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5-16 6:15am Tommy, no charges for Merritt Landry

May 16, 2014|

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro's office has refused chargest against Merritt Landry, the Faubourg Marigny homeowner who shot an unarmed teenager in the head after the teen jumped a fence to get on Landry's property. Was this the right move? Tommy talks to attorney, Chick Foret, about the DA's recent decision.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Antivirus six Torre joins us when the -- more prominent attorneys and city in I believe he may have. Tom but lets you see -- Florida morning calorie -- -- important to you. Where you and outside observer when it came to the DA and Mary Landry or were you consulted. Was not consulted at all and what happened Tommy was I got a phone call from Chris Bowman who's in charge -- public relations for the DA's office. Day before yesterday he says chick on Thursday at noon tomorrow and you come meet with the DEA in -- -- -- what is it about I only have one case of whether to them. Trying to get away doing from a war it's been knocked -- -- two cases about something else. And he told me that missed the response be from fox made in mr. Jenkins from channel six would be present I would be president he said you'll find out when you get here so. Mr. Canada wrote the district attorney of Orleans prayer -- decision that. In conjunction with doing this press release. Which you released after he met. That he was one to meet with the three legal analyst from the three major stations and now. And that he would allow us to ask questions about his decision. His thought processes understand is is that he wanted the three legal analyst as -- legal questions about the facts. And the law and and how would how he he -- making his decision I was flattered that we called and obviously we have no important decision was already made. But it was his way of giving a message to the community. Prove that the -- legal analyst for the three major stations. Let's talk about the law and and how the DA arrived at this decision. Well. Outlook Davis you ask the question a few moments ago I think people as did the district attorney's office or particularly on campus -- get this right he. Absolutely got it right. There's no doubt Obama you know anybody out whether -- DA doctor aplomb or whatever your job is to get it right. Based on everything that time ago. There's no question of the district attorney's office made the proper decision. Now what having visited with the DEA his first assistant missed the bombing yesterday in the presence. Our best to respond -- mr. Jenkins who participated well it was a proper decisions about while it was because some of the things that. That entered into his decision making process that the case was presented to the grand jury back in March. The grand jury could not reach the -- The requisite number of of voters -- nine to come back. Would be very true bill weren't approved building didn't get enough time so the number less than -- -- agreed upon it. They came back with a no decision. But it was obvious to me that the DA's office tried attempted did everything they could do to indict. Mary Landry back in march of two months ago. After that the information about mr. Coulter came out about his burglaries. Well what happened. After the Granger read this I heard the matter. Was that the DA's office intended to get the transcript of the proceedings now that Canada did not tell us. That mr. Landry testified from the -- but it was it was obvious to me that mr. -- testify and that was transcript that he was waiting for. That -- gonna wait to get the transcript and then get get the decision makers together that Smart person says the ultimate decision maker. Mr. can't arrow and other assistants together that -- over the transcript and look at the evidence that would make a decision. And before they can even get the transcript. Missed -- was arrested on May second -- that Al that we know about the burglary that was the other. June 2012. Frenchman street -- aggravated burglary which came forward. So mr. Coulter is actions. Landed credibility. In the sense of justification. Remember mr. Landers the what that he was justified in using wars against mr. Coulter. Now that -- -- it was a rested would be burglaries. He would actions. Corroborated. The defense of justification one of the stolen so when you look at all the factors. When you look at all yet. When you look at the law and the law is that that the -- justify -- You've got to use -- that was reasonable and apparently necessary the DA's office in this case. Hired a forensic expert in blood splatter expert -- position where mr. Coulter was at the time of the shooting is best because it. Based upon their expert testimony. They hit fingerprints of mr. Coulter and DNA on the outside shoppers missed the landry's house. The DEA's office in my opinion he's tremendous resources in man hours and and and expenses. To get gather as much information as they create for themselves as well as for the grand jury and based upon all the information that they put together. They determined that mr. Landry should not be prosecuted missed it missed him there and how -- he would be an advocate but missed -- there. But he obviously did the right thing you've made the right decision. And he got it right in my opinion. -- -- And none of the grand jury testimony or or record would indicate this enough but I got it from a couple of pretty. Well placed sources that there was video that existed of Coulter. Beat their Poland on her shaken landry's door on the doorknob indicating -- intention in the house you know an element then and now. I don't know anybody in the media trying to get in the landry's house but mr. -- Darrell told us yesterday. That it was clearly DNA and fingerprint evidence of mr. Coulter on the outside -- on the out toward. Shutters of the plane home -- look at that picture right here and you can clearly see the shutters and so much so that missed the landry's testimony appears from the grand jury was. That win the shutters were open by mr. Poulter on the outside of the house. The son like team into the hall way. And that extended down toward the hallway towards the bedroom so when you look at all when that happens missed the landry's settlements with his pregnant wife. And he sees some light come to the others that mr. Coulter DNA fingerprints off piled on it -- weapon and he shouldn't. Mr. mr. -- and so when you look at all of the evidence. It appears to me Louisiana's law is clear now will say yeah I think it was a close -- as it relates to the DA's decision. On whether or not. These -- was necessary because of the position of mr. Coulter it was a close call. What happens is when the DA's -- is struggling with that close all that is do we charge missed the Landry. Mr. Coulter. Gets arrested for these burglaries. And and he lends credence to lend credibility to the justification defense of mr. Landry because of his actions this. It is the case that the DA's office expending great resources. They got all of the people together more in the process of making the decision wouldn't count editor of the in the ultimate decision maker and he made his decision not to prosecute. In my opinion it's the right decision and did his job as he's posted them. Check in check just to be clear you use -- sunlight played. It was in this happened at nine -- -- -- -- and I -- just I don't know what am I attributed to work like not a problem hey I appreciate your time a -- because and you busy and we certainly all appreciate your expertise thank you -- You remember the look as far as -- not a criminal law if I should get -- -- straight also represented me right. Well updated of course that would Dolly but for the last two years I've been done has BP work in the you know no BP payment business economic loss climate have been paid suspect -- now and then we -- waiting on the fifth circuit to rule on the all -- decision that would. We're anxious to get that they could turn back on. I got to thank you chicken everywhere we can thank you -- chick for racy over at parkway bakery has less Thomas solitaire as an -- my daughter who is an across the table. He temple at the dominos you know a match made an oyster po boy happened.

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