if they made more money or were they still the same attitude. He beat me in every day. We don't know that they wouldn't. -- -- and went. And that. Happened that. We pulled up and it's -- and -- Obama what they never. -- -- -- at that they win. One. That you like you know. I. Know. What you think it caller -- The page at. What might win you'll. You you know. -- I do understand that the -- the problem is just the the American greed that is so entrenched in in Americans and -- rather than. And I orders this year properly because I'm not somebody who believes in redistribution of the wealth. A -- if if -- business owners were more willing to give up some of their profits in the case they have a lot of profits if they were more willing to do that. Then it would be easier to reward those workers who deserve. Can be great. And implement. What. The -- and like you know an NB a strike we had a strike and -- EU. Nine. And you. Need to. Meet. And it. Is well. And I haven't -- that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- I understand I don't wanna be insensitive to those minimum wage workers who are are are trying to get by and they're struggling to get by. It's just if the system works properly those who do a good job will be the ones who were reported in those who don't do a good job we'll never be reward. On the manager papacy -- amendment -- open. And they shouldn't Monday. And had him in the black -- An. -- well I I. I think there are some just released it did deep rooted problems within the whole system and it all centers on American greed. Lose you right to write you write my age I am are you proud you what you did you are doing well. Ending a catchy and I am an -- in people -- at one entity. Entity. Behind. It. -- alcoholic and an official. -- -- -- Asia I appreciate you calling you call any time and and again I think you said a great example for people. He has the -- tonight is titled JC elevator fight was not a private moment. And we've got the video of the the senseless beating of Jaycee by news his sister in law's a launch. In an elevator and hotel in Manhattan the senseless beating of -- And we got that video and -- -- blog is all about whether or not we've really has any any privacy you can read that and share with others it's on our website at W if you don't count. A Mort you're -- are coming up from Britain Jim you're on WWL. -- -- -- -- I. Hope. We reach be reached much. As much as they want to a -- now. -- beat Cuba should now. Is right at 8000 dollars a year. We. -- you know I. -- -- -- Right that the week's. Much traction. If you. I -- that touched -- it. Should like twelve under almost virtually almost. The -- just not sure. Dollars. Or. Call one. You know 81. And you know you might -- I signed you might find it departments for 750 but I wouldn't you know. A lot of I would say 800 isn't really -- -- -- the now let's go -- 800 I think that's probably a real. -- we advantage. It. -- each. Shall. Are too. Much. -- -- -- -- Hewitt yeah. I went. In. Search. He got treatment -- left over. Food. For. Each health care everything all right so we'll give you a lot of pop. No said the point is you and -- I liked his point and we we talked with touched on this tonight deployed news. Nobody should be trying to exist on horror. Stay on or reason family on minimum Ali what went and I asked whether it's 72510. Dollars or even -- dollars an hour. What -- people out here that all barely. A little over dollars and I'll. You can't -- employee. Out here with Allah issue. That they rarely make all the -- may now what stood at. You'd make. As much as a lot of minutes. Now in and theoretically you should go up proportionally. Just apology get. -- street person coming in a team and now. Then you had some. Years barely making it gene that. And I can. -- -- -- -- one -- true oh we. Can take you now. They're all their slate. And the idea. You know unfortunately China -- -- -- It's gone up 35 college. In 32 years. 32. In third tree. That to me it. Everything else which can lie. On. Naive you you can't I don't in any way Derek and unfortunately you and there are people who work as long as they have to work because they wanna go one on one. Golf is a three people who enjoyed that the time of the DC if you timing. -- you welcome you know way. Now -- it live. But now you can then you know you really can't you really can't live on what the government pays you have to take care of your children. You don't like the spotlight. On the matter you -- -- totally agree. Where we're at with which -- Why. -- launched a year. A lot about -- Appreciate appreciate -- -- -- war over there. You know doing a -- uses. -- Well now. And and published in chew school that we -- -- lot. -- it would sure art tribal. And forward we. With each other which eagle stadium and what are we chill. -- the guy who did that Iran was one. And I'm glad you told the show I've got to get to a break and I appreciate you listening tonight. This is the -- Schiller will be right back -- -- bureau -- talking about raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour because that's what some people were talking about on the street their minimum wage workers and they're demanding that minimum wage be raised to fifteen dollars. But that is really inspired a conversation about work ethic about attitude about how a lot of people do not deserve. Fifteen dollar minimum wage. Rate. And we shouldn't reward those who don't deserve it but business should reward those who do. I here's attacks that breeze and I heard a woman on the news say that she can't take care for four kids. Getting paid minimum wage. I yelled at her well to TV. Stating you shouldn't have four kids if you can't afford them. When I had my second kid. I couldn't go to my employer and say I need more money. That's true. You can't have four kids three kids whatever. And demand money because you have. You -- figure out what you can afford. And if you can afford them then you work hard until you can't. Afford them at this mean that you have to be rich to raise kids -- not saying at all. But be able to take care of its not the government's responsibility to provide a living for you. If you have kids that you can't take care. A -- New Orleans Joseph you're going to be WL. I Joseph. Yeah Joseph go ahead. Oh I would be. Kind of come in are in need in. A -- just. -- -- -- -- Said Joseph Joseph turn your radio down in the background did you just talk to me because you'll do get confused if you hear the radio in the background so. Reach over and turn your radio down. -- -- book on it. And we're. Well I agree. You mean you need to get out and -- him which -- Well. And these. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will you. So you. -- associate minimum wage workers make more money or should they earned it. You know I agree I agree with you Joseph. Is is more it's more likely that somebody from. -- where you from Joseph. It's a more likely that somebody from another country understands that you have to work for which again. And school. In the country. And countrymen. -- -- -- annual study the history of any. Country. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From. England. And there. And the country. But they are in Mexico. Oh. Joseph everybody comes in this country and and those who were born in this country all have to work. This New. York the don't regret it. As -- you have -- back program. We brought. In -- And -- well I I appreciate you calling our show tonight in their deviation thoughts. -- Andre in the garden -- sub and yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's not coming out of the country. Joseph I've got to get to a break but I I appreciate the general. Oak Hill appear appeal but no I think you you call me anytime I got there I appreciate that. I like about it. -- -- Thank you would god bless America because you can calling give your opinion Joseph. Thanks for calling you call me anytime. All right thanks Joseph I congratulations to another WWL winner from New Orleans well actually from Coca -- Louisiana. -- Sheen. Who won a thousand dollars and nationwide vacation cash contest and you can win to just listen to WTO weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM for the code word. Text the code word to seven to 81 for your chance to win without ever putting your phone down that seven to 81. Every week for a lucky winners nationwide when a thousand dollars each and we never charged for -- but individual plan text and data rates may apply. Remember the times to listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM and good luck from sort radio. An -- analyst. At W Allen will be right back to talking about the minimum wage and work ethic is says of people today Euro on the news -- here in New Orleans says this is -- around the country. Demanding an increase in the minimum wage. Here's attacks that reads -- I I work their job. It -- -- just above minimum wage I work hard and long. But I'm not going to stay here. Because I'm teaching myself how to program mobile apps and web sites so that like an open my own web sites and mobile business. And that's the way the system in America is supposed to work. Here's a final update on our W -- pretty general opinion poll I should being in a hotel elevator be considered a private moment. -- 3% say no 27% say yes. The NAFTA family of that Jaycee and beyoncé and the sister in -- a line which. And they've issued a statement saying hey you know they've apologized. To each other and they take responsibility. How about cheesy and missile -- -- talk to each other she was intoxicated they have a family conflicts just like everybody else. But this really has raised an interesting question about right to privacy. You know the fact is that we have lost that assurance. That private moments are actually private because of cellphones because of cameras everywhere. But are people upset peak times. We're concerned about. What somebody will do with the information. Or are people more concerned that they won't be able to get away with something it was once easy to get away. I live in an apartment building downtown. They are cameras in the elevators. Every day. I assume that anything I do in the elevator. Is not done in total privacy. Therefore I'm always aware of my behavior. And my -- behavior as well. We're sitting in a coffee shop earlier writing the blog today. And even though I didn't see any of the customers looking at me. I must assume that someone might be watching. And I I'm aware of that wherever I go and I hope you're aware of that as well. The only way -- I guess get around that would be if I would have gone in this. It's a men's room with my laptop and written a blog in the -- from the dead again could you really be sure that somebody wasn't watching there. Look we have a right to privacy. At home the when you're out in in public -- I can't change this and neither can you still be Smart enough to understand that even if you're in an elevator that is not necessarily. A private moment. A -- like tonight is titled JCL as they elevator fight was not a private moment and we've got the video that says still treading on our website. At WWL dot com along with last night's blog the new panic over freedom of speech. In America aren't they John -- studio producer tomorrow night it's LSU and Auburn in baseball will be on right after the game probably around 8:39 o'clock bloody New Orleans.