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05-16 10pm, Scoot, Movie Remakes

May 17, 2014|

Are remakes of movies better than the originals?

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What what an incredible Friday evening I am I hope you're able to get out and enjoy it if your suck it worked and now hopefully you can sneak out and enjoy this weather. Four firm made the sixteenth this is just unbelievable for this part of the country. I'm -- graduate this on this Friday night earlier tonight on WW LL issue beat Auburn. On the road eleven to three -- she was now won the first two games of that series increase tomorrow afternoon as the final game of the regular season for the LSU tigers. And that's going to be -- -- calculator right here on WWL here's an update on our WW a project opinion poll one of the things we're talking about tonight. Which do you think is more entertaining. The original monster movies for the modern remakes. 83%. Say the originals -- 17% say. The modern -- It is your opinion by going to our web sites WQL dot com we're tracking that -- -- our show tonight. We're talking about the the new guzzle a movie it was released today opened -- the theaters across the country today. And if anybody has seen the new -- a movie in -- give this year comments about I'd love to hear your. Which -- think about what she thought about the movie you know when I think about the remake of this Godzilla movie I think OK here's another remake. That was a Godzilla movie with Matthew Broderick not too long ago. Of course the the original guys alone was was I guess you would -- rather crude. In terms of the effects. But are these modern remakes. With the computer generated effects are they better than the originals. I think about King Kong. The original. And then I remember the the remake of King Kong with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange I don't know if there's a day -- -- -- -- was -- -- won in between there what I guess 1931 whenever the original King Kong. It the original King -- And King Kong which are bridges and Jessica Lange -- that a few years ago they did a King Kong with Jack black and I gave it a chance I -- I try. But I came with a computer generated effects this wasn't entertaining to via I'd I'd I'd rather see the original. And I guess we can actually get into talking about is any remake. Of any movie. Actually better than the original. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. To all free 866889. Is nearly seventy. At a text number -- 87870. The -- -- and I still turning on our website at WW dot com is about the fight to AG's he had with his sister in law as -- -- a much of a fight he was kind of a punching kicking bag. But it's titled -- cheesy elevator fight is not a private moment. And we've got the video of the the senseless beating of -- right there with the blog and it's under our opinions on the front page. It's a VW real dot com here is attacks although I did read the blog about what went down with Jay-Z. I read the blog about mr. Kirby. And watch the video that it completed completed a couple of needed. I cried my eyes out and thought it was very heart warming. Eyewitness. Very heartbroken that I could not make it because it is -- flow. -- god bless you scoot for what you do for mr. Kirby. For making his dream come true and giving him memory he will never forget that's for reprieve thanks for the comic yeah and I want to thank all of you for the tremendous comments. Doubts. Mr. Kirby. In 92 year old World War II -- who called the show -- In our conversation he said he wanted to go back to the World War II museum didn't have anybody taking. And with the help of -- few others including and EMS company that did not want the publicity and I thought this was very very honorable them. They did what the publicity but they they picked him up and today in a wheelchair and they brought in there and they've they've they made at all possible. And also wanna thank everybody the World War II museum because they were just so gracious with what they did for for this -- mr. Kirby. And he he got ago and it was it was a groups agreed today and I I enjoyed it we do have that that video and the blog it's it's on our website at WW dot com thanks for all your comments. On about that and yeah I don't I don't really want credits. Four for doing something nice the only thing that I wanna do is a stand as a reminder. That that in our lives we have the the ability and the power. Two to take some time to touch others. Take some time to do something nice for somebody else. And that was something that I was willing to do if for no -- reason to richest. Remind us that this is something that we we should do take time to -- to help others if you enjoy pressure right with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- numbers 87870. It's a text about the movies and no I don't think the remakes are as good like the remake of Willy Wonka. I think he took the -- out of it. Yeah I. I hate to admit this publicly. But I never saw the original Willy Wonka was -- while. I hear that there's all kinds of wild overtones and suggestions. In that movie and then I didn't see the remake with Johnny Depp either. Run your WWL. Page -- -- a good run that's the traffic update I hadn't I eat well. I'll -- the port saint but aren't regular apple ball they got a big pickup is motor cycle McCaw had an accident inside -- might be in -- get -- It is backing up all the way it is extends well. You Bartlett are there at the -- extent but what. OK so this is I 610 eastbound. About a half mile before the saint -- exit. At a motorcycle -- accidents obviously some serious action. All right appreciate that information on our right. Yeah and if you're if you're in traffic and this is a life radio shows or whatever -- -- on if you would call it and report -- traffic or sometimes there's weather to report you can call us who will do the best recanted his kids join right away. And of course and numbers 2601870. A toll free 8668890. Point seven our text number and if you're driving I'm not encouraging you to tax. But if you have a designated texture in the car with -- they can send text. And the text numbers. 877. Here is a text that reads at the remakes are good but Hollywood should come up with some original work. Are the writers and directors creative that's for LaMarr Houston. I would think about that one night I think about all the talented writers or in this country and I think about movies that are remade. And I think back on the movie Psycho. I mean I love the actor Vince -- And hash was inactive. It was good to but it didn't even come close to preparing to the original Psycho. So so why. Why remake Psycho. And and did they do a remake of footloose. Did they recently -- remake of dirty dancing. But it is -- classics that I don't know that they need to be -- -- but in particular when it comes to the computer generated effects. These monster movies now it's. I -- I haven't seen it's my understanding that the do God's will that opened up a nationwide today. -- does. It does remind you acts in some ways the rudeness. On and just -- the fundamental effects of the original. -- still so I think that would be an endearing thing I'm just not a big fan of everything being so. -- computer. Computer effect about such a big fan of the computer effects that I like yeah I like the remakes and and -- was there -- Has there ever been has there ever been a movie that's been remade. It was actually better than the original. I mean right now I I can't think of war. If you wanna -- rusher with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text ever. -- 87870. And remember DO I ten I six -- and -- 610 eastbound. Just before the Saint Bernard exit the motorcycle the car -- accident that's. Backed up to. The IE 610 I guess it would be nice sixty and I ten. Split synergistic keep that in mind you might wanna take a different route. So is there is there any movie that was actually. Any movie was actually better. In a remake in the in the original. I can't think of but you know perhaps there is one out there and here's another example Willy -- Again I never saw the original latency to do invite. I would think it says the original was was -- always seems to be the case but if you to think of the movies it that you thought -- actually better in the remake. A call -- -- 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 877. We've also been talking about a bill mandating sex education Louisiana's public schools it was rejected by the house education committee this week. The bill would have required sex education to be talked to all public school students from the fourth grade. Through the twelfth great. Currently law allows sex education from the seventh grade to patrol great. Should sex education beat taught in public schools. Should be taught as early as the fourth grade. I realized -- -- people mature earlier. And there's so a lot more information about a lot more stuff and you know you don't have to go to the library to get information. Yet to do is go to Google. Or being just go on line and you can get just about any kind of information you want about just about anything. So I've realized that the world this is a different place. But I'm I'm still not convinced that schools need to be teaching sex education. And I think about my generation. Which is now today's establishment. And I think about now we didn't have sex -- And we made it and I think about all the things that are different today I mean do you remember Dick. At a few part of my generation we used to ride our bikes. Without helmets. I mean how did we even survive. And my god did the if we had car seats in the car if we -- RC. I remember. I remember jumping around back and forth from one seat to another -- are stationed -- My parents are driving -- bounce into the front seat to the backseat to the very backseat. And it and it if we didn't have any kind of a car -- it was just very very basic. These car seats today look like they -- -- Looked like tickets are five reentry back into the Earth's atmosphere. So again I'm just I'm wondering how we even made it is -- hello we even here. If you -- -- show the comic tonight -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number 877. All right here is a movie this is a text telling me about a movie that. The remake was better than the original. And I can see this argument. Titanic. Titanic. Was probably better than the original although I don't really remember that much about the racial. Here is another text that says Dracula. The remake which better than the original. And other text the remake of total recall. With Colin Ferrell was better than the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here is a text the Dark Knight. Was better than the original Batman. So we are getting some movies that were they were remakes. The -- against the -- bad as some of these movies wouldn't wouldn't actually be remakes. They would be. They would be just. Continuing franchise. There'd just be part of the series so that would really be technically. A specific remake that's more of a series of movies. So is there -- movie that you can think enough. That. Was better. In a remake then then the original. Or are movies it's better with the originals. That's our -- -- you a pretty general opinion -- give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com and again if you enjoy -- tonight with a comment about any of this stuff we're talking about. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text ember is 87870. I'm still we're coming right back for more of your comments you never know who's gonna show up on Angela show Monday. Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock don't miss New Orleans adopted daughter Sandra Bullock Monday in at 3 o'clock hour with the legendary. -- -- -- -- -- -- The remake of god still opened up in nationwide in theaters across the country today again if you've seen and you wanna give this year a critique of the movie of color showed tonight. But another guzzle a movie yeah of course it was the original which is very crude and fundamental but that a couple of years ago Matthew Broderick -- starting Godzilla movie. And I tried to watch that but to me that was and is as good as the original crude movie. And I think about King Kong the original compared to the remake especially the recent remake the most recent remake with with Jack Black again too much computer generated effects. And -- into that I would rather the original. Is there any movie. That was better in. Was actually better in. A remake. That it wasn't in the original. I thought about Psycho. Got a -- a moment ago from somebody said to ocean's eleven. The original was better than the remake and that made me think of rear window. The original rear window which currently does Alfred Hitchcock. Where if Jim Stewart. Where it's much better than the remake of rear window width. I believe was Christopher Reeve. Who -- in that -- always like the original. Over the remake. Did you think of a remake -- was actually better than the original Georgia and Russia with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Told free. 8668890. It's heavy tax -- 787. -- here's a text about the only remake that I think may have been better. Was Cape Fear. To Nero Nolte and Jessica line pretty strong. And I believe Robert -- may have started it started the year original but I think that. I think I'm gonna put that down as an example of a remake that was better than the original Cape Fear because that one's. That was an eerie it remove a here's an update on RWQ a project opinion poll tonight which do you think is more entertaining. The original monster movies or the modern -- 86%. Say the originals and only 14% say the -- makes. From -- Brian -- on the Scotia. It's good -- -- pretty remakes like better than original opening our first -- all of Christopher Nolan Batman and that -- it would be and that recent Superman. And the others would probably have the page. That JJ Abrams thought track. So you you you like the most recent super mammal was a man of steel. You like that over the year one of the originals. Yeah I think the idea like Christopher Reeve but I think I think the not the way to keep the portrait general just took it for me. I think his performance in that movie -- superiors -- the -- back in the begin and our original Superman. Yeah I don't know that much about I'm not I scifi era a comic book guy I mean I'm not being critical of anybody who's into that those are just not -- my genres so I don't know that much about those movies and you know remembers a a little kid watching a black and white Superman my guess is on net every afternoon. During the week I thought that was switch pretty cool I thought the Superman with Christopher Reeves was good for rights not to. I don't know I haven't been tempted to go to any of the others. I don't think Christopher in the -- made a bad movie yeah. -- -- conception. All of -- Batman movie. Making another movie this year called in a stellar can't wait to see. Brian I appreciate your call thanks -- if you wanna join us your comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. Also -- Fox News host Tucker Carlson -- talk about this as well tonight. Said that men. Not women are suffering in the workplace. During a debate on the show and on Fox News Jill Abramson of this was about Jill Abramson the executive editor for the New York Times she was Safire this week. And it mentioned is that a recent study from I think was Indiana University. Shows that female journalists. Make 82 cents for every dollar a male journalist makes. And it's 63% of all journalists. Or mail. And Tucker Carlson said. If you adjust the amount of uninterrupted time people spend in the workplace. Women make more than men in almost. Every category. Would you help me interpret this. Is he talking about. Women taking time off to have kids. Is that what he says if you adjust. For the amount of uninterrupted time. People spend the workplace women make more than men in almost every category. They just totally. Totally ignores this idea that it's that men. He he -- suffer more than women in the workplace and I'm assuming nobody talks about adjusting the amount of uninterrupted time. People spent the workplace then. I guess he's talking about pregnancy I think it is just such an incredible insult for any man to bring that up. Because it is men. Who require. I mean in biology. Requires women to have kids. And so women have every right to be part of the work for workforce in my opinion as so if they're gonna have our children. Then they're gonna have to take time to have our children and men can go through life and and not be not being erupted as I just I think that is just such a -- in the fall. Comets and just such a backwards thinking. Comment that I and I'm amazed that in 2014 people steal. And make those kinds of of comments if you don't enjoy pressure right on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- right silly text is a 7870. Is a Texan -- a planet of the apes. I Charlton Heston Roddy McDowell. Seat. I would I would agree with that and I guess this is senate saying that the original planet of the apes was better than do remake with Mark Wahlberg. It's I have to agree with that again it's the it's the computer generated effects. That try to take something away from it for me. I hear is attacks are really digging the music tonight okay well let's pull things yeah we've we always put aligned to our our corporate music on the show. Here is a text that read it's. Original Michael Keaton Batman and is much better than the new Batman movies. Yeah and again I think that. -- that's a series of movies that's a continuing. Franchise. So that's a little different than that a basic. Remake. Of a movie can you think of of any remake. There was actually better than the original. Or do you always like the originals. Better in the remakes. I did I do think the suggestion of a -- year. Titanic. And a few others the new ones are better than the original but for the most part like the original movies battered and think about Psycho and dirty dancing panel delighted to take time to see the new version of that. But if you to think of something that it was an original. Much better in the remake or if you could think of any remake it was better than the racial our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas a 7870. Is detects I'm a conservative and I don't understand. What Tucker Carlson is trying to say. I mean if anybody wants to help reality is my interpretation is wearing -- Tucker Carlson says. Vets men are suffering in the workplace. He said if you adjust for the amount of uninterrupted. Time people spend the workplace women make more than men. In almost every category. Again it is this referring to. When he woman gets pregnant. And she has to stay away from work. To physically have a child. A lot of women -- work for a long time and come back to work not long after. But -- And are there advantages to being a man. Are there advantages to being a woman in the workplace. We'll talk about the solicitor and our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And our -- -- is a 7870. Here is attacks that reads I think the original decided venture was better than the remake. I would agree with that too it was a moments. Shelley Shelley Winters in. Forget the whole casting and the original. But I did see parts of the new site adventure and it was just call the site. -- I thought the original was better again to it to me. Some of the of the original movies even though they might not have been as technically sophisticated. As the original. I think they're actually. Better than this in the remakes. Here is a text. Appreciated you helping to 92 year old gentleman when he. First started. -- talking. Great opportunity for someone to lend a helping hand. Do a good deed with little effort but a big deal to him. We never we never know when it might be honest that needs a helping hand. That's certainly is certainly is true and again -- like. I appreciate all comments of people made about. The videos it's it's still on our web site says that mr. Kirby I mean mr. Kirby is a -- disguise in 92 year old World War II -- So called -- show and they need to call the show. Well this past Monday it was a week ago on a Monday and then a week later this this Monday won't we ticket to the World War II museum. And that the blog that I wrote about mr. Kirby is its basically about. My hope is that mr. Kirby. God is much out of going to the museum. As I got. Out of being with him. And spending time with somebody who represents. A very different America and that's with the blog is about it's it's as the turning on our web site and our opinions. At WW real dot com and also via via the blog it is still getting a lot of attention is a JC elevator fights. Was not a private moment and we've got the -- video. As some have argued it is was a private moments in his life and this should not have been revealed in the same way that people argued that. Donald Sterling -- with the clippers. Should not have been exposed because that was a private conversation with his girlfriend. However it's my understanding in the state of California if you record conversation you have to look the at a party know so. It's my clear understanding I don't think there's been a debate about this. That -- surely knew he was being recorded. So if you don't you're being recorded and you say simply why we should not be held accountable and then that brought up a whole discussion this week on our show. About what I considered to be a new panic about freedom of speech in America. And there was an article -- the website foxnews.com. And op Ed article about two -- about conservative speech. No longer being protected in America. And I was trying to figure out exactly what was conservative speech I mean I would I would I would not want to think that that's. Racist comments. I mean I don't think we've lost freedom of speech at all. Me you might totally disagree with this this blog which you can read picture -- -- others it's about the new panic -- over freedom of speech in America. We still have the freedom to speak freely. -- Our society always passes judgement on things people say. And that's nothing new. And it's it's always been the case. And as time goes on. Some things that may have been more. Tolerated in the past but no longer as tolerated. So such -- time change. And if you don't understand those. Those. Those changes then partly that's -- fault Hillary give back to aboard these text to go to about movies. Or here's interest and tax at least talk about hot pants. When you get to stay out sick again. It's a double shot score in the WWL drinking game. -- you know I've I've talked about hot pants on the show a lot because as I've said many times I'm a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. My generation. Especially the conservative establishment today freaks out over the shorts that Miley Cyrus is wearing. Freaks out over the shorts -- Selena Gomez and all these young stars are wearing. And yet. The hot pants. Big girls I dated war. Were as short and defining. As any shorts that I seen anybody where today. And even take a look at the old reruns of Gilligan's Island and ginger shorts were as short and as tight as anything I've ever seen Miley Cyrus where. So you know why did you panic about that today so they'll be having fun and and by the way if you're playing the -- of legal drinking game I'm not exactly sure what that is it. I'm dissing -- -- for you hopefully you're going to be staying at home. I hear is attacks I think the remake. Of father of the bride with Steve Martin was better than the original. I I would agree with that I haven't seen the whole original. But I've seen a -- parts of it and I thought father of the brought that was kind of a hard movie for a father to watch. Father of the bride of -- Steve Martin -- what was brilliant. But it's kind of hard -- -- to watch that because you know fathers were just kind of kind of pushed aside it is is this idea that the wedding is all about the mother in the daughter and I'm not released so much of doubts about the father. Here is attacks that reads -- like rob zombies Halloween better than the original. And the remake of the hills have eyes. -- it in the original -- creepy creepy movie. The heels have lives. And those people -- weird. And here's a text. I am a little bit biased because as I have a huge crush. On. -- Julianne stars of the movie but the girl in footloose remake. Is prettier in my opinion therefore I would like to say the remake is better. Yeah -- Jennifer. What was her name did the girl in. The original. Footloose movie output added that the original footloose the original. A thing about thing about three or dirty dancing with -- -- I didn't see the new foot I didn't see that do foot -- but he needed the I didn't think that it's the girls who Raja Jennifer Grey's attorney Jennifer great. Just came to in the original. Dirty dancing and think she was really. All that here's attacks hands down the remake of the ring. A story Naomi Watts as far better than the original. Ever since they've seen it's whenever I'm home alone. My television malfunctions. And turns itself turns itself on its. It scares the blank out of me if you wanna join -- might read your comment about anything we're talking about it's a Friday night very very comfortable and usually comfortable. For me the sixteenth in this part of the country are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. I tech's number is 87870. I so do you think is of a remake. It was better than the original or the originals always better than the remakes. And also we're we're we're talking about. Tucker Carlson. But Fox News saying that men suffer more than women in the work place. And he says that if you adjust for the amount of uninterrupted time that people spend in the workplace women make more than men almost. In almost every category it is -- talking about pregnancy. I'm scoot. And we'll be right back on to -- WL. Are helping out those set people who -- playing their drinking game everytime I hear hot pants I guess they get to take Russia itself. There's a song -- -- we we do that again for area. Here's a text -- John carpenter's the thing was much better than the original and the original total recall with Arnold was better than the remake. And here's the text the crow. Another text the remake of the thing was way better and that text scarface where -- at the remake where it's better than the original. Another Godzilla movie and it's been released. It's been remade a couple of times. Are these remakes. With computer generated effects of the remakes of movies better than the originals that's a bevy of you -- pretty -- opinion poll here's an update on the -- I'm 87%. Say the originals are better only 13% say the remakes are better. Can you think of a remake it was actually better than the original or do you always like the originals better. Got a text here about something. That came out in an email from the saint Tammany sheriff's office. And since I don't have that information on me I don't talk about the story tonight I have make a note -- noted this. And if this is true will talk about its next week on the scripture also next week we'll talk about. On there was a secret meeting. On right wing conservatives -- in the Republican Party are trying to -- gain control. Of the Republican agenda. This is the best news. The Democrats. Could ever receive. I mean it's just. If the Republican Party hired me. I can almost guarantee. That they would win the White House in 2016. But they actually have to listen. And there largest so many obvious things. They need to be done it I can't believe that there. -- there are people who want to hijack the party and bring it further to the right to be that he's not going to help secure a victory anytime soon. If you gonna join -- shorter and I don't numbers 2601870. Till 386688908. -- text. It's late -- him for Tennessee Jason your own description beauty thing. I think they expect our culture -- 22. Maybe not seek out and ultimately bubble and while the jug -- And their operational true great -- -- forget about things one -- -- year a that. Little better. And an outlet that apple and -- regret it did -- chicken that we indeed bright you've got -- You just convinced they John Wayne what the Davy Crockett as they are a honeymoon well they cannot. Epic village board in the second that -- well let me know. I attached data Crockett but it really help or more talented backcourt right after he played his career. To thank network site better than rates. True grit and the Alamo. Yeah. Jason appreciate calling or -- I -- have a nice night and ledger listening in in Tennessee tonight for -- hand Scott you're under the WL. -- -- I will puts got a -- JPEG but in the moment for Memphis Chris your WWL. I skated out wouldn't he talk about the -- Tucker Carlson comment yeah and I'm just wondering is wondering at least taking in two. -- -- -- Meaning in the sense of new medical necessity and that's straight. Demand -- A lot more things than we -- a great -- breast cancer. Many consider reproductive organs she had uterine cancer ovarian cancer. Cervical cancer -- they're they're. Unfortunately. Susceptible to a lot of things. But also. Strategic meeting moms. Do normally takes to children to adopt or when -- -- moms. So it's it's -- put all of these things together than and I can see where he says that. Com they have to take more time off well and that's just natural like -- I mean they're lecture given. They're -- but as far as saying. -- the end -- for more work I don't even understand what it means that doesn't make any sense to me well. But -- the conservative the conservative agenda which Fox News of course and subscribes to. A conservative agendas main goal is to attract white men. That is always been the goal of the Republican Party. I and it's a shame because the Republican Party in in recent years is losing because of that mentality. And so they are our men who feel like they are discriminated against they are men who feel like they don't get equal treatment and and feeding that crowd. And tries it is an attempt to try to enhance. The image of a Fox News in and Tucker Carlson -- this this idea that you adjust for the amount of uninterrupted time and men. Men make more than women and every category that's a highly highly ignorant statement. I agree with the I don't. I mean that's that's that is it's a very ignorant statement but guys -- ago. You know my heart goes out to the women because -- based sacrificed so much and -- specially in. You know giving chopper team that. Chris I I enjoy your -- thanks -- in Memphis tonight and getting a couple of text about it a story that broke on WD issue tonight. About emails that came from the saint Tammany. To -- sheriff's office. That made racist comments about blacks. I don't know anything about that story I'll find out. And trust it will talk about this Monday nights here mister show. If you're -- say witness what your comments or your -- are coming up next. On WWL. And welcome back to the stooge Joseph on his very comfortable Friday night here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. A forty thicker more interesting the original monster movies or the modern remakes. 88% say the originals only 12% say the -- remakes the -- hand Scott you're on WWL. Based groups herself by -- you know -- It right so monster movies that straw as we're concerned. And now. Tractor tires are no negotiate Dracula. And -- Jamie juniors or whatever. Thanks welcome Craig -- back here. Eyes -- appreciate your listing. I heard today in a conversation it was somebody at the station. That in the original Frankenstein and the original. King Kong movie. People were where feigning -- actually walking out of the theater. Because they were even more graphic than what you see on television. I I heard that there weren't scenes were King Kong which would pick people up in. And by their heads often and -- -- backed down and so the old original version of King Kong which once in awhile appears on television. Has been edited to make it more. Appropriate for for TV but that people were actually freaking out with that and and Frankenstein so with the that the release of the new -- still a movie of this this weekend. We're talking about remakes in our our remakes. Ever better than the original and in some cases you know we're hearing about some remakes that we're actually better than the originals but there are so many originals that were much better. On in the remakes also we're talking about Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Who said that men are suffering in the workplace not women. And if you adjust for the amount of on in erupted time people spend in the workplace women make more money than men. In every in every category. Which I think is ridiculous and very very Neanderthal chauvinistic thing to say. If you -- stable it is this is dispute showed more of your comments are coming up right after the news on WWL.