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5-19 6:10am Tommy, NOLA celebrity sightings

May 19, 2014|

Tommy had a great weekend hanging out with some of Hollywood's elite players. He talks to the listeners about celebrities they have met in New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What whole weekend hunt did you have a good weekend and I did get outside did you enjoy it would you do I -- I I for -- how would you define it exactly well abusive basking in the sunshine. And -- -- well let me tell you and -- -- -- few days that it. Saturday night I'm driving around Metairie killings and timing of the windows and a beautiful mind apparently 95%. Of Metairie was barbecuing on Saturday night. You could smell it everywhere you. And is Belgrade in America want a discount of Poland and invite yourself it well speaking an invitation I'm glad you brought that up because cell phone goes off. And it's Matthew Mark today. And he says it -- it is crazy listening on on Amaro. At my apartment -- wondered if maybe you could pop in for a while drew is going to be there of course by dried up Drew Brees. And guys that we you know what. -- Lot I don't know why not so in Iraqis and values of body you're -- she's looking -- spice up the party a little bit odd kilometers east dumbing down here all the time entertained drew and a crowd he's look at and -- local to have some fun you know as a way -- out on the balcony. Elvis and her allies. Grads across the street reds right across a straighter sharing policies of president he says of -- they -- AA. Hey you know -- -- -- -- he said that before he said anything -- -- -- -- is first Karzai does not. As a -- Well. As it now nudges me as you crazy sediment you know what's out there you're darn right and is on nine at this crazy scene gone on over here ranking early as it -- it. See he doesn't throw me appeared Elvis son Matthew -- crazy sentiment on eased -- tried bribing judges. So a lot of obvious on the buzz feed tweet that everybody's in here and talk on -- Right now and -- -- and no picture taken. So it was it was a wild crazy scene in on -- we went no midnight at least. Well you know it would have been trying to it would have been on -- for you to take pictures on your hanging around those kind of guys you know and it is kind of -- you know -- -- like on their level -- yeah I. I like to be honest with that actually didn't know that did not outlets have the advantage back lie what did happen as -- went from playground the playground yesterday challenging who operated fine. Two game of pick up basketball -- All infineon right now simply went with me. As like you guys think you get game watch yes. You know edited tough neighborhoods with the chains instead. That's the best. So a -- you really do it with our thoughts and it really did what he really did happen recorder to. Was noticed is worth Markota next factories. And Brad got its all over the Internet. Twitter it's so we'll wherever it is pretty cool -- -- in law. I -- I got the the call two digit and I was tied up I couldn't get away. Then well it's we missed -- really did. I was actually. Actually it's I do -- rule it's legal paperwork are all right. -- history Greg -- blogger types is to talk about we've got interesting ready jaguar opinion poll which is do you drive better than everybody else. Because we're gonna talk about a story after. A new survey shows almost seven out of ten drivers rates cellphone users the most aggravating drivers on road. -- would you think about that -- drivers do that frustrate you I think the cellphone usage is normally we're going to be a little bit. I'm Mary Landry just one final chapter in mrs. I don't understand why Coulter is not being charged because if Mary Landry was justified in shooting and you would think. Coulter would be charged with at least burglary unless. The decision is well he does meg ago wiry -- it's gotten -- -- and -- punishment and -- and maybe there's some political. Considerations. Now I'll tell me if you think coltart -- broken America landry's. Yard and ultimately. Injury shot him and and and and -- handsome. Burglary problems. Four corners and we and after that -- be charged with a crime I'm just wondering legally why. You Regis let it go away. And it's not so much about punishing somebody as it is legal mechanism with me. And -- what it is about other drivers that aggravates you. And are you a good driver or a bad driver phone lines are open. 260187820386. Exit eight -- early it's only. And if you -- that crazy. Wacky gathering -- -- and with -- was a crowd a washer army and you get in get back kind of celebrity in one place. You know I did wonder what what do you eat at -- thing like that wouldn't they serve isn't some kind of mine catered meal. Was you know bring you get one of the of commander's palace is an over everybody in our -- and they do you like dominos and yet they do like. You know our breads crackers and squeeze on China and an honor relative Jimmy -- -- tells me in a week's going to be nice. And warm but nice and dry. And in case you don't know we're talking about before and I think everybody does Matthew McConaughey in law islands on his balcony in a quarter. Presume -- -- would think in Drew Brees is there -- -- and a wacky party then decide right across -- at least they seem right across for local lives next it was right straight. Brad -- So they had this little conversion of stars I guess what you would call latent. Can talk about -- -- did you ever -- anybody famous in -- -- I got a text from my friend Camille whitworth not a taxes Twitter right notice that on. She ran into beyoncé. Jaycee. And science right now as a victory. So linesmen and the the problem in the elevator but she's on the restaurant -- in the annual. And I think I tweeted back -- we're really getting on. It's easy ideas where mark Biloxi good morning have you ever run in any celebrities either in new loans or maybe there in Biloxi -- wanted to casinos. -- I can't I can't. The most famous person you've never meant. Well I -- a big. I'm a big hit and in that get. Or -- that's famous I guarantee. -- to say about driving. Man. A thumbs down moderately but a little in the Biloxi area and -- work out here these -- airport they'd. -- you know go back here. Is an epic and it went bad people -- -- you to turn signal. Yeah I mean in any dignity such an obvious situation where. You shouldn't your character -- let other drivers know you're in our but the only the care they just don't do. That's on the biggest thing that lightning not kill it in is bad over here. Vomit on the island and bridge you know volume down toward -- being. -- hit it just you know I fail it could be -- -- seven our adult matter. Beckett you know detail of course -- tag you can talent nobody -- there are bad. -- -- -- slowdown speed up slow down speed ups and speed up. Right would you -- I class myself as a good or bad driver. -- I think pretty did not yet the problem. I do. Does that -- ready jaguar being ample use good driver bad driver. And -- -- percent of Zain good some -- very small amount of people that are causing the problems out there. Hey mark let me ask you replaying that thing you mentioned before what did you say they don't use one. Credit that -- -- Yes -- a big key holder right. One other thing that -- run -- -- out of the column that you -- duties on is that you aren't man. Some are about getting your keys on air a little little decorations and thank you Michael -- -- a good day and I. Operate huge dollar. IT 60187203866. 889087. In new survey out says that seven out of ten people find cellphones being most annoying thing. That people do and driving Tommy -- with you Shelden Williams -- solo and they're doing a tremendous job as he normally does. Matter of fact he is doing such a good job by himself. Or Jordan fetal. Prevalent anymore time off non Justin. I'll always come back we're gonna talk about this merit plan everything in like I tweeted about this and I've spoken about this and I think -- Landry was fully justified when he was -- In what he did rather and I think that it was a nightmare that he was involved with but I've also said that I think if either had to do it over again. That Marshall Coulter would not have jumped the fence allegedly are thrilled and in their -- Landry would not have shot him in the head of both headed to do all over again. But the thing that interests than me in -- that look ended to beat up on a guy or anything but. Should Marshall Coulter be charged because it seems like. If the homeowner shooting was justified that's merit Landry then the person should be charged. With a crime. Just legally speaking not. Or maybe you think and that's the way the DA things that a bullet in the head as punishment enough. Com for -- time and aggravating things -- drivers do and I thought it would be interesting to phrase up ready jaguar opinion poll vastly. Are you a good driver or a bad driver. Now 100% of viewers saying you're good drivers. So if you are and you would vote that you're good driver. I would love dear -- at 2601878. Or toll free 866889087. Because I'm not trying to be cynical here but it would seem like. -- I'm not noticing everybody driving well. So a lot of people are lying in the air. In any call -- you know it makes you such a good driver or what you've seen that really aggravates you and makes people bad drivers because. A new survey out most talked to a low author of this survey said that seven out of ten people say that the driving behavior that aggravates them is almost. Is texting and only had a cholera leaders talking about them woody column tailgating which is a big problem. And it's saying that I found and I even too weird about this is that and I saw a guy on west esplanade do this Saturday night in a red Mercedes. Almost runs somebody off the road on west esplanade to get ahead of Obama. As they're going like apparently they didn't think fifty on west esplanade which is about fifty miles an hour over the speed element was not fast enough. So they had to show their contempt by and go on from the right lane into the left lane. In out about I don't know eighty miles and now very shallow minded past few bits and at the -- it clear view. Everybody was looking at each other and I texted you know you gotta love the sheepish look on a driver's -- When they do that. They get as usual on the power that they avenue and you votes in red -- like and sporty spice. Way to go. General hey thanks for calling on -- W good morning. Good morning. I'm I'm well thinking coming Tommy Cummings there. -- the military at great military. -- ago. I knew it EU admittedly bad drivers. I am a bit faster acting the question is. It is -- so people are saying that that. And it. How many tickets you patent. How. You know how many times you've looked at just an amateur over the limit but the basic guide you -- the car. Right again I -- -- I am may I try to be I hit the driver and look out for other people buy it. They'll -- and -- ultimately trying to make up apple alone and that can act I admit it you I'm getting better. Do you think you're a good test driver. It. And I think some people have the skills -- others don't -- I'm so glad you called and I'm so happy that your on this that we should give you big time because I appreciate people that are honest and and I admit their flaws. That you have a great weekend I'd and we implement its money 631. Time for -- that you offers it is. It be nice article Friday morning I don't -- yet to have a great happy Friday will be back and WL is David Blake -- news I David Blake -- ready jaguar opinion poll continues. To us stay consistent -- you a good tribe or -- bad driver. 100% Zain good and our -- and -- the only thing we had was one lady who was honest saying that she was a -- driver. So we'll continue to talk about at a news survey says seven out of ten people say the most annoying thing near them. Is one other drivers use their cell phone while driving that's the most annoying and -- on am one says Tommy -- taxes army keep the slow drivers are lolly gag writers out of the last plane and while there are you go on the tail gators are boring Lotta times -- -- traffic backed up on the interstate and then it comes down to one person in the left playing on forty. And -- doesn't match yes burn her Heidi at some else we're talking about and Robert Jenkins joins us right now friend a criminal defense attorney former state public defenders talked about just I guess put the finishing touches on the Mary Landry. Marshall Coulter discussion and Mary Landry was the homeowner in the Manny. Subsequently moved that shot Marshall Coulter. In the hand they had some DNA evidence and indicated. Coulter was near the house he was fourteen at the time now he's fifteen. And DA on Friday I think it was a Thursday announced that he wasn't gonna press charges but. My question is will it it was a justified shooting my wooden Coulter face any charges for what he did. Robert Jenkins good morning I don't -- you're welcome thanks for taking time does. What does the law have to say on this in and does politics senator in all of this and and at some point do you. Forget the law and so we know what they guy got a bulletin ahead it's punishment enough. Blowing -- -- in the present laughter he has great discretion Brett. It's likely be going -- you know they're probably at the true tomorrow. I don't think that is gonna go unpunished. I think they've been within several analytic product you can but make sure that the heat of battle with the EP. Could turn it doesn't seem like -- you know the cost of -- -- and stop the problem wasn't the intrepid. -- bomb in terms of and legal. Did a process and and doing the right thing we knew we needed to keep -- decisions sound and am trying to say this is. Delicately as I can would the DA almost have to press charges against. Did the fourteen year old because if not. Then would it. Bring into doubt -- decision about the shooting being justified or at least at the the legal. Realities of what happened with Coulter are being arrested for burglary after the shooting. Well he doesn't have to press shortly after the destruction but. I actually believe that he will that would be. The -- whether -- in the crime. And then not only that apple did the shoot the immediately Graham met some of them. Unable to welcome speaking about -- committing the same crimes. It's likely that he's going to be -- the -- -- appreciate it sort of vehicle they're probably not only with the committee and our big part you don't. But in the report from the -- pretty. I didn't ask you to come on -- RT about this but. You know when arguably you'd talk -- is now in some of the words used about the Marshall Coulter you've been a public defender you're winners some of the problems in the community when it comes to young people. And crime -- -- put you in charge of six and all of this would be the first thing you do and meaning kitchen flat footed with this sort of tomorrow a lot of experience. I've I think that I would make withdrawals are. In juvenile court because. It's seen that. While not actually many of them eventually you'll call slap on the wrist and is something that is being an African country -- become part -- it is going to be. Really really. So -- from mark it on but I've been around long term. -- -- in the way it happened to deal between now and what I'm saying is that. Details of turned into boys club well made eagle there and around duplicate Franzen. It definitely came down and the have some of that environment and have a home. Care and they're not in the -- from more impact it would appear that the environment. I mean get any an outlook that. That. Room that you got wounded in the legions. Early on in -- you know you wouldn't he broke what I initially thought that. And some that joke where approaching -- -- where we're Crockett said. And we don't have the -- that that's what we have to a park in -- -- with -- in the front and the back Berkeley and -- would have on the we have the indictment of the reasons and in the -- out it would now -- have so much nicer. It's pretty good but that's the way it is -- what terms he talked on juvenile system and -- should leave him. Robert I appreciate you time and you can't are really deal and if I need you mean straight answers danced. Remark -- a -- there right part of thank you Robert Jenkins criminal defense attorney former state public defenders so. They go into seeing when he says he thinks and Marshall Coulter is eventually going to be charged and also saying that the key to. And I mean this man's been around long time did a lot of public defending that the key to keeping juveniles out of trouble and him and habitual criminals. Is Megan -- real punishment and talk about that as -- -- -- Monday morning glad you win this a little patchy fog around in some different areas and plenty of sunshine and -- highs around 85 today. And it is currently 66. Traffic note there's a vehicle fire on the ninety -- over the Bonnie Carrey spill way. From a honesty candor and I believe Robby he'll loses now they're reliving the left lane only go by but there's going to be some stack ups and -- from my cellphone. IPhone and I got it -- WL traffic alert. At times you get this up forty minutes on the radio because we might be intimately doing something thousand and unity but. I have to do is text the word traffic too late 78 sentencing. Traffic aides says needs them in. You get these traffic weather alerts and at the bottom of the instances next stop traffic to opt out of alerts. Says you know again anymore. -- -- stopped traffic and stop. We do not charge for these but of course your near normal. Texting and data plans to apply looking ahead of the rest of the week. Tomorrow. Highs around 86 planning is sunshine Wednesday. Pretty much exactly like it's going to be Monday and Tuesday a bit warmer with highs around 88. And Friday same exact thing highs around eighty ninths stretches some. Trying. Approaching hot. Whether we're talking about a couple of things are ready -- opinion poll are you a good driver or a bad driver. 88% are saying good. And I appreciate that twelve -- that are being honest because I think it would probably be closer to. I don't know maybe seventy if you're if you're gonna by the rule book. And if you're good to put one of those little things in your car that I guess tracks everything you do. In terms of the insurance companies and -- he -- discount I would think it would be a little higher than 12% that are bad drivers. A couple of distinctions here and I'm glad somebody texted in with that is the DEA. I never says the shooting by merit Lander was justified or justifiable he just said sculptors. New charges made the case on prosecutable big difference announced. Not exactly what the DA said but there is a distinction and leg attacks today and and Allen says -- Is Troy I don't like when people drive with their pets on their lap it's just as dangerous as the cell phone but we never address that to the public. We know what Troy we just did an -- Robert Jenkins is on Willis noted criminal defense attorney worked as a public defender for the long time long time he said. When I asked him. He's been around what would it take to make juveniles. Gaudin a right -- then and fix the system and keep them out of trouble he said jail needs beat. Tough reform when you go to juvenile jail he can't be like you there with -- frenzy is hanging out. And yet another attack sandy kids go to school and I know OPP does have a school on premises because I spoke to a former principal. I think was that are of whom profess last year but I don't know if that's. -- heard the grown ups the adults trying to get a ged or if that's for the kids and I guess it would depend upon. How long their enabled try to find out.

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