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5-19 6:35am Tommy, shooting justified

May 19, 2014|

The DA decides to file no charges against a Marigny homeowner who shot a teenager in his yard, but what about the teenager? If the homeowner’s shooting was justified, should the person shot be charged with a crime? Or is a bullet to the head punishment enough? Tommy was joined by Criminal Defense Attorney, Robert Jenkins.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Some house we're talking about and Robert Jenkins joins us right now friend a criminal defense attorney former state public defender talk about just I guess put the finishing touches on the merit Landry. Marshall Coulter discussion. And Mary Landry was the homeowner in -- -- any subsequently moved that shot Marshall Coulter. In the hand they had some DNA evidence and indicated. Coulter was near the house he was fourteen at the time now -- fifteen. And DA on Friday I think it was a Thursday announced that he wasn't gonna press charges but. My question is well if it was a justified shooting my wooden Coulter face any charges for what he did. Robert Jenkins good morning I don't worry -- -- thanks for taking time does. What does the law have to say on this and and does politics senator in all of this and and at some point do you. Forget the law and so you know what they guy got a bullet to the head it's punishment enough. Following it up with the -- brought to you as great discretion Brett. It's likely vehicle on the car you're -- but probably at the true tomorrow. I don't think that is seven go unpunished. I think could be located several analytic are even. Make sure that the -- your little that he be. Could turn it doesn't England and you know the cost of thirty. Family and not a problem what do -- intrepid. -- bomb in terms of the legal. Did the process and and doing the right thing we wouldn't have to keep their decisions sound and am trying to say this is. Delicately as I can. Would the DA almost have to press charges against. Did the fourteen year old because if not. Then would it bring into doubt -- decision about the shooting being justified or at least at the of legal. Realities of what happened with -- are being arrested for burglary after the shooting. Well you don't have to press trust after the destruction by. I actually believe that he will have to be. Quote whether you're in the crime. And then not only that apple did the shooting. Vehicle were immense and look them. Unable to welcome speaking about that can be in the same crimes. It's likely that he's going to be the opposite he could appreciate it sort of vehicle they're probably not only -- the political -- -- human. But didn't report from the -- pretty. I didn't ask you to come on -- RT about this but. You know when energy -- -- talk -- is now in some of the words used about the Marshall Coulter you've been a public defender year winners some of the problems in the community when it comes to young people. And crime -- put you in charge of six and all of this would be the first thing you do and again -- -- kitchen flat foot with this sort of borrow a lot of experience. I think that I would make good calls cost structure in juvenile court because. It -- that. Problem while not see many of them initially you call slap on the wrist and that is the thing that anything can happen practically have become part and it is going to be. Really really. Oh those crazy from my experience on that I've been around long term and where activity in the way it happened to deal between. And -- -- that. Details of -- and so boys' club will be at the -- it should now be able to France then. It definitely paying down and the kept up a bit environment and have a home. And they're not in the app for more impact it would appear that environment. I mean get. -- an outlook that Brandon says that. Room that you got wounded in those situations. In this notion of the talking about what I initially thought that. Some the joke where approaching now where -- -- said city. And we don't have the command that that's -- because to a park in the weather with cold in the -- and -- back Berkeley Inco would have Obama. We have become indictment of the reason they're in the field but it would now during the so -- -- It's crazy but that's the way it is now we're down to -- on juvenile system and still shouldn't excellent. Robert I appreciate you time and you can't are really deal and if I need you -- straight answers advanced. -- a -- there right -- thank you Robert Jenkins criminal defense attorney former state public defenders of a go into seeing when he says he thinks in Marshall Coulter is eventually going to be charged and also saying that the key to. And I mean this man's been around long time did a lot of public defending that the key to keeping juveniles out of trouble and him and habitual criminals. Is Megan jail real punishment and talk about that as well.

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