WWL>Topics>>5-16-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

5-16-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

May 16, 2014|

Angela talks about what to do around New Orleans this weekend. Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni discusses the Vietnam Veterans' moving wall, Jude Borque talks about what to see at the movies, and Rob Hopkins discusses the Plaquemines Parish Seafood Festival.

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Didn't you love those three women unbelievable and talented authors I think that should not be lost and that's why they're here. But doing a great thing helping to fight breast cancer I mean just again out of something bad something that. Well this is happy hour talking about what's happening in our area. -- fun city that we are and normally are precious in Hokies here to Telus. You know what's happening all the fun. But he is off to a wedding and filling in and I'm I'm weeping and so. Are truly beloved Jude -- and movie critic par excellence. But just basically all around in Africa. How are you today Angela I am so good because you were here your stunning and read today -- absolutely stunning gushed thank you it was sort of a red things on was this. Pretty and I just thought it. Maybe I thought it was -- Now it just -- -- is always warm and inviting Hewlett beautiful thing. You're very kind to tell me other than having this wonderful hour here that radio. You in town for other reasons well. Your producer Diane Newman had a -- Earth Day week this week and I came here to help celebrate and give her big hugs. And is comic starting the week and right here in New Orleans. And that's what it's all about. And we do have a lot of things going on which we're gonna talk about but you have spent the last couple weekends -- and festivals. Yes vessels all over the place their great festivals -- know the crawfish festival. Was in bad Borough bridge they had the -- into Nationale Lafayette. They had the Louisiana international film festival in Baton Rouge last weekend which was a huge success. You now weddings did you get to go -- Absolutely did and often you did it all -- all -- all this is a man very focused you just love movies. And other people like. Well we have a very nice man on the phone who's gonna tell us about something very exciting. Mayor Mike -- mayor of Kenner we appreciate you joining us. All my pleasure and good good stocky yet. Well I know that you are very excited about having this incredible replica. Of the Vietnam War memorial in Kenner. Yes and no you're fortunate enough to have it either arrived Thursday and it was. It was an emotional experience watching volunteer Vietnam veterans along with our public works recreation group and -- and hundreds of volunteers come. To set the wall off. And then we just incredible there this morning. Where are we at a marine brigadeer general argued the keynote address and the and that. Help this wall data which because that they haven't -- all the Belichick a resident. Political or in the marine court on the Vietnam War and won two purple heart he's the one that voted as we gotta get this. And with the help will be Jefferson convention and visitors bureau and the other artwork in administrators that we've made it happen. And it's been something unbelievable hasn't been in Jefferson Parish in over 21 years. And this is the thirtieth anniversary. All the moving wall it it started two years after the Vietnam. Memorial wall was built in Washington DC. And it was it was built in 1984. And it been travel in the country and we're so honored to have been Jenner. And it's been an incredible experience for all of -- that they important ceremonies and just to -- get the visit. And -- And ended etching the names of all ones or family members are on the wall. 58000. Soldiers 58000 lives lost and and really memorialized beautifully simply elegantly on that wall that the moving wall is half the size of the original. Yeah that -- about it it. It can I mean -- all the way it's replicated. It's pretty close all annals of the claims that it here. A panel on the wall in Washington at the same at the panel here. But besides the side as strong now a little bit but it it's an incredible experience -- -- -- somebody told me today whether metal are granted. Our noble form stone you know is it a lot of people do to honor those people that have fallen and actually get cut spending and and and convert on what they went through to put a lot on the line to the in this country -- Not tomorrow you're doing some special things to around the wall. Yet it's 6 o'clock we did our capacity contest. Was hit craters in the oxides and school system and in the public schools. And the winners of those days are gonna read -- 6 o'clock tomorrow evening at the wall and of course the wall is open 24 hours a day. Until it is taken down on Monday noon and we get people out there with the books that you have a name -- -- -- you wanna find they can help you find. The name on the -- -- wonderful while acute care group of Republican women do that all the board Marine Corps detachment all the other veterans. Groups that wanted to be part of this ceremony. Because it's such a great and this wall anywhere and and fatally -- but we're so fortunate to have -- barracks in -- And we and we also honor the 37. Up people killed in Vietnam War that would Jefferson Parish resident. Seven of which have a permanent place on our memorial of all the ball soldiers have been city kept her out at the at the site where it is better and our. We made a separate buying all 37 members and where they were from a depth Parrish took to memorialize those people's sense that it endeavors and are. Just for those who might not know exactly where is veteran's park. It veterans park is located right crying in a city call eight you know one -- people -- It actually start along side generosity all but the actual area where we have an F fourteen. Vietnam era -- -- Some Vietnam era eighty cannon and -- all the water that out in the -- in the park. Is located right behind our City Hall on a cheap street and play interactions where are in and where it would -- at all. Well I hope it's going to be a glorious weekend and I'm I'm sure you're going to have crowned big crowds out there and we appreciate your time telling us about it and congratulations for getting the ball out there. Public and on Thanksgiving -- again I have to tell you you know god truly what -- and the -- because it weakened last week and I don't think we and that the beautiful ceremony in the in the sun and breezy and yet today the -- and out or are they have a great -- and let everybody come -- -- on the great wall. Thank you so much Mike -- mayor Kenner. And we'll take a break we'll be right back and you know -- gonna -- up into. -- top and a -- about the movies it is our glorious Friday it is our special segment with Jude -- the to have an in studio. For the whole -- is like a gift. But we're gonna talk about movies and some great ones are coming around. There are Angela there's some wonderful movies this week you know any thought of the time that whatever you like it's out there if you're gonna like it. They're gonna have a movie for you and this weekend I get the team is. They're two movies you know what you're gonna get before you get in there god Villa and million dollar arm. You two talked about the preview got till a couple of weeks ago. A big movie we've seen the trailers. There's a monster. There's a big path lots of special effects. But it's a remake and so it's only white people wanna go see this again. And in this case the reason is not the special effects for the monster. It's a story and it's the people the story. If you think a lot of these in special effect movies it's all about do you care about who's there. When this -- we have Bryan Cranston from breaking bad and he highlight the calf that really brings the emotional element to God's will. And it's really fun watching the different critics there are some people who were saying oh this is a movie that's more about people in the monster. Well that's what some people love. And other people are saying wow this is a great movie about a monster and so studied really. You will love it if you like watching things get smashed -- -- -- love -- if you just like a big monster movie and I think it's gonna have a huge big weekend. I think it would be huge -- canal place they haven't three theaters I mean they're really anticipating. But the special affection bring up. Clearly they have changed since the original you know people Google also for the and it makes it fun you know what you're getting before you go there right and the popcorn is good and just sit back and watch and devour a look. You also will know -- you get in million dollar arm the baseball movie that's coming up from Disney's storing Jon -- We've seen the -- he's been everywhere it's based on the true story. But this. Agent who needs a fresh idea he's right out of clients kind of like Jerry McGuire and his idea is to get fresh talent from the country of India. And have them come to America. So we know with the story's going to go even though you know where it's gonna go did you love the ride you love the story. And delivers it's one of those movies that it doesn't have to hit a home run you just have to get on base and it does. Jon Hamm I think is going to have a very long Hollywood career. Because people like him and he really knows how to deliver I think can be fun movie. You know he's the manly man but he's also human. Yeah he's got that wonderful combination. Yes not everyone does he's more more multidimensional. Than others yes. He's a lot of fun now my coworkers they have kids and they have to -- kid movies they can't go feed in PG or PG thirteen. And there's a couple of animated ones one that's fun and one to watch out for that they've been out for couple while -- real to. Big recommendation bright it's beautiful it to balance the kids love it. Apparently enjoying nap while they're watching. And I'll Wear the Canada. At the there's another one that's probably right next door and still out legends of is to Ortiz returned. It's one critics that faced with the choice between staying in and seen the land of as authorities returned. Most computer over to -- be forced include. There's no place like home. -- -- it's -- soak up so Atlanta about that the public skip that went in your favor are many for later on -- the that the couple movies. That in case you haven't seen from last weekend neighbors beat Spiderman two in the box office last weekend. Neighbors as the girl wrote you're renting the frat house right next to the frat house we talk though about. Whether you're gonna have a six pack or a candor. It is and a raunchy movie it's rated or it earns it's. But he gets lots of laughs lots of fun and that's what people like going to movies for. Mean into you know we talked at the break but you know what we're into this weekend and happy -- stay home. But you're gonna go to the movies there have to be reason and yes watching special effects. Are sharing a laugh with a lot of people's which is what neighbors is doing that's a fun thing all so. Great insight you have great insight into the -- -- in Europe are moving man you shouldn't but you know. It's right around summer is right around the -- yes in Louisiana -- started early always. I'm just gonna he's the movies that are coming out this summer great there's couple of musical movies. Jersey boys is coming out -- -- can imagine and but it is directed by Clint Eastwood and -- little scared you know he's not known for musicals. So I think it would just be a faithful production. It should be a lot of fun. There's another one called get on up about James Brown. The ad for -- -- Highly recommend that -- you put your listeners and everybody out there the James Brown. Little movie clip. Trail for it is great it he reminds me of the movie -- where it's not just about. The music or the artist -- about his life where he came from and how he rose above. It looks amazing I'm really excited not get on up with James Brown that the you preview schedule talked about it two shades of gray believe or not that's coming out in August. Some people will go through that. Will your mother. I hope not. There's also sequels. We have twenty to jump street the fee equal to 21 jump street. Transformers. The age of extinction. Because of the firsts. Half a dozen trips from movies weren't enough. X-Men has another. Sequel coming out and to do you think that sequels ever live up to the originals. That's a good question depending on who approaches it and how they do it. Sometimes they can reinvent themselves. And I think the X-Men because the comes from its funny the the more -- comic films have really developed. -- to worry -- in. Approach to their new movies. And if that's the goal that it's going to be truly story driven. They do a good job with so I have hoped that this segment will live up and will be also faithful one. Just some new regional movies. There's a Hercules. -- -- coming out the rockets storing and it. If you like that sort of story line with you know big steroid -- men out there and we have an audience far. But did they also has another movie coming out we talked about. Million dollar arm. Angelina Jolie you make seen ads for her. The mallet -- movie that's coming out where she plays the evil wits in all of the different stories and it looks. Truly. Evil enough. Fun way yes that's the perfect way to I've seen the promo it is it looks great. And she looks very evil in a -- why do you like she's having funding in -- There's also a little indie movie coming out this summer that New York Times had a big spread in the big ad for it. The director of Iron Man and John can grow he story independent movies. He has the movie coming out that he wrote and directed called -- And its doors that only himself but from modern family Sofia. That guerra. John let Lucas ammo Scarlett Johansson and Oliver Platt. By the -- valley. And also has appearances by Dustin Hoffman and Robert Downey junior. The man who. Had a restaurant. They closed him down and he said you know I love cooking I'm gonna make this happen. His backers may not do it until he gets a food truck and they go on an adventure. It looks. Delicious. Beautifully sent you just tie everything up in a blow up. Also saw the promo for that and it does look great I didn't know they consider that an independent. Just an indie film they look pretty big. Well it doesn't pick and -- -- the difference between whether it's going to be a and indie movie or it's day. In movie backed by one of the six or seven major studios is only who's really distributing it there's. A fine line there okay and is it looks like it to be a fund that. You know everything Jude you know everything. Everyone stay with this were gonna continue we're gonna have not talking about other things that are happening. And if you wanna -- talked -- -- -- liked Taki too were just so thrilled to have this man in the studio stay with this let's go to the newsroom now. Well we're going to be talking with that rob Hopkins in just a minute but we have a caller Howard I appreciate you staying on -- -- you'd love movies too. Yes so what movies and so it's going to the park is going to leave to appeal the target you on the wall and and now live in Texas or not. A couple of weeks ago out there in the job Dallas Texas and -- an old Diego -- the whole key you know so that night. -- would keep did -- go back to that beautiful 5060 years ago and it had been playing Brazil and neighbors early. And you explain a movie called -- is not -- I didn't -- and it would mean religious people. But I did enjoy the -- small Texas town. But the show was really awesome. And I'll probably simply court lately and bullets that elected him some of that -- I just like me get Jones input about. Like if I mean obviously neighbors but very flexible but when Christian movies come out -- -- get publicity that appeal. But yet and you're right there -- a lot of movies that come out that are small that have an audience just like yourself. And through word of mouth. People go and see them and they have a life beyond just the big screen also on TV the -- people buy them and then hand them to their friends and go on and on which is. Sort of a a testament to themselves you know one of the biggest. Success stories from Hollywood in the last ten years with my big fat Greek wedding. Which -- just like god is not dead in a few theaters. And the word kept going and people kept seeing it in passing it on and it made. You know hundreds of millions of dollars yes so so there is that there is a market for those movies and I'm glad you mentioned that one that is also. Still -- and few theaters all across the country. And up and -- -- Thank you call. One thing taught if you ever and he's there income while they still really need crop in the I in this area. But still good atmosphere and it kind of respect them. And if you want to god you're so open and then. Didn't drive it it will open and the laws I think he came later. That they were still here but -- -- thank you for Howard very much listening to but I appreciate it. You know that we earlier said that -- spent the last couple weekends checking out festivals. Will there are several great festivals this weekend but one in particular down and plot -- bearish. It's the seafood festival and we are so lucky to have it drop Hopkins. That's right thank you so much for the projector. Tell us all about it on my favorite -- Russians. -- we it market here such an anniversary well I am aware Seubert sided issue got third straight line up. Wondered about lineup for student well Robert Erica in order in a better way if so where where there are very excited. About what you. Magnificent tell me about the food food food food. That it -- we of -- battery from oil trouble ride you know the Croatian Americans sided out here which is special like that tonight they're in a lot there specialty. Op -- an aging pitchers that everybody comes forward at the tribal. Actually delicious black middle easterners. Might solve the full liquor it's unbelievable. -- It's it's. It it's an honor if you keep it and that is we stopping me this year we actually got Shrek then they start go to which are new this year. A lot of agent phase. Very dramatic in -- went in the water it is we like. What's going to be your favorite that you're looking forward to -- eating. The -- or religious of course it is it's my first operator error an op Ali it that it's quite Utah and and that -- That's delicious Angela yeah I sounds. Absolutely publishes annual have a five K on Sunday. Absolutely -- Our first annual. Five K -- started this year the partnership. That the wire GA we got to bring quiet street -- at certain it. Great partnership that we get back. And we're having a beautiful run through north Belle chase area finishes start and at the council is already on imported about what race -- -- there. The -- drop. -- -- Is it is it became a -- It we need something unique that help raise money for. The charities that we -- -- And we set a bit by an -- got in a viable waited without festival and so we came up the idea of -- -- -- how to play. You by chance. Acknowledge it and you'd get an -- basically you know rock and suspended players. Bucket full. Some -- which are shelter in it. And has Arafat urged. Actually -- the debt being where the oyster lands. On -- where you get that prize and you know it we got 500 dollars cash. I stretch all the current that they donated for each drop which that might be more valuable this year gash. And it would I Spain aerial condos. -- It partners are our corporate spots are still. Sick that you know is well which I get many people walk away winners are. You know I just am listening to -- I'm thinking. In the last ten years with the disasters we've had. You know with Katrina and the BP oil spill and you'll suffered in what was the other the other hurricane so bad. And I are. I badly but you've still floor she still have this wonderful. Tribute to the great. Forest of food that's down there and good for you I really mean that tell -- exactly for for those listening you know how to get. -- come and let panic we're just literally in the eighteen minutes away from the presidency in action. Eating its weight in be kind and -- the ball crossed the proposal bridge. And -- just a couple of minutes elaborate alt the world one highway forty to take highway 23 to -- highway. -- -- -- -- You'll note here in the past -- make clear that this year. OK that is terrific well. Again you did lock out with a beautiful weather have a ball over there. We're gonna have a great town township which he -- -- 10. And rock and duke -- junior and the zydeco twisters are going to be there right yeah. It's him. And I should be a great great experience -- -- the Arctic weather center. -- -- -- -- Thank you very very much rob rob Hopkins with them the plaque and seafood festival. It's worth it just for the oyster drop I think. I would like to do this I've never heard of this game of chance. And the moisture and it felt like fun. Great -- and and he mentioned a two phase it brings me back to growing up my mother's. And the best issue because besides rice and gravy and was always. A good crop his -- to -- it beautifully shrimping to fake crap they can pay. I'm gonna save up and go eat. Try need all of them. I think so to stay with -- everybody we're not done we'll be right back. Well we are back with Jude -- our beloved movie critic who is in for the whole hour with a sense and missing in of course but. You're here to tell us what's going on as well we do have some exciting things going on if you are ballet person. You will not want to -- Gisele it's going to be at the Jefferson performing arts which is sound on flock street 400 block street. It's the first time in ten years at this -- has performed so it's a really big deal Saturday united 730. And Sunday at 3 PM so if you love dance that is it. Last week we had the nicest people in here. Talking about the wonderful play young Frankenstein which is out at river town. And it was so successful that they added to performance this weekend so it is on Saturday and they about it a performance Sunday. Saturday and Sunday and then another one the following -- just wanna give you a heads up on that because they got rave reviews. And that's that's a great theater are really love their spirit they always had great community actors that support each other. But they have a great independents he you know and spirit themselves that's a wonderful wonderful idea. And he also for our orchestra lovers and armed by beautiful Louisiana philharmonic. You're gonna love this not to be missed. This is. Was a Saturday or Sunday today as to what to fifteenth or sixteenth. Yes it is more on the seventeenth. Remember the king Elvis Presley -- music. YRLPO. Playing this is that the man Hilliard Jackson. It will be a kick my first of all it's a great orchestra secondly -- Elvis music and together it doesn't get better. It is phenomenal and I love their story you talked about the story a couple of times but the philharmonic. The way that they keep rising. Above and keep. That they are the true Phoenix two long months and so many ways. So many ways I love them before the storm may or rose and then after the storm they re rose. And so and people are supporting them and that's very important but they're doing some fun wonderful thing so I hope people don't feel like Elvis music this is the way to do it. You. Are going -- year old neighborhood. I am over I used to be right there on the by you by using John and there's the by -- -- -- this weekend. It is going to be a wonderful from the sixteenth through the eighteenth there have. A great little mini fest so. Which can make it over to the seafood festival and you wanna stay in midtown. Just what got -- -- go down over right there on by using John there are two different feel stages. They have music of course. But they also have and they're doing it right like all of these festivals they know that kids come and so there's that kid is a kids' TNT dent on Saturday most of the day. There's going to be as of this they bicycle pub crawl. That happening also on Saturday. They also have a bicycle second line that's going to be happening on Sunday morning and eleven mile bike -- that's. Bike ride starts there on by saint John the end of the by -- boot loop area. They don't have a rubber duck derby yes -- -- -- great -- I know it's not the oyster drop. But right there on the buy you so the rubber duck derby is always fun. And some things that I have not been too but I may have to make a special trip just for this. On Sunday at eleven at the feet staged there's a swan river yoga is going to be there. There's in the -- music and they're going to be doing class there so it's been very lively. Play full yoga. Right on the -- you with this beautiful weather -- so much fun. It sounds perfect. You know it really does -- and I loved that. It's sort of a multi aspects of the fund if you love music you like to ride bikes if you wanna do yoga if you've got kids put him in the -- It's the whole thing. I mean we we've talked about you can go to Kenner with the Vietnam that while -- mean that is to me I mean a human thought choking up from the that is such a personal wonderful thing and I'm glad we know that it's here here in -- what a wonderful thing to do. And these wonderful seafood festivals. And there's also discussed here by Saint John there's there's stifles everywhere Angela. They're festivals everywhere and I think all of them are as as the mayor of Kenner we sank. What if that the more war memorial had arrived last week when the weather was very bad it would have been a disaster so this is the weekend to get outside and just. Enjoy and something else it's happening outside he would have talked about this couple of weeks ago. But you know our beautiful sculpture garden yes very very special free at city park anytime we -- ago. This is not free however. But in the sculpture garden is going to be the adventures in wonderland and so it's a play within the garden this among the sculpture. Great actors and actresses wow what a wonderful thing that does there's a charge for that and just call moment just call analyst museum mark find out all about it. But what a great idea. Great idea a theater. Ensemble group within a sculpture garden. Absolutely and you don't we talk a mean families need. Fun things to do they don't -- just stay inside and they wanna do things together and that's sounds like -- perfect thing for. It's just tune your friends or if you have kids you gonna go pick -- somebody else's kid I used when I lived in -- you think John area. I had Campbell would you -- all of my nieces and nephews would come and I take them to the park we have a whole weekend filled with things to do so it's here. Got to camp opened Jews lined up for this week I'm that and our -- and sounds wonderful. Now very good. And so on the man who happens to be the president of city park this year. Went to. It was a wonderful play a war horse DSL -- -- this week which was just superb. I can't get over what they did on that stage. With those life size horse puppets on believable Draper don't you forget that they are pockets they were breathing. But he was sitting in front of -- search you know one of the great many victories but when the beautiful victories post-Katrina -- city park. Because of everything maybe you haven't seen of late which is their new miniature golf course which is all the little paddle boats. They moved the tennis courts it's it is such a life force out -- on on weather like this oh my gosh. And they have they can sell the -- is twenty force. Which used the it is wonderful that the great thing about this feeding people this that he is that we keep growing keep seeing what we can -- and -- doing it which is wonderful. You talk about victories you know tonight is the L issue. Second game and I know WW -- broadcasting and so that is another thing that people when they're going out to these festivals. They can bring there. Earphones and listen to the LSU game while they're out there and have a good year there they are having Goodyear you know some people learn you know there's always the osu fans who are saying they can be -- -- be better. But it's exciting year it's they have a lot of freshmen that are really doing well. And I think they're peaking at the right time the post seasons around the corner. I'll be listening. Very good Jude -- thank you thank you for being here I've loved every second of this levee to -- -- -- we're gonna listen to you next week. Stay with us everyone will be right back. And not to be forgotten the Louisiana veterans festival and that's for all veterans. On the North Shore it's at the North Shore harbor. Right off the twins bands tend to -- be there thank you for joining us and thank you again -- -- stay with this we're going to be talking to Cokie Roberts next.