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5-19 WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

May 19, 2014|

This morning Dave addresses a call from a frequent listener who finally received a ticket after constantly parking illegally at his child's school.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David Blake now more or WWL first news with Dave -- non WWL. AM mass famine dot com. Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL. First news it's may it's the nineteenth it's 2014. I didn't want it to end 8210. It's Monday it's about the weekend. -- the humidity has been creeping back yeah off. The -- definitely was building bank yesterday after and yet the ones and I thought this is going to be the ideal weekend begins but she artwork done. Military toasty REIT have -- we let the backyard can ago and they you know again. Heaven if you. Friends over Sarah crawfish boil may be where you can afford more and now all that fun stuff. The way to get the art in shape and and did do some work and the -- anyway it to the that was outside all day. Both days yesterday. House and I was I was the guy that was a little sweaty you know as little. And a over the heat hello. You were feel on Gatt. And but that's okay answer yeah a little sore back cards. Zero all animals we it can't do which get a sunburn on the back of American idea camera there. -- a yeah last week two of school for my kids. So really. Thursday that I am yes -- and Summers this year. Ran and the -- feel like it's. Again that -- look forward I don't think while I shouldn't say. I was gonna say I don't think we're in for any more cool fronts now I would really. But the weather's been so wacky and her -- -- now we go to. We can't figure out what's going. By that is what is the Zelaya to athletes are -- I called into the newsroom last week. He's really. Down. -- -- -- He would receive the parking -- And his story generally went likeness. He went to an event it is child's school. And that everybody. Parked illegally. Around the school for the event. You know schools generally don't have extra parking so all the parents are coming to. You know graduation and confirmation and play play whatever it is just language you can get yeah you gotta find somewhere apart. And he says his kids and go to school there for years. And every year for the event everyone parks illegally. And every year no one's ever gotten a ticket. Until this year. And he was angry. Because he got a ticket for parking illegally. When he's done it before and didn't get a ticket for. And I was trying to figure out does he have a case or not. Beat and I notice anybody else getting out yet every off okay very clearly he would and he said that -- parking attendants that the word. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you ever assessment ticket parking enforcement officers that area anyway he said they were lurking around the corner -- like -- knew the event was coming. And as soon as ever when inside for the event they came out everybody a ticket now whether or not that's true. You know as you -- -- you only if one side of the story yet because you would hope somebody might get their light. You know income and run in which they probably would speak to everybody tickets yet and I don't know some business in. It's possible they weren't really lurking around the corner it's possible that some business in the area some homeowner in the area complained because it was parked -- all over the place either way. Here's my question for our audience I want them to -- -- 8787. If you park illegally. And you've done it's many times and not gotten a ticket. Should you be upset. If you do get a ticket for -- -- guy the guys get a point. Where -- you supposed to mark the school event. And you gotta go as is nowhere to park legally close how far you gotta park away and walk. But he also admitted he parked illegally. And should be of said he got a ticket for parking illegally. All of a sudden it's ticket time yet tickets and apparently there to write as many tickets as they knew they -- -- -- respects. -- -- Scores of tickets. But the park illegally and you get a ticket to dubious that if you've got -- before it was generally accepted. -- -- -- -- -- By V 18 good morning I'm Dave -- one person -- meetings have idiots and it's as if your story part starts out I parked illegally but. Yeah probably won't happen here you struck and of bats and I I I. I have trouble being sympathetic for someone who admit they're parked illegally but then I understand that -- my kids' school. And if you don't get their crazy early for the event at the kid's school any legal spaces -- in if they school as a parking lot they -- -- faster than you're. In a pickle because he got to find someone apart and after running late you know the first people there you get a -- couple blocks away and walk it's tough but. Are the enforcement -- wrong for enforcing the law. And I -- -- it's almost like shooting fish in a barrel you know it's like hey if there -- an event at the school we know we're gonna get a bunch of tickets here. In his parking enforcement an important part of regulating. People's behavior and in making the city is safe and comfortable place or is it just in my program text -- 77 your forecast. Not quite his school this morning but still a very pleasant start to this Monday -- in the sixties for the most part -- to be climbing up to 85 this afternoon with lots of sunshine. Clear skies tonight and more sixties on the way then tomorrow high of 86 of mostly sunny skies and by Wednesday racks up to 88 and we'll hang on and that's sunshine. Funny I wouldn't c.'s forecast center -- -- brawl just Clark -- tell clear sixty. -- the airport in Kenner fog in Slidell half a mile visibility 55 a few spots for the visibility is down to a quarter mile on the North Shore -- -- one of those so QB carefully find fog so picky -- review on. Once you do arrive your destinations safely text city 77 analysts -- Let us know about sports Steve Geller -- you gearing up for the SEC baseball tournament the saints nine player after player. He's got all that and more. On this Monday morning -- How you do. I'm hurt. My son's birthday it was last night. And it just turned out to -- -- -- around the table all might have a good time -- and you know ultimately made. And it worked in the yard up until then. However upon -- -- There are good at things rookie -- -- that also did some yard work as well and some -- who'll talk about that out right now about sports well good morning everyone happy Monday the states have signed first round draft pick -- in the -- to a four year deal. According to reports it's worth eight point three million dollars with a four point 47 million dollar signing bonus. -- is looking forward to getting plenty of opportunities in the saints' offense. Look at it Drew -- stats -- in the water all Missouri receivers in the backfield -- -- Jamie and Colson he's -- -- -- also. As -- -- -- you excited. -- a conference finals have begun in the NBA in the current pacers early oil problems that seem to be behind them. -- George finished with 24 points and seven assists as Indiana beat Miami 107 and 96 in game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. David West and Roy Hibbert each had nineteen points who and they shot eight for nineteen from three point range and 52% for the few from the game. Indiana head coach Frank Vogel says they use their aggressiveness as an advantage. Well we want to have balance. I don't wanna use utilize our wings -- and and want to -- -- of our big guys inside as well so it's not someone the other its both emotionally wanna be aggressive at all positions. California chrome might abandon its Triple Crown -- bid if New York officials do not allow the -- aware. A nasal strips in the Belmont Stakes trainer -- Sherman made no threats but suggested it was a possibility. Neither the new York state gaming commission northern New York racing association stewards have received a request to use nasal strips in the Belmont which will be run on June 7. And his -- wrapped up their four game series act Colorado Springs with a 43 victories. Therefore on sports talk a -- guard Ben Grubbs plus rookie mini camp who shined and who did it I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. I've -- did -- go Steve go hang out with you on your radio helping get to workweek started right -- giving you the news in sports that you need to know and what you need to know now is. Of all the rookies to say it's just about done -- month. Yet just one rookie left the fourth rounder -- for the linebacker eyes on the when the remains unsigned and cook is actually only. The third first round draft pick to get -- so far sustained -- to reach. Only two other teams of -- signed their first round draft exactly that is one benefit to being -- round pick. In this first round because usually. The later rounds -- our start to set the market and that it's the first few takes that the last -- -- -- Yeah exactly so and now he gets to go back to school has the finish up his -- graduated NBA he's got to finish up over there and he'll be joined the team leader on the UTA's gadgets with the saints are pretty much. And they had -- the rookie free agents but there was not a bunch of those already some rather the focus turns magnetic immigrant absolutely. And do we have anything to report. About the efforts to get Jimmy Graham signed and the status of his. Grievance into whether that -- a receiver Horry why -- -- They're still been no updates yet -- we will be hearing from that very soon we know Kristian -- we have setting over to the owners meetings. Over Atlanta I'm sure they'll be getting some juicy tidbits from owner Tom Benson also Mickey Loomis. There while we talk in the 25 minutes with more sports at that time. I want -- know I know that where. Put together Super Bowl bid that will be presented tomorrow at the owners' meetings what else is up for a vote at the owners' meetings won't rule changes things like that let's talk about that it recognized 25 minutes more support the NFL owners' meetings start today to attend -- report -- -- in Atlanta for those -- keep us posted fuel cells. What they're looking as we get him back there were talking about a guy who was upset that he had to go to it. Event -- is kids' school. And for years during this event people park illegally because there's no you know not enough room to park at the school when he got to take it and everybody else did too. And he was upset today they let us do it for years and it is literally nowhere else to park. Is he right or wrong. One person -- 78 -- is it illegal is illegal however event courtesy should be tolerated if they had to. If they did not -- tolerated anymore they should have posted warning. As does the police should have gone inside the school and warn people that were about to issue tickets. That would have been the courteous thing to do. A person does the law is the law for a reason all of us tend to speed now and then and we get away with it but it doesn't make it okay. When you caught so go ahead and take your link right well they got if you always drive five over the some -- to -- -- drive and five over is it okay. Or we break it off. Then your forecast. Really the only change the forecast this week will be some slightly higher temperatures by midweek but we hang on to that's sunshine today. Lots of it with warm Temps around 85. And tonight mostly clear and lows dipping down into the sixties. Then by Tuesday we're looking at a high of 86 with sunshine and Wednesday partly cloudy and a high of 88. Funny at the nastiest forecast center I've meteorologist Barbara tell. Low fog here there a quarter mile on both -- half of violence Slidell where it's 55 degrees cool start there's 67 much warmer -- -- up. Twelve degrees across the lake and to -- where the airport reporting clears -- time when it's the early edition of WWL prisoners. Person takes issue with me -- walking a couple of blocks is talks. I'm saying if you're running late you got to see your kid AA you know graduate or get their make their confirmation or whatever it is you're going to school to do. And you gotta park four blocks away and run there and you're already you know later you actually get a good seat and I can SE with the camera. We'll talk more it's Monday and definitely is -- feels like Monday in every way to perform. I mean it -- it stick my back is sore my legs iron my neck is sun burned. I ate too much last night in my son's birthday dinner you really don't get enough sleep yet so on sound as. Pegging her whole rest and relaxation -- as the same positive guy named last week it was a while the the weather is nice it really does it could have been a whole lot wars. But I just spent all weekend now that workers are now. Backbreaking work I know you were not alone that yard work's gonna hang in over a lot of heads up my wife with happy the honey do list was significantly. Chipped away at the I just I just don't feel like Baghdad and you wanna come up on the weekend rejuvenated yes -- -- No rejuvenation not olive. I -- this -- -- -- will fight back wanna put a bow on the discussion we started last half hour about the guy called the newsroom upset as he went to his -- school for an event. And I said like they do every time they go to the kid's school for a minute when parked illegally terror. This is not enough spaces close to the school and when all the parents show up. People parked illegally news really angry got a ticket it is not fair -- always wonder before now -- -- under. Now the overwhelming. Thoughts and feelings from our audience texting estimates 7870 is like these two tax I think he should be satisfied with times he got away with it. That griping about the when he didn't. As does that guy got a ticket of the school that -- to calm -- lucky for not getting a ticket in the past cop or parking illegally. They got -- we had one of those. Running races here in the city there was some issues with that also. But people part on the neutral ground around the finish line and I remember and day ticket everyone is illegal apart governor program but then they end up compromising -- Come back -- thing annual islamists do it before. Just get to get away with -- before does that make it all right now most of our listeners don't think so at least in this case at the box office over the weekend all that big thing you were correct. You -- properly said that god still awaited debut in number one and not only did it win the weekend. But it's the second largest opening of the year but it 93 point two million dollars -- what's the -- over the weekend second only to Captain America which opened in April 95 million dollars when you -- nine email on that opening -- -- -- doing real -- -- you bring this -- -- monster -- back for -- -- -- Bryan Cranston and -- Taylor Johnson and there. And apparently you've got a winner that its number one at the box office neighbors who was pushed down -- number -- company. And the and the rods he of the run that brought -- -- -- -- 26 million now I'm gonna say the national I don't think is sort of like -- -- now amazing Spiderman two out. And I got another sixteen point eight million dollars of the weekend the company 172 million million dollar arm. That's the feel good Disney movie about the trying to get the cricket players yeah the amazing if you don't yet pardon eleven million dollars. They -- that's what happened at the box office over I'll take -- victory gas and hopefully we'll be reporting -- a victory in the next couple days city of New Orleans who wants to host the Super Bowl and average bid presentations will be made tomorrow at the owners' meetings that start today Chris Miller's. Find out what's in our bid presentation model looks like and we journalists from the superdome coming up. Hear it in about twenty minutes on WW well AM them and counsel will talk to you was well -- At that time thank you David I'm gave to the early edition of WWL first news. Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good morning and mean meteorologist Laura now all happy. In. Happy Monday. Has your weekend my weekend with filled with hard backbreaking work in the yards. Late night dinner for my son's birthday LSI line yea really well that was fun but. Man this -- and -- have trouble. That's I think yard -- she accomplished and to feel like you have and I'm -- deck building in our whole way -- -- now. Moment records but I'll I'll be OK when I try not to gripe about it just into the streets. How -- -- weekend. It was have I was loving this weather with this match is great to have it was funny to -- my husband -- sitting on the back deck at at last night and he was like. But it's cool breeze like I feel like the -- dished her out here you know I mean it was like a breeze was still cool it was tolerable to be outside it was just beautiful. Yeah I really wasn't a -- I admit I felt and I hot work and might. During autumn day -- that yard bet it could have been a lot worse so we were below normal hot as the weather shape of this which is due to -- nice. Yeah I mean it it really does just as warm up a little bit but it still going to be sunny and dry all week long. It's as the temperatures are gonna gradually warm ups there were -- at mid eighties today and it by the end of the week will be in the upper eighties to kind of a gradual warm -- Yeah all of the last -- tool for most kids we have some rights should start feeling like summer -- that in the summer is arriving down here. -- when -- hit up the pools then you add some fun stuff that he got a little fog out there this morning. Public if you sponsor that's a much here in New Orleans to get outside of New Orleans that. Get -- fog begins to pick up so watch out spot like Slidell belt chased home while all areas reporting a little bit of. All right and that no rain government. Have EB in the next seven days only to Memorial Day weekend and it's rock well I mean I know where on the brink of drought. But you know I feel about that I I very rarely think rain is needed so I'm happy to hear it now. And actually for the month. We have a surplus because if you remember we have that very heavy rain a couple of Friday nights ago. One -- erased the entire the FA not so there you -- -- its funny because we think that we think of and it's been so dry it. It just that brain that we had you know that weekend. Helping out we're actually in surplus what. Good and I don't have to get upset when people. It's much needed rain now that -- got no rain for the rest of the week. Ask your question in general do you think that a marriage proposals should be a big production. Or should be quiet pride. It's. Like pink -- well it depends on what what they want it. The couple videos that are. And -- on everyone's. FaceBook and all over YouTube. One of a guy proposing in the subway station. -- -- I love in new York and it was and the station Manhattan's east 86 street. And -- another where a guy at a graduation and Upper Iowa University. Proposes to girl who's graduated. And in front of everybody at the commencement. To Sunni and you know I'm just -- it should. I guess it depends on the woman and the man but it is woman if she's going to be happy with being proposed in front of everybody. Yeah I mean don't you think you just have to know your partner does have that know what they want me some people eat that up they want that you know on television. Proposal Dumars wanted to be private you know look at south. Just make sure you know which is that they want because if you do the opposite one of that it's not -- -- Your now husband had come -- that what you were doing the weather. -- you you know I'm -- with. He didn't that's not have that happen that's a I would have finally I'm not one of those that you know it's clearly it's apparent very easily right now you can you share plenty of information that on this program and happy in my consider bears. Got too much you can embarrass me at this point yet gotten a lot of people who. Who'd be mortified to have that happen on air you know -- or are in a public place during evenings so you know I get that he just goes back to doing what is right for your partner. I propose to my wife and very dramatic yet pretty private way. Which I think other women may have been really upset -- it was cool with that. I hatter pulled over. I by the police officer and I was in the back of the car yeah and he -- is that. She had to get in the car and take right downtown. And which he got in the backseat thinking she's going to jail just lie there I am with the right she's freaking out while she was a little nervous but then when -- -- -- everything respond to that -- probably couldn't get it to say yes or no because she was so excited about the ring. I would not have gone over well in my -- it is you would've been happy and I don't last public stop but not the whole yeah that would not that would've been gone out of planes let's just say that would not have worked it and it but it -- you examine her marked its best of you knew her well he knew what she would like -- so -- Years later everything's fine. Thank you advocate of a down lineman direct eyewitness sports. I mean there was a little. Friendly punching of the shoulder when he realized everything just happened but it. Just follow a minimum rating she'd seen in store bought it months there. She's on again and -- was -- -- says that if Davies in that it happened and that she's look at the -- she's crying she's kissing me am I asked if he'll marry me it's all yet yeah of course that. Here yet. Early edition of WWL fortunate. In Crown Point and very experienced some places the fog is so bad you can barely see our repeated times that xmas that it's -- eight. Seeing visibility of the listed below quarter miles so some places in my mind and follow. Announced that state underneath that it does Dave. Like in well. -- -- feel thing and I just worked too hard in the yard over the weekend and kind of impact is. And you know when you packer -- and -- It affects. Absolutely everything you do you can't walk EQ six he can't drive he can't do anything without feeling the pain now. Maybe I should just suck it up and beat top. I'll try that -- sports here well that's another word about it. Keep my back pain in the myself. You know. At least someone out there at the care. Yet but it. And the maybe someone explain the smallest violin for game going out there man that day. Have the people care about sports but it's Monday morning and you got that good morning everyone the saints announce that they've -- first round draft -- -- -- -- through his four year rookie deal. He was the number twentieth overall pick by the black and gold. And the former -- beat the and that receiver will make eight point three million dollars with the signing bonus of four point four male. Cooks -- he'll be able to adjust to the pro game easily. One went back and study this offense Emmys are very similar some of them off his back guess who's so coming on the inside -- to be in a film like this and I'm just learn as I know. Well the Miami Heat by themselves trailing a series for the first time in this NBA post season Paul George hit 33 quarters of finished with 24 points and seven assists. As the pacers beat the heat 107 to 96 in game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. David West and Roy Hibbert each had nineteen points. Meanwhile Indian head coach Frank Vogel says though they need to keep this win in perspective. It's a good start to the series but it's just a good start and it's all this and we come back expecting great fight game to try to -- came to. California crow might abandon its Triple Crown -- if New York officials do not allow the -- to Wear a nasal strip. In the Belmont Stakes train archer have been made no threats about the Kentucky Derby preakness winner. Passing on a chance to become horse racing's twelfth Triple Crown winner -- He suggested it was a possibility. -- happened in new York state gaming commission northern New York racing association stewards have received a request use nasal strips in the Belmont race which will be run on June said it. LSU baseball swept their series against Auburn over the weekend and earned the number three seed in the SEC tournament. That means the tigers get a bye in the first round which opens tomorrow in Hoover Alabama LSU will play the winner of the Tennessee vs Vanderbilt game. At 9:30. AM on Wednesday. And to separate 143 -- Colorado Springs disease went four and four on their eight game road trip. They have for a sports talk saints guard Ben Grubbs plus rookie mini mini camp who shine and who did it. I'm Steve Geller with -- early morning look at sports. You know little lightning round with -- -- quick question are let's start with that who do you think you're at saints rookie minicamp the media get to see in limited action but yet to see the players a little bit who really -- to. -- -- say it was cooks with his speed and then also I could not stop looking at undrafted rookie free agent. Brandon Coleman just because of his size on the field he looks like it mattered. Me -- up there and he's a receiver he's a receiver right and Jimmy Graham -- wide receiver Aaron right opens another discussion with the evidence that can read more of Steve's thoughts on. Brandon. Coleman Coleman had WWL dot com all right of course. Nasal strip me that this looks like the same thing the breathe right strips that athletes Wear the right to get more air in their nose and -- and spoke the question is will doors -- Where the nasal strip in the third leg of the Triple Crown -- one the first device. Yeah I can't see it as being an issue especially with such AMP you know a historic event on the line and it not being anything that really. Is it performance enhancer or just helping the -- -- the decided that cheating to win and he's right Hamas -- California -- I'd I saints owners meetings. Start today what's hot for the owners have to consider besides weather and new loans if the Super Bowl. In 118 he had -- looking forward to hopefully that good news tomorrow but also out talking about expanding the playoffs adding two more teams. Would be a fourteen -- a fourteen team play -- that too wild cards instead of one right -- that could start as early as this year. They're saying we don't see that happen using more teams should make the playoffs. I'm not so in favor that just because they feel like I I like we're its -- but I understand it'll be generate more money for the league which it. What it's all about it that will happen has been a lot of talk about changing extra points -- of Obama yet that'll also be up for grabs there they're gonna experiment that's now off from the twenty yard like during the pre season. And beaches in the C if they decide to have it as. A permanent date you whether gonna go for a longer term rates that are from the -- in this experiment with a twenty yard line I've even -- maybe from the 25 drug like for an extra point. I like that a lot better than just -- doing away with a completely. And saying it's automatic. I'm worried it's automatically you'll be back with sports and fifteen minutes here on WW well I -- -- them backed up. 1 minute before 6 o'clock up here get your Monday off to the best start you possibly can I'm -- -- Thank you for joining us here -- the early edition of WWL first news coming up more on New Orleans bid to host the Super Bowl. In 2018. Looks like Minnesota. Minneapolis more specifically is the biggest competition in the saint. The city of New Orleans has to host the suitable number 52 and 28 team. We'll find out over the next few days if New Orleans is hosted as part of the celebration of the city's -- Centennial more from Chris Miller coming up. In the news small -- more about this. Idea that women are having kids later and later in life. 35 -- used to be the cut up now birth rates have risen 24% over the.

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