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5-20 6:10am Scoot, cyclists, drivers, & pedestrians

May 20, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about problems with drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David when night I I walked into the parking lot this morning -- -- -- -- -- my -- close to my apartment and actually drove to the station to acres you know I don't walk to work anymore when -- more now now you dry you got a car maybe well -- -- -- gonna camp anyway it's the swelling or walk on the parking lot. And there's two young girls standing -- a -- street. A blonde. Light colored dress sand -- Brunette did dark colored dress flip flops just this one about 4 AM yeah yeah. Not that not atypical I would say I -- -- that I was paying attention to what they were doing all where else but they're having this conversation and it was a part of me that wanted to go over say. Ladies look. You really should shouldn't be standing out here on the streets conversing practice -- -- you should believe him inside somewhere. Because again I know what happened to me at 4 o'clock in the more ground and it can happen. And I I didn't and I think sometimes we're afraid to actually say something to somebody else because. We think they might get the wrong idea I mean they might think that I'm trying to pick up -- yeah exactly yeah but I know what you mean you feel almost like a civic duty. Because. It's like you know you were local we know -- the score. And it's like he might wanna be careful ladies you know again -- twenty something. Females whether real or female -- just don't know that it's good to be just kind of hanging out here yeah especially if they probably have been drinking heavily to -- think that at all at all not at all. I watched in my apartment building. Couples walking down a street in the middle of the street and. -- daisy duke is yeah sure. That they're looking for a little so -- after a native. Or but it really is a shame that sometimes we feel like we can't go tell somebody something. Because they're gonna get the wrong idea and and think how I would feel. If something happened to either one involves terror and I I didn't say anything because I didn't want them to get the wrong idea why Andy you know this happens it. The story is repeated itself many times that opt out of towners specially first timers. Who come to this town thinks there in Disneyland. You know and and and -- know you're not and you gotta be careful you know you can -- wander all over the place. 5 in the morning watch your back. Yeah and if you're in the -- I guess in the right areas it's it's okay I'm still not afraid to be. In the city of -- afraid to be around but I am now a little more cautious about where I am mad at certain times. David I I see pedestrians not really know what to do it over the last couple of weeks I've seen a couple of mothers and father with kids in strollers. And their crossing the street in -- the crosswalk. And near the crossing when they're not supposed to be crossing. And traffic's coming and I'm thinking. These -- the purse first people who are gonna be upset if somebody hits and kills their kid but there in the crosswalk when they're not supposed to be in the crosswalk. And there seems to be a general lack of intelligence when it comes to. The at times to walk in the times not to walk with pedestrian -- they don't pay any attention -- lights in the engine biologist going across. And then there's there's more cyclist on the road. An effect I look both ways across a streak even even it's -- what if -- a one way street because I never an offer of a cycle is going to be coming down the wrong way. And could potentially hit the more cyclists more designated by plate but still a lot of tension between cyclist motorist. And of course pedestrians. So disorder we'll talk about what behavior of cyclists or motorists. Needs to change. If you at a joint -- with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. Texas 87870. Sometimes I'm a motorist and sometimes I'm a pedestrian never cyclist. And I got problems with just about everybody what problems you have with pedestrians what advice would you wanna give pedestrians when it comes to just crossing the street. Something we were supposed to have -- when we were very very young -- advice do you have for the cyclists when it comes to the basic rules of the road. And if you are cyclists or pedestrians. What bothers you about motorists. I've scoot it for Tommy Tucker it's 6:13 on Tuesday morning and we'll be right back on every WL. It's a beautiful Tuesday morning good morning I'm scoops in the morning for Tommy Tucker today. It's 617 where we're talking about more cycle list and more motorists on the road. Living downtown occasionally -- a motor -- for the most part time a pedestrian. And -- motorist not paying attention. IC cyclist not paying attention. And I see pedestrians not paying attention. And it really bothers me that there are so many people who just don't really understand how to cross the street. You know sometimes. If there's a there's an intersection. Where it says no. No right turn on -- Then when the light turns green. Then the stop sign is -- is still up there when it comes to pedestrians so you're not supposed to walk. And yet I see people get angry because cars are turning when they're actually have the right of way as I mentioned just a moment ago the last couple of which have seen. A -- a couple of parents. In the crosswalk with their kids. In strollers. Endangering the lives of their kids. Because scarcer. Cars are coming and the cars actually have the right of way -- these parents not be the first who would be upset. If their kid got hit and yet the they brazenly walked out there with their their kids in the crosswalk and look I understand that urban streets a little different -- or -- ago a brief drive government street Saturday afternoon. And -- street is not closed to pedestrians until the 6 o'clock in the evening. And yet when it's a busy spring like afternoon like Saturday afternoon it's beautiful day. A lot of people -- They really think deeper mysteries just for pedestrians but it's not so. You have to just pay attention and and here's here's a text that reason everybody should everybody should pay attention here's a text shouldn't the same traffic rules applied. A text reads a -- want us to observe them on roadways. But did not follow the traffic rules shouldn't they stop for lights. And stop signs. Shouldn't they. Have the right to go to green like I would agree with that NIC that downtown all the time. Not only do cyclists go the wrong way on the street. But they also if I'm if I'm a pedestrian I'm ready to cross the street there -- that there are cyclist who don't stop at a red light. Well if it's my turn to walk while I'm careful because -- I have to assume that may be a motorist or cycles to dock and pay attention cyclist. If they want the respect of motorist. They need to respect the rules of the -- And New Orleans is not. The bike friendly city in America although it's getting a lot better. And they are more designated bike lights but there's been a general lack of respect for cyclists like understand the frustration on both sides. Who needs to change the most the cyclists. And motorists. -- the pedestrians. If you -- to join Russia with a comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Told 38668890. Recently tech's number 87870. -- the -- like this morning is something we're gonna talk about coming up in the next hour the mentality. Of minimum wage workers. It's on our website at WW dot com you can read -- -- -- your comments if you like it's also part of our FaceBook conversation this morning. At WWL radio it's six horny and here's had a VW well traffic updates -- It's 6:44 on this Tuesday morning I'm -- -- -- forward Tommy Tucker this morning more cyclist on the streets of New Orleans in the suburbs and -- designated bike lanes. But still a lot of tension between cyclists and motorists and also pedestrians. What behavior of the cyclists or motorists were pedestrians. Do you think should change. If you join us this morning with your comments and experience you've had with that cyclists or motorists for pedestrians are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text is 87 V seven architecture coming up from New Orleans Stephen. -- and a BW on good morning. Brady yesterday. Rises to the parliament the actually worried by actually clinched rare and -- stops aren't. Good at call. The windshield. Does include. And the root word all of matched it and well I mean serious damage to the car Adobe cyclist was in the hospital. Told. And the driver of the car. Petty here were approves it looks like intranet from. It's tragic accident. Thursday but if the cycle was it simply update the rules of the road then that probably wouldn't of happened. You will then -- the thing about the the metropolitan. Gosh it probably one which killed. The brother in law so that woods. Was -- might have occurred during. And that it would work. -- that to -- I'd argue remember that story out yes I don't have an update on that either. Stephen RU you are cyclists are you -- most of the time. Motorists are used to. Released just cycle fourteen did toward the. So you understand what it means to be a cyclist. Yeah and you know -- understand it and you know my whole idea it was -- A ride. On skate. So I stop -- stops aren't -- stopped red light even though it was normally look -- -- And -- used to work at 4 o'clock in the morning at 4:5 o'clock in the morning -- and importantly for. Well but you know are also who. Always had like so and put Anderson launchers and that doesn't happen today. -- used to people don't on this Wednesday night. Dressed in black bicycle -- black and you can see a reflector on a bicycle if I have a unless you bright lights are reported to you right on top -- And it would also be difficult to distinguish that reflector from the reflection that you might get from the cars and lights at the side of the road. Stephen I appreciate your caller I'm sorry you witness says if you wanna join us for the comment about it cyclists on the road. If your cyclist you have a problem with motorists what -- -- should do. When it comes to be more respectful to cyclist. And pedestrians at a text here and -- and got a couple of text saying that in Louisiana. The pedestrian always has the right of way. If you hit them you're wrong it's the law. I don't know if there should be a law that protects. Stupidity. And I do understand that and I would not hit a pedestrian because I understand that even if I have the right of way if if I'm at a car. Dan I'm the one who's gonna get in trouble but there shouldn't be a law that protects. People who are just not paying attention to the basic rules of the road and in evidently. Inevitably there are going to be situations. Where a motorist is not at fault. For hitting a pedestrian. And we just heard a story of on. -- that was banged up in a cyclist twos in the hospital. Because the cyclist ran the stop sign if you what did you and Russia with your comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- -- 77. Here's a text did a basis on the it was a tri -- Not a tri athlete got a marathon. A driver was at fault NO PD did not arrest until pressure off from state representatives. Interest. Here is sent text that read says screwed this -- list need to learn one simple equation. Right of way. Does not equal safe. I ancestral you know you may have the right and I think about that is it pedestrian dance to I may have the right to walk. But I'm gonna still look both ways because it's if -- he would he would -- well I may be in the right but I may also be in the hospital. Here's a Texan racist -- Levin -- hand and drive to work -- river road. Something that absolutely drives me nuts is when cyclist ride on river road. Instead. Of getting on the lefty which millions of dollars were spent to pay that four. For bikes and for pedestrians. I've seen idiots do this from colonial country club. All the way down to the fly. Behind on urban park here is another text drivers. Don't even driver did -- a driver did even have a drivers like I guess this was the case you were talking about early if you join us with your comment retirement cyclist. What's like listening to do to. To be more courteous of motorist and that some cycles to really arrogant. And if you're not and -- -- don't take this personally. But some cyclists think they're better than everybody else. Because -- riding a bike because I'm not contributing to two. Polluting the environment. Of riding a bike. Well you're really not. I mean you're doing a nice thing and you're getting exercise. Which are not necessarily better than anybody else on the road and cycle listening to respect motorists to voters need to respect cyclists and pedestrians need to walk on him in the supposed to walk. I'm student for Tommy were coming right back with more of your comments it's 6:30 in a Tuesday morning and here's a WWL news updates with David Blake David -- almost hit a pedestrian. When you're driving in town guests and you mentioned the bicycle this thing that has has scared maybe even more than the pedestrian. Someone that I had no reflectors no knock us to resolve legacy this senior driving when it's dark. There are coming in on the dark in this suddenly it's like whoa. And I have to smaller in this guy is. And because you're in a car and he's on a -- chances are you're gonna get the -- even though it might not be your fault yeah it could go down that -- sharp. Real easily ended -- I don't I can't say I'm in a brother nor short Brett you're under the W on good morning. -- -- -- Finally. -- talented you got to talk about potentially beyond his years ago I -- a lecture where I was trailer. It were true it Butler trailer and you know -- -- mile an hour. Hello -- not the and that in the but in the -- -- So let's stop and you know. Pajama need to get out of the truck that -- -- at a -- -- the road. I waited there about five -- and you know he eat it never came out up applauding. Make black. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right -- The OK and I'm Mikey in Yiddish as early and he says you know rollovers and only comedy and a paramedic ambulance -- not they come. Well -- -- on my answer them you know -- united trailer on eighteen really didn't talk much and slowly and yet there it is amnesia. And you know. I'm not arguing with them about it happened in India are tribal and an -- -- being in an agony. I let them that he -- before they shoot. In early stage on the okay. And they let and then -- you know there are definitely learned that set up -- -- two hours. You know units were you a council as you know once. He looked so I mean yeah it does is that true. And -- -- sort of have been should be. So we assume that you didn't get in trouble because of the Jesse was jaywalking. -- I think it's admirable that you stayed. I think it's interesting that he believed he got up and ran of course you know I think sometimes you could be injured in your body can go in total shock and usually wouldn't be aware of what's going on and it might Mitchell later. But the thought the timing of moaning and groaning when the day EMS workers are arrived -- seems to be. Setting up a lawsuit. But I. Have to delegate and in and it's badly. Cardiac likable witnesses and what happens. To nowhere out. I even started on the status from there. And now I'm glad that idea I -- the paramedics and fire at me and you know I mean it took it like two hours. I wanted to leave but apparently mutilated. McCain. Well in this case it sounds like justice was served proud of -- I'm glad it worked out right away for you. A year -- via Egypt. I you know I was I was about the guy you know just I get an outward the leadership of. Thanks for calling a great day. There's a Texan restore accountability held to either motorist or cyclist start giving out tickets and citations to both parties. I've stood in for Tommy Tucker here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll this morning do minimum wage workers. The server race. Right now 42% say no and 50% say yes we'll talk more about this coming up in the next hour -- blog this morning on our website and FaceBook page. I mean if you -- -- come -- the W radio is titled the mentality. Of minimum wage workers. It's something that you would -- encounter every day we'll talk about that in the next hour. And we'll be right back. Under VW. I cannot imagine that you -- is not going to be awarded this afternoon or tonight at a Super Bowl in 2018. It just seems set to perfect it's the tri Centennial celebration of New Orleans and realize that Minneapolis is building a new stadium. Let people build stadiums more often and have 300 anniversaries in the world is is just such a perfect spot to have. The super -- not saying that because I'm here and I love this city was born here. Sega because it just seems like an absolute no brainer and state sideline reporter Christian Garrett is in Atlanta and we'll have that news for you also be talking about this. A tonight one way or the other we'll talk about it tonight on the -- she'll be back 828 and midnight tonight. Also a coming up later in the show we're gonna talk about freedom of speech police commissioner. In New Hampshire finally resigned after using the N word to refer to President Obama and refusing to apologize. Did he ever write a speech. Violation there because he was forced to resign. Also will talk about the mentality of minimum wage workers coming up in the next hour. A we've been talking about cycle -- -- and pedestrians and target more of your text you're just a moment let's go to Metairie -- -- -- BW -- good morning. -- -- -- -- Might want to start but the and I'm in particular problem. At aren't -- giving them and it is a lot of traffic on -- -- on both ways. You'll local for the cause common security vehicle talk about look across Scotland look right political outcome will get operate. You do ordinary and adults but it would present problem -- on the sidewalk. And -- thing that you look at the car you know. Well we need to be a more cognizant of a cycle assume we need to become more of cycle friendly city I -- I but I agree with that I like the more. Bike lanes sell on the streets like. Everybody needs to work together and nobody should think that they're the ones that really have the right of way and I -- pedestrians in there as well. That is absolutely correct but it's still in the caller on the road and not paying attention and bicycle and pedestrian. Protection and secure you know walking zone. But not you know he's trying to drive because -- -- an -- would -- vehicle. Not think about bicycle outside community about the -- doesn't. -- know -- but at. But aren't you glad the New Orleans in this whole area is becoming more bike friendly. Absolutely not look at it like wearing bowling no -- point the cyclists -- -- a little bit more responsibility. Well I agreed that they're decent and and and and done people who ride the motorcycles understand the motors are not always watching for them. In fact when I went through the classic got my endorsement for her for motorcycles on my driver's license in May be a much better driver in a car. Because I learned more about a blind spots and I just learn more about Traficant what people don't see so. Motorcyclist had been aware -- for awhile and cyclists need to be aware of -- defected and especially in this area. Not every motorist is paying attention to cyclist like they do in cities like Seattle and Portland in Denver that are very very -- front. That's stroke penalty minutes cyclical and the radio right now. Or pedestrians -- detects the reads of the statements the right of way has got more people injured or killed and anything else. I keep crossing walkways. Riding a bike. In the correct way etc. with that mindset every one knows I have the right of way there's just as much chance you'll Linda did. But right yeah I mean you don't wanna be right and -- did it's much better if you are alive and and right. If you what did you pressure of the -- this morning numbers 260187. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seven Texas a 7870. Here's a double WL project opinion -- something else we're talking about on the show this morning. -- minimum wage workers. Deserve a race. To -- shipping -- -- going to be WL top. It's 6:50 Tuesday morning I'm -- in four top -- and here's another -- to -- -- -- Good morning I'm -- in the morning for atomic sectors this morning. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion -- to minimum wage workers deserve a race. 39%. Say no 61%. Say yes. It is your opinion by going there website WW dot com and astute line is our website it's also FaceBook page stereo radio. Is titled the mentality of minimum wage workers. And I question whether or not minimum wage workers in general. Deserve a race we'll talk more like that coming up in the next -- -- talking about cyclist and motorist and from New Orleans -- -- and -- VW on good morning. A group of law and order you. Are doing great hero it it your beat. Be deployed in two weeks -- -- article in. I heard the conversation regarding. -- in and and -- spike lit. And it to recruit pedestrian in what is it wanted to bring up because we -- It it'll be adequate -- what we have our light concurrently. We have an open practice in Europe -- on what to -- being -- and what -- -- back in action or you know like a TEY. Or something like that. Well we have to go back to take remedial. -- -- -- Well you know regarding the broad and so what we told me they acquired in order when he entered plea by you'd go. For it. You know the most basic law for example we were I heard one of the callers. It's about likely that the outlook and OECB look at it and it -- -- it -- knock on the caller at all you -- not trying to. You don't -- -- -- been the call it called an -- using his calling an example what is it like I should be look at copper collars. Not likely to be more will not -- that cycle. And I'd you don't -- the event. We supposed to be look at how all types of -- pedestrians. Banquet. And it as well as other people we're not only not just the -- beat look at other caller. And if we go back and pressure ourselves. Which the trapping blow. We want to -- Are any and Tracy also there are new laws that go on the books almost every time the legislature did in in session I am very much in favor of every time we get our license renewed. I'm having to take a test I think it's amazing that I moved back to New Orleans from Colorado showed in my Colorado driver's license. And they gave me a Louisiana driver's license I didn't get a test. -- -- and you and I won't read it like a -- report you know I'm not you know our blog shortly and it -- Personally you know I have personal. -- we we we we emotional you know we've seen anything -- that -- -- -- you can have a that the -- You know that -- -- and I and I look pretty bad back there because. They. And it basically block period and I'm church human most -- call will brake parts of the it since we can't say what we don't know especially -- it would be an entity and I mean we've got Smart -- You know -- you know me being here at least in outlook being open to quick. Resurgent reference. Certain -- and they don't go to -- -- you know like a great area. And there's note that the callers I'm not trying to. Dumbing things down and all because ignorant to certain things well that they. Electricity I I agree with you you need to watch for everything including their dogs and cats they can run out into the street. Apart capital that they like that there. We have to realize that changed market repeater. The law you know and -- our. That -- and ultimately -- that make sure that the law. Tracy -- I'm gonna get to a news break thanks for the work that you do as a as a police officer and I'd be -- more of your calls more of your -- are coming up. I'm scoots on this Tuesday morning in for Tony Tucker. And we'll be right back into the if you.

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