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May 17, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What a beautiful Saturday afternoon and Saturday in our studio we are live on the -- shoring Covington at terra bella village. As one mile west of if I -- 21 on ten an 85. This is the raffle house and it is a spectacular how's this is the year raising the roof for charity event sponsored by the -- -- home builders association. We're gonna get back to work your questions about. Home improvement repairs and renovations and construction consultants have -- it -- here. And astute and we welcome the vice chair of the parade of homes in all of this is part of the rate of homes -- Glickman I'm -- -- on that you probably welcome this show thank you. For those who don't know -- what is the parade of homes. The parade of homes is and an event sponsored by saint -- homebuilders association. That is allows the builders to showcase communities developers to showcase communities. As well as homes in the general area and in the -- and the parish area. Nominates it's it's it's been going on now for close to thirty years. And it's provided. Just a builders and and and people that are looking for homes as well as look for home improvement ideas just a great opportunity to get out and take a look at what's going on -- Then there facilities -- -- really nice. That's that's not happened quite yet but you know I guess that you union never fails it could be good. But what stands out in your mind about this -- that we. I tell you. -- room Fred -- with with great joy in I mean you guys that are still doing it because. When I was building this was a great way to make contact with customers -- also it would have to build relationships -- you saw the same folks that can -- year the year in which you. You -- opting to go home forum. And an -- with Iraq poses now that's part of the bread aisles and it's also the information station I think that's an excellent idea. You know put a great -- just for folks come out -- war -- well. -- no doubt about it and I think the neat thing also about the parade is although there are some some really spectacular homes. It's not only. There's not only homes that are super spectacular their homes and our price ranges. I think it's an opportunity for someone to be able to understand. Not only the product that different builders have to offer but. It's just in a neat thing for people to be able to get out in the community get so many ideas you see so many people just his touring homes and get ideas and and I think to your point. And the weather is sensational for just driving around getting out walking her property. -- award last weekend you know the numbers have they have they have have been really been great you know last weekend's weather was not nearly as nice as this so. I think we we can hope to have a you know I think in in some of the homes that I I'm actually having the show we had nearly 700 people in a weekend so. I see no reason why we shouldn't have close to that many this -- so. I was in life it's important to have a dream and you you might not be able to -- the -- we want now but sometimes it's good to just go out and invasion that dream that you have so if you're. A young person if you're a younger couple. You might wanna come see the parade of homes and you you might find that bore -- like okay this is what we're gonna work toward. Oh absolutely and you know I think it's important. You know to but it should not only find the type -- maybe the apartment again you opted to meet some of the builders -- area. I think that's one of the great things about the parade of homes that it offers. Builders in the in the market that are actually trying to do the right thing. What we all we outplayed by the high standards. And and so I think it's as equally important is as -- and -- home occasion aptitude to personally meet builders which is. Is not always out there. There split their time extremists went before you go tell the hours of the protocols which is a harsher absolutely the trade does exist today in it goes from high noon to 5 o'clock. Both today and mark. -- like -- -- is the vice chair with a parade of homes here is a charity -- I still would orchestra and consultant Paul Le grange and our Roland we welcome you to the home improvement show rolling your dialog with Paula grange good morning. -- The problem and that is about it diners square -- raced home. And I I -- -- cells in the walls whatever and it paid day out. And I hear them and is now in the house. And went. Well and have a company come out -- easily the more. And he. In that. New videos you know -- now. They have. Apparently -- room. So I don't know pit call at any. You know no problem anything like it on the that was kind of recommendation. So Roloson Tom's lead the abilities though can go from number different sources you know that the first when I look at what we carpet responses is on the me. But since you have a layer of clothes so foam underneath. Presuming it's complete it's inspiring it erupted in the minority voids in it. Then that you have solved that problem. So in since you -- walls to -- would also make that same presumption. It's not come through the walls because of the clean air -- suffocation. Of properly install product. So at this point that leaves us -- -- interior walls or from your at expects. We're chair next equipment is the -- work in the attic or is it below the ceiling. -- and okay. So when you smell it does it is a more prominent when air -- is operating or when it's not. Well. Because which. -- wants some you know because of -- up to it but when Kyle nickel company to go much mallet. And it could be -- the ball. A -- 88 may may be that some of the -- are coming you -- from means your walls of gotten moist because when we start at compass militants mostly related to moisture. Or else related to be pediatric him with some -- -- -- commission. There -- disputes assistant darkly -- could be bringing some of those voters that -- into the house it and I wouldn't rule out that it's not. Coming from your ray space and in war and and -- -- You know that you could rule it out. But I I preface that with the fact that it's going to be complete properly install product. Meaning that you can't hit any pathways connecting that. Rey section to be inside your home. So it would I think if you of their ability would benefit you to crawling girls. He -- missing any spots where some of moisture and smells can become from the crawl space entrance heroes. Great well. Basically company from the north -- remotely do it should allow I'm a plumber and he can look at it now. Reassured it that -- it is done problem. And that's. Do you have any idea. No sir I mean -- have -- spot left that will be the interior walls. Or the addict and it could be related to your recognition equipment spiral we help that are open helps you out. Well -- at my returns -- his -- So I don't think it would be getting more shoot you know and that area. You see you know walls. I don't know okay well I appreciate down. -- I'm -- you have a great weekend. If you're -- they witnessed this is the home improvement show we're live in coming in today and in a very impressive community. Or they'll feel if you haven't heard about it yet you will be hearing about it this is. This is a very unique place I've I'm -- that the homes are so different but yet there's still some kind of a common denominator in terms of maybe sort of an uptown -- some of the West Indies kind of architecture and this is a community there's a post office in this community. -- there's a restaurant and there will be more businesses that will make this a walk mobile community with parks. So here is a suburban area on -- -- sure to -- a flurry of Covington. But it's also a workable community. And we're seeing more and more. A desire for actual communities if you -- with a question about repairs -- renovations anything involving a recruitment our number is 2601870. -- -- 866889. Nearly seventy. And a text -- -- -- -- -- I'm still a construction consultant Paul LaGrange and we'll be right back with more home improvement show the view well our surroundings for this home improvement -- -- quite impressive growth relies. On terra -- village one mile west migratory and an 85 or short. We're in the raffle house for raising the roof for charity the web site to buy ticket is raising the root for charity dot net. And it's sponsored by missing Tammy home builders association we'll talk to -- stories -- here's the moment but one thing we talked about is the fact that this is a community. With with businesses with in the community it's it's workable and we're seeing more more data Paul I think it's the result of you we've become such an isolated. World so isolated as individuals we. The technology we have today social media and we don't have to communicate with each other that we once did. Announcing it. In the city of New Orleans announcing it in suburbs. What is more of an effort to build a community walk of a community that brings people together sure you know while the idea that you know you want. The -- walks here and his neighbors of the parks have afterward that's with the families it's it's great and also these holes -- designs that they -- alleys behind the post which is something you might see that somewhere in in lake view but that's a really really unique concept -- -- -- -- -- Living downtown I've I've I've come to -- appreciate what it's like to live in the community. So we see it in it's easy to some parts of New Orleans that is now developing that sense of community and it's it's it's good that you you know you might not. Know your neighbors well let. When there are places where everybody goes together like this -- Bosco is terra bella is. -- -- So if if you're looking to come to the price of homes so we encourage you start here first at the rough house here's information and maps here is a good place to start. That dimension if you comes in you can visit skewed and I see the beautiful home -- raffle ticket. Think you'll see the other houses are available Pizarro closely located this region and you could win this house and visit there's a sky deck with an outdoor kitchen overlooking a park and accusing somebody features in as -- you know I I enjoy my life town like at a table. I could live here is that this is I could I could give up some of -- isn't letting them to live here this is as phenomenal and facades a chance who will home because you know some apartment tickets with the other charities that benefits. From the sales of these tickets this but a lot about this event you -- this that is it for many years. But this year is benefits over the boy and girls club southeast Louisiana. The good samaritan ministry habitat for humanity saint avenue west saint Tammany hospital foundation so these are all. Beneficiaries of you by the ticket come by -- from -- files you chancellor in the home but she could help all these other charities it's a hundred dollars a 600000 dollar home. And it's it's spectacular but they're always. -- 500 tickets that are going to be sold so if you have a much better chance to witness ousting -- winning the lottery so if you think about -- lottery ticket item -- to petrol cheaper but. I it might be worth the hundred dollars plus he goes to worthwhile charity. Imus to step back to some of your questions from New Orleans Catherine your on the home improvement show with Paul Le grange. Catherine good morning how are you. Hello Catherine. Our let's put Castro hold it we'll just check back with her in just moments let's go to Harvey and -- -- -- home improvement show with Paula grange good morning running. Good morning flying through very informative and interesting I would get them out. I have one question about this if you can union you. I have little. Oh yes sir if it's working fine but that would change you know. I was so what one. Air conditioned people that I would have to effect change in fact started from the rapid change from a compressor. I have another attack come out -- What he wasn't necessary for being changed compressor. -- change the -- -- Definitely think it would be compatible too little whatever. You know. Flag itself would call them more than you companies about -- in the evidence that -- with a wondering about. This change in the compressor because of changes the differences that. So running what we have a gas -- we have three components for components won't let me discomfort quickly yet the outside. Compressor that can actually discovered about. That's used yours for a cool. And the inside you have the -- work to distribute that conditioned air. But also in addition to that you have the gas furnace and him blow motorists the -- and those are connected together one big unit. In that you have another component in its Europe operator cool that's the part for cooling. So in the cooling load the evaporated coal in the outdoor compressor work along with the famed notre. In the heating load. The only thing or two things work would be the the gas furnace in the thing and -- that gas -- right so. Yes you could just replace your good gas burners have blown motor. In -- use your separate -- with your existing outside. Condenser I have to tell you though that. He -- it's actually a better approach with today each change of efficiencies. Of life safety equipment and also in new fruit drink since Hurricane Katrina. It is actually better to change. Both the indoor and -- could -- can't matching components. It's a lot users it's cleaner and it's it's better for corporate and operating costs. I like that all of his dad but is that necessary to change and that the compressor out. Really proven that they knew what is true who have many years of production world that references that I think every year. But well I went there with the change in the compresses. When they change the pressure few years back they also change the indoor separate -- you remember that I don't remember. Okay you really want those two systems that match record indicative of all the heating cooling components those of the two most important. Components to match indoor and out war. Because we Ra American nations so much in this in this region and that's the ones that QB would give you the most savings and better comfort. Separate or. In the outside compressor script -- we hope that helps you are item very very much all right you have a great weekend. However reminds you that you don't actually have to come here to buy tickets to win this incredible Hulk. You can go to the website racing the roof for charity. Dot net. Anderson -- -- home and terror availability Covington sponsored by this -- home builders association if your -- they would decide screw with a construction consultant Paul agreed to more your home recruitment push is coming up. Plus we'll talk more about this that's exit since they shall hold that region. And it's a beautiful Saturday morning in -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Text numbers 87870. It's 1130 and here's another WWL news update with dining rooms. And welcome back to the -- prove -- show it's a beautiful Saturday were alive in Covington in a very special place called terra bella village and it says -- the brochure. A better way to live audio Ike in envisioned this is a better way to live. And I'm so impressed with this being a community factors there is a village square. And if there was a village idiot in the village where it would probably be -- Our construction consultant Paul -- this in trees lot of features this year. -- with construction consultant I tell you this this this development offices are spectacular but the rough house putting it here at this location right at the entrance it is. What an opt in Utica and see that it did that development -- our files. You know map with the rest of the right homes. You know what -- -- opportunities beautiful and judge a sudden Byrd is president of such solid birdsaw Burke. Ice with the sales and marketing and he's with terra bella village and we welcome to show thank -- -- -- this is -- very. Impressive by -- I love living downtown because it's one couple and there's a sensitive community NIC carries around New Orleans in its city. Count of course it developed at the real community areas. I loved it this is outside of this city and you develop a community here you know skewed it's. New Orleans if you think about how long it's been around. The concept of New Orleans is what we're doing walk ability the ability to walk from your home to the school. Two -- church possibly. To a restaurant to a bank that's how it used to be and it still that way in most parts of Europe. So when we saw the concept called river ranch that -- -- We hit it lit our fuse literally and we consulted with. The architect who put that together it's now twenty years old. Totally complete. And we invited him up here because our acreage is almost identical to rhetoric. So when he came up late this hour and we opened it up to the market five years ago. The response has been for them a lot of people are downsizing. And by downsizing we simply mean kids are going. There are no longer needing the three to 4000 square foot house so they're coming here because they wanted downsize but they wanted downsize -- -- -- The end the ability of walk ability to -- restaurant parks. I was very appealing -- our secure. And we have a lot of single women who were buying out here for the very reason in his neighborhood. Jeff when I look at these different types of architecture that this does not look like in new. And that's a couple thank you. It's meant to be that. Looks like both somebody guilty here -- years later somebody built this kind of house here or this was that there was a house here that somebody came back until this West Indies style. Architecture here it's quite unique it is unique in. Part of the reason -- that it looks like that is our architect. I was Stephen -- from -- Reviews all houses. -- approves all house's so his interest it is coloring style so there is a blend of community and good architecture. Is good architecture. And we've been very fortunate to have him here. The that this appeals only to be that the folks that are investors but even maybe you have a larger family and most -- -- About the colleges for the lives of their. Fewer children. But good that you'll -- at least you're coming here -- so a lot of young kids that are you know moms pushing strollers and in running behind strollers and this is for all families matches for folks looking to -- Paul great comment because. In the observation that she just made about young families this appealing to them. Part of it is because you have sidewalks everywhere you don't have to be in the street dodging cars with the young children. We don't have any open -- here very unique for the nor sure. We are more of a media analysts that signify that if that's correct term but. We did things that are more costly. We have lights everywhere so that when in fact you're walking around in the evening going to Bosco maybe for dinner with the difference. We're sitting around our fire. The beauty of that is you can walk back home feel comfortable feel safe. In New Orleans obviously has safety issue these days unfortunately. And I think a lot of people in their consideration of where to live that's come -- often -- us. And and but still you get a sense of community like you would have -- New Orleans and I would think with. Tony Bosco is it to tier talent that they just brought some food day. They that you could walk to the post office you can you can walk places -- very -- apartments here even luxury apartments of. Yeah there will be will be starting -- in the fall in a lot of the a lot of the items that works so well. Every river ranch were incorporated and by that I mean retail. There's a point where you have enough people either living here or coming to the apartment complex that we're going to be building. That you now have the ability to bring to -- just like new world to -- the beauty of the -- you can walked on magazine street sure. And have anything you could ever want -- we would like to be that way one day. One thing that impressed me about this house is the master bedroom downstairs. And the kids' bedrooms are upstairs. Always from the rest of that room because sometimes. Mom and dad the privacy. And also there's there's a -- -- -- this'll this'll landings so it's like it's almost like a little -- outside of both the veterans so you could really put up a really good sense that lucky kids upstairs. You could do that and it could be quite entertaining great observation. One of the one of the things that anyone that comes out of the parade today will see. Our floor plans are extremely. Wide open excite. And she's due its high -- slots and glance lots of windows and our courtyards become a part of the living there so even if you have a smaller home say. Eighteen -- 2000. Do you use our courtyards like we're doing today. And I stay in really enjoy it. I just -- extremists thank you might get this let's get pregnant and marketing here -- village and that's where we are we're in the racing at the -- for charity. -- home in Covington. -- availability very special place if you have a question about repairs and renovations have been going on -- your house in -- not exactly sure who to call or why something is happening or what to do about it. Our number is 260187. It will get right back to your calls to 601870. Toll free 86688. -- there it's -- X number is 877. It would construction consultant Paul LaGrange on this beautiful Saturday. And we'll be right back Clinton if there are not many suburban communities. Where you could walk to a restaurant or at the post office without even leaving your neighborhood. And Tony Bosco it's -- active terror villages autism it's amazing sandwiches -- -- gets images from right into the community we have over there. I think I have -- rose -- -- -- with roasted peppers and onions. That the suspect. Yeah it's it's it's awesome. If I'm with you can turn this into a combination home improvement -- Tom Fitzmorris Fuzhou here. I -- get back to your questions out from battery and I'm mark your on the home improvement show and we welcome you Euro with all the great market morning. Toward. Question about it. Definitely a twelve -- use them you know likening Ostrom. Worked very well but my. Question one more question as well as -- Michael in league that drew him in that window and just leave the -- -- it doesn't have a storm -- feature where. Like some -- -- -- -- close the window behind it fortune article that quoted in. And taken out each child might need to -- cents. You know mark although maybe a little bit of a pain in the butt who will be best audience a Gunner come uses. Don't know what you should be using it every time -- your craving moisture whether it's a hot soak it war or shower in the -- heavy -- opera. Yeah I usually do just to know that you don't take it out but about you know just leave the window for all of China also. He also another question actually these goalkeeper of them I've seen these portable tank was propane water heaters. That a lot of -- that a couple can't and so on the Internet. And I was thinking about do willingness and like you know we have a power failure. During hurricane. I've seen we're you know a couple of people -- -- Leo well you know shut the F while the pop. There -- water tank and the eight people on here in disconnected that washing machine connections optical connections. And it actually that -- war. Of these you know Peters you know into the -- you know hot water system basically so they can get hot water. When they don't have electricity is that really practical or are you. I talk to the company in hand uncontrolled movements and I haven't heard of any of those you know down here this year for some reason. You leave and -- But the bad thing is you can't use return Cold War is so we give them a freeze like we did this this morning you have to train it. -- and also that they tend not to like we had been wrong for become propane bottle. Is that really worthwhile looking into -- -- emergency hot water. You know electric concept for mercy hot water but it is for emergencies only I have used a similar device will be -- -- camping in the in the mountains so what a primitive camping in tents. Would use the front war for clean dishes and and even taken charmer. The camping trip it's extended. However I'm not very comfortable with you connect it to you you're existing ward leader in place of giving out water I think will be best probably to you use it as they in this -- mood. Meaning how would not connected your existing mortgages just pieces that are. Well on the network here because I was told that by the manufacturers that it. You -- you know that were should have to adjust the water again at figure itself. Because he used to call if you open up the cold water on the post it -- and go across India eager to thinking it. You know that traditional war being on the actually -- at all so in other words don't try to acceded to be you know in the hot wars just. So figured sure should go in one and and yet true range jacket he wore on I didn't know -- will be more practical ones out. Mark we hope that helps your book are much retiring. Have a great weekend what's your question about home improvements repairs renovations have been going over the house -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy text that repeats -- Saturday. I I could live here you will hear a lot about terra bella village. In the future because this is a spectacular. Community and that's Woodard is -- communities have come visit us this is part of the rate of potency Timmy perished were in the rental house for raising the -- for charity if you wanna buy tickets just go to the web site. Racing the roof for charity dot net -- -- sponsored by the saint -- home builders association I'm still without construction consultant Paul Le grange and we're live. We'll be right back and to -- WL and welcome back to the home improvements are reluctant Covington a terra bella village in the raffle home sponsored by the saint Tammany homebuilders association -- about that in just a moment. Let's get right back with your calls and joining us from Madison bill. Gordon your home improvement show with Paul LaGrange. -- -- and my question I doubted his parents struggle and that emotional or former house think -- -- -- -- But I noticed within I got -- -- this practice. -- urged local awarded that your great preparation the committee today it's -- -- -- hook and it just painful was that like it is. Well Gordon -- this is how weak we typically. Determine if we needed dresses cracks and if you can stand. But it you know around ten feet away from that wall and see that -- and those who crack. That it needs to be addressed you prep -- before you panic but you can't see if its is archive hairline crack. There and a good quality the last America paint or bridged that gap and you would have to be an additional preparation. -- not stop the cup -- what people that don't mean. You can go here and and show some call you have to be cracked socialite I think you'd just make a big domestic -- -- -- -- Yeah but I certainly would agree that it you know if if it's truly a crack about -- it's crack. Then. We need to address -- with with some -- and you can actually put it within their Kravis but as soon as they shrink its -- would you describe a surface cracked. You can make more of of a mess of putting the caulking and their because it's actually go on the -- discuss -- surface and what you paid over. Let's be very noticeable so. You know that just argues criteria of if you can stand taken away from it still seems to see that in -- Kravis. You need to address it but you can't connect -- a set of good quality -- -- extreme pain will bridge that without any just preparation. That you -- really appreciate it. Aren't going -- have a great weekend if -- -- -- -- getting close to the news at the top of the -- -- will get him back to more of your questions right at the top the record until 1130 today. LSU beat Auburn last night's eleven to three and tag game which is an excellent yeah okay we're going to 1230. -- LSU beat Auburn last night 113. And -- threes this afternoon it's the final regular season game for the LSU tigers. Pregame starts at 1230 civil take home improvement show life coming until 1230. And the first pitch is at 1 o'clock when she's got a chance to sweetness and of course still a lot of very positive expectations for -- issue. In the post season. Now we -- live from the racing the roof for charity. Home sponsored by the saint -- home builders association in a very special spot called Arab village village. If you're in the market for a house. The market the housing market as you know is changing if you're in the market for a house with -- downsizing or moving up. You really should take a look at -- village village -- -- a construction consultant told grange will be right back with more of the home improvement show on VW.