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5-19-14 11:10am Garland: on the drinking age

May 19, 2014|

Garland talks with Jacob Sullum, senior editor of Reason, about whether America should lower the drinking age to 18.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Limited tumbled to get into this ballots -- of all the things on the Americans can do vote Marion contracts. And tell. Go to war or be eco go to war. There's OK and drink at eighteen they can only predicted 21. We object of solemn with -- -- with the recent. Reason sounds great to me -- would electorate it's. Providing refreshing alternative to right wing currently pulling opinion magazines and media. By making the principal case for liberty and -- sons Jacob and welcomed the short -- -- call. Thanks. Think we went double double of the Oprah did you were opinion poll run every day here we should drinking age be lowered it to get 67 points and pizza and some blue -- know. Well I suspect that a lot of those people are over 21 of the well with the with the different answers people people who are you know adults between the ages of eighteen that went on. That's a part of the problem with it having the drinking age. Despite you know -- high compared to virtually every other country. Almost every other country has -- back injury chain -- one at all. And part of the problem is the one you alluded to which isn't going to be consistent about it and say that people are adult enough that he chain. They get married to enter into contracts. To join the military. To do all sorts of staying they may live to regret or back. -- in the process of building it seems ridiculous to say they can't have a beer that you can hold. You can -- machine gun and defend your country -- can't he can't pick up will be afterward. And it seems and consistent and unfair to. Try to draw that distinction you can vote also. I don't know how how important people consider that right. In the eighteenth and particle I think of that. You know it used to be that -- -- used to -- -- for voting. Fight a lot of that was you know we're gonna draft people and and put them in harm's way in the sense of the country who can get right to vote. And make decisions about things like little -- that cooler topic consistently in the first issue in the Ukraine all sorts of practical problems. When you make the age except the age of 21. Because the true it is that. Teenagers -- -- graduate I -- Will be directing most of them certainly people Lauren Pollock our most of them -- going to be drinking -- -- a lot. So it's not a question of whether we're gonna stop -- partner thinks it's questionable circumstances in which they will be right. So you say that the Brittany just what that means that most people Lawrence college are strictly prohibited from drinking you act basically prohibition. In college for most people. I'm what that means -- they drink -- they're going to you know they're going to do clandestinely. They're going to do it in answer on the -- in off campus apartment sort frat houses. I'm places with no supervision. They will try to load up as much as possible you know both for the coaches and that's whether whether not a lot to drink. And that's -- dangerous situation on the it's similar to what we -- with with adults. During apple broke mentioned that. Because the opportunity that drink was relatively rare -- certain places people and it. -- more heavily than otherwise who. You know always available to intricate very incidents. And furthermore if older people and model responsible habits. Then you are in locating. A culture of moderation as opposed to one. You know extreme consumption and reduce. Well what should -- or it could be worse when you know I'm gonna submit their showed a Comedy Central. Because of the very good at the very respectable poll that als -- we view -- news. -- drinking age be lowered to 1860. Some the pursuit -- though. That suggest. They don't know that are eighteen -- drinker. Everywhere and renewed -- in the city and state in the country. Where young people bring it's -- year. Did use seat. Adults. That understand the hypocrisy. About belief or the lack of education on the -- Yeah actually there is some movement among university presidents. For example to. To reduce the drinking because they see the sorts of problems that creates on campus. They would prefer to have a situation where they can address alcohol use in more forthright way and say street got a great picture that you're responsible retreat don't drink and drive. Where they could provide you know faculty members to supervise the events where they could have. You know many security officers who patrol makes it sure things are -- under control. And people get in trouble is another aspect to let people get into trouble -- -- way to much and they should go to the hospital people may be afraid to report that is that wanna get in trouble. In essence -- -- the university president certainly some of them urged and see the problems that are created. When you essentially imposed prohibition on the university campus for promotion people there on the there is some movement among them to reduce the but I I think the problem is one you know that the poll reflects. Which is if you already are over 21 what you hear is. If you're behind you know. And people not to worry much about the fact that people you know younger than them. -- do not have the right the that they take for their. You know it struck me as bad as being especially -- arbitrary because when I went to college. In -- state nineteen year old reluctant that was the state -- it took time is that right around the time that congress passed a law. Saying that they're going to withhold a highway on Tuesday that that did not raise the drinking it's 21. And there's shortly after that art at applaud your raise the age to twenty. So I I turned nineteen in college and I was legally allowed to drink as its editor responsible adult in that respect and intimate -- You know so that they let you know the -- that grandpa bought. And so that that would. You know really -- you have aptly answered today. And you know and I could see the difference between. This sort of social environment and you know especially where the smoke or know they have a a political audit sound which is a bunch of bars and restaurant right here and it's been watching. -- -- So that the situation where everyone world you know all in are allowed to drink there you can keep them under pretty -- Nobody has to -- And that there'll you know locked in on them when they're doing in the public environment -- elect a bar or restaurant. But if you say only recording one you know so that basically. Seniors who are older seniors. Took bigger than everybody else is going to have to do it and it didn't matter that they're much more likely to you know abuse out on the situation and and if they get to trouble much less likely to be able to get help quickly. There do you ever. Debate this in in public or give speeches on this issue. Like probably got talked about our basketball a lot of people sometimes -- -- about this. And I turned that thing in our favor legalizing. Marijuana and other illegal drugs and I -- think that they. What are the -- forward for drinking it ought to be the same. Four other drugs as well. And you know there's obviously some are -- -- you know this -- -- the only thing it's an eighteen year olds are more mature than others. But you do that particular -- and let you come up with some kind of objective test the maturity or something right. So assuming you're gonna -- an agent should at least be consistent about it you know as a about the view like take and I think it's quite important. That this that that. As you grow up. You have an opportunity. To try alcohol in -- it supervised environment and nurses. We approach they -- in many European countries where kids at the table and perhaps more and that's some beer they can that's associated -- You know Stanley occasions where it. -- you know happening at that time but not you know -- bit of -- kind -- sound and you know they're there to do responsible whereas in our current. Presently in the US and many did they tell you figure you can keep your kids you know illegal music is alcohol. And therefore an expectation is you'll never touched a drop out all and so you turned 21 and then suddenly you're -- enough -- responsible when we entered. And that's completely answer tonight the impact that the course educated older teenagers basically what I'm very -- are going to be drinking. I don't like it. And they hadn't been prepared. You know for how to do that responsible. They're the reason as -- punitive -- debated this in public. I my understanding. Is the minimum legal drinking. Came about when manned. Agreed. Organisms Mothers Against Drunk Driving very concerned about the escalation and cuts. Put through this I think it was back in this sixes and that and enacted this law. And and it's a good people that brought that up to me Europeans from others available children drunk driving accident. And and they have a right to -- to get as many people walk the road spots. And and I've said to them. Okay you make a good point let's show kids that can't kill all people until they're 21. -- Now I I never. I've never gotten it's. It it doesn't that make much sense to. Stake in the Xavier although not a little machine and not there. And I think that you know. The media federal government had an estimate for the number of fatal accidents. You know among younger people they think have been prevented. By. You know -- at -- rated news 21 and actually questionable legal back and look at these trends. In fact drunk driving accident among young people at -- The bills were going down before this slow spots there's some indication that the -- to raise their drinking age before the federal government forces. Sought some decline in driving accidents among younger people. But the effect is not into -- -- federal government points. But whatever the effect might it then you have to ask you know where you -- that -- if -- human -- age 21. And they've X number of lies -- yours is 230 and they even more lions. And at that were true would we -- that. And -- and it has similar accident to the arguments about you know -- -- right. There is -- cost to reducing equipment. If you really want it. To maximize the numbers or minimize the number traffic yes you can make it even at fifteen miles an hour. You know fifteen mile an hour beware and people slowly with very few fatal accident no question. But they also with the color time you know in traffic and getting. And so there's a cost the -- to be considered do -- with any of these measures that are aimed at it reducing traffic it. And these issues it seems like he Bridget -- reasonable argument that -- making. Either doesn't get responds or the respond they give. Doesn't respond to what -- just. Let -- approach to fund the most recent study media. Undiscovered. Professor Jeffrey -- admirer and a department about economics Harvard university. And that. There -- overall conclusion after starting all the statistics and every state. It beat MO albeit 21 which is the minimal. Legal drinking age Akron and do not proven drinking that would should does not it is obvious -- statistic is does not prevent the holidays. Goes on to -- impact of the MLB it would when did not pursue its march past. The first Europe of adoption in states. And the law had it moves -- moderate impact on teen drinking. They said the factors that explained that downward trend. In the depths. Attributed to drinking and driving. Since the seventies. Are attributable group variances in medical technology advances in court is -- and air bags antilock brakes seat belts and safety goals. So Barclays said that after a number of years. Looking at the statistics on Wednesday and problem. Says it didn't have much of an effect at all but the government and that will tell us to do that in this day and time. Who would we find out. -- -- Well I I actually thinking of them just aren't standing -- -- movements in the controversy over the impact that. Written drinking age has had. You know what they did is they they try to look you know state by state. At the state that that raise your English before the federal mandate an app development it and privacy if you got any. The association's. Armed you have to basic problems here one is that. There's been an overall decline in drunk driving deaths among all age groups so clearly that is not. Attributable. Two recent wreckage there may be factors driving the declines as the ones they suggests that nothing to do the drinking age. And then the other issue is it doesn't as they mention these -- you just don't seem to have much of an impact hungry so they don't have much in the back and breaking out that the they're having an impact. On the a drunk driving the one possible explanation is. A we'd look at states with different rating actions. So one it was playing 118. There might then you know it's going to the one where it was the congregation get -- to get liquor. And possibly dropping backdrop. Actually the at bat might be a factor you can make a uniform drinking age in you don't have as much back that's sort of a reckless behavior. But of course if you everybody has repeatedly -- that we look at it is a problem right. You wouldn't have this problem of people going going across the board also function of having. In a prohibition that is imposed upon younger though. Your -- book -- fascinated me saying yes and dependents of drug use for your own good and does smoking crusade. And the tyranny of public health I would low club to get your back from 45 minutes -- so to talk about those books can they get to back. Sure. Terrific through it and thank you so much for the time to -- what the discussion. Talks are welcome back Jazeera and may have what do you think. My thoughts -- Tupelo. I think we're removed drinking on the team the best creek a bet in this state of all places. We think the drinking age of 21. Keeps kids from drinking. In this do you really think that have you been outside at all or your child -- me and my feeling is and if you're right if we should know. If we should be 21. Then shouldn't we tell young people -- UK -- by attitude toward what. You can't be kill you can't beat Maine. -- can read your brain and scramble. You can abuse do you have this in 221. You can shorten the servers and go to war. Tell the world wrong -- call 26 or one weeks of young people out there. And are you listening to the you'd come up to him and talk to me all the time always thrown a young people listen what do you think what year what UC. 260170. Total pre. And we're in the country 8668890. Who --