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May 16, 2014|

On this morning edition of First News, Dave welcomes the listeners with a "happy Friday". Dave spoke about bunnies who were thrown from a car in Jefferson parish and how women sleep differently from men.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now mark WWL first news -- state Colin on WW -- -- Matt -- dot com ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners on the sixteenth of may 2014. Analysts say it's -- G I -- I am taking great honor and pleasure and wishing you and your. That happy. Yeah. Yeah. -- -- A couple -- dad it was a little much to ask again. Voice are you friends of the problems golf. But this. You can also offer -- accountable. -- to get through this appear to find excuses and out. Worth every bit of that would be outside doing. Something. I kept running in the house yesterday saying. You -- you've just got to go outside and just feel Lewis with that you know trying to ride it out to catch the etiquette of the -- Absolutely. Windows opened breeze wafting through dollars. The -- pollen but -- it -- wonderful beautiful. Magnificent. -- We will enjoy it. Really you know weekend along in the little eat today but I -- I have people come -- to bring us -- -- -- things like well not only raving about the weather in the series like. -- -- -- What's going on an -- it's his beautiful ladies take it and but he almost like they're looking for conspiracy. I'm mother -- has just hired extra work. I was surprised and I think this is less. Than half of those people who listen to the radio. Who consume. The news from the media in general. We are the unique group of people because it's. When Chris Miller went out to ask people what they thought about the cold for in the much cooler drier -- and he -- a lot of people who were surprised. That the temperatures had dropped some were surprised with the humidity levels were down some we been talking about the cold front for days. At anticipating it talking about it telling people about it. People. You would think. Mean listen to them radio weather forecasting watch our forecast on television you know look at a forecast on their Smartphone I mean my phone. Right on the home screen when -- turn you know open up my phone. Has the current weather and I pushed it gives me a three day forecast there were one touch of my fingers -- but he found so many people. We're like where this come from how did this happen. Hundreds that many people. Go through their daily lives and not know and not at least two weather forecasts -- mortar. -- they -- listen to a newscaster watching newscaster read in newscast on the Internet. Or something. I had this very exact thought yesterday down in our lobby. And him like 7:30 in the morning whatever was -- and beautiful young businesswoman. Came walking through the front doors obviously knew nothing. About the weather that was not addressed -- I mean not not even close she didn't have sleeves on you know it was a dress like that and and as you could tell she was shivering. And I just thought man you'd -- -- anything. Out of here and now dominated as a put down just you would think. You would know. Gay it thinks some house somewhere you'd -- something but I guess with today's day and age of media. There -- significant number of people who. Arian -- who don't actually know what's going on in the news or whether. So for those of you listening right now consider yourself. Good group of folks who. Feel like it's important to know what's going on in the world. I. I'm I cannot. Let's check -- weather forecast. Now and Ashton be able to went out and uses the price. -- of -- I understand the complaints. We try to make cities more interest here. It. -- we -- weather for us and be surprised by a cold front that we've been anticipating for now or five days. So congratulations our listeners they know what's going not just say they're they're cool thank you David we'll talk to you and about fifteen minutes more first news here at WWL. AM at them and -- now we will get your forecast for those of you care to know what's happening in the world. Come up with an active as. In the pictures of the poor little bunny rabbit with a broken legs a little cast there was no way. Up somebody do acts. Talk about that coming up -- sports with the -- as we kick up a weekend happy Friday to you when your excellent tax credits and it's only says now is someone's interest is something they kept their Smart. Found whether it normally is not important to them how can in no one know what's happening in the -- I mean just it's sexy you know where. I understand people who are you know. Insistent on not being part of the mainstream culture and that I can do that in you know that I'm listening to the news and it but the weather. Of the ego. But it yes you you know is going on because you listen to this radio stations you know the forecast that. This really the next several days will be very quiet the only change the forecast will be a gradually warming high temperature by Sunday. So today we're a little higher than yesterday up to eighty with sunshine. And then got its cool tonight with lows in the upper fifties to low sixties but gradually seen those low eighties become mid eighties by Sunday but both days expecting partly cloudy skies. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark walked out. -- cool this morning it was yesterday but the winds are kicking up as much wouldn't feel so cold clearance 48 in slide outlets are cool spot. At the airport in -- it's 56 degrees under clear it's guys with home wins -- gave it the early edition of WWL offers news. If you are someone who consume news and information and you go to WWL dot com or the WW well. App on your phone award -- WW mobile. Where the WWL FaceBook page you'll see. This heartbreaking picture. Of these poor little program it's with little bitty. -- little broke. What I saw these pictures it made this story that much more emotional for me someone throw these. Right it rabbit out of a car window -- near park in Metairie. Now. It's one thing to say I don't want these rabbit that my kids got for Easter it was a big mistake they don't care Foreman -- gone either. And taking them somewhere and letting them go in the wild. It's another thing or taking them even better to a shelter. And letting someone who will care for them and find a home for them. But to go to slapper near part -- a car window as a witness described it and just cost the bodies out the window. The latest from -- them. So they landed ounce on the ground and break they're -- dole. Out now and polite. Rabbit beat people stupid idea anyway but it. Did you wrote about a week ago. Why would you -- Wall if people really wrong with someone. You gotta hurt the animal you have to inflict pain upon it because you're angry. That you -- now up right rabbit. At your -- That you don't want to care for anymore. For a thousand dollar reward information on our website you can now the police catch whoever. Hurl these rabbit out the window. I see. Sports time now on WWL. I had to get that out of my systems the and apparently LSU is still getting their offensive frustration that their system and ask me estimated at 27 runs against Northwestern State. Did they use up all the run what are they gonna do against Auburn or duke who got some left liberal and a few more runs than -- the away. Well thank god -- it's gone yeah. Baseball team improved to 1511. And one in the SEC after -- -- ten nothing in the opening game of the regular season finale. Cartwright has the sign in the payoff big she is on the way soaring at a Messi struck gave out of that doesn't cartwright strikes out the side and the tigers have just picked up. There's sixteen days. Shut out of. Year's freshman -- -- brought his a game as the lefty allowed just two hits and no runs over eight scoreless innings. Andrew Stevens and Tyler Moore each had two hit night with three runs batted games you go off yet rallied back to win their series opener twelve to -- over you will Monroe. -- KG it's improved to 47 and seven on the year. Too late dropped their fourth straight contest losing 921 to Florida international. His efforts open their series a Colorado Springs within eight to two victory. Over to the NBA -- the Indiana Pacers have earned the right to face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals for the second straight year. David West led the way with a game high 29 points and the pacers advanced by downing the wizards 93 to eighty. He was as the entire Indian squad looked at this game as a must win after their game five loss. We begin communicating right after that game just before and everything we have into -- comics who we thought this was our big sever. Even though we knew we had next door of hope that this was -- themselves. Kevin Durant shot five for eight from three point range of finished with 39 point as the OKC thunder beat LA clippers 10 -- in 98 to advance to the Western Conference finals. They'll face the San Antonio Spurs. The -- also had a game high sixteen rebounds for -- see who trailed by fourteen with less than two minutes left in the second quarter before dominating much of the second half. And the Cleveland Browns have agreed to contract terms with free agent wide receiver Miles Austin and insurance in case pro bowler Josh Gordon this is suspended Alston was released by the Dallas Cowboys two months ago at a salary cap move. The 29 year old pleading just eleven games last season because of injuries Gordon is facing a one year suspension for failing a another drug test. Today a -- on sports book live from Stan -- black -- fishing classic. Hear from the former saints tackle hall of -- Morten Andersen and many others that have 530. Game two of LSU baseball at all -- I'm Steve Geller -- early morning look at sports. All right so if we rewind the clocking go back in time to take a look at your predictions for the NBA finals initially you were a big spurs. You on the spurs man you thought they had what it was gonna take to get to the finals yet they just seem like a team all year. That had their heads. You know right in the right direction determined and focused on giving this championship this year and that without controversy surrounding the clippers and then. Back of the team came together with their coach to try and tell the honor you know where to stick it you thought that perhaps the clippers -- now the team of destiny. Yet but that would elevate their game and there was like this big weekend could be released from British for their backs and be able to carry them to the finals but it looks like peacekeepers. That they've they've advanced but the OKC thunder were able to take care of them just too -- haven't yet yet taken the clippers. Just too much to -- -- too much Russell Westbrook sent -- lose anyway. -- -- the -- the swear I don't know if they wanna hear that and her cancer and the clippers are out -- back to the spurs. And it's -- the pacers won the right. -- -- affect the heat is that are right now that -- privileged that you get the lady to yet they're gonna have a tough go and obviously the defending champs are you know the defending champs for a reason. The pacers have been up and down this post season but have managed to make it this far. I still like the heat and the events in the finals policy heat heat vs spurs in the NBA finals. I'm WWL. Attacks and it's and it's evidence tag on the little rabbit would do widow -- and -- widow wags and it's not like Elmer budge. -- fudge your forecast. Here's your Friday forecast still looks great again a cool forty -- -- with Temps in the fifties. But with that sunshine -- quickly warming up to eighty this afternoon I'm not as cool tonight look for lows around 58 on the North Shore and 62 south of the lake. Then warmer for Saturday with a high of 83 still mostly sunny and just a few clouds mixing and on Sunday. That's highs hit 85. Coming Eyewitness News forecast center I meteorologist Clark talked to Al. At the early edition of WWL first news on the sixteenth of may 2014. -- TG. IA. Else I am very happy to wish you and yours -- very happy and welcome you to a very wonderful. I it and. Everybody jump around. I gotta love. Jump off -- -- down. All but I'm jumping all over the next top model for the table right jumped gently if you in the car please connect crash of animal. Just because you don't program. On the road when it jumped. All weekend coming. Brian Schneider. Beautiful. Wonderful. Rory is. I keep up upward track this craft models. Volatile and I've modeled doubted bill's Volvo list. I'd if you want it coincides -- movie this weekend you have options. Yeah I was suggesting outside but in. Like coincides -- movie that's that the Kennedys I -- the deal now we've we've got a summer blockbuster. I guess. A dog had every weekend yeah everywhere you know that them via. There are two really good movies as I see an opening this weekend. You got got snow are. The world's most famous monsters pitted against. Preachers who have. It's been bolstered by humanity scientific. Arrogance gas and they threaten our very system. So that he can Mozilla this is not a silly gonzo gonzo has is apparently very mean and then mass. Gap is -- something a little -- -- it opposes more thriller yeah. Action it. It is sideline. And million dollar arm this entry -- these sports agents -- and unconventional recruitment strategy to get. They've counted Indian cricket player that played Major League Baseball. We've seen me have created an iron yeah I have two little kids got an army would leave me to think about broad based. So those are the two new movies going up against the current top. Neighbors to the amazing Spiderman to the other woman heaven is for real and Captain America the winter soldier. I need your prediction on -- for what will be number one of the box office was well. I'm garden with some monster. That -- -- go over the monster and it's -- also got Bryan Cranston and there are for those freaking bad fans. And apparently it was pretty good job as an Alston can't -- hobby Aaron Taylor Johnson and so you're saying god zillow will destroy the competition and amazingly had their views on god -- have been pretty darn good gas you know -- I thought maybe you ought to trash it. Do we really need another god -- movie but not others and. Good -- to David like predicts Godzilla will be number one at the box office. On Monday morning will check for the accuracy of your prediction when that time -- Demands -- Thomas that women and men sleep differently yes women are more likely to report the tee and on refreshing sleep women take longer to fall asleep. Women. Struggle more with sleep apnea. Then -- -- I'm surprised bile that surprises me but it doesn't surprise me because. -- know when I leaned my head down to go to sleep. Because -- sleep so little. I never have a prop on -- I -- I refused arguing go to sleep on a rock if I could have I've flawlessly on. In the kitchen T sure Americans would just about anywhere. And if I ever like have just so much Wear around my head that I haven't troubles fallen asleep. In my trouble I mean I've been awake for two minutes after -- long and I just count backwards from thirty and I never ever get to government always fall asleep before yet. So I guess I understand now more from the study. Why women are a little more apprehensive about being woken up in the middle of the night. Extracurricular activities is exactly why women are less you know men -- you can wake me up any time day here and I don't need to sleep I would much rather be intimate than sleep. The women because they're more likely be fatigued -- and -- freshly clipped him long to fall asleep the don't wanna be woken up percent. And now what about in the morning whose cranky noticed when when the of the alarm -- you have to get now. -- it is. Let him and cranky is that what you and I'm trying not trying to ease my way around what qualities out of this conversation where you put your foot anyplace in a year round yeah contacted twenty minutes -- person is Chris Miller joins us to explain more about the bill. That apparently will now -- chicken boxing as well as cock fighting in the Louisiana. Song god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and I say good morning giving them. Her cranky always cheerful mr. meteorologist. But. It's just talked at 540 I got a I've been out for awhile at. That's on YouTube get up cranky. I mean all that two bodies kept me up. Nine. No smile on your face how it's balancing out of the Atlantic off the -- -- much trouble does your husband gave him if he wakes you up -- finally thoughtfully. You know I'm. All. In all pretty sound sleeper. I get that -- earlier that he. I'll wake up at that I knew he added that the -- -- the clues even. But let's say this there you are sleeping did you go to bed at 7 o'clock at night and a that you're there in the bed sleeping he crawls and -- and -- Matt Wright and you just look so wonderful that he cannot -- but -- one -- -- -- that that's -- -- you -- wake you up. At 10 PM and how the bad. Yeah -- advocates gets what I'll wake him up today. -- -- -- -- See guys most of -- -- 2 o'clock it's going to refine that backed. It will be for fun out like a full glass of water on that goal and that's what. But you know -- sometimes. -- -- Not normal here at 7 o'clock quite a lot that. Whatever out in the end and maybe. Out here protect the apartment. And I wake up I'll -- like stumble out hall and it has given him that look stare of GAAP. She actual malice has. A. At bat well we have no. Plan C that team that's my commitment and -- -- -- -- stroke because I don't go to bed and left at 10 o'clock at night but my alarm clock goes off before three I would. So normally get four and a half -- I could function and that's great that some people argue I don't function very well. -- -- functioning well enough to tell -- that the weather's going to be wonderful this week. Other cool. Temperatures. That -- -- upper 40s. Even cooler this morning and yesterday but the wins aren't affected. And -- -- Sent to new record close yesterday morning but the records this morning or even colder than yesterday that I think we're gonna setting new records this morning were coming a little closer and flied out but. I think we're gonna stay above record territory but yet a little bit cooler than yesterday and out what we get -- -- that would quickly going to warm up and we're we're talking at five degrees warmer than yesterday app. I it to cooler start warmer afternoon will be pert near eighty today -- -- eighty -- and the rest of the weekend. Beautiful by Google is going on low eighties Saturday mid eighties Sunday mostly sunny skies that. Great weather -- conspiracy that fast on him a lot -- -- -- -- perfect you're looking for some new outdoors this weekend that you have got it good option actually. Cutting your grass and now -- yeah. What you get the honey do list they go to the seafood that there then you go to the by -- -- him FF. If you find a whole bunch of money. -- to keep better returns down and it by a whole bunch I mean you know 31000. Dollars in the kitchen to the count you've got at the second -- store. Or 101000 dollars in the hotel room ejected him out now both of these things actually happen. In new -- New York. Three roommates -- captain secondhand place. I'm and they noticed the cushions were kind of lumpy. As they go and open about his bag after bag after bag of act with with. Why not as a nine year old widow who had been stolen cash in the -- couldn't -- -- -- -- bank shots and her kids didn't know it and they took the cast of the Salvation Army. Well they found an envelope with the old lady's name on it and they returned to -- was -- her. Made her feel much better you get a thousand I'm 41000. Just didn't happen to stomp a hole. House and a well. 91 years old business and then in Kansas City, Missouri a little boy found 101000 dollars in cash in a hotel room in Kansas City. He turned. He turned it and it here's the thing the caps to all of hey if no claims that you can have its Mac buy them now. No nobody claimed it but apparently the -- Kansas City says that you have to post a notice on the courthouse door. That you found the money and run ads in the newspaper for three consecutive weeks to properly. Claim the money nobody else does -- here's the little boy didn't do it he lost the -- How Howard you can that. Proved -- AW have people that -- newspaper you have all Conakry is coming out you know what works and that's the police say they wish they could give little -- the money deserves a for the -- says it -- not outlaw leader of we need to update that little bit well let's go to maternity leave it -- on the courthouse. Yeah and how that told the -- -- is. That's a note ten grand for him he did the right thing get. Really screwed out of his money and the kids who found the 41 grand in the camps they got a thousand dollars and ultimately. Thank elaborate like stories that you did right with -- Laura -- -- -- direct from the Eyewitness News forecast and what's wrong with -- -- that you know what is wrong with that law. Host them courthouse to buy 51 time for sports on a Friday morning hey Steve -- happy Friday. Good morning and happy Friday to you and every one after putting up 27 runs on Tuesday. The LSU offense was still in its groove as they roughed up -- pitching in game one of the SEC series on the planes. Here's the 12 pitch log on a fly ball hit out into the gap in right center and the nobody will examine how we'll score one Allen scored new. Ellis you recorded a ten nothing victory for the school sixteen shut out of the year freshman lefty -- -- tossed eight scoreless innings while striking out five. You a lot yet stormed back to take game one of their series against you will -- twelve to nine. The raging case agents are now 47 and seven on the year -- they dropped their fourth straight game falling 921 to Florida international. This -- open their series at Colorado Springs with an eight to two victory. -- the NBA's Eastern Conference finals are set Miami. Will now take on the Indiana Pacers for the second straight year. In the advanced by downing the west the wizards 93 to eighty David West had a game high 29 points for Indiana and head coach Fred. Frank Vogel says they're ready for a another showdown with king James -- group. I'm ready to go you know like the way we we played in in this series for the most part. You have to adjust to another another style play and and nothing but the utmost respect for the for the champs excited to have another crack down. Then out Los Angeles Kevin Durant finished with 39 points in the -- 104 to 98 win over the clippers okay see advances to the Western Conference finals to do battle with the San Antonio Spurs. And prosecutors have announced new murder charges against Aaron Hernandez saying the New England Patriots tight end ambushed and shot. Two men to -- following. A chance encounter at a Boston nightclub the victims in the two Y 2012 speeding. Were killed in a car as they waited at a red light at Boston's south end neighborhood just a few weeks before Hernandez signed a five year deal -- about forty million dollars. Hernandez is also awaiting trial in a separate 2013 shooting death of 27 year old -- Lloyd. Today have more on sports talk live from Stan Brock blocking -- fishing classic. -- from the former saints tackle hole in Morton Anderson and many others and at 530 game two of LSU baseball -- over. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports match. Games LSU scored thirty Sammy and runs. Now at -- peaking at the right time as we get ready for the post season well let's hope so because they got Aaron no go to the amount tonight we don't know how how capable he is of to shut down. Offense is all -- and you believe it would cable tuchman and eligible football. But yeah he's got a -- 111 strikeouts on the year one point 14 ERA gotta love the tigers every Friday night so. Taking two out of three this series we're gonna be key for them hopefully. They can and with a sweep sweep of the bats keep hitting like this. The tigers will that would be a force to be reckoned with in the SEC tournament to more games against Auburn and the SEC tournament and hopefully -- regional super regional thank you Steve currently right now and number five seed in the tournament so they was we would still leave the play in the opening round. I have got to keep winning and keep -- -- I liked that idea Steve Geller will let you keep one and entertainment or sports on WWL. Welcome to Friday. For those -- -- just joining us we're so glad that you're here. As the edition of WW -- as I'm Dave on whether you buy you -- doing it up this week ended by using. On down to the black and Paris seafood festival or doing anything else I hope you do get outdoors and enjoy the glorious weather. That we have coming up Tommy -- and for the next four as a funny Lestock about district attorney -- camp -- there Joe's decision. Two refused to bring charges against Mary Landry you think that's the right thing. Mary Landry again who shot a teenager in the ahead after the fourteen year old had jumped to his fans and was near his car on his property. The unarmed teenager Maryland shot him in the head. Can medical treatment to complete recovery. Buy -- do that can you shoot someone counteroffensive is on your property if treatment -- with the consequences now he has that no consequences he was arrested he did he was in jail -- horrible legal fight it. And up with no charges that Tommy talk about that next up we have a fantastic weekend enjoy your -- -- get out there and soak up the side this is -- the last cool weekend that we're gonna have for quite awhile.

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