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5-20 7:10am Scoot, minimum wage

May 20, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks about the possibility of raising the minimum wage

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Are coming aboard your calls about a minimum wage raising the minimum wage and -- minimum wage workers relieved to -- raised -- -- -- project opinion Paula you can give your opinion. -- going to be if you don't count dividends at the grocery store yesterday and I saw this this little kid. In one of the shopping carts. It has like the plate car -- -- -- -- true we did the steering wheel yeah and they and the impact there were two of them in the one that ice on they were both working in the steering -- this kid is like making choices like a car. His daughter on the order if this kid hits me I'm -- more sport are you out. So it occurred to me though that we think about all of the the ways that young people were influenced. Why is there no concern. That these grocery cart callers might be introducing kids to the idea under each striking. Mean you know you wanna have candy cigarettes anymore because it might teach kids to smoke alone. I don't know by Hubert I'd enjoyed candy cigarettes were prosecuted -- pretend I was smoking like my mom and dad and I'm not a smoker. On -- again it's Shirley temples and Roy Rogers which was kind of fake cocktail mock mock -- I guess you would say -- when we go out because we were pretending. Two. So that'd -- add up all these little things you might have something but we're but where's the concern about these these grocery. Cart cars why wouldn't this encourage underage -- drive actors a lot of fun though. When -- that -- I was that would have that when I was again. I hide decision -- -- needed unity it's like to once the go to the grocery department God's sakes that is you know you got it we got that -- think that you're straddled the usually get a rash and and there are arms -- -- -- real -- room but I mean -- it though it's not easy to is not easy to navigate the house that some of those things are kind of line. But I just I thought about that lets not over react to -- influences of things in society because if that really is a concern. And those -- -- cart cars should be banned because it might introduce kids to injury strike you know I can't remember whether I like I guess the Shirley Temple should've gone to girl and then the other guy got that he Roy Rogers. I'd putt well I grace. And yours and -- unchanged or some people wouldn't be surprised that I occasionally surely tell because. You wouldn't go. Out of the Shirley Temple if I'm not mistaken winners was 7UP and -- And in the Roy Rogers was coking and -- Something I don't know it looked like a mixed drink to me -- and we were imitating her parents which at that time was not necessarily a good thing. And I used to watch. I used to get the the candy cigarettes. And I'll eat it down so we get smaller so I actually felt like I was smoking it. Oh yeah yeah really get the image going do you watch mad men never watch -- show I have seen it yet. Okay very if you -- mad men which took us all through the sixties I think they're like 69 almost seventy at the -- That the smoking is unbelievable and to drink and the drinking is one nominal and that I didn't line my dad's generation. It's. Right in the office of you know the bottle of -- here in the urban there. And it doesn't matter there is also lost all day long and -- hidden on the secretary's yeah. That doesn't happen like that and I guess it's still those minutes -- -- Aristotle. -- if you are holed. And state witness if you wanna join our comments about the minimum wage is -- blog today is titled that the mentality of minimum wage workers. It's our our FaceBook page of the -- radio it's also on our website at WW dot com. I'm bothered by the ideas that. Minimum wage workers who don't deserve it would end up getting a race as a lot of people -- label me as a liberal. And and they wanna call me a liberal as if it's a bad thing. But I can't honestly call myself a liberal because of of of issues like this. I strongly opposed. Anything other than a strong work ethic. Leading to. Compensation. And so if that's my attitude I can't actually call myself a liberal as much as beneath you want me to myself. Hard work is the only way to get ahead. And there are businesses. To talk to somebody and -- in the -- here an account executive. Who who does very very well here WB well she worked at McDonald's and she's in McDonald's takes care of their people there are businesses. Do train and demand excellence from their employees. Why are there so many. Tolerate. Total apathy in the workforce. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy protection of Richardson seven. Mark your comments coming up next on studio for -- Tucker. Whatever WL I always talking a moment ago see this that the kids in this story yesterday. NEC one of those grocery shopping carts it looks like a car. He's making noises in order on the corner. And I think this is gonna cause people to think about under aged writing is my set a bad example. Here's a Texas says. Please don't talk about the shopping cart race cars someone will get the idea to put speed cameras. In the grocery store I'm skewed in four Tommy Tucker here's a quick update on WTO pretty general opinion poll also talking about a right now. To minimum wage workers deserve a race 67% say no 33%. Say yes coming up in the next -- we're gonna talk about freedom of speech a police commissioner in New Hampshire finally resigned. And he refused to apologize for using the N word in referring to President Obama. Tended the president meets all the criteria. That he has. For the definition of the inward. So has this police commissioner lost his freedom of speech. We'll talk about that in the next hour we're talking about the minimum wage. Workers demanding a raise his summer demanding fifteen dollars an hour. I sorted out a minimum wages and medi if you did. And I never thought that this was a ways to I appointed to lift. Here's a comment on our FaceBook page this is part of the conversation FaceBook it to be a dual radio from plants minimum effort equals. Minimum wage. Here's attacks on to protect your calls -- I know worker at a fast food place. And she said she deserves a raise because she has a baby. She also said that she often feels like spitting in the food out of anger. So wait that's the minimum wage worker you wanna give a race to. -- from prairie field -- here under the WL. More. Just ordinary comment on that issue all wage yeah all of the order of things in my mind Pete why could -- -- set -- As just that it should sort it all you know. First due respect you dirtier play TPC. In it -- -- boat raced to the war room. Try to update. Also -- a letter to control. Or so. Now you're you're not suggesting that somebody get a race just because they've done the job for certain amount of time. You know dog I really. You let people all. Yeah I would agree and an end and part of the reason that that doesn't happen it's because of American greed and and the -- of business owners from a gonna get to a traffic update heroically to call. That is it truly one of the problems and we should as consumers we should plead with business owners. To reward those employees to do an outstanding job. And in theory in the in the marketplace. Would not that make that company the company that did good employees wanna work for. And then other companies would be stuck with the worst employees. But ultimately if companies lost business because they replaced were so apathetic. Wouldn't that forced them in the free market society wouldn't that force them. To ultimately. Do a better job training their employees. If you go to George for your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Our text overstates their creativity once coached in the morning for Tommy Tucker will be right back -- more after this WWL traffic update the terror. Okay how many times he's going to move the business. And you see the group of minimum wage workers who were just happy. And enjoy what they do. Don't know everybody doesn't have to be happy it worked and I am sympathetic of those who -- are trying to attempt to make ends meet. And I am sure if you know I've been through some very tough times in my life recently. But the only thing that that life or people can't take from -- If your commitment to excellence. You work ethic. And if some companies are able to find train and maintain. Quality. Workers minimum wage workers. Then why are some companies. Allowing. Total apathy. In the workplace. In other parts of the country. It's not as bad as it is here. And and part of that just might be our culture. But everything about our culture isn't right. I'm from here born here grew up here. But it also traveled and lived around the country and there are minimum wage workers in other parts of the country that collectively as a group. Are different from many minimum wage workers here. And there just seems to be such a tolerance for mediocrity. On -- you're -- WL. -- -- Which. You know. People minimum wage. We can't expect much from. Alone. You know -- gave -- even companies and work excellence. Because. You know it. It. So it may -- On. A wager you. People. It. You can -- in. In in theory than there are businesses mad right now that have a better group of minimum wage employees that the businesses. And if they are able to do it all across our businesses do that yeah. I'm not so sure that somebody is -- the people that I see in the workplace. Who. Just seem to be doing the absolute minimum. I think we lost contact with with -- The people who were doing the absolute minimum I'm not convinced. That if you give them -- raise. They're gonna wanna do anymore. So theoretically. If consumers. Went to businesses stop going to businesses they didn't have good employees. And and rewarded the businesses that had good employees. That ultimately that should forced every business to do a better job training their employees -- you know let's think about. How this country was built. This country was not built. By lazy apathetic individuals. Who thought they were entitled to something. This country was built by individuals we dedicated to getting the job done right. No matter what it took to do the job to build America. And that's the America we should expect. Today that's which we should expect out of ourselves we should expect that out of each other. So let's say to this conversation. What was the worst a minimum wage job. You ever had it. If you're gonna join our show this morning with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which semi -- Amber's late 77. Also this morning we've been talking about more cycle is on the streets of New Orleans. And in the suburbs. More designated by planes but still a lot of tension between cycle Austin motorist. And we can throw pedestrians in the -- well so what are your vote pedestrian motorists -- are a cyclist. Who do you have problems with on the road. And it came up earlier and I IC downtown all the time. Cycle list. Don't always debate the basic rules of the -- should cyclist. Be forced to stop at red lights. Should cyclist follow the rules of the road if you wanna join -- -- with a comment about any we're talking about our numbers 2601870. 38668890. Point seven at a text numbers eight Soviets have. It's 830 and a beautiful Tuesday morning but it's going to be warm today. And scoot into Tom Tucker it here's David Blake with a WWL news -- identity of the day -- assisted descent big box placed it in Metairie and it it it. It's so bothered me that this. This employee took so long to get around the counter she was our phone first of all there was nobody in line. And I walked up and I'm already put my stuff down on account our parents or your stops on the -- what's she doing she's on the phone she's on the phone. At the straightening up the candy. Alter -- study that she's on much she's on the same site normal are all casually. While on the phone. Walks around. And gets off the phone casually walks up to the cash register doesn't greet me. And I said. Would you like to go to another registered. And writer David that she got that -- -- and I don't expect people to. Treat me like -- king now iron but it bothers me that there are so many apathetic. Minimum wage employees. And these of the employees that want a job to do I really think these employees are gonna suddenly start to do a better job if they get a race no. They're kind of the -- you know three dollars more in our. Are they suddenly going to be you know Yassir and -- got power you do day I don't think so and I think the way you get a race. Is to do a good job and I would plead with business owners to reward those employees that do a great job because in theory in the marketplace. That would lead to people the best employees warning to work. For companies that will will recognize the good employees and fire the employees that don't do that you could point. -- if your -- stay with -- if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. -- number 87870. I met this guy in in Denver and we actually went out one night in Denver. Peter Max -- is such an icon he's going to be with Angela today. And 1 o'clock. This is a guy would you think -- Peter Max and think about a burst of colors and pop culture iconic figures male men role. To the statue of liberty and got a Stein statue of -- poster from Peter Max. Did Ringo Starr and Bill Clinton the list goes on he's got an exhibition of his works in New Orleans may 23 through June 23 at Angela king gallery. So then that's Peter Max -- -- hill today at 1 o'clock you don't wanna miss that an open mind with Angela today weekdays -- -- -- On -- well I'm screwed it for Tommy Tucker will be right back with your comments on WW. Late this afternoon or very early this evening we should know if New Orleans is going to host the Super Bowl in 2018 which is the tri Centennial celebration of our city. The 300 anniversary of new worlds were actually older than this country. I've Christie Garrett is there we're gonna bring that new -- lives right here on WWL. If you don't have us on your phone -- on your phone. You'll hear that information as soon as it happens and we'll talk about that tonight's whenever the decision is we'll talk about them on the -- showed tonight. Eight to midnight also to -- -- The fast food restaurant. Is telling customers. Don't bring your guns. Into the stores. Is an infringement a Second Amendment Rights. We'll talk about that fungus could show tonight here's a quick update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Do minimum wage workers deserve a race 65%. Saying no and 35% say a -- your opinion by going to WWL dot com. I'm from New Orleans Lloyd you're under VW -- good morning. Don't call regular comment. About all of you worked in the not only. Went about -- What these guys really the word out there stall and -- long way. And there are only. Two years nine -- didn't turn out. -- We're. -- those. You know long. Yeah and I think that would be an injustice. Exactly and -- -- Economically doable -- -- don't make a pretty well tomorrow. Error won't formally goes. -- -- -- -- -- -- So that all of us. Yeah I mean even before even the businesses. That are making a fortune. C will not shared their profits. Their employees if they have to pay employees more they get a pass the cost on to you there is good and there's bad about the greed. That is built America. You know. The Olympic ample shop for the first -- -- That it all so and so it went back into it wouldn't know well. Accomplished what they can. Well I'm going to call to have a great day. Tight from Slidell lucky you're WW dog -- locate. I make it more. If I'm called to reflect the idea that McDonnell's -- biggest company in the group. Which the seal who takes home 4000 dollar an -- -- should discuss that. I'm able should discuss the fact that we the taxpayers. Have the supplement -- income. Because they don't wanna pay a living wage we have to -- other -- slippery but the food stamps and all that our people one way or the other. That's out of begging and pleading corporations to ship well as you say why not force them to wanna say this is the cost of doing business school American consumers. He got Big Apple CEO. Takes home a million dollar a day. In my extra letter sent except million dollar a year but yet these ships all the factories to China. So that pollute freely and ship it back to America so that broke the crisis. What we call it capitalism that's not -- -- protect our people. And the way you protect the -- a living wage. Well I I understand this argument it is CEOs are audio for page sure he can be argued did entertainers and athletes or are overpaid as well. There is great injustice in the system. The with a free enterprise system I'm not exactly sure how we reconcile that problem. It's very simple you separate -- That's set a couple of -- company cannot make more than that the bottom talks are accompanied by a certain. Well know it was two under and very time. The -- state between the CEO full time worker in 1980. Now coached by -- -- terms limit and -- is going to be out in terms. And it's my understanding announcing its its a lot different in Japan and other countries the ratio between the lowest paid workers in the highest paid workers in our I realize that this is a real. Sore spot and I'm I'm I'm not sure how. With our constitution and our free enterprise system I'm not sure low -- how we can and make it a law at its CEO skilling aren't so much. Belt but that that point it would cause of the CEO of the company to truly share their way to look at people actually create the well. I'm not sure how we are not sure we how important product I'm not sure how -- I'm not sure how we pass that legislation in America. And on about -- because -- all the other corporations. But it won't pass but we don't have anti trust we don't have anything you got to travel back all the worker rights we have a government that protects big business from people. That's been a government that protects people from big business. As I said there -- Now there's there's good and bad about the greed that -- a free enterprise system. -- on patrol that's what the issue and then he insulin but not that not only in the you know that the problem what we got afraid or come out way too big to fail. But yet every year we hear about that cooperation and cooperation and that cooperation. To a point where now it's too big to fail. You got to have a government -- that protects the people they interest people about people one way or the other all these people call the same dirt gets raising minimum wage. Understand you the taxpayer pay that minimum wage worker 26 point 9%. Of which are on food stamps. So you can say you know sports. McDonald and everybody else to pay a living but you'll pay for that the taxpayer. The formidable new attacks that are you're you're paying for the -- you're paying for their corporate welfare. I appreciate your call and in the same way -- I'm concerned about that disparity I don't know what to do about it in our our free enterprise system. Legally in terms of legislation. And again the other fundamental problem I have is. Giving. A raise. To minimum wage workers. Who simply don't deserve it. And there are many who don't deserve it but we would require businesses in an ideal world we would require businesses. To. To not be so greedy that they don't reward workers. That are better again I mentioned the -- was in there are other businesses that other businesses that. They do a really good job hiring training and maintaining a quality minimum wage staff. So why can't more businesses do that. If your -- stay with a -- -- in the morning for Tony Tucker will be right back with more of talking about minimum wage and I know UC and I see him all the time minimum wage workers who really don't deserve a raise it and I'm not convinced that these minimum wage workers are gonna suddenly do a better job if they get paid more. I'm getting some response to a caller we had just a moment ago was talking about the disproportionate ratio between what CEOs making minimum wage workers. He's talking about legislation that would require that ratio to be a lot closer. And confused as to how we do that in a free enterprise system with a constitution. I'm thinking socialism I'm thinking communism and is is that this with the revolution of Russia was about. Everybody. Made almost the same except except the government and that really didn't work. Here's detects a reason this guy is right on however I think this station's audience are really always leans to the right. While there are a lot of people who think I don't lean right very often on many things that on this particular issue. Think about those workers. That are not applying themselves. Do you think more money per hour is gonna suddenly turn them into conscientious workers. For Tim I don't know when your under the WL. Yeah you -- let them and ultimately reduce. Because -- game in here so yes they'd be out -- he can. Andy yeah it was on the phone at least they didn't mean that I'm standing at about -- it -- unit count. You wouldn't that get up to -- I don't -- leaning toward it but now she wouldn't get that. An act that they've made earlier and he -- -- in the department any agreement. I've been -- -- prematurely. Did you get the impression that she was on a personal call or business call. -- none -- -- that Colin exactly what you zone. Look at the business go with the network it admit. And -- it's it's a shame you shouldn't have been no treated like that. I. I. And they act immediately work to look -- it -- -- And then their corner exit you McCollum. -- note that eloquently. Yeah. We've achieved debt and to -- and keep it in music. Well I think as consumers know and I think we need to do a better job. Complaining about employees. That don't do a good job in -- pathetic that -- applying themselves in in the workplace because. If if management knows and they don't fire the people then Shimon management. If you're management if management doesn't know that there -- I can't imagine I can imagine being a manager and not knowing that you had to totally apathetic co workers were before. Sought a -- were treated that way but do we need to do a better job of completing your -- and. Every good Erica. It wouldn't be we undercut him. Q let me. Have. No and I've got to get to -- news break I really appreciate you calling you have a great day here's a quick update on our WWL party general opinion poll. -- minimum wage workers deserve a race 64% say no 36% say yes. If she opinion by going to WW real jobs I'm stoked if Tommy Tucker we'll be right back with war on to him well.

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