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May 20, 2014|

Dave talks about Steve Gleason surgery, Super Bowl bid, bomb threat at graduation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At twelve minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL offers news on this twentieth -- may 2014. Pads Tuesday not my day I congratulations. Use survive. Monday it was a brutal market -- for -- -- -- -- but you know I feel so much better this apartment now I am actually bounced back in -- that -- action and rest and recuperate my mother you got a little sleep will do wonders and man. Man -- ran and constructions. Heidi and that's politics that is Massa appeared team they've -- Clear view park -- completely torn up. -- -- And it's. Guys work in everywhere in this -- that make no sense can't figure out where the -- are some drivers were kinda confused and get on the unit Stater -- dies. So there was this -- anyway and I got indecision all over the place ads darkened and the these bright lights from the construction workers -- theater and it's a beginning on I ten. Clear view. Be advised him not picked up that work yet and that may cause and sounds like a scene out of a bad move. Up. The bright lights in your face. With a guy at the nebulous see it in had to do construction hours they get these crazy bright light that. Cars that part of me did now because that -- in -- making sent to his own them. They didn't know -- could get on the unit -- not as an all but the far left lane closed it crossed reliance on the entrance. One cliff you're allowed to -- as a mechanic -- in the way that. It's all great start yet but that's OK it's not Monday -- taken our way. Trojan on into the work we can't wait for the afternoon off. Marlins will host Super Bowl LI. 52 in -- when he eighteen tries Centennial I was steel and you know like. While. We should have this thing locked up but looking gray avenue warlords who were -- -- oh yeah big about it the opinion -- the Minneapolis. Yeah. And that opened a billion dollars and news media in the NFL lows those new -- so yes -- news day and they they liked the rewards cities' durables positions that devices other cities and then say Lou if we built the building and William -- where yet. You know we'll get a Super Bowl so I got a great idea languages give on the a year. You know how to work out the bugs in the new facility in -- ruling in the meantime -- nail. I wish they were beating Hughes who crumbles right now now theoretically they are the NFL owners -- while -- erratically -- they could award this to revolt in the world. That's when he eighteen in Minneapolis and when he nineteen but who knows -- Minneapolis wanted point nights you know what else maybe going on. So we'll see presentations this afternoon every WL saves sideline reporter Chris and Garrett is at the owners' meetings and he'll be keeping us. Up to him the minutes with what's going on up there this state and to defense -- they take all the time they want but we think -- summer between 3 PM and six Vietnam right about America yet. Could be as early as three QB's latest. We'll keep you thank you David. Talking fifteen minutes or first news here on WWL. AM FM and act now I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much for joining us on the early edition coming up your forecast sports with Steve Geller. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Double crown winner gets to go for the Triple Crown with the threes strip on -- And if people got a heck of a story from that outcome for this morning at WW. 518 Dave joins us Sheldon and master control we get to new music playing coming in and out of our commercial. Element. I should appreciate your forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast center. Then tonight or dropping down to 866 north of the lake around seventy on the South -- but back to the sunshine on Wednesday with a high of 87. And Thursday were mostly sunny with a high of 89. The eyewitness -- forecast center and it rolled just far. Tell we have clear skies at the airport in Canada 169 degrees slide out cloudy and 59 some areas reporting some pretty dense fog Okaloosa less than a quarter of a mile visibility quarter mile visibility in Gonzales fog in Hammond as well. -- -- to mediate 7870 says fog rolling in on highway ninety all the way from. -- -- -- -- -- Sports time now on WW well Steve -- let me congratulate you on surviving Monday and making it to this -- that I -- not. Monday from a soldier yet distressing that we made it through together and now we turn down through Tuesday and it helps when we have a little sports to go with accuse him. Well good morning everyone in all of the picks are officially in. The saints have now signed their entire 2014 draft class after coming to terms with their fourth round draft pick -- fort. NFL analyst Mike affiliate says there's eight ton of upside to this linebacker you talk about a guy -- well built. He's 62245. Date thirty wraps up to 25 and 36 inch vertical so to about a really good athlete very physical very instinctive. Tim Duncan scored 27 points in San Antonio captured game one of the NBA's Western Conference finals. By pounding Oklahoma City won 22 to 105. Manu Ginobili had eighteen points for the spurs who dominated inside lost under senator Serge Ibaka sat out with a calf injury. That will likely force him to miss the rest of the post season. San Antonio scored 66 points in the paint. And shot nearly 58% from the field San Antonio's Tim Duncan explains their offensive onslaught on OKC. We were taking more or given we -- would -- be able to. Against the middle and tackle -- more than we have that's kind of what's been there historically and against them and I was able to make some shots. Meanwhile the NBA's initiated charge against Donald Sterling setting up -- June 3 hearing after which owners could vote to terminate his ownership of the LA clippers. The charges -- that sterling has damaged the NBA and its teams -- African Americans and that his actions significantly undermine the league's efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. Sterling has until May 27 to respond to the charged. And he has the right to appear at the hearing. In front of the board of governors the NBA draft -- also tonight in the pelicans hope to beat the long odds in -- eight top five draft choice. If New Orleans doesn't earn a top five selection. Their first round pick goes to the Philadelphia 76ers. As part of last year's deal to acquire point guard Jrue Holiday. Kentucky Derby and preakness -- California chrome will be allowed to -- nasal strip when he goes for the Triple Crown at Belmont park next month. New York tracks have a rule prohibiting any equipment not specifically approved by stewards and nasal strips were on that list but have now been approved. And that's efforts open that eight game homestand with a six to two win over the redhawks today apple on sports talk will the world its host the 2018 Super Bowl. Find out alive with saints sideline reporter -- Garrett who's in Atlanta at the NFL's owners meetings I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning -- Wart like two minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first is Dave on Steve Geller hang out with you on your radio on not Monday morning and that her hates them California crown. As 12 legs of the Triple Crown going of the historic. Triple Crown victory. And we'll get -- nasal strip. In doing this I guess the big question was. Obviously it's something that's me while now is it performance enhancing well. If you. They would want to where if we didn't make him strong need to be able to run faster. Right guess you could say technically yes because it is helping him breathe better right Andy breathing is an important thing for an athlete and then there's no doubt arrange tours as an athlete. But (%expletive) isn't illegal performance enhancing and apparently the ruling is no it is not at any horse that wants. Can Wear it breeds strip on their nose right in the race. I think they everybody made a big deal about this just because it is the rule had stated that they hadn't allowed no. Apparatus that had a -- approved before. To be to be used in a race but they just said hey Jim we use the nasal strip and they -- -- the problem no horses ever. Warner nasal strip in this race before baby its groundbreaking. Technology now for horse racing every -- have a a brief strip yeah. -- you're one of those restricts. I have I have a tribe because my wife says I -- and they could shake the walls but. It just it didn't work forming -- now now I've never tried to actually athlete when it comes to football players. You know yeah I wonder about I guess the meals trips and also to meet the magnetic. Bracelets or necklaces that spokesman that -- help -- Lying your body I don't know about that iams. I know people who swear by those things look at the put this on and try to bounce on one foot lucky can do it. I just -- out there -- a skeptic about a magnet on the wrist right. And being able to completely change your ability to balance those really properly and it may make you believe you can balance better some maybe you can really prevalent in Major League Baseball we see a lot of pitchers especially wearing them on the -- Magnetic race. Thank you Steve both hockey -- -- Imus -- sports WWL. Am FM and account. Reservist bracelets whatever and it makes them happy to 04. It's in his life injecting yourself when I -- chemicals like yes. We'll continue to conversation cabinet via WWL thing in the Nokia forecast. Five point 86 after your forecast sunny skies around again for your Tuesday but temperatures continue to heat up 86 this afternoon but feeling a little bit more humid. And that will be the case the next couple of days that the humidity returns were up to 87 on Wednesday and 89 on Thursday but both days mostly sunny. Coming Eyewitness News forecast center and he -- just Clark tell us. About 69 degrees north of the airport scanner and the Lakefront airport relative humidity is 93%. -- smoggy cloudy and 59 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell fog reported from Baton Rouge to Bogle -- -- through Hammond Gonzales and down and a Obama. Some areas have less than a quarter of a mile visibility and Dave it's the early edition. -- WWL first news. Former saints safety. Steve Gleason battling AO last. Is having increased trouble breathing so last night he went into the hospital have a tracheotomy essentially a hole put in his throat. To make it easier for him to breathe there was a lot of concern how he would do coming out of the surgery. As the degenerative diseases taking bigger -- on him. Gleason. Tweeted out after the surgery late last night around midnight I am persistent like a banana tree. Cut me down. And will be back before you know it. So he's hanging on he's asking for prayers and thoughts and focus on healing Steve Gleason is getting worse he says he's going to stop the -- Hash tag no white -- coming up we have a double dose of why. It's people this morning -- -- that active duty earlier after the -- -- WWL. 37 minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL for listeners it's may it's it's. One yet that's when he fourteen it's Tuesday we now welcome to the -- -- Tacoma Monday and now we survived Monday we got through together and will be okay. 20% of the work we can already behind the 840% and will be over. It and it is. Wrong with people. All now why would. An eighteen year old high schools and invite. The vice president of the United States to go to prom. Well. Why it would Don -- -- in Hartford Connecticut. Think that the vice president that states who's married -- has grown children now preachers. It's. Probably eighteen -- Oh probably looking for publicity stunt she said it was kind of a joke which you think he's funny guys that she invited him to race on her and she was shocked. You Christian I've just got to let that go right by its app she was shot to -- he -- handwritten note Mac. -- center a course. A baby's breath of course -- white roses red white and blue ribbons that she can -- the problem. I don't know if she's going by yourself to tackle what he gets he's not gonna join our -- he's got the Lola or size. You know I think that's a little. Growth to be honest with you can imagine he'd he'd go. Here's his grandfather. The vice president United States -- go to prom with this eighteen year old little girl make honest you know little over Connecticut although you know people with -- I did people last there. Of moms and downs I think I've heard -- illustrates models they ask. Beauty pageant winners and I've seen anywhere you know. Where they'll say yes and you'll see Hollywood you know actresses on the problem is eighteen year old kid. That to me it's just kind of silly because there's no way is that -- gonna and the way that it wanted. I mean you're it's not going to be at you we're gonna go out afterwards and have a romantic evening now and -- that night in now and you get a limo ride there with a superstar. Maybe one or two dances with them on the dance floor. And and then like OK got to dot. -- in your real lucky guy might take you out from some pizza or something I. It did -- to me if yet if you're eighteen years old and you're asking someone in their thirties 40s60s. In this gazed up from. You end up in the what are. With people file -- strain now Alaska another hit a prom. So it doesn't appear to be going any further than the course Ali center and -- he -- he could -- but he can't he says he was -- she says she -- That he even replied. There's no sweetie yeah. Thank you didn't look like it's twenty minutes of -- vs Chris Miller joins us. We're gonna have reports in the news coming up from. Minneapolis I mean from. -- -- -- I've been doing the same thing yet been knocked on my dad yes -- cities involved giveaway ever report from Atlanta on how New Orleans officials are preparing to make their bid for the super ball Chris Miller is at the superdome. Sizing up the competition. That New Orleans is facing an effort to get. Super Bowl -- -- fifty -- that we have that to look forward to thank you David we'll talk to you then. Uh oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast that they -- morning air ready invoking that it's missed that does Laura about the. What's gone on this Tuesday you know it's not Monday. Yeah that is and so I'm in graduate just again it is not my yeah so congratulations on surviving on it I'd tell -- estimated through -- -- -- big pat on the back. And others felt that that did not make it through allies. At the -- that not everyone -- Every -- some economic. Guys that we did you should be happy that. And the font is -- on them. But especially north of the lake -- -- al-Qaeda up toward mccombs with them up patchy fog air so it really that thick at this. Point but there could be some spots -- -- to just be careful at work and I wouldn't patchy but then head spot you know she's a problem right. Keep in mind now right other that it muggy in -- and more this morning we have right hit seventy here in New Orleans and belts tasted. Still few upper fifties north of the lake and I Hannah -- lighthouse still winning out at 59. All the batteries just pick up to 66 that we expected it and each morning it's going to be a little warmer. Each afternoon is going to be a little bit warmer until we finally reached close to ninety by the admitted to in this week. John and nine -- a parent time forecast map -- yet close to that it's again but not a day today with -- we -- today will be about 86 -- for hi this after. Fairly dry due points are still in the sixties it's when they get back into -- seventies that it really starts to feel humid. So we're kind of like borderline I would say for -- action but no rain in the forecast now I don't have a weekend after the we can't looks great for Memorial Day weekend like it. Love it wants some more of it. Well you know wasn't no longer we started -- new segment called. Pulled my. God I'm pretty huge -- It and the how -- that segment but in this case it's how could she do that but yet I can't make him say that now. It and it. That -- you know this is an extension of the wrong with people filed the story comes to us from Quinnipiac University which on Tuesday that it. Quinnipiac quinnipiac critical act and onward this day but this is not funny at all. So there's this student at Quinnipiac University Danielle -- 222 year old young lady from Quincy Massachusetts. Who. Last year decided college wasn't her thing again and she dropped out K here's the problem. He never looked. Well you know yet so. Mom's still senator tuition money of course. And that's the problem you send it directly TDL yes the up adding that tuition -- flag. Then yelled though was not paying the university nor was she enrolled in classic. Let it out couldn't find a way to tell her parents as well so -- at a ticket passed up -- expensive. Also last -- -- times over the weekend it was graduation that. Sunday was graduation. Daniel put on our cap on again all coming to a head mom and dad came to town graduation. Out mom and dad go to the venue for the graduation. -- it down it hurt happened once again it happens you just bought and as well -- -- that -- -- ask -- to great lengths to keep it. Yeah wrote up Hewitt too far. I walk across the -- the whole thing mom and dad sit down and they find it feels -- any program that in there other forgot her daughter's name what is wrong with these people on how can they do that. Danielle is now faced with a choice. Now the truth. Or call it a bomb scare. Yes yes she did graduates. Danielle called in a bombs here -- for -- is yes yes it -- could be -- -- At Philadelphia in this lifetime already act like this and that. -- A police say that today called Quinnipiac University public safety 5:38 PM just before the graduation. And that that there was a bomb. In the building. And they called back seventeen minutes later as saying several bombs were on hand it could go wrong with this plan. -- seemed like she has this -- and should stay in college well I don't think he developed after her first bombs here when they didn't clear out the graduation venue he called back. Yeah and that quote you haven't cleared out graduation that's not a good idea there are several bomb. Right including feet 83 rating yell so and so it. Definitely wanted to clear that the Al. Ceremony was delayed about an hour and a half but went on without -- -- and it's -- and -- -- content -- -- up to twenty years in federal prison yes definitely yes. I call it -- Bob around people -- know you can't I know that this notes twenty years yeah I think Arab murderers that took twenty years you're correct. An advantage in most hated people get when you write they write it. Share and that it's possible right and there to dissuade people from calling and bumper. Crop it. Are you know what's worse is probably I mean how humiliated with her. And -- She's got to be in it. And then. -- that you like are writing yell where's the tax. She's -- his command you. Delayed the ceremony. They're gonna eventually have the ceremony do you have wandering to the parent and get my parents and -- think that I'm I would not have done and I I would teeth your that at your graduation are battling attribute. There's no way -- if it came to add on. Don't -- -- to school just give me the money I'll make sure I'll do it now query and a responsible eighteen year old or 22 year old you know now I was very response -- my parents that life. Now right it's different universe. I just feel like there are instances where it's. This should have been stopped. Yeah prophet -- the -- Scare probably should not have gotten to -- now here now. How could she do that in this -- thank you Laura all right out of an awkward -- in the -- from the Eyewitness -- forecast. Well I can't delay sports any longer its next Tuesday. Ten minutes in front of 6 AM sports I'm here on WW -- for that we welcome in the gallery hasty. Good morning everybody will the saints have now wrapped up contracts with all six of their draft picks fourth round selection -- four was the final black and gold rookie to get a deal done. Draft expert Mike made -- of the NFL network feels the team got good value with this pick if a linebacker can stay on the field when he's helped. -- he -- since he's fast. He's OK he looks good or really just adore bill the issue was -- Tim Duncan scored 27 points and San Antonio beat Oklahoma City won 22105. In the opener of the Western Conference finals. Tony Parker did not appear limited by hamstring injury scored fourteen points. He also dished out twelve assists and says that came about because of how the thunder was defending him. The double team they came hard on the pink -- And Timmy was open toe goes open those who is trying to -- -- when they were giving. Kentucky Derby and preakness winner California chrome will be allowed to -- nasal strip when he goes for the Triple Crown at Belmont park next month. New York tracks have a ruling. Prohibiting any equipment not specify specifically approved by stewards and nasal strips were not on the list but they have been approved. The SEC baseball -- to begin today but LSU's Ernie first round bye. And doesn't take the field until tomorrow the tigers face the winner of today's Vanderbilt vs Tennessee game. At 9:30 AM tomorrow. This -- opened a four game home series against the way it red birds with a 62 victory. -- picture Alexander BO earn the win throwing five scoreless innings while striking out five. And former world number one Tiger Woods met reporters outside Washington DC at the congressional county country club to -- his annual tournament. During interview session to address this Helton said. There's no timetable for his return to competitive play. I miss playing. I miss being out there on the golf course and I'm doing now on the skinny out there and getting multi Tennant just this -- missed the game. Woods underwent back surgery earlier this year. Today at four on sports -- will New Orleans hosts the 2018 Super Bowl. Find out alive with saints sideline reporter Christian Garrett who's in Atlanta at the NFL's owners meetings. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. 553 games on the gallery with -- on -- radio are you surprised that the saints have signed all the graphics so quickly. I guess so it's pretty impressive I think there they and the Chicago Bears in early -- that have done and so so far. But yet Mickey who was making short work of everything get it done and so we won't have to worry about. Any players holding out that's really big for. The receiver Brandon cooks who -- miss some time could still finishing up school. And -- state but getting as much time with the Drew Brees in this offense -- only maximize his potential in his rookie year. And I did a good feeling I think to know that there are all signed up locked away not to worry about that. Where's Jimmy Graham still on the outside that's the one big contract I go out there -- they have franchise tag him so. In less he wants to sit out of football every year he will be playing this coming the Yankees got to be passing out on the millions of dollars just to sit at a season. Steve Gleason. This is it's tough -- talk about this and watch it happened. And he. He said he knew it was coming. His throat. Now not helping him breweries it and doctors say this is expected with -- -- pages at some point they have trouble breathing on the ground and so he went into the hospital yesterday for -- -- essentially cut a hole that's the bottom of -- throughout needs breathing that. He tweeted overnight last night I am persistent. Banana tree company down and I'll be back before you know it. He's talking like a guy who wants to fight on wants to survive. We know he's got this disease that is going to slowly robs him of his ability to lift. He says. He tweeted before it went in for surgery we've lived this sailor's journey publicly no reason to stop now. So just interesting that we're gonna see via Twitter apparently. All the twists and turns as this degenerative disease continues to attack attack this. But times and Europe. Yet he's quite active on Twitter has a great sense of humor despite what he's going through and you have to admire the battle that he's been going through I. I really feel for him and it's fairly especially with a little one you just see he I know he recorded his voice to so his son could could nobody satellite before he. Who's the -- the ability to speak. And his legacy is going to be its foundation trying to help find a way to -- this horrible disease thank you Steve we'll talk in fifteen minutes with more sports here on WWL. IMF -- 558 your forecast. From the Eyewitness News forecast senate. For your Tuesday a little patchy fog this morning but that should be heading out appears to get through the mid -- hours then mostly sunny skies and 86 for a hike today. And today dropping into the sixties and lower seventies and more heat and more sunshine for Wednesday and Thursday will say 87 on Wednesday. And by Thursday were up to 89. Pretty I would nastiest forecast center I mean to brawl to Starbucks out. It's estimated 7870 says the -- super thick investor hand can't see halfway down my block I'm looking out the window here at the downtown studios and I concede in the mystic river bridge domestic equity across the rivers and notes -- -- fog here but. We do get reports of fog more than. More than a little -- up in vocalist of the visibility is less than a quarter mile about a quarter mile and Gonzales you may find some thick -- does that their vote. You be careful this way. At this morning and you make your way around nine Dave Allen thank you for joining us here on the early edition of WWL first news. Thoughts and prayers with Steve -- if you follow him on Twitter FaceBook you've got to be amazed. At that resolved that this man had that the faces this degenerative brain disease but he's able to fight on and be so positive despite you know. -- -- -- --

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