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5-17 5:10pm Saints Rookie Camp

May 17, 2014|

Kristian Garic and Deke Bellavia are live from Saints Rookie Camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to our final hour. ISL got banking and Alicia baseball taking care -- to once sweeping him they'll be at least the fourth seed in the SEC tournament. Maybe the three see that preceded locally at 430 on Wednesday afternoon if they all of the fourth seed they would play the final game Wednesday evening of day -- of the SEC tournament. And who were -- them and -- Saints holding a rookie mini camp this weekend's admit that the city on airline Hendry would hurt Saints coach on -- last hour highlight of course. The Saints signing Tulane safety didn't -- a -- -- contract young man has been an inspiration -- on now an injury to remain. And dealing with everything he's had to deal with since that point and time. Coming up at the first -- will take you to -- -- the physical and in Iraq Ryan had to say and then -- he Bears take on the mini camp as well as always jaw with. The Saints have their opponents -- the he's one of 32 salary reports in the National Football League Kristian -- European weekday mornings. On double coverage ET by a -- thirteen 58 in three WTO and Christian will be flying out early Monday. After he showed to Atlanta to attend the big meetings this week where we'll find out if New Orleans will be a another suitable for a big week is weaker. Yes it is big week potentially for the city new world isn't. I'm -- I know Minnesota certainly is -- that's doable and as a made a pitchfork but they can wait as far as on Pittsburgh and it's it's the 300. -- in the city New Orleans and the tries Centennial and we saw how well. The Saints pull that off a few years ago -- two years ago. One Super Bowl was here in New Orleans in you know we heard everybody say. That we interact with that week is that. And nobody doesn't like -- world so hopefully in potentially huge week. For the city new worlds to get those suitable. Christian you would take today what what happened at the one -- -- The witness which was only about thirty minutes. If the media was allowed but the -- well yeah I mean you know you we were limited in what we could see. I know this morality of branding coach you can see why he's a first round draft -- just off the bat with the speed analysis of the that was. Obvious and apparent. And you know just watching him conduct themselves are productive self and he he certainly fits our looks. Like the number one pick in the first round draft pick however. Know there was some other things you that he was being coached up wrong about finishing routes coming back -- -- football. And I note I know he was so good at that. College because I think 40% of his kids were coming back at quarterback but right now there's some nuances to this offense that damaged it is. -- talk to Mike Riley a couple of days ago and he said. One thing about Randy coaches he's not afraid of work he's gonna -- Drew Brees -- pocket Salem a wanna Mathis on roller in this. And he'll stay out there as long as Drew Brees stay out there and it's a good thing we've talked about rookie trying to learn this offenses and play the multiple roles that he's probably going to play. In this office and not dimensional special teams and and visiting with any -- afterwards. You know he -- certainly not short on confidence he's not arrogant. The commitment it's not right let's not mistake that I mean he's just confident in his ability and he he just like the way he conducts himself fully carried himself with the media answering questions yes sir no sir. It has been dispute when I think is a pro and that's something that I've noticed. In my time -- teams some guys have a hard time with that transition from college to pro in every aspect not just on the field but often deal with the media how to answer questions in. And and how to deal a lot of things that comes with. Being a professional athlete. Well what would do that I think he too Christian though was in the locker room and caught me and hear what -- -- had to sit atop a pick for the Saints. And also Rob Ryan and Bobby Davis or -- the here and an alphabet in the morning from -- knew Chris who will be with the sports just sport streak and it we can -- in mini camp. Plus the Michael same story in the news this week and Hernandez the preakness. An issue baseball it's a wall to wall show about everything that's happening in sports is titled just sports tinian in the morning welcome back. And only difference between the cornea rob -- and saying -- rookie camp Saturday continues here on saint radio WW. Welcome back to Saint -- can't Saturday. WL IMF and -- dot com Kristian -- along with the big chief Deke Bellavia. Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan met with the media following rookie mini camp in the -- Right out and announce -- I don't hi Jonas and how different is it. Holly -- -- bell these guys I feel as good as it has definitely. They it's awesome I'm in finally a -- out on the grass has been a long time so well. You know it's exciting minutes. You know it's great to see you guys in person you know every study of -- so many months. It's actually get to see him out on the field. To to teach him in the classroom that to watch and how they take their seats and go out fighting it's been -- -- you know we've had great practices but it's been fun. Curious to see how well that he's translate coliseum. Being a very young yeah. One thing like it was a -- elements. I think it would and oh yeah I think I think the biggest thing is we got a really find talent here and lefties he's got to be really special. You know but he's working wins you know to me and it's easy you know the best secondary coaches in football. And you know and in the question of Griffin and Andre Curtis. I can't wait to see how good they're gonna make disappeared and they'll do right away is not there already -- of them easier to learn. -- supply and you know just already. Techniques and our coaches are teaching him for the pro game and he's going to be some -- -- we draft. We enter the guy like Ronald Ronald head future credentials and high school and college and we knew you draft a guy like that he would what do you see. Trying to see from him. Almost kind of like because I -- is interested only assume -- do you feel like if there's a lot of upside and Soria. I think I think all the bigs that. You know that making him and Ryan and Jon picked. All have upside tremendous upside and as coaches you know we pride ourselves we're gonna wanna get the best set of those guys and end up. Obviously woods woods all of Powell's ability. You know we we have tremendous upside there -- -- so. He's you know what worked what a great -- rhythm and shoot you look. You know we're look at Porter really good things that I have what it would just maybe the initials on. Occasion for him maybe I mean obviously outside linebacker and I -- -- in comparison -- bright kind of a similar ruling. Right as -- those guys are men right now we're you know we're seeing him as -- Sam linebacker and we're not when I'm. Putting in anything. Specialty offenses or are there OTA days and thanks for teaching guys just -- you know their regular base positions and and as it goes you know -- Once the season gets on you you when did your 53 man roster you know how to -- your guys together and and you know whatever those packages are. You know -- try to come up with the best players on the field at that time so. To be working at Sam linebacker and and is doing a good job -- your perspective from. Coordinator standpoint what kind of problems does. We'll -- -- Brookings. Qualities. He's got tremendous speed and quickness and anytime. A player's hand picked by John Bateman play offense. And our receiver -- Better believe he's going to be some zone so well I I'm anxious to see him I'm out here -- -- what. This guy just let it opens your eyes you know you can feel his speed. So you know it's something now they -- -- can you feel his team we've conservatives feel his speed. And and I'm looking forward to seeing him because I know how's John. That those guys create rules you get this guy involved in it would be totally awesome. What is below him on and in the defense of guys and admitted it he says this guy really definitely today. I think all these guys who might make every draft choice we had. And some of the free agents -- all they're all big and tough. Big tough guys. You know that can run. And that's what we wanna be on leads us you know we we you know strive to be a big tough physical defense those sort of players we had it also. Whoever we bring into the group. You know is going to be like these you know these these are big tough guys. That wanted to compete and get better be the best and that's will bring our guys to our room. These new guys in the room obviously we want to bring those same qualities that teammates that are already there with the rookies on the -- -- in Champ Bailey are both. Press corners obviously is part of their Forte is -- -- -- at -- all your corners you yeah absolutely I think the games that way now you have to feel depressed. You know champions the way -- your lineup backwards and cover them. And he's done it before you know but. This young guy is we're in a decent play in and less immigrants got to mold of Minnesota's version rock solid after. Florida broad -- overall I'll work out. They're the guys kind of got knocked down one was weak even from high school what are you seeing his desire what do you see in his abilities -- Thought they were buddies these. Very you know is great desire. He knows -- he is you -- -- was injured in Florida today so he knows he got a lot of upside and there were gonna just keep working and get it out of -- men and but he wants to be great football players so love to have the opportunity and the ones noticing that the test them. Can't coincides NC having -- you can mold some money. I guess. You know the Steelers and that's. Right right well he's a tremendous athlete so I mean you know we've got hit on the third just have size and he's got everything so he's just green for the position. You know but we've got a -- off for us he's a perfect guy because. You -- everybody believes -- Wesley McGriff. Then back and we know he's he can really make this kid special and this kid to his credit he's he's listening takes coaching very well. -- I've been out here three times three times but hey you know he's listened and he is important to warm. He was soon he'll be part of some great and but we're really excited about related. You know Sean and and Mickey drafted as a great player in. And our job is to make sure that great players play great on Sunday. You can -- there -- few things in common. Thought it's. A defensive coaches and. Right yeah I had -- and these -- anybody knows football also. Again another Smart tough guy. That's going to be fun to coach him and is great demeanor he knows what it's all about. You know I don't think you -- -- good coaches get hard enough and and he's he's going to be very. Good. Can you -- -- little -- approached him and so much talent in the secondary associate Sixers have played very well Lester but. Just reloaded for her yeah and you know. I mean there's competition everywhere it's on all all throughout the roster. -- defense with guys -- -- -- stack up pretty good with numbers. So competition makes everybody better so. It's not always comfortable. But it ends up always Megan who -- you end up chicken deserved it there working hard sport and you gotta have good birdie chance and then. He can't can't ask for more in the players we got here as a coach -- -- they gave us a ton of talent and that's it's up to. Me and our coaches to do a great job with this group and we will. Now you have guys like Victor Butler and -- Johnson developed and maybe Powell. Will we see more 34 packages that we didn't have the opportunity to see Lester or I mean at least give them play around with -- still have some air defense against. Well you know we're gonna do whatever is best for our team and I think. The first thing is is is you don't to play him in a base defense. To get him to execute that way that allows us to evaluate all of tell we haven't. And I think whatever we do best as well well enough points over its 3443. You know out of -- hopefully do whatever we do best. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean he can't welcome back he's Christie Garrett can Deke Bellavia of course -- from Saints coach Sean Payton. The Saints wore out practicing twice yesterday twice today and once -- five practices and then of course you know what they do is of the tryout players. Are they -- Decide on which if any trap as they would like signed as undrafted free agents and the contracts. And they and they will be participating with the old tees and into the mini camp and in training camp. The rest of the summer being need to quotes that if they're a roster limit -- up and also Christian you think about it it's a situation where a year ago at this point I'm having Robinson wasn't tryout player. The end signed a contract with the Saints and like they saw and you know went to make. The roster before it -- ultimate Christian horse racing just got a shot in the all that's California -- down the stretch. A lot higher this time but did win the preakness. And will go for the Triple Crown in a month about a month and three weeks so California -- has now completed the first two legs of the Triple Crown winning the derby and dramatic fashion. Really dominant fashion today a little more tight down the stretch steal by a few links. And now two -- oh needing to win the -- Belmont coming up in about three weeks or horse racing it's a B Kawika. Big big boost today -- That's huge having California -- going winning the second leg of the Triple Crown maybe -- us get to Triple Crown in. I know I'm not I'm not -- -- horses much you are equipment -- which is great for sports right in the yet you know history potentially. In the making in in terms of sports and that he was quite impressive. At the derby couple weeks ago I didn't see him just win the preakness but. Then and I'll be cool I just feel I would just like to see it happen just like it say look. I've witnessed that Triple Crown horse racing in I don't know certainly as well -- on -- you are alike and watch it. But I have really -- -- I really kind of just go by what the experts tell me an -- of you know the favorites toss up but California chrome making history earlier with the derby win at first once and I think. Sixty see in his sixties that was bred in California to win the derby so another is true historical event potentially -- for that horse and that ownership group. And let's face it if it's three if it's a series of three. In the first team that wins two. -- wins this series so the most dramatic and the most dramatic is going to be the rubber match one wins one went when -- it's the complete opposite in horse racing. The most people will be watching of the three races will be the derby however. More people will watch the final race if the course those two and -- in which we have now. And done photo of the eight it would be history it would be if you clearly. A week ago. Economic can -- above that he cute with a true of -- thought I don't know if I heard or read. He got thought he was bought for like 101000 dollars is that right. It would it would it was Christian is the actual though the story behind California chrome is. The the bloodline a California chrome and how it came about verses what is done it. At Quinn and blood line now with with horses. This is not supposed to happen mean champions come from the best of the best on the on the most expensive breathed out there. That they had and that was not the case I want to say was maybe 2500. 34000 dollars so one of the horses and they bring it with -- another. And they produced California chrome and -- wouldn't be remarkable if he wants that winning the Triple Crown -- in breaking Oakland California Oklahoma takes the preakness. And now is up to zero in the Triple Crown moron. At the out. Belmont coming up in about three weeks we will take a Paramount Christie Garrett come back and talks with Bobby a bank it's the Kasey Kahne and -- pros take. On the saints' rookie mini camp and -- Christian is on in the morning. It tinian with these two sports unit on the preakness he hit on Michael Sam NFL rookie camps and handing across to the big news there LSU baseball sweeping Albany will be at least. The fourth seed maybe the three seed in the SEC tournament -- -- tomorrow and also Chris will be in Atlanta. For -- next week. We've been making a double coverage and succeed in the -- him on three W yeah and also join Bobby and myself. With the latest from Atlanta at the owners' meetings as the new -- New Orleans tries to gates who will. On what 1112 Super Bowl which would be during the 300 anniversary. All of the CD of the world we will continue with saint rookie camp Saturday Christians take with Bobby a bit next here on WW. Welcome to WWL am -- dot com Kristian -- here with a cajun cannon Bobby there and Bobby saint rookie mini camp winning you see a whole lot but. How one thing's for sure you look at Brandon -- immediately you can tell the speed element that he brings and yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- College kids to ball what is what is hands and I can do what his body. And I was surprised. You know like I know he wasn't a big receiver but I thought maybe -- -- come back like Steve Smith. I know in that regard. I'm glad things got tough -- he's that. He's been now you get him in the weight room who knows maybe converted on developments. Even -- but he looks quick coming in and out the breaks I thought. Another slightly possible dark cars Brandon Coleman. The wide receiver. Greg you're not like he's a big receiver big men thing you know as well no no he looks low and if he. But you know a lot of times again -- Moore ran a four -- party. He was strong and -- get open. So you have an opportunity of big target to see how he develops. Those innocent got to realize could be here Jordan Jefferson. Quarterback here you know obviously relishing background here for a -- Also are Rusty Smith. For Florida Atlantic. I think he played in the New Orleans Bowl you -- -- I get to a three year veteran played with the Tennessee. Titans with the I said times Rusty Smith who he looked a little rusty. Had a couple high throws even though George Iverson that. You know just observing what we got to see. Obviously. Looking at number ten. You might tell us that a receiver number well rowand remembers DeSean Jackson -- though the Eagles use -- -- so. I think I eventually will see a lot of fans wearing are buying him in the ten Jersey. Because I look at -- transition from Reggie Bush. To Darren Sproles. And now branding coach so I think he'll be a big part of -- things to do. Early on though I mean it was what we were able to watch it. Is your troubled players that are on your radar and your interest in the see how things progressed during the OTAs. And then in the training camp yeah. Well -- if you look at it and it's really hard. It's -- alignment. -- you doing because I still think. We knew we wanna get young continuously. To be young in that area as far as. In the -- at tackle rotation. For instance Brodrick Bunkley would come on him. You know this year but. If you going forward. He got Jenkins. He had a -- Higgs who was then maybe be that next. So you be looking. In and out of their free agent the way. Has an opportunity. He has to do some very similar to the pass rusher. From Illinois -- Greg Foster right there. Right this time though I didn't do that -- of what he's doing in training camp so late evening outside linebacker. You know Russian a passer who's that -- and also probably not one dimension he -- us to rush the passer. And also love do something in space I think was going to be interest in. Did and they agree knees out there or a roof -- a Johnson yes -- from Chargers they closed that gap okay your reputation lean body runs fast or what he is seeking -- -- complete linebacker. You could trust socially look at that that type of competition and obviously. As a fan or even us and that she forces so you gonna follow the ball through so you look kid who's covered move. Who's winning whether it's cornerback. Car seats like we knew from the get go cable Carroll. Music coverage you really know safety. Use of the challenge in Jimmy Graham and everybody so you look that swagger. And hopefully. When you look at that she said that maybe has a swagger -- he is going to be a big court out there is so. So you -- hide usually -- than yours now how is he would hit in his when his hips. Please come up and jam and listen you don't get quite the jam that he wants. -- via close and -- coverage Kobe because that's the thing though when you come in the gem receiving going to be that aggressive whether zone or man. You came forward to -- Because now all of a sudden the roles developing quicker and then the quarterback can anticipate that -- says just so many things we'll be looking at. Earlier look like Gregg Brandon coach. I like the week goes out of reach UCL -- is. He catches the ball. Extremely well what -- hands so we -- we really you look for drops and all that kind of stuff. But he's little. Unless things Darren Sproles little. We kind of compare this these in these satellite jags have Steve Smith was like -- legs let me know again number right and so now they can they can still work out then in the frozen in. And this is joking get stronger. But when I compared Dennis and then back quite dusty Smith. Yes from that perspective. Brandon Coleman. He'll be here here's well -- closer as a set -- -- big -- like a free agent you look at. Any receiver. As you wanna get yeah. They -- have an opportunity playing -- Drew Brees and that this system Sean Payton. You wanna stand out who's going to be that makes big target like you with the branding colon. The C vs big -- yeah you know hey you we don't go Kenny stills kind of stepped to the forefront. As a young guy. That OK he's kind of taken the role Lance Warren Moon wanna do but who's gonna and I think Coles is getting old. But they need some young guy after a big receiver. To step club so well. You look at that how -- likes of Jordan back shoulder but this is Jimmy Graham. We -- -- -- -- -- -- for a fire burned it to me that can be something that Coleman he's not that. Every down every wrist every -- I was even but -- in the red zone yeah I -- and I. Would say -- first impression though. As far as and he truly objective. -- Colin does not look this fastest team. Yeah you know it's all those kind of things that like you said earlier Aaron Martin Boozer received Rogge president of -- party. And he was strong and -- always get -- get open and catch everything. Let's not forget them articles and his first your first rookie minicamp was gonna run out of shape so you never know -- like this right see you never know he let me know what you're getting her early on here and I think. Freddie Coleman's a player to watch. On the offensive side of the ball on the O line -- tell me if you're through this I feel like there with the -- didn't draft -- senator. I never sign a veteran could have value we disposition hard during the offseason here and then Johnny Goodman could still be an option before training camp yeah. Well well when I was -- I would be surprised. If -- Dillon is not on the team as far as a veteran presence. This and yeah. Weir -- to win now. And just trying to go back to assume you'll now not two years and now so I just don't see the -- -- Where they are as a franchise starting this season. And at that position. Even though he had two great guards is decided as far as a pro -- all pro than you got a hall of fame quarterback. Starting this season it went and that and that position went on the NFL experience. So it would -- usual is that when you look at. We're Tim will lead to over there were Matthew Armstrong's from Grand Valley State and they were teammates competing for the same job. Now now now this kid that is impressive. He won would the Remington -- Yeah us -- stand division alignment. No no that that you in that award mean that -- than you -- -- So I think they -- -- and see listen better like John -- Woody's 35 right now I only get like one year -- that that that's what you want. Put it -- the day when you get this Milledge drove in his about leverage. Dad if he doesn't show up until. We come back to West Virginia now listen might be because in the middle of August -- might be early August. Right now they they ominous -- -- young -- interest them hanging out mob families. Didn't he knows this offense and does come in hungry relearn his office and a day that that. -- and because he knows a lifestyle he's gonna stay in shape that's their signal a game and came into anything. And like always guard training camp and it's still not all young senators Johnny goes out here though I've taken the player said. We've played one preceding game or two and all of John -- losing captain. Yeah that that he -- China preserve your body to if you stay in shape. Courtesy of our Jonathan -- price anymore that's not gonna make him better. Yeah there you know he's already where he's at and -- in my elbow me and I crisis yet to be fresh -- because he's fresh so. Noble but I'd be surprised until -- really knew that -- Jonathan villain. It's not a on this team did you mean they have some of the veterans some other veteran. Sinners and I don't think. As much in common is again having -- lead -- and -- much you know how resilient our -- your strong religious experience. And out the side they do not counting on and they came eventually be that guy do you -- short term in that regard. The cajun can embodied every Dallas season rookie mini camp this weekend and no have -- long lines we had to be have you all duck -- Al Bobby indeed. On money for sports talk to have a recap as well other Saints rookie minicamp bodies as much for -- all right Christians. For the cajun cannon I mean I'm crushing Garrett you're listening to WWL IM SN and WWL dot com. Couple moments NF. But our Kristian garic and -- dove and -- -- Christian or get too caught up on everything in the world -- sports you hear from top. Threat pick from the saint that we can go wide receiver Brandon cooks addressed the rookies and action and the latest news -- world of sports -- it's just sports Christie Garrett. Up top news at this point in time is California -- has won the second leg of the Triple Crown capturing the preakness a little tired this time it was. When he dominated the Kentucky Derby but we have horse. That will goal for the Triple Crown in three weeks will be new. In the world a sporty LSU Tigers dominate all but they -- one they will be in the east. The fourth seed if not they will be the three seed in next week's ACC tournament anything when Utley on Tuesday different -- to be Wednesday. It is the three seed they will play at 430 after the fourth seed. They would play a little later that night in the second in the SEC tournament Christian -- your thoughts on novel we were able to observe the -- some crooked presence from a and it fills out that report points. Yeah having just Britney -- -- looks every bit the part of the number one pick in them you know ultimately. And it's hard to. Get a gauge on the guys in the trenches because they're not wearing. Necessarily they're not wearing you know pads it was not hard to evaluate our look at that they get a read on those players. But you know Stanley Jean Baptiste. An opportunity to talk to him briefly in the locker room and a -- you know these guys that they're all selected in his class all the in terms of he when you study the history this team in terms of you know the character that each each of these players are. Are displaying it in the way this team is draft that they place of the gifts on and he can see where -- In these players that were selected in the players that were brought in. Things that -- one that you know it is that you -- tells high character guys and they all fit Sean Payton -- model. And number it's good to kind of talk about but interesting is that. But what we able to observe today it's all up on my -- has got to comprehensive teacher about Davis takes its coach on -- Rob Ryan crystal game -- that tomorrow. When he has a little more time from 10 AM until after that with it's just sports and Chris will be in Atlanta next week over the NFL's owners meetings that we found out. Who will be awarded the next few suppose his New Orleans is in the running thinks im expecting studio to Tim handled -- -- And a Stephen yellow part of our sports there at the -- and a ransom and Kristian -- and he ability we thank you for tuning -- to Saints rookie camp Saturday be strange on Christian in the morning it's any input to a sports. If I'm a Christian on Twitter at Kristian -- want --

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