WWL>Topics>>5-16-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on fracking in St. Tammany

5-16-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on fracking in St. Tammany

May 16, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Rick Franzo of Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany and St. Tammany PIO Ronnie Simpson about the ongoing fracking debate.

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Our topic we've been on top of now for several weeks off fracking in saint Tammany parish. What's the latest on at the debate continues. When the frak but not there environmentalist groups are the elected officials in that parish all the way up to the ones in Washington have been weighing in on it. On the basically now held its oil who's responsible. As one that will be applying for the permit. Says there is a change in the plans saw what the change was -- was scratch and this is what I heard at the very first. Informational meeting I attended in me and they'll win in fact is changed it. Is supposed to allow the marriage. To get some extra time. To find out you know if in fact this is something that would not be hopeful to. The for system in -- and what impact. On the pistols. Has also been some new developments. One of the organizations and it's in the lead of this as the concerned citizens of saint Tammany. Rick friends that was president joins is now a matter of fact that is about the news and it was the latest. Rick thanks for taking some time to talk and you've been very busy guy lately following. Yeah. Now well if you would first of all let's go back a little bit there was a release that came -- I'm from house all saying you know telling the Paris in the past on echoed that Ronnie Simpson ultimately on the public information that trying to outline. But I didn't come away with that as being some type of a significant change in. The original plan does not hurt the department of natural resources that the median minute ago. Said that they were going to do what they called an exploratory. Experiment will well. When they would drill and then once they got there they would thirteen thousand feet they would assess the the feasibility of going horizontally but the fracking process if it was even worth the while that. Now the changes then went to do basically the same thing in August not bragging immediately they gonna do this exploratory well. You really at the same way on his insensitive and yeah I I agreed to done. When I first -- that credit numbered time. Even our attorneys. Rated number at times and we don't take much away from it that's the difference in your analysis on it it's it's big excuse same thing. In the election they drilling units on -- one purpose to get into attracting big oil audit not relevant you drilling for shale. I'm so in debt that presumption that he would just in general that we export -- -- but they all intent was to begin. I'll I'll say the only thing and Paris's panties in -- -- it a little bit longer on purpose of what it did but. In the today is no difference. It it's not. Changing anything it stick gonna go down and edited drilling -- you know they gonna do picnic on magnolia we could do it. And what could have a negative stuff track in -- but I do you know it it'll just. Actuate throughout parish and we know -- -- be going up and it's going to be auto companies coming in. And then he totally lose control of the -- it's not just about Allen's you know without that. That included Julia I don't know you know that they don't particularly -- -- are spent just like most mile up mr. And that's where you have problems you don't noble decent contract this. Exactly that's why Deepwater Horizon we are finding companies that passing the buck in this several ones they are suing his company would they -- contracted to do Warrick in. They didn't live up to that part of -- so they they try to exert. So. That could be done that BP you know that probably. It -- the top 23 com. -- and that business. And in the they had a lot of fundamental -- in in the drilling process. What they do it and and it immediately so after the fact that's -- And we're not -- company like BP it's gonna be doing this -- drilling to -- not close. And the so you know it's that big risk and I think there -- -- to Portugal while others in the moment I just think it's more problematic. Is that it should -- saints and Packers -- a it will never -- the same pattern was as you noted that we've been conceded that maybe. And and it's so that actual highlights and and -- And natural preserve and control in any notes and now going to be popping oil and not just want to you know it's gonna happen it's going to be. A domino effect and -- and -- happened in a few years I continue to in this seat. 34000 well routes they can actually happened she looked. You look at other Ares and had bills that meant many widows have come in place -- look. They just desecrated in a system that it's it's horrible happens to land and and and yeah area. And home values will no -- hold back as well decreased. They don't hire people who Lowell police and they get they throw that away cadets that happened -- Euro did the war. Crime usually goes up those -- as well I'm I don't see any benefit it I would just love. Some -- it out -- to actually say hey. We won it doesn't belong racing -- -- we have been a real fight ought to -- and I don't see anybody. Anybody. To try to really stop this oil control is controlled Louisiana controlled Baton Rouge. And and that's problematic and until we change -- state level. All these oil companies and has control on local got a patient and have. Jurisdictional control. Well it's citizens of the community and the and the -- have major. In not so much about the chilling but I have a problem and they can get. Oil companies. And -- -- palate and citizens that live within them in the east -- Rick again technically breaking we come -- wanted him in the latest status of any application and what the next hearing will be. And also about concerned citizens of saint Tammany -- -- attorney to file temporary restraining orders -- and what the result of that has been to Iraq -- listening to the Friday edition of the tank and a well a seventy day. I welcome back into the think tank first topic was thinking about is -- fracking in saint Tammany parish now we've now. Ready opinion poll question up for you on the web page at W -- dot com I'm giving you three choices RU four fracking in saint Tammany yes. No way are only if environmental regulations Marc titan we invite to cast your vote. Also calls at 260187. Or as many view already doing -- know about and you got a text message board comes in here immediately and 87870. The president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany -- friends -- jaundice and -- before we get into the temporary straining orders that you legal representation has filed as it stands right now whether they goal on the whole plan -- the new plan which is only difference between a when is the final hearing to determine whether this. Permit will be granted. And if it is granted when will we expect them to start on or. Am actually file -- permit yet. Still have while the minute they have to go to you agent at heart and then they file for the real commitment need to keep journal. And and now you and agent in the late thirty days to process from -- filing for their attacks. Really it is not fine. In so we at any real idea that thirty days now. 68 out ego when it sort. We have repeated -- And Altria is one minute -- it's it would be very difficult has stopped at. -- and it. Stopped it. The citizens. And the cars generally loud and Paul and and and -- to leave those early. And if that -- it is in fact -- will be issued in grandfathered in under whatever the criteria is now. And if we do get time to change -- tighten it either on a statewide or parish one level. It's not gonna apply in his case if in fact it goes through and I just want to let folks know we have requested help us all to come on number of times. And so far they keep telling us now what will communicate my press release but as far as coming on explaining the process to dates of their intentions and at times they wind up enabling you. Yesterday are concerned citizens of saint Tammany file to temporary restraining orders explain what those are all about. Well again it's it's not gonna stop the project but it will. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Approach Borough what we found is in their actual filing yet -- application. To an army look at it and no these yet. Department of climate quality. Bet they lose. So many deficiencies. But I think it's -- Seeing double long was wrong with their actual permit. And talk about process to that this had a shall all and and with that and with that. It basically if file it illegal fault. So we went back to optical engineers and it EQ with letter critics explanation that we thought they should basically throw it out. -- of course it's still legal it is illegal application. Com and we did not impact on our ET TEQ although on corporate has not surprisingly it was Iraq -- -- anyway. We didn't -- certainly gave them ample time to respond. And with that they did not respond so we file -- in the federal court of law and then at stake and it's. Shuttle America so it on our engineers and chewed out. Louisiana department -- quality. Basic political fortune it's good we apply it sort temporary restraining order on -- then issue. A a permit to. Palace on the altar piece -- issues. Told you that -- in owner we -- two -- -- has to rule and -- our question or GRO. If we get it then it. Basically print out practice well one you have to race. An announcement that actually happened it this is an -- their processes again at least not -- new applications back in a waiting period. New public hearing -- for the people. So it does change it a little bit. On and it slows it down which we start to slowdown -- is just more time to. And cannot pin and get Allah position Randi parish. -- bullet and do something really try to disrupt and stop it well we'll look only to do everything we can legally to try to stop and demanding up it to experts in environmental area geology. Geologists. All armed. -- try to look front as well as with this summit extolled here in all. -- -- -- Court level will dispute determine whether these -- laurels are going to be approved a -- and on the state level federal both. Well but also right now is on the Shia rose one can be based on stated. And one's going to be based on the federal. -- and so just wait to bolt from the event -- it was in seven to Hewitt happen. You know or will they grant it I think if they built it's just really show. Oh yeah I've been through a down miserable for illegal it was a mixed reception. Saint Tammany parish and we went through situations station and -- -- total oral totally all. Yet they still. Approved you know and it's illegal but yet they approved it and we've we've tried to fight that Politico and attack didn't matter any. On. And I and I think what took the importance of what would do again. Didn't get it that gay rights atrocities is that they can't get the permit process -- are really worried about -- doing usually attract. Even more so than in other products so I wanna bring him back -- I. What does the right thing and current -- it's just TRO one. Put a stop on it and makes them have to redo it stops from ground zero. I predict come if people look calling in and texting as they wanna know more information on how to get in touch with you and concerned citizens of saint Tammany. I guess the web site would be the west way to do that. -- FaceBook there. Or -- on FaceBook as well -- most activity and we probably. Other activities. Skyrocket over the past month I think you know that we're getting some sixty to 70000 it's. On FaceBook alone -- In a month period time it's been really big -- and contact this. Concerned citizens of saint Tammy. A web site -- TC -- TT dot although. Or they can just and and I -- just secrecy. -- Tammy TCB. Dot Tammany at Yahoo.com. CC at C dot -- At Yahoo.com. And and dropped as -- email vote go to FaceBook find it a -- FaceBook drops and note Morgan right back to. Rick those who are definitely against this on any circumstances and those who would say yeah if we tighten up and we feel that. There's the risk has been lower enough for the reward there and we're gonna live with -- under those circumstances. Has any active fracking. Permits storm. Operations being stopped and other parts of the country is there an example of somebody being successful in keeping an -- Yet they have actually and -- earned some some of the things that out turn you looking it now it's been successfully -- -- -- in the all mixed up and -- like that a -- to. -- And it has lit well actually they won on. Our -- will try to type of rule and take gave the local municipality. And I had jurisdiction of state when we came to health and safety community. And it -- -- -- Louisiana State constitution. I think article six section five didn't believe in the constitution clearly defined. That. Local government has has jurisdiction on helping -- you know and listen we know. I don't care what they stand and tell us about how Arctic says it's not a perfect world we know it's not we have so many. Cases we hit it dates at values and disaster as a distracting. And well -- maybe that's something new world that is in the other companies aren't the best in the world implement its income car and the risk is -- And in which to some far out it's not worth the risk and and I don't think it's worth risk destroying which again part. As such and such a serious issue with that this is -- dire consequences we need to slow this whole thing down -- can really take a good locally and it'll -- Again how realized how sure agencies in the long term and not just one well pops up next week you know next month. You know it's long term what it means to saint -- that are you know all -- dollars in public face up which. If you look right now internationally. US has become the largest exporter of natural lists. The largest export so -- argument that you know we're going to be self sufficient and you know you know it'd. Drill hole. And be self sufficient not -- line -- -- you know it's ten dollars down and you and I know that. And and that's why you look at it it really -- those track and going on now. And most of the subsidies export it. Of course being making more money shipping now to keeping it -- and that and that's what comes out to you know we become the largest exporter and actually -- in the world. -- -- Rick thanks thanks -- taken a town -- -- please keep this up today it is new developments come about. It. Welcome to France so president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany. Coming up next Ronnie Simpson public information off of its intent is -- explain their position on the whole issue. And invites you to -- -- cast your vote on WWL or any opinion poll right now it is split exactly evenly three ways. RU four fracking in saint Tammany 33% yes. 33%. No way in 33%. -- environment regulations on titan where do you stand. Cast that voted dividend yield -- will be right back after the news. And continuing our conversation and thinking about fracking in saint Tammany parish an issue that is -- really -- forefront just over a period of a few weeks and has really moved to the in the top of the of the heat the front current saint Tammany parish and joining us to. Talk more about this issue Ronnie Simpson to public information office for the parish and we hope to talk to parish president pat -- but. Extremely busy lady as of late -- thank you for filling in in and giving us the latest is for Tuesday. Saint Tammany parish administration's outlook and approach to dealing with this application. For a permit to begin fracking -- and of course all the opposition in the environmental groups have become involved in it. I know the president is in a very tough position in this because she's got a lot of people that it. To try to satisfy you once he owes it to the constituents to certainly protect their concerns about the environment and any. Negative impacts that a could have been at the same time she also responsible for. The economic development of the parish and also to protect the of people live there all owned property there. I don't want to we don't do use their property for economic gain that that's part of what the whole parish administration does so. All that being said whereas saint Tammany parish stand on this they've been criticized for not doing enough. Some people are saying that that them them to pro. I'd fracking in drilling in saint Tammany parish tell us what the latest. Or not thanks -- has and we appreciate the opportunity. I think it I think that down there's. Personal we've done. Remember working on this since the moment we're. Missiles kind of dropped on us as as as unexpectedly is as to whether anyone else this is not a benevolent radar. But having said that it's it's it's. It's our responsibility to do what we can argue with what's in our authority and Don Mattingly in 900. In the -- is impaired president take responsibility and credit listeners. Announcers so so. Obviously we channel oh learning curve to two to deal with. This you know apartment just coming I don't know where -- and not something we had contemplated so. As much information out there are some of -- good not so good. Some of that just a little. -- -- And I don't really know how to describe it but it it it's just it does not quite near the truth but. It's -- it's harder to come to that and so as a citizen as well. As -- who worked in government. It is very difficult to kind of weed through him and -- drawl that all of the count the area information that's out there about for acting. So so that's really what we've been doing so -- and and and in dealing went. It -- or do we district government have and and how does it as a play into the bigger picture here. The the State Department. National resources. Has the ability to. Through its off -- concentration gives the -- permanent amity you guys talked about this. And there's some discussion about whether. They parish government has the authority to shut this down. Case law after case -- -- -- tells McCain are always -- to assist district Court of Appeals so. You know that. Tilting at Windmills. You know maybe not -- or time because it is flawed and the lawyers tell us that's really one of the reasons that the council. Approved a resolution -- our outside expert a look at this so that we know definitively. No research that these in the -- attorneys and -- and down already. So so. We wanna make sure that people understand as of now. And then and lawyers in the case -- polls right now. The around the state as a authority to grant and program that's this department and he said that. -- government is not there's not a powerless. There's a lot of things we've been working on on throughout -- and part time. First of foreign wars -- first and foremost he's getting more time. And and and peoples and as we just need to be and he says this just a moment ago. Slowing things down a little bit oh lord help everyone not just did and better educated about what cardinal. Also make sure that. Again going back to our authority we are doing everything perished reserve and everything it can't. Two to work inside that authority and make sure that down. We're performing and doing very that that the people just Ursula admits mr. good news which -- Which is protect the -- should protect its its citizens and that's and that's that's. Bad as what she -- strategy and has been doing has been amount we yeah we learn about. You know Ronnie is as a resident of saint Tammany parish and besides being a journalist and broadcaster covering it. I really feel proud of the parish in the way this thing has been handler on there have been a lot of frank and open discussions the estate officials have expressed and got involved in it. The parish council is is really involved -- they've taken some some action. To trident is filter everything out and find out what the next course of action should be. I'm proud of the citizens whether it be groups like concerned citizens are also individual people have taken the time to come out and do their research and and their opinions heard. The only one that I'm really a little bit skeptical about it is hell saw I mean they've been extended invitations to come to -- public hearings to come on the air to do interviews. And and then not doing and I think they need to get into discussions because they don't talk I think there's always going to be. The skepticism about walls and analysts say what's gone on why not why don't they -- -- Has apparently been in communication with representative -- very frank discussions about where's this gonna lead what do you intend on dual. Yeah yes it is for students -- first question is -- yes we've been in contact and she's best. And she says this is just. And AARP's speech that you did two to citizens are -- They've given her everything which -- asked for all the information matches that's for. Now what are they come and talk to you guys -- and you. Went to conversation about that -- upon it that when you don't necessarily. Give information somebody else. Still that board. And I think they understand that made it in the and it worked -- -- Austin and putting out information about they -- thirty day. Continuous. Of the -- position. Hearing that that is now scheduled for a for her in -- As well has the talent differential put out. On this week about. I'm just doing or. Oracle. On -- but there has been a lot of a lot of talk a lot of -- resolve all the meetings. -- But both. Current president has. And very eloquently. Said. The other day and letters via murder and and there's been Ostrom quite a bit. That the all all of this engagement it is it is good it is is good. All of those because it's it's on normal normal. She said. That we need civic engagement with civil discourse. And that's exactly and that's exactly the town which were trying to set in and that she's trying to to portray. That we need to talk about this. But we need to do it so that both sides are heard that. -- have the ability to to learn. Not just from the environmentalists and not just from. Strictly from. Or companies. But to listen and and make decisions for -- ourselves about how we feel about this and and not not not get drowned out by about it. -- noise -- you said a few minutes ago. Exactly Ronnie thanks for taking time and he showed on time thank you and now also thanks to that mr. -- used on the component discussed as will listen. I'm sure will be talked in his own future shows. Thank you. Ronnie Simpson and -- parish public information officer. On after this break again we get to text -- wouldn't read some of the text that your fellow listeners have been shooting you know you can send one yourself please remember. Next responsibly. If you're driving have a designated text or vice verse 87870. Also object on that opinion poll for yet. As at WW all dot com or you for a for acting against ranking or would fuel olive environmental regulations today. The risk is low enough to gain the rule will be right back this is the Friday edition of the think tank on WW. I'm taking a look at opinion poll you listeners you are the ones that provide these numbers were asking this question or you fourth fracking in saint Tammany right now we've got 43%. Saying yes. 36%. Saying no way and 21% say -- environment regulations tightened -- surprising. That with tightened regulations that would give us a total of 64%. Of people who would in fact. Support fracking in saint Tammany parish. You know it's a very very serious issue. A lot of questions I think in the I think that the key is this whole thing is that needs to be slowed down as -- permitting process. If infected dusk on the saint Tammany parish everyone will feel confident. That the worst could not happen or if it did there would be a hazardous response plan in effect what to do with the waste water of that health concerns. A lot of things need to be addressed before. They go for well will be talking about that for a while our will be back with a -- cash contest right after this time. -- coming up next always going to have a Helio climate colleges and it did endocrinologist. Joining us. The talk about an underwater reef that is profound implications about coastal wetlands restoration.