WWL>Topics>>5-16-14 1:10pm Angela: with romance novelists fighting cancer

5-16-14 1:10pm Angela: with romance novelists fighting cancer

May 16, 2014|

Angela talks with romance novelists Cherry Adair, Tina DeSalvo, and Stella Barcelona about their cancer-fighting group Friends Fight Together.

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Happy happy happy Friday you know this is my favorite today and it's my favorite day for many reasons the first of which is our first show is always open Mike. Where we get to meet new people and new friends. And wait -- you get to meet these three dynamos and sitting in the studio. That is our -- show our second show is. The end and what's happening while he and took a little vacate so are we ever locking. We have Jude Bork are movie critic coming in to spend the whole hour with this but we're going to be talking about even more than movies. And then our third hour in doesn't get any better. Cokie Roberts is going to be and for the full hour we're gonna talk about her life. The grant the life of her mother and up what's happening on Capitol Hill. But we're gonna begin with I'm telling you I sincerely mean I have looked forward all week two meeting these three women. Over 700 authors are in New Orleans for the RT book lovers giant convention at the Marriott hotel tomorrow it's open to the public. An opportunity to meet your favorite writers and perhaps being inspired to start your own writing career. And it can happen. You may be sitting in an office right now or listening in your kitchen. But tomorrow could be the first day of your life as a off three women here who can testify to that as each started in one career. Only to discover there in -- Cherry -- a New York Times best selling romantic fiction author started as an interior designer. And now has forty books to her credit. Tina Desalvo grew up in New Orleans began her casting career as a play by play announcer for football and basketball. And the sports anchor for station in -- yes. Very good down the buying and she even called a few games with a one and only poppy UP. -- news and production team has always been a writer but her first novel which just released this month entitled. -- -- A second chance novel the -- talk about the mission of that novel. But has brought cherry and Tina and our third -- together for an incredible clause. Our third guest is stellar Barcelona a local lawyer who has spent years as an assistant US attorney. A litigator in private practice and now as an attorney working in a court. All of this led to her debut novel entitled. Deceived. A romantic and suspenseful story sent in New Orleans her characters. If you guessed it our lawyers. Three talented women who have joined together for a very special purpose which again we're gonna talk about the first. We want to know for everybody listening at home about making that leap to become an author now cherry eight. You are the mentor. I am probably too many but to definitely to these two. Credible answer it yes of them. Victory OK she prior tissues are not well yeah -- and -- and we -- to cry it's a wonderful thing to cry I loved mentoring new office. And I meant to have hundreds of -- All the time I have to finish the damn book contest every year. I have a FaceBook. Group. I didn't change challenge that they have to report into me every week and tell me how many pitches -- replies weakened how many they gonna right next week. And I am miss less and driving and finished the Tampa backed Stella and Tina special to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think that's an -- friends and. We've been I've been on the -- with them for these two bucks from the beginning. So while I know that they credit you. Probably on many levels hopefully we'll get some of those -- And this is how I think. -- and his -- -- dumb and couldn't guy. And somebody gave him -- magic and -- you can fly pulled this you can fly it that it wasn't magic at all. I consider myself that that that -- And a pitiful these new rights. And it's an orange feather and of course to us and our defense and he is our ports eighty let me say -- I'm sorry it is and television because this woman is a vision in Orange. But if you -- is orange -- yes. You are doing a wonderful thing helping out this is are so many people feel they do have a broken them. Kind of don't know how to start we're gonna get that I want to know how you started because. Here you wore a successful. Interior designer. Right and you just sat down -- well. I've always written some. You have always been derided some form -- -- It's spelled. And I'm dyslexic so and I Carvey I'm writing so this is quite -- and I -- I said. You can write things in and writing and that would be an option -- and ran it not to cut it right in the year the interior design and interior design stalled studious. And I and Alison -- waiting for people to get flipped to come and pick out well paper when it. And yet many times finished the books that I had -- -- draw them. Huge front street and finish that up. Scribbling notes to. That's how it's scientists wrote in between points. Now all of a sudden you had a book know all of sudden I had 1717. People. None of which -- And lo achieve their parents us. And and -- my FaceBook has treated them. That lovely -- say. And -- -- you had written seventeen books but all were rejected. And then started over -- Rejection is the name of the game which happened just develop thick skin I think I've had five books rejected about five. Manny it had -- yes oh my god so do you toss those and then. Or you key downtime and you hope you return to them and because you think if that the QQ we'll ride it out and -- it about eight. And here. And OK I am nothing but impressed that you could hand seventeen books and rip them up. And start again not be defeated by and not at all. And just carry on your books describe books running chasing shooting about 96. Falling down. Floating -- is shooting -- Being chased. Like its next. I defeated happy ending that's happening. Here. We can't lose with that icon at the great formula I think they're -- -- -- man -- you'll meet. Well I'll I'll start. Has. There's a wonderful editor. Who -- matches with Kensington her name is Kate Duffy the late Kate Duffy and she's a legend in the romance industry. Wonderful wonderful lady who had ties you know Moreland actually -- family here. But she Monday at at a convention she said you have to meet this woman you that I adore her she's just wonderful and I think you guys that hit it off. She brought me to the bar which heard it was hanging out she doesn't drink a lot she's not a lush but she thinks. I've had that yet just because she's there and take she's just delightful one with friends and -- tapping into distance and we have been friends since that very first meeting. It was love at first -- you have written your book greeted not I had written a book but not this spot okay yes. This is pretty. Before I'm like ethnic and made this at another journey. But and then style and I are cousins. Who met at a what we knew each other room in our families know each other very well where west bankers. And bankers death my father would say God's country but. So I walked into a chapter meeting here of writers as a writers meeting called console. Southern Louisiana writers and they -- month month and so I went to the meeting in there in the room with this beautiful. Head of hair I -- just on the back of her. Our lovely. Head of hair and I looked at it said I have got to be related to that hair. He has this beautiful curly. Hair and so he turned and I sat adds that Stella Barcelona that's my cousin. And I went up to and we have been very close and writing buddies ever since we have been on our writing journey together since that point and I'm now gonna -- -- Write in so. I introduced her to cherry and this has been a really good years here. And Europe for your first book published he has now out in it I want -- -- called a second chance. Yes a delightful and uplifting read it simply excellent in so many ways a keeper. And I which I love Heather Graham said that. On -- this is your debut book is called deceived sometimes we drown in secrets of the past few. And he and I loved -- dollar Barcelona stunning debut to state deceived has at all who wrote that -- -- Can get back she was nice enough to give me cover cried as well in back of my -- around because she loves us so much as you. And it is about cheering people -- and getting them on the right that's right that's right we are going to take a break we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk about the road. They're all -- right now stay with us I'm Angela under the W well. Our three super authors cherry they dare Tina Desalvo and Stella Barcelona. Two from here. A tart cherry from Seattle but all here for the super book convention. Which we're gonna talk more about him but. I think what is a beautiful thing. What you have in common as you did have other lives prior to becoming authors and now you all are published authors. And yet you found each other almost have to think there was a reason. Behind that. Without a doubt without is that apple is an act -- accidents yeah I do -- and we came together at just the right times. You know -- just the times that we needed to be together and we stayed together. Because we needed to stay together because we love each other of course right. And it's worked forests or mountains for as our friendship keeps growing well as cherry was mentoring you and you or. Again people in other published they don't know the story behind the rejection they don't know the difficulty in. Up all night and it -- so it's tough to be alone in writing. Very difficult. And it's great to have friends who are authors. Says he can bounce ideas off and get through the stumbling block. But it got to go out there and find those friends and that's hard thing for our writer to do because writers. Our writers by nature it's a solitary world. You've got to go to fabulous convention and you've got to find the local writers groups that's how I found. Tina and cherry and that's -- way in here today it's it's been great. Okay they -- major. Sad thing happened and but I'm looking at Q and you are radiant. So you've got to start the journey. Well on six years June 1. I discovered a lump in my right breast and I actually was attending a conference here in New Orleans. Where I was an aspiring writer and cherry was. A -- a published author who is teaching at this conference and we were friends at that point. On and you know woke up 1 morning and I found that it was just there and I did have a mammogram only only four months prior to that. And -- cherry was there and I even had her. See if I was imagining it says she was there on day one. It was stage three breast cancer. And I've had along a lumpectomy I've had radiation. Chemo. I've had bomb a double mastectomy reconstruction I've had precept and -- on Tamoxifen have had every -- -- treatment plan. That I know love and on these ladies spoke up from have been there with me throughout this journey. And I tried writing during this this time I tried keeping at it and how it was very difficult to be writing but I want it to -- I'm a writer. I just have to write or create. In my brain was too soggy to -- in cherry was telling me just right just right you know put put something down on paper doesn't have to be good. -- but I also start detaining because I just had that need to create. Very badly so don't. But I loved it and I had a good I enjoyed it it was because it. A writer's heart. Is create apart we need to create something you know and but so that's that's where wasn't every step of the way but I have to tell you one story and I do some public speaking and how we share this -- to stories about both of these ladies but one is. On I had my first -- treatment and I didn't have a port and then I was getting ready to have surgery in the package came in the mail. Cash and I know is going to be so emotional. But -- in the package was this bright yellow. The little pockets and his beautiful green. Soft hello. And -- -- beautiful love note from -- and she said -- if you got to be sick from chemo at least she needs something pretty to be sick we have the so I carried this yellow bucket around every time I went anywhere and I was very nauseated and sick from came out. And I had my pretty little pocket to be hit. And then off. How wonderful is that and it wasn't scented pillow was not sent it but it was very soft she knew. That he can't take the you know the fragrances this really gets even sicker during that time. And then Stella would come in with ginger on edible ginger and and things that would make me feel better and get me healthier should make trips to. Two whole foods in place for that and then all she would do is walk in the door and start crying. And I would I would. -- oh my god that is just such a beautiful gift she would say I'm so sorry I don't wanna cry. -- -- hard not to just tried not to -- but it was -- yeah to me I mean how many people get to see how much someone budget that the alleged that much that they'll cry for you. In person. Who you don't get back to know you don't you don't really happy that -- I'm sorry that this is definitely. But that's such a blessing and I would have I mean if we weren't first. Became close riding in you know knocked each other in the head for writing and had that closeness and they just rallied behind me just amazing just to -- from Seattle we had to evacuate for good stop -- I costs Perry. I'm in Alabama somewhere and evacuated around. And I'm getting chemo and Alabama. And I -- -- and you know I'm dealing with the family I have the kids and a and she what she just was just such a big support and telling me and tell tell them what to do and not always nice its workers it. It's not a -- that shouldn't that tell meg and how around the just to keep him. -- critical but she's she declined slight advantage. Envisioning -- walking in the room and all he had the bag -- -- walking in with her bag of groceries -- put it down ago. And just. It it was so beautiful it I it was so beautiful it was beautiful but it really colony in one in eight women get breast cancer. And when you know someone who's diagnosed with -- it's really difficult and hard. And on Dan that if for -- past evolved through canyons and. I didn't wanna cry every time I saw nineteen him but I still they've added -- Tina and I still burst into tears. Let she accepted the -- -- -- because she's dead and we have our friendships. Richer because of that I think I've learned to cope with Tina. And so -- -- You -- are a pleasure to be around if you can feel the love among here. And on the professional level certainly on the person -- I hope everybody has someone like that in their lines in it because it gets you through. And his top one -- to -- a lot of times you don't allow people in your life to do this and that was one thing initially I was trying to shut people down very independent Armstrong I can handle this I can take this. But when you allow people in hand to. Help you to love you to do these things that they want to help that they feel helpless and eighty income now. -- if you let them help you when you're in these situations what every situation is in these times it really opened up a relationship and such. Big huge profound way that he just didn't expect -- something I didn't expect. Well we're gonna take a break for news and we're gonna come back -- were gonna talk about what these three women are doing at this convention. To help fight cancer. -- -- Well these are three wild and crazy women let me say that. We're talking with three terrific office. Cherry -- care Tina Desalvo and style Barcelona a lot of names to report them. We have heard the story of -- Tina -- Getting breast cancer doing everything that you've done. Over several years -- -- just reflect. But out of something that that comes something wonderful and that is the continued friendship with these three women. And what you're doing Telus at this giant. Authors convention. Well it's actually what the three of us are doing -- which is lovely it's called friends. Fight together because that's what this journey is about as the three of us fighting together and there are other people out there fighting alongside of us as well. -- but we're putting -- we have this campaign in a fund raiser where the money is gonna go to -- bird Perkins cancer center for this campaign. And it's for unmet needs for women who are now fighting breast cancer right now. So a lot of times you wages are interrupted when you're -- taking chemo or. You're in the finances -- strained and they they're not able to pay gas for their car just to get to chemo treatment. Or on insurance or at what other agencies. That fund some of there on. Prosthetic devices or lymphatic sleeves only provide one or a year or on don't provide -- -- for surgery. This is where the money's gonna go to help pay for those types of things. Bomb -- it can't hear the American Cancer Society help provide wigs but sometimes you may need something additional to the weeks when you -- hair. This is going to be in this special unmet needs on their bird Perkins. And they have special. Caregivers there that will determine what people need so. Whatever moneys raised can be used for that and additionally. Com. If we bring a lot of money which we do hope. We -- hoping that we can find some money into their community outreach and have a mobile full immunity goes out into the community and this free cancer screenings they'll do freak. Breast screening mammography. And they too prostate screenings skin ask care screening and various other ones. And it's free in the community and they usually travel out to that. -- underserved areas of our community and and they do this all over the states. On the -- Perkins is located in Baton Rouge homer and then. Gonzales in Covington. So. They're you know they're out. Everywhere that everywhere and that yeah. Which are noticing that they're located in a lot of world areas and also specially need surpass its convention you all are selling tickets to. Raffles raffles we. Nine is a raffle -- raffles. At raffles on your mind. -- -- -- because every time we did. Okay will hand. A raffle basket. He -- actually rock and -- Says he brought. Don't try and say he robbed us for so we see it -- and we rent and company and one presence that teens should be that good and then somebody else it. The night on the negative thing. Actually we've got some acts. -- each of the three baskets that each -- takes up an eight foot table. It's amazing it's amazing what we head into the tickets or how much fifteen dollar that's the best fifteen now changing content actually. She didn't care if they feel lunatic. I just wanted to come up. When they take we take -- money and give me that while. Well I'll cut to the chase didn't pay them money you've me them -- Hit it didn't come back to an in an arena in a violent man and give me a fifteen dollars a little. -- -- Michael chorus on handbags purses on command and candles. I'm not all of room. -- golf driver we have -- open now. So it is and it's at the Marriott hotel. And people could by the raffle tickets tomorrow at the big -- we have OK it is a big book signing. And that -- between but is it eleven to two at the -- yes -- says that until. Ten to two tomorrow to get the putts into -- now. And that's the Marriott on canal street. Merit on -- and then then you're gonna draw -- -- yes so that's great buy your tickets due to draw. And they take the stuff you're going to be helping -- for it and take that on -- Don't take that step we -- male staff and actually born male everything except the eight foot table. The fifth -- -- not yet in the value on that the dollar value exceeds four. Thousand dollars at least as much as two of the three drawing that exceeds that we can some people have brought some things to put animal model lots. On the wrist watch and there -- getting a secret something tonight that we don't know what it is yet but it's gonna be something big and ambulance. But the suspense in the book there is something on the giant appears -- something the states right here in New Orleans and I just can't emphasize enough how exciting is as. Seven hundred authors. In wine and Rome and alphabetical so everybody can be found like in a dairy company and an anti virus scanner. Mean Barcelona. Exactly and the book fair it's free if you have a library card. Any library card from anywhere anywhere -- Earl Clark five dollars and you just walking and meet all of your favorite authors. I blocks and I -- raffle ticket but he I have books by a raffle tickets yes go by the table. Putting your fifteen dollars walk away. But it just the opportunity to teacher your favorite authors just opt -- to talk to authors saying you know I've always wanted to do this how did you start. Eggs and and so you know that is -- the leak -- it's -- -- What takes -- over. In May -- being inspired at this convention we get to the break we're going to be right we started this program talking about. So you wanna be an author and and people who have day jobs and they dream of being an author who were reading history incredible women who have -- fat -- It is interesting -- you were in broadcasting for a long time and again you always wanted to write. Yeah I didn't know that I -- make a living and I mean I can't. And -- fiction. But I I when I was a child who likes six I used to write. My -- little stories and I would troubles that figures to go with that and have always written fiction stories and I just -- it had stories in my head. And calm and so it's just been something I've always enjoyed doing and I chose my career as a journalist because I want to write and I love writing about people. -- yes special features always my favorite thing so yeah and Stella you a working attorney. Even now. Did you see yourself as an author was at her inspiring. Well I want to ride from the time countless young very young from the time I started reading fiction and wanted to be an author one today. Hanged. I became a lawyer. Before then I became a teacher. But my capability for reading my lob and it got me through June. College through law school and through my teaching career so I am always written but my desire has always been to write fiction. And I got there through news. Meeting great friends who inspired me to keep calling -- why did you have books that were rejected 20 yes. And and now they don't exist anymore I know they -- I will be out one day can get back and but this is more than -- -- Harry -- -- shaking her head no they will not -- -- -- an answer -- destroyer the book and I don't listen to her because she has gotten us this place today as bottled up until this credit would be. An -- rhetoric like that but you know to take. The concept and then you come up with let me backtrack do you sense that characters and build the story or do you know what the story line is and create the characters yes. I like and yeah it anyway you wanna do it at accessing. But you are driving down the road you may see something -- you're just thinking of something to that would be great yes. The most important thing for people who want to write creatively. Is to just sit down and do get your story out there and see what form it is taking and -- Work with and make it happen. I think my story in scenes. That's how I always see it as sitting characters and scenes and I tend to have a lighter humorous voice in my so I would see these. Still the -- scenes and like that. Cherry has taught me to take those scenes and makes sense of them -- plotting she is like the queen of plotting. And she has this. Fabulous way of teaching plotting. You were -- originally doing just strictly sort government Hermanson now you've added the theme of. I counterterrorism. I'm now a -- Britain what I like to think of that as as action attention the publisher is -- -- romantic suspense. But. I just tried action attention I -- is running cheating pulling down from 96 that's when I'm right. And so. Each publishes. Has a slightly different take on what I'm writing but it's basically. That theme. But -- -- -- to terrorist operatives since I started that fourteen years since I've been published. And then I have -- and treasure hunting. Series and I have another slightly paranormal series and then I had a very -- almost two series. Which are my counter terrorist operatives that it was it's. But what does she can't back. Up pretty well. That's -- Iran really are great books -- such a -- just turning the page turning the page turning the page is just amazing you can read -- EEQ but the looked down. And you all have vote on all of you ten books that were denied. What have you learned from that denial to what you created that made it. The biggest thing is that mom. That even a good book gets. Gets rejected. That the publishing world has slots and they have certain types of books and certain. Requirements in the air business side of publishing that needs that they need to fill. So even good books get rejected because they need they need to produce a certain type of book the fit into that slot. Because that needs to be released for this market they have enough of your type of book to be published. And then he can really sparkle and shine it's got to be something really exceptional to get path. Those guys because you have the chariot there is out there producing. Amazing books and you got to -- got to get into that round. I want and one thing four for any of your listeners who went to right. Festivals stop thinking about it. Do it. Because it's Monday you know you can be really old sitting on a rocking chair at the senior Santana. It's good. And and you didn't write it so the ballistic can happen is it's a lousy buck. But few actually wrote it and get it. And the other thing is when people start writing the need to give themselves commissioned to write at. I have a little thing on -- Monica that. Doesn't take quite backed. Because they're on the -- but to really. I give myself to commissioned to write badly because -- can fix anything that's already on the play each. You've got to get it on the page before you can fix it -- get it down right. And then -- played. Right the sentence and then look at yes. Are you going to continue the series and all on. With your attorneys in this kind of thing absolutely Jeff yes my next it's going to be. Based upon a character -- entreaties -- and deceived. It's carrying on the theme of romantic suspense but they are standalone mobile sent. Yes I will continue to scene and follow the rule delete my mentor chair he -- -- Keeping the romantic suspense and stay with us we'll be right. How I love these three women and -- they're they're helping for cancer but they're also gonna promote these teenage things yes for many times is doing. A wonderful day called eighteen day in the invite all the teens in the area that had their favorite authors appearing. To come visit thirty dollars -- eighteen and then chaperone to come and they'll have seminars and they'll get to meet their authors. And this is tomorrow at the marry -- thirty dollars and they can have a big social and actually get to talk to your favorite authors like Gayle Foreman. Who'll be showing a sneak peek of her brand news trailer. For a movie that she's releasing for her book is amazing. Movies and I'm not -- become the next great author I want to say we -- these women. You can get their books at the Garden District. Bookstore they get to Amazon and of course Barnes & Noble.