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05-16 11pm, Scoot, Movie Remakes, Workplace Equality,Sex Education

May 17, 2014|

Scoot talks about: What movie remakes do you think are better than the originals? Should sex education be taught in our elementary schools? Do women make more money than men in the workplace; based upon time taken off ?

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I keep saying it because it's just so unusual for this time of year may the sixteenth it is an unbelievably comfortable evening feels like. An -- in the Los Angeles area. Hey it's going to be a beautiful weekend for anything it's going on outside any activities the ninth annual mid city by you blue balloon with a big. Duck race is going on this weekend and also the tenth annual plot elements Paris seafood fest and they'll chase -- goes on this weekend that's an F Edward Hebert. A boulevard. And I it's just ending right now and it's going to be from 1030 to 1030 Saturday and 1030 to nine. On Sunday. Earlier there was an accident. On as I 610 eastbound just before the -- and -- exit. And it was a motorcycle and car I don't know what's going on there right now but passivity called earlier and the backup which back to the 610. I can split so you might still keep that in mind. The -- that it will be God's still. Was released this week and it created movie theaters nationwide cross country. And you CNET I'd love to talk to anybody who's actually seen seen the movie. But another Godzilla movie Matthew Matthew Broderick did a Godzilla movie a couple of years ago. And so maybe think about that the modern remakes with all the computer generated effects. Our our modern remake particularly monster movies. Or they ever better. In the originals. -- so that really just got -- talking about whether or not remakes are better than the -- -- you think of a remake it was actually better than the original or do you still like the the originals. That's -- WW -- project bopping people get -- opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. It's not a full moon but there is a beautiful moon hanging low in the sky tonight. And it's a beautiful night for two in this part of the country also tonight this is silly amber we're gonna focus on next week on the show. There was apparently some kind of a private meeting. On that took place I'm in Virginia the Washington DC area. With conservatives who were trying to regain control of the Republican agenda. They -- recommit. To the principles of the Republican Party and they believe that the Republican message has become too soft. Now it's my belief. Debts. The the Tea Party. And those who have tried to steer the party to the right. Have actually. Hurt the image of the party it's caused young people to leave the party. It's caused women and minorities. To not feel comfortable with the Republican Party. And and there were a lot of people who didn't vote for Mitt Romney because they thought he was he he he was too moderate wasn't conservative enough. So anybody who didn't vote for Mitt Romney because he wasn't conservative enough. Actually helped reelect President Obama so again this is going to be a really interesting discussion to have -- How big Republican Party deals with the civil war within the party. Should the party be more conservative. Mean that that doesn't seem to fit the trends. In this country. And I'm not saying that anybody should ever sacrifice. What they truly believe it. But when you think about the issues that had become big issues for Republican and conservative candidates. Those issues have alienated. A lot of voters. If you and enjoy pressure right with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven or text number is 87878. Up from Baton Rouge markets here on -- WL. -- -- That's -- -- little bit you look -- you know but some are real problems so -- this would appreciate you listening. Of course bundle of trinity. Relief pitchers of there's. Com. -- I know what a lot of people who are honest Republicans to be -- -- relative -- Marceau has been indoor or what. I could not have my apologies that. Well referenced it but you're -- Watching him as -- Schiavo Fox News. And I met a bit watchable for years. And equipment and fortunately it's. You know -- somebody Carol what. And it is is so crazy when you watch that. You know it. That -- get shall call in the mood to really does not know. When you figured I mean it. Natural -- toward I think that's the problem that we followed they go out who wants our -- in. Watch parts and tools. And it shall -- if they really believe it is is actually knew. So little list from the pulpit they consume one. In August Barack Obama -- you know. You know Marcus yes some of what Fox News presents. It it's news they they do pick and select the news that day they choose to. To feed their audience what bothers me most is not that Fox News is biased. Because MSNBC's biased and I think he's human beings it's it's almost impossible for humans not to be not to be biased. When even delivering facts. But what bothers me is there are people who actually believe that Fox News is fair and balanced. Because the views are. The views that they half and if Fox News -- issue. What they what they think he wanted to believe. Rather than what is true. Then people aren't actually seeking the truth they're just seeking to. To find something that echoes there of their own opinion and they're just they're. There's so many trends in this in this country that indicate that there is there is a more moderate. Mentality in this country. Daddy is. Defying the right. And defying the left for that matter and any attempts I think to steer the Republican Party further to the right I believe that's gonna be a mistake. -- that is. Lot of Smart people that they'll watch the right patients. And sure enough I'm Smart you know it's so much of the smartest person in the world. Lot of Smart people on -- watched Fox News. That they actually believe -- what they say. And you know surprise I was only election go over -- where it's. So parts of the miners stunned the like. Or respect and like. I mean I mean -- -- you and you know. A little bit but -- that the Serbs. You know -- what it was. There's. Got to -- -- you know just when those Smart people -- old. Smoke you will concert actually believe. A duo one. You don't want -- it's all about it's it's all about the ratings it's all about attracting the largest possible audience and Fox News has the biggest cable audience by far. But it's not nearly as big issue think it -- Yeah but they're not winning -- election actually involved. Well in fact prefer for those people who are hours so concerned about the power of of the media for. For liberals who are concerned about the Rush Limbaugh's the Hannity the backs of Fox News channels. Obama was elected not once but twice. These things were going on when Bill Clinton won not once but twice. And if you -- so concerned about the liberal media will George W. Bush won. Not once but twice and there's been feared the liberal media for a long time of the media was that powerful. Then it seems like. One side would would always be winning and that's that's not the case so I don't think that the media really does. I don't think it has the impact that a lot of people think it -- not saying the of the media's not influential. But I don't 2% believe in asserting that I've done throughout my career. I don't think it really has the power -- some people fear it has and if if somebody's manipulated by the media. They've allowed themselves to be manipulated by the media. That's true in the market for -- Relatively what's conscious. And he even lows from Obama mania or school. Peja column when he made -- I hate President Obama shirts. Interesting so he loves Obama but he made a lot of money selling I hate Obama shirts. Obama -- because you know -- -- -- -- -- here so you know a big part -- Luka you. Started. I'm glad to polish element thanks for listening and you have a great weekend here's a text saying that they've closed 610 traffic is being diverted. Two white tents so just keep that in mind as your. A driving around tonight. Also earlier I would -- talking about this this bill mandating sex education in Louisiana's public schools it was rejected by the house education committee this week. He would have required sex education to be taught it all public schools. From grades four through twelfth currently the law allows such education be taught in -- seven and above. Mean -- really need to teach sex education. Our our parents so unwilling to talk to their kids about sex -- that they want the schools to do that. I'm I'm I'm wondering. Again I wonder how my generation survived. Because we didn't get 600 schools. We learned it on our own my my parents and talk to me about I hope your parents talk to you about it. I mean -- -- and my parents because they didn't talk to me about it that you know I'd I'd warranty for my parents came to to sex. But if my generation was considered to be more responsible than generations today and if we didn't have sex sad if that wasn't a big deal long time ago. There why is it's so necessary today. And then I think about all the things that we didn't have how do we even survive. I mean we rode our bikes without helmets. We didn't really have car seats not like they do today. Strollers and basic -- their strollers they're like is like it's like a baby condominium on how we deal on wheels it is it's it's amazing. If you DeGeneres show the comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text -- 877 more detection coming up from New Orleans very year on the -- show good evening. Good evening and it went to talk about the anything to get talked about idea that education. Won't be helmet and not. Think bill who's mom I'm staying at and you know younger generation and my mom and Anthony. People devote more responsible. They're more responsible about -- penalize all the people on their way now. We didn't like and babies could move things -- I would never support him. Why don't why don't young people think that way today. My I don't know why but I think because. -- into the -- then he's not quiet month that they feel like that happen. The YouTube affect the and they the school they didn't have to do that back then that we -- and -- responsible. Attitude -- -- think we did you know. Are what we did -- -- I want -- I think I think we make too many excuses for young generations today for their their behavior rather than just getting back to holding them accountable the big difference was -- -- -- that we knew that we were accountable for our actions and in general there's an excuse. For everything that that's that's negative that happens with with young people. Right and I add on -- -- people in that's crazy back then they've been since. Well. Unite I don't know I mean I I remember kids in my neighborhood did drag racing and doing really did Steve calls us. That we did is patently bad album haven't made gun it -- people don't write them. Spaniel is that this remember -- you know but. Meanwhile this month for about that there may -- because not that way they feel like they feel I don't know on it and do please stick on it. -- -- it's far fourth grade happened that the idiot and I idea. I mean I brought that -- -- I agree that young people mature earlier -- again I'm. I'm very ambivalent about it six -- schools very what you call a showing of a great weekend it all comes down to this Warren. Basic thing. Personal responsibility. So many of the problems. That we talk about on this show not just with young generations. But with adults with my generation as well the baby boomers sandwiched. It's the result of a lack of personal responsibility. And again -- I talked about this recently on the show with. Did the idea that did bartenders and waiters and waitresses are responsible for you if you go out and drink too much. When do we turn to other people into our guardians. Our babysitters. And again it's like I've said when we when we talk about this. Sure a bartender or server should be responsible if somebody's drunk -- continue to serve. But at the same time there are a lot of people who can drink. And not reveal how much they've had a drink and if I go to a bar go to places. They're busy they're not keeping track of what every person is he is drinking. And an even though you might not make good decisions when you're dropped the decision to get truck in the first place which your responsibility. That's what this country's lost. It's not the removal of prayer from public schools this country's lost respect for personal responsibility. Also tonight we talked about Fox News host Tucker Carlson saying that men. Suffer more in the workplace to women. There was a debate about Jill Abramson who's executive editor of the New York Times sit -- she was fired this week I there was a study that was mentioned on the show. About female journalist making 82 cents for every dollar a male journalist makes and it's 63% of all journalists are meant. Tucker Carlson said. If you adjust for the amount of uninterrupted time people spend in the workplace women make more than men in almost every category. What does he mean by that. Is he talking about. Women getting pregnant. And having to take time off to have. The children of men. It's it's the bands it's the father's baby too. And the woman biologically. Has to have the child who knows maybe one day that will change but that's the way it's been. And that's the way it is now. So for. Tucker Carlson to save it. It women's. Time in the workplace is so it erupted that if he figured all out man actually. Make more than women to me. I interpret that as a highly. Highly sexist. Ignorant comment if you wanna join our show tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. -- -- -- -- Which do you think is more entertaining the original monster movies or the modern remakes. That's a double WR project look at people give a shipping by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. I'm -- very comfortable. Friday nights maybe sixteenth shouldn't feel like it and we'll be right back into the WL. All right it's a tradition every Friday night on the show at some point we play this song. Because it is the beginning of the weekend and even if you're working right now hopefully Europe planning on nine nice weekend and I mean the weather is going to be really great this week and it's got a warm up by the is going to be in the mid eighties by a Sunday. But there's a lot to do get out and enjoy it and tonight with a beautiful moon hanging up in the sky it's a very comfortable night. But just take a moment reach out reach over and cranked up -- this is what we've been working for. The there are a lot of people or going out looking for a new romance. And you know I guess you never know when that's gonna happen. I mean you could go out tonight not expecting anything to happen and you could meet the perfect person who you spend the rest your life -- On the probably show tomorrow -- WWL is going to be on the road in saint Tammany. If you facing repairs -- rob -- larger small dome as the home improvement show tomorrow a -- agreeing to nine. Will be and it's the saint Tammany home builders association raffle house. At 348 or -- drive in Covington -- WL from ten to noon. And tomorrow here's a quick update on -- that -- pretty general opinion poll tonight. Which do you think it is more entertaining the original monster movies or the modern remakes. -- surprised. 89% say the originals. In only 11%. Say -- -- Give us your opinion regulatory website W -- that -- sort of thinking about remakes because of the new remake of Godzilla is out. There had been number of remakes of Superman that he would have -- come out. Now when it comes to like the Batman series that's more of a series that's just a continuation of I guess in some ways they're they're they're remakes but it. That it. Movies that they have 1234. -- have continued parts. That's a little different -- specifically braking making a remake but you know we've we've had some really good suggestions tonight. On movies that were actually better. As remakes that the originals Titanic. Cape Fear the longest yard and I've seen the new wind I like the original better but somebody said they like to do longest yard a better. -- somebody said they like the new Superman better than the original. The thing and does somebody sent a text rob zombies Halloween. They like better than the original. Do you always like the original better than the remake. Or can you think of another movies. -- that are in the remake and the original if you -- to join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. It's all free 8668890. Point seven -- a -- 7870. We've also been talking about something that confused me a little bit Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that men. Suffer more than women in the work place. And when it was brought -- pony show. Than female journalist may 82 cents for every dollar -- journalists think he said. But if you adjust the amount of uninterrupted time people spend in the workplace. Women make more than man in almost every category. Now if you think I'm interpreting this wrong that please correct me. But I think what he's saying is because. Women have babies. Men spend more time in the workplace. Therefore if you figure out the ratio. Women make more than men and it again that's a very. Very beautiful thing to say it in my opinion but if you think I'm missing something it would appropriate that please call the show. Here's a Texan -- I'm not sure what Tucker meant. By his remarks your probably right thinking pregnancy. But he probably wouldn't have said it if he couldn't back it up. It would be better to engage. The argument. Rather than appealing to emotion. Would anyone have an issue if he instead said smokers. Who take regular smoke breaks at work. Come out on top. Of the compensation. Production ratio. That's you know that's. That's an interesting. Thing to bring up. Again I'd I don't know what information Tucker Carlson's hands. And I I guess he's I Imus I'm assuming that he does have some information. But. Two to put down women. Because perhaps they don't spend as many hours at the workplace. Considering. Their duties at home. Considering they're more likely to take your children and men. Considering that they are they the ones out of our species that get pregnant. It just seems. So backwards. To to bring up this point but yet. Tucker Carlson did from Illinois David you're on this -- -- good evening. Yeah if it's story tonight on the news about the fact that. And I think what that thing I think that on its seem different now than back then as you know. Only people being promiscuous public kind of step that -- your parents been -- was bad effects and things like that. You know twenty years thirty years forty years ago. You know when it got pregnant at a much galloped off and she lives you know make lower you know ridiculed. In the five or water them which -- that the war is you know for pregnant. Where today it doesn't seem like -- that they would you know mostly team knows it's. -- -- -- -- -- Well I think it on television that upset the war. In -- public that's why they're trying to do the effect in school earlier age I don't know. School -- lightly stroke and blah grade. I have. You know human reproduction in the biology subject. Which covered the taught as sex education. Yeah I'm not sure the school should be teaching sex education and I'm I'm wondering if indeed is the result of parents simply not wanting to talk to their kids. And if if if they're. Bringing up a young generation that is not sexually responsible. Then it's it's easy to say well we need sex education or schools will -- what about the parents responsibility. I agree that -- current affairs don't you know popular kids you're your take responsibility do you know. -- example derivatives. -- my parents didn't talk to me about it but but I was part of -- generation that knew that if he got in trouble you were in trouble. And that there was nobody to blame except yourself. And today there's always an excuse for something whether it's a video game or MTV or rap song or. There's there's always something to blame and that's the big problem in this country. Well unfortunately. Like more power usability and you know. People -- -- than humans take responsibility. Of taking a bit dealing with it. And they -- -- Would welcome. You as a thank you much of the responsibility. And there -- consequences. David appreciate listing in Illinois and thanks for the call tonight. Up from -- Jimmie and Alan WWL. Hey you know did you you know column about calls mean and it is just. The disheartening thing is that everything is a political issue. And I think that's what we don't know society today. Oh win something comes though whether. I mean -- negotiated -- Democrat and it is the president does something wrong and I disagree with someone and say -- -- disagree with -- And the problem image. When there's like. Just you know the comment that he made the well you know about when middle and -- Hey if it's literally in paid less than that that's just not right. That we don't need to step on political battle did that just because your Republican and I think that's what's happening today. It's so polarizing that everybody. When when there is something that comes out whether it's. From a Democrat republic and we run and we take we jump ball and I. The line and I think that what the problem starts at me because. You know something later something is wrong. And I'm Democrat or -- republic and without. Then and you know somebody be held accountable that's in my party it up on -- yet the responsible adults to say hey. That is not right I'm not going to be a -- but I'm not on the -- which you just because. I would Democrat. And at what Jim I think that's a brilliant point and I totally agree with you that the people who believe that Obama can do no wrong they're wrong. And people who believe that everything he does is wrong they're wrong as well. And it's now in fact and I love bringing this up the same people. Who denounce and disrespect. President Obama and don't even respect the office of the presidency. They are the same ones they were telling people even if he didn't vote for George W. Bush even if you disagree with him he was elected by the people. You should still respect the office of the presidency. So there's just so much hypocrisy and and you're right everything is divided along political lines and that's one of the -- realities of our country. In an opening you know we can have a major debate on all of the issues that everybody. Take that runs. Side if they go. Let it I can't is it impossible fully agree with a 100% of its. Is that it's impossible because there's going to be as bad the chase them all my issue -- You know just because of affiliated. With your party -- That doesn't mean the original. An -- and people are so quick to to try to define themselves and to try to define others everybody has to either be a liberal or conservative in the minds of of many people. And that's a huge mistake. Because there are so many people who. As far as the military's concerned as far as. Fiscal responsibilities concerned they are conservatives. But when it comes to social issues they're very liberal so are -- liberal or conservative. And in in. You know I don't know the statistics so far I haven't really paid that much attention to -- print Internet lately. If if if there is an issue with women getting paid less. And then then you know in the workplace or whatever it is this something that should be. Take it seriously and we should -- matter. Went side just because there. -- yeah you -- that that so disheartening to me you know and I hope things get better because without them. So any issue the way things -- right now. There Jim I agree with here and I appreciate you calling. I I forgot who it wise but there were it's some conservative pundit who recently and we we talked about this on our show. Some conservative pundit who said that women get paid less. Because men were Carter. Men work harder in the workplace. And women. Which is absolutely absurd. This is the -- show -- your will stay with us are coming right at your comments on debit WL. There -- a lot of people who were saying that the video should not have been released. Of Jaycee and his -- sister in law. And the elevator because that was a private moment. You're in an elevator. In a hotel. Is that a private moment I don't think it is. And this could blog which -- says that getting a lot of attention on our website is title JC elevator fight was not a private moment and we got the video of the of the senseless beating of Jay-Z. Right there with you with the blog it's -- to be -- don't count. And also if you wanna be entertained today you will be highly entertained by many of the comments a following the blog that is. A sometimes even more entertaining in the blog itself on the blogs to getting a lot of attention on a web site is said the new panic over freedom of speech in America. Which is also a -- if you -- icon and Angela hill asked the question what's next for Michael Sam. The first openly gay football player who was drafted in the draft by the St. Louis Rams all of that and more on our website at WWL. Dot com. Next week on the show I do wanna spend time talking about. Conservatives there was a meeting and it was yesterday and kind of a private meeting. Of conservative Republicans are trying to regain control of the Republican agenda they believe the Republican Party has turned to soft. Do you think that's the right direction. Here's a text and that reads today you were quick to spin it all back to Republicans you describe yourself. Myopic tunnel vision hypocritical. Policy I don't see myself as any of those things but they're a lot of people in this country who have a real dilemma. If you or. If you are physically conservative. But you're if you're in favor of same sex marriage. Doesn't mean that you want. You want people to be gay doesn't mean you want people to get mad that your Europe post to a ban on on same sex marriage. Then there are people who say you can call yourself conservative. And it's that kind of mentality it's really creating a big problem in this country because most people in this country are like me. They're not far right in the not far left. Out of bad restored -- WWL. -- this and I'd probably do. They would on batteries. Today and angered the theater with the war all -- play. This guy I've heard I haven't seen it but I hear it's sensational. It it you sensational absolutely and just one out. You know kudos to New Orleans -- Europe are fantastic city no doubt. Well thanks Curtis and 970 people say so many bad things about the city bit. I live downtown and it's it's great to hear from somebody like yourself and your your wife come here from Baton Rouge and enjoy the city there's a lot to enjoy. Related issues related much show we've we've especially with -- at home on the night that. I think earlier. -- you kind of demonstrated the classic difference between a liberal and way of banking unit and a conservative. You mentioned that it was there Neanderthal. What Tucker Carlson at the site. And I think that that actually one of the problems from a little -- -- you Kindle looked at things from an emotional argue. Rather than drilling down and really honestly appraising. Is there a different is it measurable is that quantitative. And I'm not gonna suggest that -- right they either heard woody that been -- expressed very briefly. But I think primarily. There are substantial differences between this if the -- it was people that all of these were people. There are substantial differences between the way the -- would approach a job in the way and males approached the back thing now. I don't deny -- out of business political ideology is just very simply. We need an email. In any case is this true or not I totally agree with what I was commenting about Tucker Carlson though is. The idea is -- that if if women if women are the ones in our species that have the children. Then they are naturally. By way of of of giving birth they are naturally going to be the ones who will have more. -- in erupted time in the workplace and I think it is is very backwards thinking and use the word Neanderthal. -- too. Continued to. To judge women. And as being at a disadvantage because they they have children. Well it's not from us that there in the disadvantage. If you think about the business. The business is thereby added its advantage. We and -- company their product or service there obligations to their audience continues to go wrong. Monday through Friday eight. When you've got to win in orbit. With serious medical issues disadvantages. Challenges. What do you may want again then. The unit itself. It's not always in a position to compensate for those differential. And that's one of the big issues I'm not trying to make the male female issue a liberal conservative issue. Well -- just the area on the in a front that's been. Your radio hosts. You've got to be here for your ship. You can't once a week or every other week -- report we call him got a real issue here and I suspect he's a real step up and -- Q what exactly. Is the show must go on whether it's student or someone in your -- But my point is. Your target at the end of what really quite frankly inappropriate and unfair. But it. One way unity and suggest what it was replace the clip of what doctors said you just. And I don't have don't have the only artist has -- yeah I have declined. To but I but I yeah -- just think it's disingenuous. Viewed as -- jet that they look at all your. Yes he has an emotional reaction. There's something very factual -- soccer Manning. And even. -- like today -- -- in itself. You have people praying that your diet but busy -- out openly break up is up do what you want. But there. You have another NFL players that simply oh my gosh. All -- Twitter and the guys that -- these were. These he. -- did he well he didn't live up to the standards of the industry that he's a par -- Well well but the standard is not to make anti gay comments are racist comments if you -- in the NFL and as a person -- -- -- I had. But there's not a standard is written standard in the policy manual. The player manually and a -- not to be that. There is a precedent in players getting in trouble for making those comments and they have to be held responsible if they do it if they don't know if they wanted to speak freely that they shouldn't play for the NFL. No I didn't know because it's because our society and businesses. Curtis I don't know what you do but chances are. You aren't you would be held accountable if you said something away from work. That reflected poorly on the image of your company. And that's the way the NBA in the NFL view themselves when it comes to racist and when it comes to. Two anti gay comments. You're you're free to speak but you're not. You're not go to be free from being judged. I've got to get to break I'm glad you came to New Orleans I enjoyed our conversation. I still think it's Neanderthal thinking for. A Tucker Carlson to say -- men suffer more than women in the work place. And it. And I understand the point that that -- Curtis is making. About women not always. As being there but but those are like just natural reasons that they're not there. And and the women that I work with here at WWL. Work every bit his hardest man. In most cases well -- in a lot of cases were even harder and longer hours and man this is the -- showed will be right back on WL. -- freedom of speech whether it's. Donald Sterling or Don Jones sooners. Find and suspended by the Miami Dolphins for a tweet that he sent out about about Michael Sam. It's well known that the NBA in the NFL do not tolerate racist and anti gay comments. Now a player doesn't. Like that that a player can choose not to be part of that industry. Playing to the NFL the NBA that's a privilege that's a choice. It's not a guaranteed right. And if you don't like freedom -- for a speech restrictions. That might reflect badly on your work then you need to choose another job. And I got a text about that that your First Amendment and when you go to work that you don't have First Amendment to rights and work in this a lot of truth to that. This is why the the blood that I wrote his weaknesses still trending on on our our website and you might wanna read it you might totally disagree with me. But I think there's a new panic and new paranoia. Over the loss of freedom of speech in America. It's just that things that were once acceptable or no longer acceptable. And that's. That's the result of the changing society. And it's not necessarily a bad thing it's not necessarily the bad part of political correctness you have always been and will always be judged based on what you say. And had a great night tonight thanks for being with have a great weekend I think -- is our studio producer love you New Orleans.