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WWL>Topics>>5-16 7:45am Tommy, cussing

5-16 7:45am Tommy, cussing

May 16, 2014|

Scientists say swearing is actually GOOD for you. Is it good for you? Anna Post, Author and Spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute, says "just don't do it".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker talking about cussing and a new study from England that says. Cursing can actually. Be helpful that it can bomb. Make you feel better that it can relieve stress and help beyond emotionally and opposed joins us right now author and spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute good morning. Morning. Thanks for coming on tell me about. That. Polite society -- the correctness. Etiquette when it comes to his swearing. Are. You know that's it. It only ranking an initial impact. Of the people wanna look fine. -- it wearing it something. African people you know I don't mind anymore that you. For other people it really Bonderman would card are either way I think it important. Twelve members that wind you're in public and yet how about all the people are still one year actually you are. Looking to hear back. United is you need to clean it up a little. Do you see some people that. Our -- deeply offended when they see somebody else that it. That is run and on the amounts or even -- says something inappropriate did do people normally think less of other people a day if they let it fly. Some people think lack of them I think they're understandably might be -- leader at the moment so normal for. That makes -- isn't it you know don't don't do that because someone who talks about etiquette and don't do that. You know if you're swearing in -- in Adelaide at the jerk that. Are you on it talking with somebody who hit and it and it doesn't work that you don't like. -- gonna stop on the wearing a lot can look at what you're saying actually call. What are you want and -- attention calling. You the problems go. Spotlight and it you know it in the -- about how people are you need a private moment in the car. That night at the have you done. And I haven't. Yes I probably have my -- What. You know we've all had our moments like that and I think it's more about what. And and that to me is what war is -- that why don't you Asian -- let it happen in the back to. Give me one etiquette tip for the weekend as people go about their business that they may violate and cause some hurt feelings that they. That they don't know that they're doing if you follow -- asking him. You know where -- we mistakenly. Be. Are ending embody. It we are well along in public -- that -- obvious by. You know you're in line. Hardware store and -- got something online and you're. Call somebody you're yapping away and that there are people that and healing parking -- -- -- do -- -- Thank you appreciate your time and I have a great weekend and I'll let you.

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