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5-16 7:15am Tommy, cussing good for you

May 16, 2014|

Scientists say swearing is actually GOOD for you. Is it good for you? Tommy talks to an expert on the research, Dr. Richard Stephens, Senior Lecturer in psychology at Keele University in England, Chair of the Psychobiology Section of the British Psychological Society.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

719. Now on WWL and we -- across the Atlantic Ocean to jolly old England to speak to doctor Richard Stephens. A senior lecturer in psychology. Fueled -- university. In England chair. Of the psychology. Section of the British psychological society who has studied swearing in. Doctor I guess I would like to begin by saying how the -- Well Ottawa beat it -- to say hi in our city aren't good thank you. Tell me about you study as it relates to -- singers swearing in use in foul language. -- well we've we've been in custody in you know why is that the people sweat this missing it. -- -- people who do -- everybody does that sometime in the lives is to kind of register of language the next day. That people do it but it it's also quite strange as well that we that we have to -- the. At the hands of profanity. I would buy into that and why. Why is that we do it aren't we out of these activities to these cookies ago. That showed that -- slightly even paint them as people. It provided by the -- -- about that explains why people are inclined to -- -- last when they still that has. I think last. But I like -- study which we were forcing up feed the psychological society. Conference last week was that will be the most fundamentalists saying just -- why is it the people's -- school. I'm trying to essentially between the united sweating it just to sign it being an articulate and just swank called think of another way to use. Which I think likely compact with the idea that that was sweating it is it's emotional language and to wait next. We we have to be careful we discusses on the air but I just wonder do when he comes to relieving pain relieving stress. Does it have something to do with the forbidden fruit of the words themselves and how did these words get to be forbidden fruit. Well that -- Basically is the is the ideas that have been too bad that unattended package but he kind of agreed to good use and probably TDs in right participant. -- people take a little bit. Well that's his. It's most likely that. Wet they get that house on the dot I think -- as you grow well -- -- about the way she gave you subtleties in the proxy for the kids. I do that eagle -- -- wage is 567 you're hearing them and even. In these kids' schooling started using them. If you preparing to go to high school and hastily that the -- to a season high school it's almost. It's almost like and they can -- -- so well these these let apple continues to -- that you clips. On the -- and I think it's I think it's bouncing novelties in in in these -- Roll situations. I'm you know they get -- -- without -- probably when they're that powerful. Am just wondering in the brain what happens because you'll see somebody. That never ever swears they're curses and -- something that hurt themselves and in the first thing that happens. Is the hands go over the mouth in the eyebrows raise in their eyes get big and I can't believe that they actually that. So what is it. Unconsciously. Is somehow the brain goes to this taboo word and and that makes it something that they default to. That would they have evidence that weapons. Most most noble language when using language and -- language it's -- in the left hand side of the brain for most people. In and vehicle the cortex which is the census of the brain. But there's evidence. That swearing is. Is it completely different type of language. Which originates mobile in -- instructions which which interestingly. Are more primitive. And as we have -- The course tax. -- looks like which besides which was one of the late at each disabled -- that mole deep separate structures were more sanctions so that is that is that sort of. And -- Brain you bring a new type of explanation that swearing is that from the -- -- that is because. There's not -- report the cases that people would like fate yet which had difficulty with language. -- -- find it quite difficult to to say eat very simple. Ideas. And yet at least at that -- -- -- -- -- -- relentless stream its islands -- in the I'm about that our latest that he is kind of survive and that's what we it was legal -- It that the -- the swearing is emotional language about -- you know he's just there's hardly any evidence for -- and other psychological scientist. -- interest in nineties. But are supported by evidence not just by. As cynical how we explore the link between swearing and emotion -- -- -- swearing is emotional language. If you make people more emotional and -- should kind of crumbled not actually available recently. To them. We -- understood the we make people emotional. -- -- and that she's obedient and played ten minutes for the run around killing people on the screen and not later in the day aggressive about the emotional change. I'm that we have to to see a weekly well -- they could slash. We sat at -- how many difference whether woods can you think of it have been. -- -- -- While dean -- would have done document did a lot easier ages have -- walk around barefoot and darkened room with a couple addresses that -- -- dreading feet. Couple. You know you piece of furniture that allegedly yet signed just let us not and has no. Followed publicity from a policy forces me. There. Ethics committee's. Stop the -- when he was such that psychologist that the scientists Cairo involving human volunteers and the colts. They would never agree to something like that because it's that people would and so and so on but they did agree to allowing -- implicated things it's ten minutes. On what we found just in -- it -- I mean it has the votes and how many dioceses. -- to write down as many different sweat it he could think -- in ten minutes commentator and. But enough I'm a good example because I I like to curse and I tend to think that I do it lyrically where it's almost like poetry when anchors so. I may be a different case. Doctor around the time I appreciated so much yet you Kolb all the way from England and I hope we talk to you again there are real -- that doctor Richard Stevens senior lecturer in psychology Q university in England. Chair of the cycle biology section of the British psychology society and my attempt to drive British humor didn't go sit -- dated 726 when comeback what Telecom. -- 1878 till 3866. 889087. Any deal like stickers I'm sorry but I do and make sure I watch where I do it. But man I'm playing golf -- -- and around somebody here I laid on thick and heavy but. Do you think -- of somebody that does that even if they're doing it tongue in cheek. And do you have to be upset to do it. How old were you when used in in running your parents for the first time and got away with it and you remember the first time your -- used a big swear word and you realize wow maybe your body doesn't.

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