WWL>Topics>>5-16-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on cheerleading

5-16-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on cheerleading

May 16, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with cheerleaders Cody Trahan and Madison Neal about whether cheerleading is a sport.

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And good afternoon welcome to the Friday edition of the think tank -- Don -- -- glad to have you with us as we. Pick on another topic this kind of light that interest thing asking you this question is cheerleading. Is sport. In fact that's the subject of -- ready opinion poll question oil right now 75%. Saying no. 25%. Saying yes and it's always interesting. On these opinion poll questions to watch the change -- do we give out more information and discussion gets a little bit deeper. To monitor how it changes predict that's gonna happen he has 75% of you saying no not a sport. Point 5% saying yes it is I had some early -- coming into we do invite your -- as long as you. Text responsibly and 87870. Is the first one that says cheerleading is entirely too dangerous. They definitely need helmets. And they need to make it a lot safer for these girls. They are getting beaten up out there. Another text comes cheerleading is definitely not a sport. A sport requires competition between two people or two teams although cheerleading has a cheerleading competition and that's more of a contest and not a sports. And a third text says cheerleading is not a sport if they'd just -- it's only a sport if they compete in competitions. And we are open to talk with some gas a husband and wife cheerleading moderated its. Tammy and Tommy train hand and also a cheerleader herself from Zachary -- Madison Neal who wrote an op Ed piece in the New Orleans advocate paper enough I think they would. Argue with some of those comments will be right back after the break in the get your comment to do you think cheerleading is really a sport. Or is it just as they say. An activity or. Not really a competition but even their competitive. Cheerleading meats are considered contest and not sports what is a sport model will be right back to listen to the bank tank. On WW well and welcome back into the think tank. WWL has a -- Congratulations to pat chain of Coca drink 1000 dollars and nationwide vacation -- contest. You can win to just listen to W Nabil weekdays right for the top our news at 7-Eleven 2 PM and 5 PM the the code word. And text that -- to seven to 81 few chance to win the bottom putting your phone down at 72881. Every weekday four lucky winners nationwide win thousand dollars each. We never charge protects an individual plan text and data rates applied remember listen -- right before the top on news. At 7-Eleven. Two in five. Good luck and Smart radio intercom and all of us at WW. Well we are beginning a discussion of and debate that is debate that has arisen over the past couple of months actually have been -- brewing a lot along with a map but finally. I'm coming to -- discussion on nationwide level. Is she leading actually a sport. And on -- ready opinion poll which you can cast your vote be counted opponents on on official unscientific but it says. 83% saying no. Only 17%. Say yes we also accept responsible text and he has some of them that are that are coming in now when you -- reading these -- if you happen to punch the button and you -- making these comments. -- please remember that it may or may not be in my opinion it's that a lot of listeners who listen -- this program. And instantly texting instant message here's one that says. If golf in -- are considered sports how cheerleading not be considered a sport. Another says cheerleading as a sport it's physically rigorous in many footballers could not -- The other side of the coin a text says cheerleading is not a sport. But rather in the category of artistic expression. Such as various dance competition. And is -- -- yes sports requiring game with definite method to score and keep score on the completion of the game. The winners known armaments are also sports. Each sports on -- judged by a panel of judges. This is a -- what do you say calls at 260. 187 he operates 668890878. You wanna do that text saying it's simply a 7870. We've got some actual cheerleaders -- going to be talking with us about that. On coming up -- while Madison -- a cheerleader red Zachary Hines who wrote an op Ed piece in the advocate newspaper. Stated our opinion. Right now we go to Cody trade and. Who understand -- mom and dad Tammy and Tommy on the archbishop shark cheerleading team moderated news in Cody herself is a cheerleader. Cody welcome to the show. Hi. Go to you heard some of the tax some on both sides you heard this overwhelming. Number of people who say it is not a sport you're -- you would you do it would use. Combined to come in sports I think. You know. They juggling act on. Athletic ability to be particularly. Not. You know we want to -- on the sidelines in your lead to crap anymore and help you have. Where the competition including Q2 times injured -- you know -- trouble combined in ethnic power is doing all of that and felt like. Sport I would consider a sport. What about this contention that in order for it to be a sport has to BA competition do you consider cheerleading competitions to be the sport -- is that a sport whether it's. Adjusted a team that's going out there performing at a game on their. I don't think he didn't care act and perform performances. They need to Crabtree. Here at pep rally in detail that you have -- own competitions Alex okay. Carol and started. That competition. I think it's an air force here this year will be. Competition it's not considered a portrait in Egypt but they had their competition. And then we also get an optional -- February and out. 3000 participants go to air pretty -- competition. Much physical training time dieting. Things that you would normally consider athletes to do that cheerleaders do. Com. -- you Ali we've worked out pretty. I keep secure for -- he actually helped coach the shot cheerleaders and records aren't -- a double cheerleaders as well. And I checked for how you like that three times -- -- practice -- time to get the other fourteen. So it takes a lot to help and work can. Well I'm glad you said you you coached the chair -- the -- cheerleaders and you've talked into a rumble guy who went there -- all you have my wife was what she was cheerleader she was dance team way back -- today human. And I saw the performances this year because I went to a lot of Ronald Simpson yelled -- a great job. I -- as far as people saying that you know the definition of sport it's a certain mold and you gotta look up the definition according to Odom the dictionary always ESPN the -- as it. Really is a sport Mormon -- the boo holed it on and should we stick with the rigid definition and what does that really mean to cheerleaders. Whether it is classified as a sport -- -- doesn't have some type of an impact on. The future role of cheerleader. I don't think -- that cheerleaders. They had their -- see it it's their own blankets and we. We do everything. That -- Can. Nearly everything. -- It's your apology and here again that probably are part -- whether it was -- I'll get it mattered. Sounds like you might have a little cheerleader in the future. That. I've got some callers don't wanna talk join in the conversation let's go to line three for us from Scott in memories of former LSU cheerleader. Were you on the same team with Cody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Via a year. And it here are. Well. -- dollar. The -- and that. Buried the lead pack -- everything you. You ought to be that the girl. Lately. -- didn't do it and -- out there we we. We get together practiced. Very good week. That's that was -- that. Oh -- America. Well Scott. As far as the cheerleading experience that you had them on a lot of text in the at a talking about there's a little bit of of negativity about it being dangerous I mean in in and maybe. I'm bringing about the wearing of certain protective equipment do you think that has a place. Helmets and. -- sport. -- Any injury. -- -- it. Would but -- do they do. There. Get. A midlevel. The work it work at all. -- -- -- thank defended the call Scott -- appreciate it -- what do you think about that the union family are involved in in moderating cheerleading him not just the doing of it but also while promoting the safety do you think that we've reached a time where it is progressed to a stage -- -- It could become -- dangerous and may be the use of protective equipment is a wise idea. -- Aren't protective equipment -- to do the things that we do with equipment however. -- certify that through a lot. -- Progressed and the teacher and excellent editor -- -- -- quick -- scale the longer actually coaches that are willing to betray. Each and make an import control. -- You know Cogent Egypt and what -- a precaution and sort. Of that sort of thing they're doing. Tell that idiot do you ever needed help -- to block it well what we're. -- -- And that's -- that we can get it. Well perhaps the adding the element of dangers one of the criteria would -- and sports. Let's go to Mike guy he's listened to listen homo online to Mike thanks for you call you with Cody trail. March -- all or -- or later -- Yeah. -- just like the -- quick comment I just got back porch and -- and meeting in Philadelphia. Should we. There were true and false or speakers to -- to made the comment. Don't lecture -- be a -- and cheer leading those are the ones that come and collections. Chip shot and kind of remind that apparently that congress the crush. That's very timely that you at that meeting -- exactly what is a flyer eventually. Umpire and the girl and out in the parent there. Depending on the country and I could stability -- those guys usually lift girls in the air which can go out and I'll tell. The girl in the here and girls actually goes up and act it's called the flyer. And I guess that requires a certain amount of training and practice. Before you connect does get out there and start don't. Definitely try and people are under -- so -- -- your child saying that people need to be fine and you. Get the correct patent -- stand here and and people underneath it and it didn't expect a certain. And it -- to actually to do in the air as well. And the like that we take the proper steps. We need not apply. To come out and however -- -- and just like in football and I hope he usually it will be in the top 36. Feet in the air that she would be able to get -- at all. I see you know people get elbowed in the eighties -- -- and that kind of accident back. We didn't -- Ports. And does not as you can. I gotta go let's go now to Antoine. Downtown he says it is not us. And want thanks for you call why is cheerleading a sport. -- And about me Antony. And encourage you. Learn it. Yeah. But you know it's an -- you know it -- get that -- that the court I mean in it out but you know -- -- -- -- build out in the year you know regular that would -- These. And they export. -- -- I. It's not. -- Income. -- No doubt. Be inactive in. Where that goal in the deck caught the -- yeah yeah point or what. If you're not expected to survive he got -- -- Ultimately a minute and look out what about refereed disease. And as a judge is definitely a judgment in all sports. It. I mean I heard about it -- hear about no. Oh. I mean -- -- one got a girl. And one target put. -- are on the what about it. I mean you know it is no definite. Well let let let's run our Cody is in competitive cheerleading is Errol points system that the -- They -- And which -- he can't. Take. It to. Come to. -- How America. And certain. Well. -- in. Court. And off. You know -- using you argument about a Hollywood about Olympic diving in our -- what about Olympic diving. Is it that the scored by a judge will point out here are here there are plus not a real and I couldn't. All right. -- we got to run thanks to Carl appreciate your colony in according thank you for sharing your thoughts with a senior living out deadlocked they'll be looked into that -- -- -- -- And we will be right back at the news we gonna talk to young lady who's a cheerleader Zachary -- Who wrote an -- bit. Peace about it should be seen as a sport in the advocate newspaper also that eat and Ernie wanna share their opinions and a lot of them ought to exports will be back to continue. And if we get cast your vote check on and he would operating opinion polls shields is cheerleading a sport. Right I welcome back into the think tank you know I don't think we get this much reaction asking you the question actually this much debate -- cheerleading indeed a sport it has been argued both ways and -- -- some movement text messages. Let's see where our blog at some him coming in here. If you ever seen a cheerleading competition is like gymnastics with a bit of cheering going very competitive very much a sport. He is one that says didn't think about it but you'd gone meaning me in a sport that takes a little to no athletic ability whatsoever. Fishing hunting more alike properties. Now I'll debate you on taking Illinois athletic ability you follow me. On to the woods behind my dogs some of these hunting trips and also as a mental thing now in Turkey and Kansas and they all about that. But to classify fishing and hunting is sports you ride -- they -- not sports when you talk about getting some food and taking it challenged. Yeah but I would say definitely more on -- -- that house that does take some. Athletic ability believe me physical stamp on -- another when if it's a sport do they have to leave the playoffs and championship of any thing at close of gymnastics. Another says if golf as a sport and cheerleading 12. Meth clinic enough to play golf but I know -- and the ability to be a cheerleader. And here's another one that's supports one on one caller said if the outcome is subject to a person judge opinion it's not a sport. He is one that says I'm an electrician compete for a job it's hard work its dangers and opened training and its neighbors against it's a sport do in your mind if it is. Will call electricity sport. -- -- injury does not make activities sport. Another says gymnastics figure skating equestrian all based on judges and all or Olympic sports. Another tax guess what boxing is judged. Another says so wrestling is in the sport because they have judges that award points. This one to Antoine so basically all Winter Olympics considered not a sport. -- you've taken a beaten here one other one says this guys that -- cheerleading is definitely sport is not just team cheerleading there are competition. And -- -- on and on his one that says if competitive gaming AKE sports as a sport I'm not she you. That's all of the analysts -- we've got a caller on line let's eat them on line one -- gymnastics coach -- thank you for the call. -- I would say that cheerleading is the sport. Because that it athletic it and judge its first second and third of that to me pork spending in. -- Japan's state. It's away statistically. The most dangerous sport for girls in America representing 65%. Of the total. Serious injury and -- And coming in its second place last I checked we gymnastics at 8% and had a whole bunch of other sports you know the seven think. Why do you think such a disparity between gymnastics and cheerleading I mean it. All of the things a very various. Cheerleading at that level gymnastics so what does that I'm -- -- -- -- far more difficult Margaret key skills. Why would -- be. You know much more injury and Julian in my experience in coaching cheerleaders -- the law or trying to you know. Indicator of the wind leading line there is a little odd knowledge -- well proper hunting techniques. I'll let Akron genetic background restrained by. People from opt out circuits had been on acrobatic picnic acrobatic referring to. I think guilt what you're bouncing and throwing catching the people. And we would -- difficult stuff with -- -- -- today with violent injury. Because of the manner in which we trains and the velocity that we used in in terms -- about mechanics. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At least the ones that have been in contact with our region near the younger than collegiate level may be different when it's so much you play. That. These rate bad technique they had shot -- training usually it's somebody's mom that onto that trying to coach them. Nobody really knows what they're doing it in nipping -- -- like me. To try to set it straight and they can't stand -- you know what one lady while -- whose you know I don't date a very reputable wrong I'm. Competitive squad while told that he and it. Michael that the notion that there is actually work involved with being on my squat about and I have a lot that you need opulent all right real coaching that the you do. Are. Particularly like I mean this that's there -- influences this some differences and obviously which is saying it's either the training is not the real perhaps. People that students who may feel like they can do cheerleading but never do gymnastics given the shot and really got to. And they're being put in situation that they really don't quite understand what they're doing it does not and knowledgeable doctor to show them the way. Yeah. Pizza thanks to you call appreciated. I would come back Ernie you'll be up for us we also have Allen in the CB digging in here's one that says shout out to end on the child needs to go to work with a cheerleading team in NC if you get. Run his mouth the same way which appears to be. Now -- anymore mistakes I would be right back with more attacks that 8787 in your phone calls at 2601870. RE 66889087. Please cast the bowl romp -- ready opinion poll. Is cheerleading exports simple yes and WW all that will be right back. -- is cheerleading a sport that's the -- is about ready opinion poll question and right now it's 69%. Saying no it is not 31% says yes we've had a very very interesting discussion with some of our callers. Also -- techsters in Narnia mapped apologize to you and advance in medical try to get to you but we have. Made contact with Madison -- -- about scheduled guests a couple of text messages come in and year. -- once as poker tournaments erroneous panel Tom Anderson meaning poker is the sport one that cheerleading. Another says Don can we stay on the important issues hunting and fishing pleased. I had 9157. Tune in tomorrow five to nine we -- we talk and -- And another one says what about sport hunting and fishing it's many competitive bass fishing net. Probably would be considered a sport that displayed on the efficient. Sport. Let's talk to -- I -- editorialists who appeared in the advocate paper recently. Title cheerleading should be seen as a sport written by Madison Neil. Madison thanks for joining us I don't know which -- future is as a cheerleader but -- reading your editorial I think you definitely might have a future as a journalist. And there are a lot of a lot of people on both sides of this issue tell us give us your argument -- why cheerleading should be a sport. Well I AM on. -- I think many of all that respect senator sport in this it on tape blocked the dedication. Began as much of your time. Why we have practices sometimes six days a week which means -- only get Saturday off. And then the practices easily last. Her. Q Aaron today. And then it it takes a lot of sanctity accumulated. Not just. Any athlete or. Anybody can join your team and be able to. A bank to do it could exceed the way that you elite media takes. A lot of hard work and effort and willingness. Do on. Richard all. You know Madison -- we've had a lot of people who will agree that you certainly it takes the skill of a gym this. I'd take certain artistic talent the vacation the physical training the stamina all of that they don't argue with that one of our most outspoken opponents said that because. It's it's something where a score isn't capped oil if there is -- stunned by a judge. That means is not really is pool or other sports as a final outcome determined by. How good the opponents all would you relate that to gymnastics and as far -- in cheerleading as far as the competition. Well I there are on it judged by a several -- at a competition. But you know the Olympics they all -- that several -- of these sports that are all the jagged lightning acting. I feel I'd be very hard to argue that connected to the sport even they have judges. Ice skating they have didn't -- Winter Olympic sport. -- You know one of the aspects we keep my hearing about too is sent this is not really eighteen competition -- You know it takes a whole team to really excel I would argue that I would think that you know it takes a lot of coordination among team members produced a final result. -- -- this is not an individual sport at all. No way eight. Especially because I mean. There is no lights competition without a team an individual can't. Do anything on hit her Aaron he needing your teammates to be able to. Help he would perform. Any. A claim routine. And I mean that's just part of this sport is definitely teaming group. Do you -- do you think that maybe this opposition to accepting cheerleading as a sport maybe goes back to the early days of cheerleading where it was a gimme in all off. You know was that it's where other sports -- may be considered much more macho and actually becoming. Less physical less violent now which really -- is actually becoming tougher and tough. I definitely am here is -- and -- tactic Canada. Girly sport that all girls wanna be gets for the curtain. To cheer on the other sports teams but it. Become one of the sport that other cheerleader sitting here on checking that well it's not this. -- lined up on cheering but on. Very competitive and very. Athletic. And not give you now -- -- cheering. Guys we talk with a Madison -- cheerleader at Zachary highs she wrote an op Ed piece on the commentary page of the advocate. Let's bring Ernie in and -- of a long line to Ernie thank you for you called you agree with them Madison. I'm Donna and art on anabolic topic I love in Cleveland on village nearly -- But. I absolutely think cheerleading. A sport. I grew up well. Playing. Many sports wrestling. They -- Well. The scholarship athlete and college Matt I don't the pole -- And I got that to join our RB a OK. And. Girl. You're not really don't -- -- -- It out and got -- surely. We went to. Cheer up you know when you -- Is absolutely one of art at Hamburg. Commute to work now they've been great. And -- you know -- at any you know -- six -- You installer that live -- girl growing Guerrero. And it are -- to get a lot out each other sport mode that which meant they -- When you check girl on IQ and eight predicting GB -- don't -- It could be short -- each other. -- he believes cheerleading a sport. I'm very good thank you for you call Ernie Madison as we wrap up just some of the discussion we had today. Was about that the danger involved in cheerleading is some of that is statistics prove an -- that cheerleading particularly for young women. Is one of the most dangerous sports out there any suggestions or recommendations I think you know all that's being done in the may be stopped that'll prevent. Are -- into any accident that you know -- in the important before doing anything right here. And then drinking water constantly throughout the day. To keep you hydrated. And then eating healthy to keep -- -- strong. But sometimes it -- it -- being. Are there things that he'd be prevented by default. Except. Now when you -- -- it. -- it extremely dangerous because. Sometimes you can try your hardest manipulate and none of them wrong it could cost either incident Eden. -- Madison I guess in from that standpoint it's like any other sport there's always a risk involved. Madison before you go we don't have the the benefit of video here to watch you but can you give us your best 32 vocal. Any second that care. Program. -- that is supported cheerleading might hit into I don't care. And. And on catching you off guard. Everything you got. I had no idea will have to may be saved that for the time great editorial you Rhode you really don't argue your point very well Mattison and thanks for being a good sport we appreciate. And righty we'll be right back with a wrap up of the think tank after this time out you're listening to the big 870 WW. Well as I said it's always interesting to watch the changes cheerleading a sport the final results 53%. Saying no. 47%. Saying yes to debate goes on and on. I will be back tomorrow darkened early from bridge side marina Stan brock's blackened goal fishing classic come -- if you can. If he can get enjoy this great weather and catch -- -- it is -- next week on the think tank on WW well.