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5-19 7:10am Tommy, aggravating drivers

May 19, 2014|

Survey results show almost 7 out of ten drivers rate cell phone users the most aggravating drivers on the road. What do you think? What do other drivers do that frustrate you most? Tommy rakes your calls on your most aggravating experiences.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We didn't book a lot of guests today because we -- have a lot of phone calls and I would like 30 coal in enlightening though. Who has the most annoying driver. Seven out of ten Americans news serving and we'll talk to the person did this. Surveys say that the most aggravating drivers on the rotors cell phone users is not it's not yet but they. The bad habits like tailgating going and tanks that comes in talking about -- thing. And I saw where people just -- City road will to resume right -- issue is -- you know. On ten miles over the speed limit isn't enough how -- you do that -- -- and -- caught right in Friday at eighty miles an hour. And doors right exactly -- front fender. And a bottom about a half a mile down the road you both sit together at the same light. As my -- it yeah as he wants congress -- -- all right there days of thunder. City and in some other -- that time and title pets on the laps that's on the laps and I was always good and that this is boy wanna minding ones where you drive with a cruise control right -- got a pension entitlement -- -- -- -- But then they slow now. So it is passive aggressive kind of thing out you're either you they're gonna past your best then I don't think cells they don't know fascia is only body in front of view is what you're saying. So we'll continue to talk about it you -- cool. -- And yeah it went -- -- T each or hampered. And. That's a young lady named Chloe and and I always makes me feel good every time I hear that. I get to let ups with NetSuite today to a double her and not to be the plural or not. Angela -- oh what she's due on or. Would. Who she knows but you know it's nice you know simply evil -- Cokie Roberts in studio the other day -- rarely Wendy because Cokie just happen to drop by and look this is not invited day. Sandra Bullock or come off. Non -- union you know succeed here with what's going on because we can't keep track of everything means I might be illegal. Limits placed on regularly come in Baghdad and gussy up -- about coming back three -- like elected a shot me I days of the patch on the guys like him. I can look at I don't care about the picture is policies and Tripoli is when I wondered darkly. Which brings us to another thing and that is the yeah. Instead it would buzz -- where. And French Quarter about pennies what it looks like to me and and you know captioning guesses only in new -- and three got Matthew McConaughey. On a balcony and Drew Brees is Evans would be there and and Matthew McConaughey is family starts pointing to cross the way in. Well Reno Brad -- the next who has neighbors share sun shining coroner. However call one not on the balcony and -- and Brad the colon and one point Brad -- I think throws the beer across the street here. And a friendly way of course not not as a returns to earth not in this area down it. Be terrible if we have -- fight on. But everybody get along -- and triple a common in the day and I have never ever. Run into a celebrity and -- actually I did -- Gehrig's I didn't even think about it Good Friday at laying in -- many many many many many years ago I saw John Goodman I was gonna just gas it was Goodman walk and Downey I'll -- today I had a sunglasses on and had some -- root -- he was area. So that I didn't stop in because I don't think you want to be bothered he -- -- -- went in the sunglasses. In the leg and signs that 730 at night when it was dark but it. -- notes music's 18720386. Exit -- -- nearly seventy if you have ever had a brush with a celebrity. Here in new law when sending the reasoning like it's so much David is that he can he'll walk around and not be bothered. That's that's the thing. There's people here for some reason we just kind of do our own thing and you might say you did yeah I saw Brad Newton but other than that you'll leave them alone. Most of dominos sort of your memory I think Jimmy called T 60187. Neitzel 3866. 889087. Have you Blake. Have I seen one again I don't know who argue on the street I'm talking about on the street. Ortiz and there's nobody in here and I got an interview and famous people it embarrassments economists say I have on -- -- John Belushi. Did you -- in the corridor. One out just walking -- street market down the street alarm. Instead he got this payments glad to win the story ended it's several -- oriented that you get the same let me just get to the story here real quick apparently they've just discovered that. If you can't remember things in your memory lose it fails you like it's you know people to values on them. If you did a lot of drinking at some point. Maybe it's the growth of new neurons that are causing your problems because. They say that you know drinking destroy assuming or runs I would think that would lead to new ones being grown and they say is new neurons develop. It can wipe out memories. Of the old ones. I'll I -- and here are your way over mired ion tail but I find it interesting that it could explain why a lot of us just. I'll remember things and I have no memory at all of the of the saints season last year I know we beat Philadelphia. And I know we won the first. All game and hold it. That's why I'm -- new neurons Connie Tucker back in place -- you meet in New Orleans what celebrity on this story just. Walking around mine -- John Goodman and -- and -- human Conning the end. Drew Brees on one balcony you got. Red potatoes and Craig Robinson was in there he was in. Then into the world movie that the tongue in cheek thing and he was also day is the office for a long long long time. And unfortunately I didn't realize who it was until he was on and then you realize that -- Craig Robinson. Sports are no real people holograms like Michael Jackson on the billboard awards last night you saw that. What do you think about that was it was it spooky it was an exciting. And the billboard music awards 76 1870 till 386688908. Semi Claudia wallet site -- -- -- W -- things are calling. And that John Goodman out shell out well does the article Monica down Lida let him. Outpolled that I you tractor drought and a bit out vote -- spotted on my float. And -- down our program program load you know we're loaded did not. Although big block -- -- -- down -- -- weight is again. I'm an -- concerned when you say pull them down finally come out on a float right autopilot. Wrong track it. It sounded rather violently he says an analyst. -- -- -- friendly. Yeah. Are well on. All -- -- -- ago. I definitely got Sammy commercial with the West Bank tell -- Tell me about driving what's that thing that people do that -- may use the most. Cheney lite but -- -- -- season to thank -- -- client. Do you think sometimes people put him on because if you do there are other people that are determined not to let yen. I did that. Eight. -- Yeah indeed he worked for Terry Anderson. After treatment that's a night court guys running that night -- the media in Lebanon. Before Katrina and and -- drew and I decided to. All right then and denote how does he has now. Well it was a very adjusting. Scrutinize. Initially. But -- -- with the U or am trying lack of contractors. And did you know did it make it work and understand did you see the billboard music awards. Yes I think Michael Jackson hologram. Interest in it just. -- I needed to really appreciated but it was. And I -- I just wonder about the use of those. The the families of those people in this stage. They get permission of that it's great futures -- -- one one and uses. Let me pass years ago there was one. He took me a -- commercial that was there. And selling sometimes so candy colors -- -- -- rumor -- lead out and play golf have a good day airing. Thank you win and -- makes me think in realize that I actually saw Harry Anderson is something that was and seen in ages -- at a table. And I left him alone -- a lot rougher complexion and you would think nick would you agree with that. Yeah -- are most days in a bit like him at all and and sometimes TV makes it -- different ready -- a 725 look. I -- in my house and I criticized and his appearance I'm just saying that. Sometimes. People with different on than they do on TV not so with Goodman Tommy Tucker talking about a whole bunch of things this morning we're talking about annoying drivers and what to drivers do fellow drivers of course not yourself. That aggravate you the most you'll talk to some money in a minute conducted this survey and seven out of ten drivers. Said it's the cellphone via texting talk the end make and calls check in directions -- -- -- that. Aggravates them. I'm pretty jaguar opinion boulder -- good drive or a bad driver 85% are saying good 15% same bed and I think. Thanks honesty would -- closer to the truth. Then you can look not even give issuer name if you wanna admit that your bad driver and what it is that makes you so bad will just give you numbers songs we know that it's you when we go -- After being on hold. Some of celebrities brushes with celebrities you got. Matthew McConaughey gain notice in news with Drew Brees is company notice in that Brad -- across the strait -- tosses a beard and the other. And have you ever run and then he celebrities on the streets into long ones and did you bother engaged did you talk to managers. Grants and loans are merely Malone. One other things is Michael Jackson hologram David Blake do you see this on the billboard me. I was I caught IE eight. Taste of it early this morning and it fascinated me did -- spooky -- dated. Fascinated me. Let's say some after an -- -- -- -- -- -- respectfully I really don't but after that -- used to link funeral I'm not taking anything for granted. I mean oh boy you don't know who's to who's the guy who's real who's not who's prop -- it looked awfully real well. Yeah but. Again I guess maybe -- even better if you are there it freaked me out I just didn't really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When the -- Ericsson and and get back on it the 310. That -- indices went -- Robinson's Telus and renamed him you know they've ranked rusher you're just seems easier to say Robbie Robinson. Deletes now tennis garden kind of slopes. So you -- get a traffic update we'd love to hear from me -- -- six 187 -- 3866. 8890878. The other thing we're talking about is annoying habits of drivers will talk to somebody in a bit. They did a survey seven out of ten drivers say cell phone users are the most aggravating drivers on the road. And whereas in what is it that annoys you. And we're also talking about celebrity spotting new long ones who have you seen in. I guess if you pulled up on sign of a celebrity in slow down -- combine everything in our youth and so on and Michael Jackson on the billboard music awards last night this hologram now did did you think it was clever it was an entertaining edited spooky out. Manages. Again I don't like. Now it's not just you. I'm seeing some of the buzz and some people got a little got little freaked out a -- it just again to me there's a fine line. Between -- and zombie especially when you look at the Michael Jackson thriller video so you know. And I would love to know. From a couple of seasons. A couple of celebrity sightings text here James Gandolfini on oak street before Katrina and Kevin Costner Tippett Tina's and is filming JFK -- Now -- says. I had a run in with Cuba Gooding junior. Evenhanded on video he kind of chewed me out for filming and Aaron donates heavily the next day he was arrested. The water I was a Google was seven about night night apparently so then there's sly Stallone it arouses on -- streets -- -- says. And with so many celebrities in town for the different movies that they're filming I'm Sharon is gonna happen. But I would also like to know did you notice anything about them that you didn't think -- yeah taller than any allies. -- thing it's it's -- I always hear that their much smaller in fact. This sub celebs and I've seen over my lifetime. Were always much smaller people that I could ever imagine mugged -- a much smaller than I actually am. Is I'm really only three feet one he did not have absolutely makes it very difficult to buy clothing you can even reached the microphone now. What. That all my blood. -- that better. Good any idea at 55 higher on -- heavy on good morning thanks ago. Standing still no and I SP five and had to travel and I'm not I'm probably at a quarter tomorrow before. Upon -- on his bumper to bumper and probably goes at least mob a placebo or. I hope the police say they harming our work and that dropped it why can't we get our home is it very happy. And -- 55. Help me out that's coming in from like man Jack and indoor -- and Hammond and -- Yeah I'll bet on I'm about a quarter mile before you -- bowl spot add it all that bumper to bumper remorseful fail so. I'm sure that the topic is -- -- behind. Any appreciate the call and just so union and the like too much coffee -- anything -- Drink too much content court work and acknowledge bridge insurance Betty I'm sorry look I'm sorry week started this labor don't want to ruin your week trying. Trick or. A go ahead and delete and thank -- a -- and today and an I it's am 43 -- -- Tommy Tucker on WW -- talking about things that drivers do that aggravate you Tommy Tucker busy Monday morning a lot of -- issues on a -- -- spillway if you coming over from. I ten heading east traffic backed up on I fifty times as well Sammy is on the I 55 good morning sending you don't. Yeah about ten minutes ago -- defection all that beat Bob you know commit from -- I'll venture -- toward the wall and and I had multiple plot -- when I get up there it's GM Ford and all the traffic from the opposite way. These people want it east while plain common back what what -- -- all honesty there towards your. And they get game did you pull -- all forward alternate -- it to expand they'll. -- if the police are listening where would you like to see them. They'll plot -- right there is -- on record as the president there and then a light he got to wait for the light upbeat at all. There's no no present the police there either. They waited for light there's very little traffic -- any other way while meanwhile traffic is backed up these you know where. You always -- property an adult man. Incredible thank you Sammy hang in it'll ruin your week nine aren't appreciated -- John about Bonnie Terry's bill wage gun. -- It looks like button when he interstate -- just -- the accident scene at west. And you see it looks like may be willing -- -- -- -- -- I hope so -- get it cleaned up thank you John I appreciate the call. You're do you have added gags are importing nine we're talking about celebrities that yet the in my head of -- and also things that people do that aggravate you. When they drive so Iran villain -- joins us right now our terror and adventure. Travel expert with the Expedia dot com and a moment to tell us -- her survey showed. Also -- the meeting celebrities and Jeff in Metairie met a couple -- -- -- -- W good morning. -- -- Until the morning and traffic currently. That. Tell -- Court and Iran until bunch of people -- not -- jump record in the front court meeting people from breakfast. And apparently can't make it out in and take pictures of the I think a picture together yet it is completely connective has not -- them. And they had pretty much be -- way all the time with Joan Rivers Lynette. Thanks so probably would not -- -- -- with their children your picture and you'll meet. That John Walsh in the terrible -- ordinary year. Into college -- picked up and afterward you -- jig is in the I. And it is sincere Harry's years well. Cheer. For -- year and that it. Local you -- pretty much that. It -- Matt Hughes a couple years ago and mark operate -- -- picture with my kid he was within its -- -- I am with them and I emailed them. Let me tell you about what my kitten Harry Shearer -- but. He was CO one time with Garland and my daughter happen to be here with mean she at that time was a big Simpson's management been seven -- rate. Harry Shearer was so nice that he went into the different voices that he does for the symptoms Simpsons in her eyes got. Wide like you wouldn't believe and it was so nice of him I thought -- Almost perform in command in -- -- -- have to do any of that but he went in the mr. burns and and the different voices and signed a poster for which was very very organized. -- Alan -- joins right now an adventure travel expert with -- Expedia dot com the morning to Aaron. Good morning and I'm well thank you tell me would you survey showed about aggravating drivers. Well there's certainly a lot of but knowing an offensive driving behaviors out there. The top of the list with kept saying which you can imagine I have people using their phone or emailing -- -- on the ground. I was followed by an alligator the multi cast -- -- -- -- putting on makeup in the cards for example. Ordered the directors certainly moving in here lean a little bit. And then the crawler for the folks that are going -- -- on -- And that's in the order that they came and and while bomb. I tell you this I don't know if one area is more prone. Then the other but ICI a lot of tailgate non talking people -- interstate going eighty miles an hour and Leven. Barely -- between them you'd think there'd be more fatal accidents when. Yeah I mean you know a lot of aggressive driving if you're out there. Speeding interrogating. Some of that top thing that people actually admit to doing -- I am and mom more than half from friends on the road also admit to using a mobile phone at some point out there in the cart which is you know -- scary -- not these -- I'm getting a lot of text here from people talking about. The phone usage so I think that. Pretty well verifies what you're saying and I think you'll find is interesting terror and a pretty jaguar opinion bull. He had good drive or a bad driver and apparently eighty. 85% of people are good drivers so it must be a very a very small minority that's causing all the problems. -- well it's funny you say that they're actually seven in ten Americans admit that age and flipped off while in the -- But on the flip side only 17% had admitted -- actually doing it themselves so I think they're -- There's an interesting dichotomy there. Somebody's got a very active fingered don't think. Aaron thank you thank you -- time we appreciated. Anti terror and -- toward adventure travel expert with Expedia dot com so I guess we can. Throw that an -- to were have you ever been flipped off or. Done the flipping off in the younger generation says flicked. I think it's a corruption I think you actually flip somebody off not flick them off.

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