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May 17, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning welcome to this edition of the home improvement show business a special day for us because we're outside. Run the nor shall -- in Covington and it's it's a beautiful setting we're in an area called. Tell terra bella it's -- delicately. And this is just one mile west of -- we when he won. That's partly it's 85 this is is a beautiful home -- being raffle off if all those details this is part of the raising the root for charity effort. And it's all part of the saint Tammy rate loans if there -- It's sponsored by the saint -- home builders association. They raised close to five million dollars of the last twenty years and it's this home. Terra bella village it's beautiful and this is really interesting community talk about but also if you have any questions. About -- payers. Or renovations will tell you about all of this but -- you have any questions about repairs -- relations. Job you're gonna do the job done and called -- -- which are construction consulted all the greens with the greens consulting. And our numbers 260187. Tool free 86688907. At a super -- and it's on good morning good morning. So on this beautiful Saturday. Obviously nobody wants to be doing any work but the people. Have to do things that. And percent -- it's a beautiful day it's still -- -- -- of relaxing and he thinks around the house I still like to talk about the things that you can. Cute it would be pro active in terms of taking your home and I'd still like to remind people every weekend that is gonna come a time. When you wish you had your air conditioning service early in the season they're not that busy right now but if you're AC breaks down. In the summertime. Not only will you be miserable but he might be hard to find somebody to come out there. It's funny you mention that because this past week and about -- very night I was fixing my ammunition that broke. And we always mention -- -- hate to think this proactive stance of but you know preventive maintenance switching hands on it twice a year technicians -- his listeners to make sure that things are worked smoothly. And -- -- -- that -- makers kids. You know that'll really have good shoes well. My recognition broke because I'd actually -- this year. -- we sit here and we are today and we talk about this -- what you alternate Macon noted this. Paul didn't check is a season this is living proof that you check -- -- please do we -- to -- yourself that it happened. I was Ericsson it was a very hot day you know and I've been -- erratic you know working in America homer relies. The -- is not working right it it was it was cool but it wasn't hole. And massive -- -- to go was going to be pull up muscles you wrote it working on this which I did and I was kicked myself from the -- little bit discuss those aggravated. But misses his artwork and I went inside to Tacoma school shower and enjoyed the whole house. It was called what's -- work right. But see if you're you you could go fix it if you were you'd you'd have to call somebody in the morning and yeah. Haven't come out and this time -- here it's not so difficult to find some way to come out but in the heat of the summer when units are breaking down time after time. You're gonna wish that maybe you would've been proactive and -- you know -- now yes and as slick about the weather as we can perhaps the next seven to ten days -- we could get some some. Bluebird days like today for low clouds and knocking -- partly and you bring in his historic people who want misses the it's approaching above 85 degrees. We get down right hot cider house because that attic heels of that rain heat and heat is actually Fox's office on. I would think that this would be. Quicktime -- whether having to do some outdoor -- Yes this is a great debuts campaigning before the law books really get to bed at because if you have -- burning out of any love books of becoming active. Mean their track that the light colors and it will go stick themselves in the wet paint. And what -- in this episode do it before while -- -- -- that you know anything god created them with some kind of sense that you know don't go near that. Because once they're there they're trapped I mean it's it's torture that pointed dead. I have filled out work with this past week he was finishing hole. And he said I thought I'd stop putting up what paint silence because whenever you political wet paint sign people's first instinct is to see if it's still wet it touches. It still wet. Why is that it's like it's -- -- like when they hand to a played at a restaurant they say the plates hot what do you do to touch the plate a seat the guy that's. We are they Essex every parade of homes -- racing the group charity -- sponsored by the sink Tammy home builders association and if you know anything about this association of the delivery mean this is a spectacular home. It's always valued at 600000 dollars three bedroom three and a half bad. Sky deck overlooking a large part but more than that this is set in -- community. Terra bella -- is her availability is actually community. There's a post office here their restaurants. I've seen this happen in other cities where they create a very urban atmosphere with cafes in theaters. Mailing around apartments and condos but this is the same concept that sent in a beautiful suburban setting in Covington. And it's -- it's it's with. Holmes. And what I love about the designs of these -- is the world different yes I mean this is not this is not a a sub division it's made up of cookie cutter homes are all very very unique. But I love the atmosphere in driving in here where they are businesses or restaurants this is this is gonna become an entire community. My wife and I Don -- -- -- off the Oscars and it's excellent. And and -- the concept as you can walk from your home -- this gorgeous streaks you know to the post office to the rest of the businesses that are there professional offices in the bird at -- front. A slow but that's one thing that I've enjoyed about living downtown is the sense of community and if you -- meet city if you live. Uptown you know living in -- city. There are in their pockets that are very community oriented where you can. You can walk in and you kind of get to know your neighbors you're not as isolated as its EU -- in many neighborhoods. And if there's a post office if there's a restaurant if there's a coffee shop if they're different things to do right there in Europe in your neighborhood imagine that. Senior neighborhood. -- you do get a a better sense of community and it's I think it's it's it's a phenomenal concept announcing it's more more around the country religious and this is something that I would say this the first in saint Tammany -- but I would definitely say it's it's the are we're at the race in the -- charities say Cambodia home builders association. This is an effort to raise money and look here's the best part about it you can come you can come by tickets to to win this house. Their tickets -- hundred dollars each but they're only selling 75 -- protects. So when you think about buying a lottery tickets and you think about your odds of winning the lottery one count of how many million. And here's of 17500. Chance. That you witnessed 600000 dollar house and it is actually spectacular looking at a family right now coming down from the sky deck. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. 601870. -- free. 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a -- sever its activities and -- still without construction consultant Paula graced the whole -- which show is live. From terra bella village in Covington it will be right back with more on Debbie WLR -- is a spectacular Saturday it is that not ordinarily. This nice and this pleasant shall we say. On May the seventeenth in this part of the country and I know many of you were out enjoying this day but at this possibility that you gotta get something done at home. Is there something going on with your house and you're not exactly sure why it's happening. You know homes are like living organisms and it's time something happens and you don't know exactly why it's happening. Maybe you don't know who to call to get something done. I if you're gonna have a job done and somebody is telling you something about the job in that you want confirmation that the telling you the right thing. These are all recent you can called home -- which -- today. If there's a job that you can do or job you would have done it's always good to have information and sometimes people want to attack what job -- sometimes people who are homeowners who were. Very aggressive and proactive -- motors and it -- it's it's automatically do it themselves but sometimes that's the job that you really shouldn't tackle yourself and our construction consultant Paul agreed. Is that the right person to tell you whether or not something you should do or something that you should nature that you have a professional take care. If you have a question about home improvement on numbers 2601870. Told 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a -- number is 87070. And at this beautiful afternoon where in Covington Burnett Jerry Della village. It coveted it's one mile west of highway 21 on highway 1085. This is part of the reason the racing the roof for charity project. And it's sponsored by the -- -- home builders association they have built a spectacular house on I haven't got a whole thing but when we get to the news here. It's at thirty on their take a walk through mortgage -- that Paul would what's worth your first impressions about the way it's obviously out. Well. My favorite spot is is the outdoor kitchen. It. These some of the features up to -- where customers really wanting. The special things at home. You know -- the kitchens big open an -- it's open to them that that the living -- the -- area -- you know the outdoor kitchens that the court York which is actually which set up right now. You know the day like today the suspect practices in the back -- -- sip of coffee or teams. And I look at the architectures different with all the different holes here. Up from Covington. Don -- on the home improvement show -- WLU Oregon. The wind. That's two. -- get. Paula anomaly years ago he I lived and who wants me -- -- inspected it and yeah what is it some -- Improvements on -- than it -- mean. Even -- so. Now only comedy he got a question -- panda Sydney was great. Movement. They're -- he would. I'm in -- -- -- we -- knowing that they. It. And it. Is generally system is going to be -- can you saw again -- And done but don't think it is complex so they did. He would. It is. Supplied by the -- she'll. But we got independent he pumps. That -- -- And I was wondering -- -- point eight. On -- -- out on the balcony -- Internet bow up and put my arms. -- content to do with the Bo Diddley bow and use my act which carries mine is being opportunities to its idea. Apartment. You know Don that that that's could be -- and a challenging complication. That though com room. In the comp cases could be it is. Integrating. Your outside the answer which you would only -- by your your generator. It. When the chiller for the entire complex is -- so do you. I don't coming should you can actually get controls to make that jump. And transfer from permanent power to transfer power at at a much about the electricity foursome because of that can be done but they made the transition from one. Refrigeration system to another. You may be better off using a -- -- many split having an outside the mattress pocket passer with an indoor equipment. -- that won Roma or even two rooms of the of that of -- -- -- space and use that for. With so what -- out -- you know being an adjustment to generate. That would be a much easier cleaner. Opera. Need help sort of way it's just like being in an outlet. -- No this is a Douglas many split it actually is firmly affixed. With indoor and outdoor units into both heats and cools. It -- they -- afar as well. And in the -- really designed for small spaces. Their desire for spaces that are difficult getting dark work to have to work with it. Okay. The -- obvious pick up within the outside. So they've -- to put many you know it gets it. -- court can't. But. It would be the best option. Yes there. Then -- and I -- basically to move and so the big they've long been a big Clinton or it was a living area can it. -- -- Article would you you have to get to what's it's call cassettes the indoor equipment caucus that you get to cassettes or treat space. Cassette -- these -- that we can all. -- look at it and the reliability that you need. Many split I talked about many Saturdays because I think it means but these are you off system. -- Abdullah to my ability these things you know fought back up you know. Repeat it it. They've they've worker well I wouldn't -- -- qualms at sauls is properly saws and -- -- -- any issues recommending it and all that worker well. And mutated in -- -- back up. But the meat to bit system. Because -- and did that article content and that that is Hugo PP -- That's correct yes and I'm I'm I'm sure that's possible. I'm sure there's a way we can -- I'm not sure how effective or impossible thing. -- -- Thought I can't say enough but -- acute in the want to put that asserted -- yes sir it. Could do. The yen you do that they can. -- that you wonder who PO to between him because. You media. Believe it it was a good contract out in its world itself. I don't think -- regard not all I. It. If you're -- stay with this are getting really close to the news and what you you know opportunities your full question it so if you are on hold stay -- -- if you do have a question. About home -- -- and repairs renovations or something the house and not a temperature -- happening. Our numbers 2601870. Till 386680. Nines there it's having -- number -- 87870. It's through the construction so the public range and home improvement show and -- life today. Incompetent at -- delicately it's one mile west. Partly when he won on highway 1085 this is part of the raising the roof for charity event. They're only 7500. Tickets. Being sold. Raffle off -- 600000. Dollar house. Hundred dollars in ticket so again think about your chances of -- winning the lottery. One in how many million. And this is one in 7500. -- hundred dollars and it goes to charities with a really worthwhile cause and this is spectacular home. A during the news and go to war will come back report questions. That's -- construction consultant Paul LaGrange. And here's a WWL news update recruit which you know. -- which is walking around the house -- -- -- prospects aren't out to get back to it to your questions here we're live in Covington -- terra bella village which -- -- it's not only a very unique community but it is indeed there a community. We were it was water. Paul outdoor kitchen the -- east. What is -- sky deck outdoor kitchen overlooking a park this is amazing and again for a hundred dollars you can. By raffle ticket and only 7500 diesels are really good chances of winning only one in 7500. And this is part of raising the -- for charity on its eyes if you -- -- and -- your question we're still -- recruit which oval -- -- -- this incredible home. Are real village which again is a very unique concept it's it's. A whole community where there are going to be businesses like restaurants like right in your community. So it's going to be workable community I can tell you with the the the architecture. I don't feel like I'm in a typical suburban. Community. Everything's a little bit different own unique. This is rubric meeting in the here's what's happening along with with Ruth. Of the -- house is that this is happening at the same time. As the price of homes so the saint -- -- association. Has 23 -- the homes that are being showcase by -- buffalo right to builders. You know throats at saint Tammany parish so if you come here to -- -- actually collect a book. That's promoting each individual home as a map attitude telegenic all the other houses. Can you hear you know twelve house by ticket. I'm also told that -- quite a few homes alarmist and a half court or that are the house during the parade you go visit those homes. You know can't see what's new in that building in the -- -- build a relationship with the builder. With their sales team if you think about either remodeling or building this is the that's coming year to get that done. Artist -- -- called -- -- bill junior and home improvement show with Paula grange your morning. And -- him. I'm building a sort -- it up under -- but -- And I was wondering about spinning Andy -- -- on -- don't just blown -- adding insulation. I'm wondering whether. You're rich tranche is Politico oriented power plant or these were early birds and things are some combination of that. It's the most efficient way to. Keep the -- had to count as best as possible. Well. There really is no black and white answer and in the recent -- that is took depends on the style to your -- If you haven't skating install roof where you can very long quickly Richard goes what the right or front to back your house. That -- that's worked very very well they're very effective but that passive heat removal. However if you have a a French country style home in your roof has lots of force pitches and second segment it. And a lot of different sizes and shapes and the length of your ridge you shorts. Or second minute then you may find it rich and his stock and function very well so a lot depends on. -- -- -- getting the air coming in to your -- -- -- your softened over Hanks and how much of it in the next you know you know arable would be. How much of an Terri do you have to exhaust near the topic near the -- -- so saying all right describe your your route to a little bit. It it's more the -- country it's kind of -- -- it -- you know a lot of guilt and -- you know which it. -- along in single rated to. The arch and all of. Are so I think you're you're at a Middle East and be better served not with the respect book list. Like a winter -- a world apart that you described. I'm not a big fan of power revelation and the reason for it. Is is that most times because we don't do very effective job. Of separating me not living attic from the living space below it or -- -- to any of multi Storey house. That departments are strong enough to pull cold air from our home into our -- in what we're wasting energy policy it contributes to other. Performance and more problems so with the pass of revelations is probably best the most effective. In the least hopeful. To be -- living space of our house. So that being said it would -- encourages use his give his much ventilation. Free airspace you can't that the soft it's around the perimeter. And then also you wanna have ample amount of exhaust with a wind turbine. Near the top of each one of those portions of your segment roof. -- -- Killing a bit to help Shia parties your whole stay -- his -- right back with more of your questions this is the home improvement show and every Saturday morning. We answer your questions about all the appropriate repairs renovations job you're gonna do our job we gonna have done -- subsequently housing advocate -- -- -- -- mold it. Is it as the moisture. Whatever it is we'll try to answer those questions for you with our construction consultant Paul LaGrange with LaGrange consulting and also energy and comfort solutions. And we -- live from terra -- village in Covington and it's the racing the root for charity event at the raffle house. Part idiocy -- home builders association -- -- if we're coming right back for more. The public through which show you know I love our studios in downtown New Orleans we've got a great studios downtown on pointers. Overlooking part of the CBD in the they're referred. I just love our view from our studio right at the idea being outside. -- -- -- today in terra bella village in Covington this is that this is a perfect place to be Rutland would be -- read it it's like this is like I guess like have a convertible. The -- with a few hours colors that are here -- -- landscape of these there's problems to spectacular -- this is racing the root for charity. -- I events this is the raffle house and it's a sponsored by using Tammy homebuilders association. And we'll talk more about this incredible home you can buy raffle ticket coming here let's go to -- feel. And -- we will commute home improvement show -- Euro on with -- grange. And I know I I I can't mental -- -- about twelve years so. And keep. Type of -- In tribute to happen at this metal roof. But then. -- is it dependent. -- -- in the area. And -- about you know. Roofing company went out of business. IE in the -- wanted and he can't and hit it. But to me today that could be an anti. Stick around you chipping area. Bit of publicity. Different people -- the years. And now -- on the trip is. I think it's kind of change. Well I can't I am -- you know move and so I don't know what to do. Well a lot of when they see the roof last fifty years or -- referring to the metal product itself. You know installation typically installation round of -- and second floors in chimneys so far was -- like you're describing. House become problematic in the in the if you leak. So you know the installation that product news you know rebels complicated areas like that the -- place but very important give it to try to. Perhaps -- recommend someone to come repair for you. Karen -- famers Richard Bradley. It's rich east sheet metal. Yeah. -- Atlanta. Yes. And done he's right here going to be just brings that to four from human to build his numbers 8929524. In nineteen in fact. -- floor -- Tomasson alone take care. OK any -- That is brings. Be it. Thank you are in jail that. Works -- Mexico the home improvement show. Let's go to it's a battery and Robert you know I want the home improvement show with Paula grange good morning Robert. They go good morning. Scoot in and -- and people on. All that talk or new -- chat with you. My my problem is pretty content Iran -- of power about a solution Clark. All -- India. How it was obligated to have these in memory slab. But. Here goes below grade optional concrete Shaquille Coca. So the problem is the Ramirez cracked -- crack in which you typically does but it looked like. The hole and how well right. Wrapped around each side. Is lean and low. Any suggestions -- approach. On resolving. You're like -- and await tomorrow. Yes at the top. At the -- opposite. And and starting to -- away. So what do you. What happens it will work. Which should have happened is they should have some replies that went between the courses of the brick and right through destruction chart that true walls to prevent it from. Leaning in falling away. You know there are times where I've seen some girls with advertisements have deteriorated. More than males fasteners they use of your business while some some movement. It almost sounds like -- when you're dropping those that. You have a much greater prominence as a small what was that issues like you have large sections segments that are you know moving away from home yeah. So here's the challenge is if we can push that brick -- back towards the top wall where -- home. And we keep that wall from without cracking then we can secure. -- -- that very general terms. But I've seen folks -- -- -- actually what's coldly freeze board. At the very top of the wall. And they've actually in -- that border -- probably shoot two horses that break. Breakthrough push it in broad exports go home currently affixed to the wall. And Britain are walking. Always in the future in this pleaded to were covered with -- -- cereal and you call a good. It depends on the height of the wall in -- -- house of aesthetically. Achieve. Without looking to uglier exploits weren't. There really is no easy solution to your problem. Really the ideal thing that should be done of course is when you spend the most money you remove the -- redo it. Well it's its outlook on a -- a little familiar refer to a -- ridge. The ground there was part of a leader in piles and so it was common apparently just to take the the -- related to greet. -- -- the outside the walls so. About the need it Detrick where I -- -- in a spot above the solution. Struck so. You -- you can think of anybody. -- -- -- -- Implored to consult. What did you do that that's a tough brokers are really don't know any folks that really specialize in just that that task. Air you really wanna -- A general contractor who's comfortable bone remodeling. Does a remote would have come across this problem in the past. Also censure you know in in the -- -- called that you -- -- via a in ask for a list for the -- the members who specialize in remotely and I'll start work with those folks. Well I'm Obama pretty handy Ian and you give me some ideas about that that match which some things are thought about it. You got me just tried to. Draw the wall back slowly over. Arm listener -- we -- it helps your. Doctor -- every weekend. A gridlock for the raffle all of this is the racing the roof for charity raffle house. In Covington at terra bella -- -- really really special place on the nor -- rights to the construction consultant Paul LaGrange. Ever come right back with more viewer questions on the home improvement show. But that it Hugo and welcome back it. Welcome back to the hole to prove it show on WW allies to at a construction consultant Paul agree we just pockets of people who were part of this terrible village. It incumbent in a lot of people are downsizing and coming here. This would be downsizing some people who wouldn't be downsizing for others. We're in spectacular -- this is the raffle house part of the recent move for charity event sponsored by the saint Jimmy home builders association. -- this is a very impressive community and it is indeed a community. Very quickly let's let's go to effect you know what let's hold off. John and go ahead put our next volatile if you're -- state witness -- what do the they are you a chance to your question will disband and at the moment talking about this credible. Journalist village. There are. So many features here. We'll get back to all of your calls right after the news of York holds they would as we're still doing a regular home -- which are what we ask you questions about. Repairs and renovations are simply going around your house but we also tell you about this incredible charity. And 400 dollars you can get a raffle ticket -- only the early selling 7500. Tickets he think about you buying. A lottery ticket. Did you think about the one in multimillion. Chance that you have to win and you still go by that with the expectation -- The only selling 7500. Tickets. So it's 17500. The chances to win they expect this house is beautiful eyes during the last spring practice which the outdoor kitchen upstairs on that this guy -- Which is really impressive overlooks a park analytical take it during this easily protect and other tours of the house we have an extended version of our show -- until 1230 today. So again if -- -- stay with this I'm screw that construction consultant Paul great relied secure village pillaging -- it will be right back with four after the news. -- -- --