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5-16-14 3:10pm Angela: with Cokie Roberts

May 16, 2014|

Angela sits down for the hour with three-time Emmy award-winning journalist Cokie Roberts.

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She's been named one of the fifty greatest women in the history of broadcasting. And that's just part of her claim. Cokie Roberts is heard on NPR. ABC news. It is also read in newspapers across the country with a column shared with her journalist husband Steve Roberts. The author of five books somehow she also found time to raise two great kids and be a doting grandmother to six. So my first question cookie is. Have you ever had a dull moment with the developers to not -- a treat to be with -- Back common new lions and and especially review. Not only have you been a great legend here is I just -- on the -- it whether you want to believe that I let them. But you were sent to dear friend to my mother and an issue Judy will it as a wonderful treat to be if you think I appreciate those words and I. I was reflecting as I was writing this the last -- value. You were literally second line in front of the cathedral to the to build. After a glorious memorial to her mother. Well she was she was someone to memorialize gloriously Adam but you did and you talk about as someone never got a down moment that would be mama. There was no way of having a dull moment around you're either. As soon. It's -- haven't been many don't moments suits and I bet not but you know -- congressional hearings can get pretty don't. And I spent a lot of time and knows it's the fact that the that's a good time because. -- while -- -- and such right of the need appointment at a time. -- multitask and I think that but I'm just also reminded when at that beautiful funeral. The comment ones. All around that. If Lindy Boggs. The loss of lending was a loss of many things and certainly -- for children. But it was also sort of the end of an era of civility. In the capital and I'm just curious your thoughts on do you think that could ever come back. It'll be hard for it to. -- It we are -- -- a very hostile time and it's not just in politics on that's that's the most. Counterproductive. Form of it. But it's through the media. It's him just the way people deal with each other. Bumper stickers -- -- -- and so I think that some policy change tested take place. I'm here. Because. I'm going into the World War II museum tonight there on the green. SP America awards and having him marvelous victory -- And I have talked often about how the period after World War II. When my father was in congress and and Gerry Ford and Jack Kennedy and Richard Nixon and people who you know -- certainly disagree lean politically. But who were able to come together to get a great deal -- and the reason I think. That neighbors so a week year. That they were all in it together and trying to get something done why is the war. And may have literally banned in the trenches together they were veterans they move they all ran his veterans. And the whole country had sacrificed and gone to war. And I think that that that brought people together and fashion. That was actually somewhat app not politics mean if you go back I -- American history books and if you go back and read history. We have some pretty rough times on the way and you know at least now we have metal detectors in the capital -- this -- -- They're not shooting each other which is a good thing. I guess. But it's very discouraging and I don't mean to sound cynical but -- know it is discouraging it it is because. Were were losing faith in them and yet that is the system we have is the system we have and it's excellent system the founders. -- did have a phenomenal job in figuring out how to. Have an effective government but the government that was not. Abusive. And that is but the whole system is designed to EB. And and yet right now it is not effective and so that is because people are refusing to just act like. Civilized human beings I blame it on their mothers except that I hate to blame on women actually. I really blame -- on the shortage of nuns. Because you know if they are being raised by nuns they wouldn't behave this way. Acute panic almost want to shake your finger -- and that's -- men and women grow -- We -- country with issues and we need to get the fifth well and I was say it. I agree with you men and women grow up on it is more than men need to grow up because in the -- We do have the last little tiny teeny tiny bastion of bipartisanship. Which is among the women of this. And they do get to get quite consciously. To work on issues together and particularly issues affecting women children and families -- on things they got together. Last week to support the girls in Nigeria and missed the -- schoolgirls and up until that point. It was off the radar screen there was these 217. Missing children. And nobody was screaming and yelling about it. And finally the women of the senate got. Together and he noted that all these signals coming into the humanitarian community into the State Department and don't do this don't get excited because it could hurt the girls. We finally got to -- you realize that -- could be in anywhere shape. And so is -- the -- act together and you know organized and started pressuring people so there is some. Our ability to get together and but it does tend to be. You know that you bring up a very good point that it isn't just in Washington it is time pervasive and -- In our society today. Not even that said -- whether it's. Ugly emails that are in I don't look at Texas radio anymore on right -- -- is just the anonymity issue is issue. If people have something to say that have the guts to. Shame on temperature name on it that's right and -- just as us is we see in that newspapers thank god we still have them. And let it to enter a few days -- -- -- -- -- that he will have a competition and it's good that they're very good you know that that's another whole thing but. You have to sign your name -- should send something to the actor writer for the funerals for those of us like you and me Angela who have been out there lo these many decades as our faces our voices our names on everything we do. It is really appalling that people should feel that they can tennis is shoot off these these vitriolic. Messages and and sign not to it let's take no responsibility for it it it's very cowardly and very hurtful -- and that's the issue of ugliness that's going up and capital but the what's going up in the capital is affecting all of us and again it's accountability. That's -- who who was holding them accountable. Well of course it's up to devoted to hold them accountable and the voters do have that opportunity I mean we care. It is not a dictatorship every two years you get to vote for the house representatives and every six for the senate and every four -- for the governor and all that so. And the president and so there's lots of opportunities to make your voice heard it's question of participation. I wanna go back -- to I'm just trying to place landing lot either at a cocktail party in Washington or at some function in the capital saying. Ladies and gentlemen. -- she did do that. Am there was a strong sense that when she left there went the neighborhood and that happens -- a and she she had that effect votes in the capital and then even after she left. But they're very few people who complain that now. Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our talk with Cokie Roberts it's called my office 2601 point seven I'm Angela that is -- well. Our very special guest Cokie Roberts. A woman for all season that's what I'm going to -- because she does so so very much but. You were fortunate enough to go out with this is with ABC to -- out for the new Pope. Well that was great the Pope first I was there in Pope Benedict and step down and pushed that had happened in 600 years so that was hit it was at an interest in as thing to cover. And then we came back after the election of the new Pope. And I have details into the covering a papal action boot because. -- Just don't know anything it's these these these men in dresses also live in. Go into an. To the Sistine Chapel for heaven's sakes but even before that they go into these private meetings. And everybody is trying to figure out what they're talking about who's -- -- who's up and understand. And they're the as a Roman. Reporters the -- -- is who claim to know things and I'm sure they're just making it up and but we're all hanging on their everywhere because of an -- re gonna do. And and I have sources in the American Catholic Church but it. They didn't really know anything and so it was. It's very puzzling to capture and then the day of the election. We were up on set was basically it looked like -- directors it is an open. Yes you know those things that builds right here they build -- for TV cameras. And it opened metal. Scaffolding on top of this on to DiSpirito hospital. Which is age fifteenth century hospital -- -- and trust me if you're there you want the symptoms appeared to show up because as those creepy. And so we you know climb up these steps. -- topic -- -- its. Breezing him. It's pouring rain right. And all sitting in the -- Answering the anchor and somebody from the national Catholic reporter and and the archbishop of of Atlanta and and and -- team Panamanian Alison -- staring at. The chimney right but -- -- -- -- that's our occupation. That he thought and then there's -- out seagull. To a cup presidents on the chimney so we knew it was a hot and and it. The -- immediately. Acquired a Twitter account yes -- I remember them that he has sting NC alum and Aaron. Had they got colder and wetter. And hundreds of thousands of people and pouring into the square and meanwhile the Vatican niece does have told -- that it wasn't going to be till the next day so. We're all kind of sitting and thinking it is stuck on this rooftop and at some of the black smoke and please soon -- be an -- And and then we say no Pope and home. Well suppose that I of our whole frame of mind and all the sudden this smoke and wait a minute. He isn't what color is it as you can never tell authorities and then on my goodness it's white smoke. So then everybody sits up straight up and you realize you've got a bright kids to do and and then you don't you don't have a clue what to say. Because there's a white smoke and it is an ice -- in an incident like an hour between the. I'm the balcony and says I'm famous pop -- And so you just yet -- right you know blah blah blah and make it up this stuff and then tried to be it you know trying to hand some. Mean you've done a lot of study -- -- -- always taxing your head and you've learned all this stuff. And you try and decided to use it in some ways that makes sense and all of that. So finally the they announced you know amber goalie and he's not on any of our list of the pop pop Billy. And M and so the archbishop. Diet regime of it atlantis'. -- of the Argentinian sell ice find my peace -- ban him and start reading up on him is saying and the most really. Very sophisticated fashion. Wait wait. Isn't she actually at this isn't a very. Big deal -- put up. A. -- try to explain to America why is really important to have a different to have a jesuit as the Pope. But it was really quite something to -- and I'll cancel an ever since then of course he has it France's has just completely. I captured the hearts and souls of summit of the world. And he really started at right there coming down on the balcony immediately easing in money Siena and act and then asking people to pray for him. And then saying the Arafat on the hail Mary in the glory be -- that any Catholic anywhere in the world consent. And it was just delightful and and I didn't have this sense. As people we're standing in the screens with the green course in Dan. And I'm sticking to those who would come -- to stand there and it's not. Jerk you know you get to him speaking to myself. You get to witness history all of the time and these people have come to witness this moment in history and it was a fabulous moment to. Fabulous moment I think it is it really is in our -- the pigeon and little right with a whole thing atonement and it was my mother's nine -- sixth birthday. -- -- The maze at the open source -- that's right but he has been remarkable and has just he has he's been lobbying and inclusive and funny and kind. Well so are you and stay with -- we're gonna be right back with more with Cokie Roberts let's go to the newsroom now. Cokie Roberts are very special guest today and forgot about all kinds of things that I'd like to talk about your life and what you're doing valued he just -- so much. Well I. I still do NPR and I generally every Monday morning and sometimes the times is now. And ABC. Live events and and the Sunday show. And I write -- news and here in July instance in my column -- Steve writes a lot more than I do. We collaborate ideas in and and we. That we added to each other -- -- he does most of the writing. And I right products and and that's really an incredibly. Challenging and easily you really difficult. Part of my life but one that I find incredibly status. And I love the books that you have written. They're about in a founding mothers right there were women. That's what I thought I see I currently have out that just came out -- this this spring. A children's version of -- -- is. And I've been going around talking disclose that fact is here about a month ago talking at sacred heart in the customers alignment to. And I said the little kids you know -- -- seen in all those pictures. The juicy and that the constitution and the declaration. -- their little boys in the room only sees something tests. This error you know some symbol or so what are you talking about -- up a good finally some little girl was in and there are no women and the pictures. And I'll say to them what do you think there -- women many. And they get on giggling yen and embarrassed and finally yes they had to be because -- -- it would be. So they're a figure that China but -- But it is important to June 1. It's fascinating to learn about these and but also I think it's very important for us to understand. What the other half of the human race is doing in the contributions -- -- making -- the creation of the country. I think it's important for him the Augustin. But certainly for girls to not -- -- poised now to. Right now I'm working on a book about how the civil war changed women's lives. Focused on the political women and Washington. It is harder in some ways because there is lots more material. But that also makes it easier and some. And so it is how -- detained -- They became is very similar to World War II. Which we think about that that we don't think about the civil war so people who're. Self described bills. Than they did call themselves -- Became quite purposeful and became. Suffragists and journalist in social workers and all of that. And of course people who were. I'm writing about the political movement and but the people who were poorer. Became -- jobs. And and they became close social movement. Then that eventually eventually eventually did. And in its efforts. You know it's very interesting where we are today. With. You know the potential of having a female president. On whether it do you have any thoughts on -- Hillary -- I keep hearing conflicting things we live I kept thinking she wouldn't because. She knows how hard it is. More than anybody else she knows how hard campaign to parents will be and and she's. Am idyllic she's done so much and she can still do a great deal of good. Without being president but I -- that Steve convinced me and I think he's absolutely right that the man. The history he the historical imperative. Is somewhat in eggs Ruble and so many people learn. Saying run Hillary run and be the first woman president that it's kind of hard not to. I think she's getting this week -- taste of just a teeny tiny -- taste of what it's going to be like. With -- -- -- and Monica Lewinsky. Rearrange her face again and and lots of criticism about her tenure as secretary of state which you'll see more of course. And so she you know she's she's got to make a calculation and Karros and shoots pretty damaged. Public option. Attack. It's politics is that that was attempt but says you have. Key issues certainly. Has got to look at but I think it's going to be hard for her not to not to run. Well it will be interesting days ahead there's a list. And then you know hopefully one whoever wins whatever woman and then that's broken and we can go right it's we just need to might get to that point right. All right you know there has meant a Catholic president since and Kennedy menus seemed it'd but it but nobody talks about it and somebody's and that's that keep -- need to get to stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our top with -- right after this. Cokie Roberts. Just having lived such a fascinating life and I. I'm curious periodically. In in all the to have done -- ever in a quiet moments today. I have had this incredible life sure absolutely. Mania and I would talking and off -- event. The privilege of this job it is day. Really. It that's the word it's a privilege to be able to. Get up every day and go learn something new and be able to. See important things happening. And to meet. All kinds of different people all over the world and often the most by far interest in people. Are the monument you in the shopping mall. During an election year -- you can learn so much more than you do from. A politician or political operative -- And I am so it's it's. Absolutely. Say that all the time and having grown up with my mother and found. In that. And great environmental. And -- -- This is my Brothers. You know some people had fine arts and you know and and have beautiful jewelry we had Lyndon Johnson yeah. And -- At Patrick as -- incredible but it isn't credible and I had the unbelievable. Privilege. A couple of years ago of Venus and mrs. Ford and Betty Ford. I had to give one of the eulogies at her funeral. I'm -- and I was I was daunted. But to ambitious and she had told me exactly which you like me to say it is a little pissed because it. But she animated talk about the time in Washington and everybody did. And get along and were friends and even -- Gerry Ford was minority leader at the same time I've there was majority leader. Heads of the parties in partisan people. They still together and things and they -- very good friends saying that's that is the hope that the can be turned to that. You spent some time growing up in New Orleans. A lot of time growing up in Washington DC. Pitcher your remembrances of new Moore island in New -- -- always for it was always referred to his home you know we're going to win that. I'm even after just going to school you ran in Washington. We came here the -- school was. And -- and staying. Two we went back and then and then we always here for Christmas and and high. My parents to kind of Lucy Lucy about getting to school we just a little longer and -- after school Monday. Next week. That I just had lunch today it was my favorite cousins and and we had wonderful Louisiana and Mississippi each suite. My my grand -- grandparents and anonymous Mississippi Gulf Coast and I'm on my aunts and uncles. And still I -- men's line and I am. Not only. Tutsis. Aged 99 and ambulance my sister that. So we see as gang of kids and I'll be -- again you know a bunch of cousins and on the Greyhound dies and go two point of people actually log off and me and sent relatives in. Some mourn even really related to be sucked so there's six weeks is something. And of course in new their Mamas for me is foster's instantly do ski. And so it was pretty much -- Louisiana I mean it's very much. And I'm very close to like. That wonder is there -- -- absolutely and then you have the wonderful life in Washington DC at what point did you decide journalism. Was what you interest you know I never really did. I met Steve in college and -- And we eighteen in nineteen and he was always going to be journalist. And -- really didn't. Have any clue that I was going to be anything and you know it was that dark ages and we have to -- school -- job. With a television production company in Washington. And and one thing just Clinton and I was traveling around the world with him we removed of -- And journalism something you can do. And so -- it -- doing it and then he does agree. Mentor. And them and so we moved to Athens Greece. In 1971. And CBS I mean as a stringer. Attitude stringers. And journalist who's. Called from time to time -- -- mistress from breaking like crazy at that point. And so biased reporting pretty much full time. And them and says it's. Became clear that that's in fact when I was doing I was injured so. And you've had children that we did we had -- -- agrees that kids three and a half and five. And and seven and kinds. And you just make it sound so easy to correct. You're raising kids you're working -- foreign terrorist attack appears now that Greece because. It was not as intense and we came back to Washington. I was contrary NPR and Steve New York Times. We didn't have any money we couldn't you know hi Mary Poppins and we had kids who. Ages that needed apparent says they do it every age and and that those argues that I think and get a little bit -- system. As the -- of Alain. I'm incredible deadlines and and you have to we both covering congress and so in -- huge amount of work. And and Russian almond and try and get to an -- kids revealed many years -- It that definitely had together at 8:39 o'clock and I argument as it was actually the second in that they had eaten some. So that's it but debt but they don't appreciate Ager I ever very kind of my food was then -- it up a about it. It's so. Different countries I have tremendous. Empathy for our working and you know how -- is but the truth is Angela. As you know it's -- at any stage because women remain in the caretakers and assignment getting much better and it's time. There and so -- aging parents for disabled relatives. For. You know from friends who need it or for community institutions that are in need. Women of people doing it. And the workplace has got to be much more cognizant that. Yes I think that's another whole show McKnight there at you are wonderful to have spent our it was a treat to be -- having great parents tonight the World War II museum is an essential resource in new alliance to hand as well ambulance plays it -- a fabulous place and -- an honor your mother and we will all be thinking effort tonight thank you and thank you to -- thank you -- We'll be right back. Wanna think Cokie Roberts again for joining us a real -- she's at an exceptional person and so very much like from other.