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5-19-14 2:10pm Angela: on animal cruelty

May 19, 2014|

Angela talks animal cruelty with a panel that includes Jeff Dorson of the Louisiana Humane Society, Lynn Chiche of Spaymart, Dr. Theresa Gernon of Magazine Street Animal Clinic, Dr. Greg Rich of West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic, June Booth of the House Rabbit Society, and Meagan McCarthy, whose cat was abused by her roommate.

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-- animal cruelty keeps rearing its ugly head in our area a kitten tortured and broken by a woman's roommate. Two pregnant -- it's bound to defeat thrown from a car and offering your park. Horses starved and dehydrated. Suffering an immeasurable -- What is going on the people have not gotten the message about this kind of behavior. It's sick it's against the law and it needs to stop now. We as a society and 2014. Should have no tolerance for the cruelty we've seen in just the last week. Joining us to talk about this or people who were in the trenches 365. Days a year to help animals. Just -- head of the humane society of Louisiana. Lin -- each founder and president of Spain march and also from Spain -- Amanda weeks ago. Doctor Greg rich owner of the west esplanade veterinary clinic. And soon to join us doctor Teresa Garnett whose owner of the magazine street animal clinic and we are also joined by Megan McCarthy who was the. Owner of the abused -- Also joining us soon will be June Booth with the house rabbit society and an educator on -- care. I think everybody was just sort of blown out of the water last week it was won its last two weeks I know that. One horrific story after the other and we just decided you know what. We're gonna talk about cruel -- -- were gonna talk about the mentality. That keeps going and I would like to refresh everyone's memory on what we're talking about the again it reared its ugly head beginning with let's talk about the kittens not -- Cinderella. Who moved from Chicago with her mother. And Megan you moved to Chicago you want a new life and you got the job. He went on Craig's list and found a place to live had a roommate cracked so you have you would Cinderella or there. And you go to work when. I did I -- I went to work one day hate and I was getting text messages all day from my remain I'm saying that he wanted money for bills and things like that. And I told her mind I just wanted to landlords phone numbers I know I know the rent was going to the right place. And I got home later that night from work and I walked in the house and usually my cat runs up to me and them. Greets me from coming from coming home from work and she. I couldn't find her. So I was calling my roommate I was texting him asking him where my cal was and he wasn't answering me. And finally I heard. Such. Hurtful -- come from her mouth and she was balled up and my clock says. And I saw that she was bloody. Because one of her claws have been ripped out. I thought that maybe her back was broken because she was that she was not standing up her head couldn't stay out from. Heard it's she couldn't stand up so I am immediately started taking little syringes of water. And putting it down her mouth and I call I called lots and lots of bats to see who was open and what they can do and finally the day I -- an emergency vet that thome to bring -- -- I achieved she was just. Don't look on her face you could tell she was sitting so much pain and she'd she can even choose just laying there lifeless with her mouth hanging open you had lived in New Orleans how long when this -- I'm two weeks two weeks. So you would know this -- -- two weeks cracked had you seen any sign at all that he was going to hurt. Your cat now he had had three cats previously to me moving and he always Cinderella had never went to him and he got frustrated with bad because. She would run and hide underneath the couch. She but she's not. She is not much for people besides. Mean and sound. Now here it's a little bit different so. Well you've you've got the you've got the -- to of that and now it is at another -- and we are so happy to have doctor Teresa Kernen with us. From up magazine street animal clinic could you give us an update on this on Cinderella status. Sir I started seeing Cinderella that day after she was released from the emergency clinic she was brought directly to our clinic to be seen. As a follow up. She now when it when I saw her she was still very painful she was not able to get up. At all she. Mainly from pain she has. Now we know she has multiple fractures of her pelvis. There. Where her pelvis and her spine meets our looks -- and then she has several other fractures of the pile this so when I saw her. Pain was her biggest problem we had to immediately make sure that we were addressing that properly and we had her on IV fluids and one of the other things that where we're having to maintain is that she came and tell us. Honda says some people know with the liver issues and that type of thing John asking me very. Serious medical condition and we needed to get that addressed before we could even move forward trying to figure how we're. She was injured an accent of her injuries so she -- on. IV fluids and that -- pain medication and monitored that -- her for internal organ and trauma on that type of thing with ultrasound. Luckily she did not have any active internal -- being issued and have a ruptured bladder are. Anything like that. With something put down her throat. -- -- Don't know about being anything being put down her throat she did have stores in her mouth and her lips when I saw her initially. Those are now resolved those are healing -- nicely. But. There as far as. What what that came from a I think that the emergency clinic doctor was probably more able to they would address that and I am just because I could see the -- there. But it's. You know at that time -- or no. Other signs other than that on the source of the of the breaking of these. The pelvic area is from. Kick or hit or something only thing that can cause that amount of trauma two. -- it caused a fracture of a pelvis and multiple regions has to be. Extreme. Trauma this would be you know. Being -- car. Being you know and yet kicked or something like that -- And lest someone accidentally foul on an animal had a direct contact. There's really no other way -- Fracture. At hip in multiple places like that and thus it was some type of extreme. -- mark has become involved now. Well. On Mother's Day lynch she -- our director gave me a call and -- I've been getting emails on day. There's young woman named -- and she is playing for animal groups to help her with her cat. And she said I've got the last email and the girl says I'm sitting here I don't know if my cat's gonna make it. So. My mother and I jumped in the car went and picked up the cat and brought it to the emergency clinic. Chapter and met with the event there. And the next morning Sheila is transfered to magazine street has been under doctor trees -- care for cents. Lynn lynch each who's the founder of Spain -- on phone with this money there. Not just your thoughts on on what you've seen in what's been going. Well first thought might decide that DQ now were all -- gift why all of the Internet it was. Every risky group in the long and what are trying to help our which I think a lot for a cash. And down and and you know that that the last leap from Megan was I'd you know it's about we had to do something. Because I can tell by the tone of that email that make him a break it to -- what I think sure. And so that was one Amanda picked her up and battering of the care that she made it. They -- that hole. At the Serbs were so bad and now that she was unable to close from church that you know forced. That the app was forced open -- out of about alteration. And and it was also noted that she smells strongly of insecticide and I think -- might be. Comment on this a little more. -- and -- -- -- in -- that wanted to read it to reach out. It is just treaty they accept what happened what -- -- it that that -- by numerous time. But and bank account would be but I Nazi our program is cheap she freaked out you know -- -- was -- and that -- smiled and -- You know she's she's clearly and I would -- them have been able to -- in case you know -- And tomorrow -- -- animal cruelty and and -- -- just like everybody else it activates. -- in -- yet. I read an article just the other day and I thank all of the -- but I think people -- enough. And and you know animals are important. It's -- a lot of when you don't base something in New York City they -- to -- -- identical to this last week. Nineteen. And it said the mayor's -- every animal group around. The police department got together and they were determined that basement -- incarcerate -- -- book and he -- put in jail. Well we're gonna definitely talk about the legal ramifications are we gonna have to quick break I want everyone to stay with -- We're gonna continue talking about Cinderella but we have we have to talk about the rabbits that weren't just brutally thrown out of the car. And very pregnant and some horses that have just lived a miserable life stay with -- Well we're continuing our discussion on animal cruelty particular case of Cinderella precious little cat that was. Really brutalized we've heard from Cinderella mother and also from a veterinarian about and with Spain march who helped. Get the animal to the emergency vet and then on over to the magazine street that -- And and doctor and has has said this. Cap was very brutalized. And what -- is saying is that there was something must have been and it's now because of and and as you said there was a huge smell of insecticide. I'm I'm kind of jumping to the chase here because the bottom line with Cinderella is she's lucky enough to be alive because people rallied. And doctor -- That you're going to do some surgery but so severe he -- have to bring in specialists. -- that this type of injury with multiple pelvic fractures. It it's not a simple fix there are some there are certain fractures that can be can do it they can -- okay dress that her. Pelvis is fractured and so many locations it's very unstable. And she's really lucky that she is able to. Now she can get she can get an out of a little shallow litter box and she can. Theory carefully walk around the cage says she's not paralyze which is great and and she should be able to make a full recovery but she's got. A minimum of two surgeries had a park she needs to have the pelvis stabilized where the spine and pelvis meet. And at that has to be done by an orthopedic specialist that is a very. I'm kind of a complex surgery that is not going to be able to. Be performed. And general practitioner so she's gonna have to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon have that surgery done and and because of one of the fractures. Location is at the socket enjoying it where the the way and the pelvis meet. Then she's going to actually have to have -- the little ball removed from one of her famers end so that she does not have a long term arthritis and complications so. At a minimum of two surgeries ahead of her. You're talking about thousands of dollars gas -- of dollars and Denmark has a fund called the felicity firmed. We have the fund called the felicity -- it is to help animals like Cinderella. And I know that doctor parent is saying that this the surgery and her care altogether. It may reach 4000 dollars 3004000. Dollars. And Kmart is is is happy to help and now I'm happy to pay and we -- we're just asking for donations to help us out so that we can house and their -- other animals like Cinderella if they go to Spain mart dot com you can get a -- -- dot or org I'm sorry and there's a donate button and and there's also -- donate button to the felicity fund if you on -- by a credit card. You know it and and conjure ridiculously fun it will go toward Cinderella and if you pay by check you can just that in the amendment for Cinderella. But -- lately with 100% confidence even rest assured that the money will find its way to Cinderella. We wanna talk a little bit later about the legal ramifications of the person who's accused justice and in about what the law is for that kind of -- -- -- move forward. I would like to talk about. The two rabbits that were. And dump them -- in your park legs bound both pregnant and doctor Greg rich now has those. Yes though we've got the two mothers and our office they've been in office since Wednesday of last week. And surprise surprise surprise we look at the X rays and said gosh don't they have broken legs. Both -- -- pregnant with two babies each. But the baby's spine when -- callous but enough that we thought that was happening dumps and we were thinking maybe 23 weeks out. Sunday morning. My staff calls me and says we have. Two babies in the cage with a mother with two broken legs one comes alive one on severely bruised. And was stillborn. So we had one baby that little premature. Didn't have any hair on. No -- are open yet. So we have a premature baby this morning we come man and the other mother that has the one broken leg. Has to live. Pretty anngelle little babies I think they're probably about the same -- five to seven days premature. Premature -- to have a low survival rate so it's a challenge to get the three babies to stay alive. We are same concept that it is as -- Cinderella we're consulting with a surgeon to. Get the mom all with the two broken legs surgically repaired so at least she can stand. Right now look at she's got too badly -- don't work. She can't move around a nurse she tramples on the baby so we've got to the may be removed and put with the other mother. Because the other mother at least can nurse we are supplementing them with -- hand -- formula that's specific for rabbits bomb. We're doing round the clock nursing care for these these two -- have you ever seen anything like that where the legs were found. And then hurled around the car had been in practice in New Orleans for 28 years. Certainly heard the stories about witnessed colleagues of mine would you know puppies and kittens that are thrown out of bags and don't often bridges I've never seen anything. -- heard of anything in the exotic pet realm. Like this period. Certainly been dealing with Jefferson Parish and by the bill you and Bert Smith before that -- animals don't laugh -- year. Dumping is one thing it's a problem that shows a lack of concern for the animal welfare. To willingly. Take an animal the -- out of a car. Knowing that it's it's going to be hurt to a point where it came move around can't even have a chance that your revival. That's malicious best dastardly. That's. Beyond my recognition of of what I would call human -- well. It was very -- you say that because I talked to a psychiatrist yesterday about this but the multiple cages multiple stages of these women got to the horses that's another thing. That is more overtly neglect. But it's lack of responsibility but the psychiatrist was telling me that people who do this kind of thing. Binding the legs throwing them out doing the kitten is badly in torture that's exactly. These people are not developed -- mentally and they their sense of insecurity. There anxious about life. They build up hostility. And they used cruelty to animals as the outlet in which I find very interesting. So that anger is displaced on the animal. They have very -- self control but have no self discipline. And they probably already have poor relations with people -- because how many of us in this room know that automatically if somebody does this to an animal. What the heck are they gonna do to a person. -- I think we're looking at very sadistic people that would do any of these gentlemen to run nobody very quickly before we get to go. You're. Let's quickly talk about. The horses and one died and one is still living. No both both died when I'm going to here's the problem until we get on the average one course abuse case a week. So it's endless and why because it's a surplus of horses you can go to any sale barn. And by a broken down skinny horse for less than a hundred dollars the promise it takes a lot of resources and money to bring them up to speed. And people aren't going to do that. So on the rule areas you know I can drive by many -- country -- in -- as any horses they think putting them out to pasture is the only thing to do. Is far from it they need supplemental feed. The neat who often -- cater. 15102000. A year per horse. Will we when we talked of course owners. They hardly spend a dime and it shows so -- for ever working -- sheriff's offices just as you've heard these horror stories. On developing resources and action plans and rescue teams to go and have the people arrested in confiscate the horse and as you're hearing who. How do we possibly pay for office I'm delighted and grateful for all the community support we're getting. Thank you all the veterinarians who do this it cost thank you for the rescuers Spain Marta on the list goes on. So again if you wanna help. Our efforts. And we deal with a lot of areas around the state that nobody else does and virtually that's our specialty. Please contact us as well and he's a humane society of what we've -- ride our our web site and we also like -- has a donate button. And those costs the year of donations will go to a lot of farm animals who are overlooked abandoned starved. And we have 200 and are no kill facility. That the two horses were harper and -- that I thought one had lived. But they couldn't even determine if they had died of dehydration or starvation. All I could think up -- What agony did -- goes through in the process of dying right. But thank you for -- that hasn't obviously affected the person you did it and it takes it's actually a couple weeks from -- to die -- you. If this lingers -- tries everything you can to stay alive. And it -- stay with -- we're gonna take a break to the newsroom but we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk about what are the laws and what can be done what should be done. Right after this and we are back talking about animal cruelty. With a whole group of people just to worsen with humane society of Louisiana and under reason Ellen lynch each with Spain march. Doctor Greg rich the west esplanade veterinary clinic and doctor Dreessen Kernen. Owner of the magazine street animal clinic. And also Megan McCarthy who -- On Megan was the mother of little Cinderella who started this whole thing with the cat that was so horribly abused Greg -- been working with the two rabbits that work. Mound and throw pregnant and thrown out to -- in your park both of them have their babies and no one lives yes we -- we at least three -- yes and okay. And but we have two very broken -- now so and then we have that the situation with the horses which just you know is such a hard. And it isn't yet. Just in Louisiana -- -- other states that have the same thing. People get horses that get them inexpensively it's cute to watch it around the yard and then all of a sudden they're bored with the -- put him out there and just eat the grass and they have no clue what it costs. Or people hit hard times that happens in life. My argument has always been you know you have hard times. Go to a shelter and say you know what I can't take care of these courses. What can I do can anybody help. That's the answer that is the answer and we don't get many of those phone calls up and but they're constantly you can't help themselves. What frustrating and to rule quickest. These two rabbits and other rabbits that are dumped at -- near. Or rabbits cats chickens anything this dump people feel like if they take him to a shelter at the to be put to sleep immediately. I think we have phenomenal shelters -- area Robin do you and John Young would you compare to downgrade jobless saying. We'll try and limit our kill as much as possible will adopt everything we possibly adopt out or ship it to another state that will adopted now. LE SP CA is done a great job. -- so Arnold are -- they've done a great job HS US. Or there and being humane society Louisiana would just programs. If people would take them to the shelter. And give them a chance rather than -- -- amount mother nature and saying I don't want it when other negatively take care of it. Shelters do a great job in our situation we work with. The house rabbit society. The to nationwide organization. And his June Booth our house rabbit society educator provides us with funds. To take -- the Raddatz in an -- now and June Booth is on the line with this June 9 I know you had been crushed when you heard about the rent it. Yep and you know me well enough and other islands crushed and I have to go back to let you said about. What the court -- went through well dying. But these rapids went through before they were rescued as they were screaming in pain that still wants me to this today. And exactly what doctor Greg -- saying his. The tendency is I won't take it to the shelter -- skillet so I'll throw it out and they can live. This is not the case with this this was a cruelty act beyond words to have taken the time to found the legs. What is as a psychiatrist says and undeveloped mind. Not -- this talk if we can about the laws. Whether it's the kitten the horses a minute this is cruelty what are the laws of Louisiana I've always heard with a pretty good laws. Truthfully we do up -- almost second in the nation behind -- briefly hearing here we are. Misdemeanor also referred to as simple cruelty six months and or up to a thousand dollars or both. With forty hours of community service and with the proviso that the judge can pass for psychological counseling. When you jump up to felony. Film the is intentional cruelty maiming mutilation. Aggravated cruelty. Torture. And so the penalties are starts at 1000. Goes up to 25000. Starts at one year it goes up to ten years. Now do that judges automatically give that no course of the using go to the lower and but as per animal per charge so we have some turns on the laws those are pretty significant penalties if you ask me. Misdemeanors and of course he typically. We've been in court many many times typical -- finest 250 dollars and probation. Inactive probation even. But the trip themselves up when -- do community service very few of the people that we've taken to court ever conduct ever do one -- community service till the end of doing jail time. So there's some some ways that we can still work with in the courts to get you know justice served on these poor animals well. I think in these two cases and correct me if you disagree in and that's okay. Both for the kitten. That that's like a felony oh absolutely and -- -- in the round and my horses yes it's felony. Are -- are these people arrested are the owners of the horses arrested RD another looking and I know the Louisiana SP CA's put up a thousand dollar. A reward for going gone the -- anatomy yes no that's right. So but let's talk about the place. The police did come. I'm Dave did come they I called them acts I took as soon as I -- the poison. And I saw the residue on her mouth and -- I knew she had been poisoned. So I called police immediately. They told me to call them after I took Kurtz of the emergency that. So when I got back -- ballots. About 330. I I. About 4 o'clock in the morning when I had gotten back from the emergency bad. I recall the place they did that show up and tell. Two and a half hours later. When they did show up. I had to a police officer who came in and told me sent her to him. You know some girl looked fine and he can see the problem as she was laying there you know death likened her. Her mouth hanging open and he simple she's just an animal anyways. And they found it they found and unregistered guns in the house with a serial numbers off. And they returned the gun -- to my roommate. The only reason they took him to jail is because he had outstanding warrants they would not let me make out a police report when I asked them three different times is an OPG correct. Yep I asked them three different times for our report number and didn't I have to sign something for report and they told me now. There was no need to there was nothing wrong. So there is no police report filed in the skiing -- They they wouldn't allow me to you. Have you talked to your roommates since all this happened now. I got out as soon as I kind if he did that's an animal. What could be due to me. That's that's nature. OK Jeff we'll cook whose interest hopefully tomorrow a small team of us are gonna go to the sixth district. I won't reveal polish energy but it will be -- I promise you by the end it tomorrow. OK okay that the reality is I'm very happy to hear that were second because I'd always heard that Louisiana is actually very good on our laws. But most are worthless if they're not follow through additional enforcement. Anybody any thoughts on that. I just I'd like to see. More public awareness more sign age. More. Exposure of of the people out there early in life and your partners walkers runners. At city park there's walkers or runners. If there was more signage. And people go oh well if I drop this animal it's my c.'s meet its 500000 dollars. They -- think twice about it. -- If there was some sign that says please don't drop your animal here bring it Louisiana's BCA -- -- compares animal shelter. Some type of awareness to give people an option I think. Like with doctor garden in the the options that she's got to fixing a cat Elvis if we have options in front of us we can make choices. Hopefully will make wiser choices. We don't know options the only thing I'm mind as profit. Run. Out we're gonna take another break that moment come back we're gonna continue to talk on. Enforcement. Of the good laws we have right after this. Well we're talking with people who literally spend day in day out. Working with animals and see the best of times in the worst of times and hopefully we've really seen some horrific things. With the the the brutality and cruelty. Both to the kitten to the rabbits to denounce the deceased horses. There are laws on the books what is it gonna take to enforce them. What can people do who -- listening to this who are angry and say you know what. There are laws go. Online everybody again Jeff from the humane titled the -- and just type in Louisiana State statutes for animal cruelty and it's right here in front of you. Easy to read is accessible and that she you have to teach the police officers -- educate them. I do it every single day in my life I'm on the phone with deputies and sheriff's generally from the rule areas they're very open they wanna know they wanna do correctly. Four unfortunate we've had less cooperation here locally NO PD -- -- is not interest is or. To simply won't cooperate with our efforts to charge people with animal cruelty. And we will take that up with superintendent surpass any -- now. So give me a few weeks on give back he was our link him to change their culture of doing business with how -- -- animal cruelty here in this city. Around the state. It's somewhat positive we're we're always active always following up. I'll always trying to get resources where they're most needed so give those two or three weeks to see if we can give you better report. I know that you'll see this all the time and probably the people who are listening. -- outraged as all of us have been as each individual case happened. But in your minds what could be done I loved your idea Greg -- In the parks have a sign that says don't dump your -- here call X number because maybe there's another way around to help. Giving people. -- an option that that's what. My life is all about move. Trying to give somebody something that was not in their brain something that wasn't in their thought process. A viable option oh what to do next if they don't dump a pat. -- but at the humane to sell society dull but at. It just -- animal shelter dumped it somewhere where. They've got people around to take an animal care for cleanup and under the new home the carriers. That's what we do with -- house -- society we take in animals. Rabbits. From the health -- society that this Booth and I were together on. We raise funds to take care of these animals William spade. Checked out. -- home and sometimes it'll take a year we just. We just adopt a dollar a rabbit. A black gorgeous rabbit named raven. To magic happens in Baton Rouge we had -- three year we're not the Bundesliga he's been that long would find a home eventually. You know and you bring up many things it's the patients and the kindness and generosity of all if you. Individually and collectively these incredible groups and it's almost as if people say well. They can take care of it but it takes a lot of money so again Spain march go to Spain mart dot org. And you can donate -- go the humane society of Louisiana you can donate to get these enormous vet bills that are going to be faced this is not gratis. And -- them. They can also donate to their house to have a society descended to -- esplanade clinic. And the other thing while one dimension is everybody's been right unless they said. What I get so many calls I get calls because my daughter is support person from people who. -- courses starting. And very detailed someone and I then and to get -- you on the number. Accepting you know went on to take in any animals because people are scared to death to go they think they'll be killed right away. Angela yes 3 o'clock. Yet it's enclosed and I want but one thing -- -- I think you're absolutely. Off from. Are given given all of us -- vehicle that we can. It can publicize and and and and prevent these issue over the years that it can be made aware a couple of unique program that would happen. Well Lynn your -- great to say that it's just I turn -- all of us it's you know 35 years of frustration that. That this kind of thing continues but it's it's battling it and that's what we're doing so. And one more thing I wanted to and just bring -- if anyone out there who's listening wants to help. Calling your local shelter and and volunteered a Foster because the more animals that we can pull from you know these in Asia list. Or you know. It gives people an option says there's animals going out into the community into. Wanna thank each and every one of you for joining us. Again very said we're gonna follow up and look at the enforcement of this we're going to be checking on those laws just to Cassini thing call. Our next hour is going to be little happier we are definitely gonna get to talk to Sandra Bullock and I'm excited about that but again thank you all. Each and every one of you for being with that's.