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5-20-14 10:35am Garland: on NOLA's budget

May 20, 2014|

Garland talks with First Deputy Mayor Andy Kopplin about New Orleans's budget concerns.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And now we have NB a couple new -- deputy mayor and appreciative -- -- and thanks for calling and Guerrero could be here read reports the mayor is trying everything in the world to. Bill those obligations of firefighters pension and to prison requirements. In the library you name it. By proposing a three -- legislative packages but it sounds like it's in trouble is that correct. Well I think did that really what we're trying to do -- legislature to give. The City Council. The authority to make proposals to New Orleans voters are so that they can say yes -- -- you know other couple. Big big liabilities that the mayor -- that we can fight not for numbered years but. There's -- days. Of our ability to hold those bulls at the door. Is it come into it and now one of the big judgments we have it was a with regard firefighters pension fund and that's been underfunded and and an iPad -- port that the outcomes for a number of years. And -- the city trying to get that the that pensions system restructured. But at the end of the day. That and the courts have ruled. That the city's government -- in half million dollars a year. For that attention but that's not just once that's every year. -- is is not as many years is going to be can look forward so that's one huge liability. Is looking at right in the face of the other one. Is with regard to -- -- jail. And that's in front of judge African federal court. And the department of justice and the plaintiffs in the case have requested that steady increase on somewhere between ten and 42 million dollars. A year again that's not once that every year. Go forward so -- worst case between those two judgment -- -- about forty million bucks. That will be looking for. Either cut or in additional revenue to -- we tried makes proposal. That we think. It yet that we -- common sense -- in and it makes its one was cigarette tax. It and another. Typically expire Milledge. And the third one was trying to work with -- hospitality industry. And see if we can share some of the gains that are going on. To gross. And if we kindred noon that about if we -- doing in that hotel tax. What you'll get a property taxes or cutting or vote. Well obviously you know if there are no options -- revenues -- there's only one choice and that's to cut services. And and you know you heard throughout the mayoral campaign in -- Could council campaigns that they're really we need to be in the business and growing our police force. Not reducing its size that's one of the at the top issues for. And if we were forced it to cut him tens of millions of dollars out of the -- the budget. Our ability -- to grow that police force is gonna be severely compromised as is our ability to provide. And the basic services that folks -- come to expect weather to recreation department. Whether it's -- part ways. All those sorts of things that just improve the quality of life for all the residents of our businesses. Get compromised if we have to make -- does cut cut so what is still alive in the legislature these days -- As possible. Police and fire me Georgia property taxes would be voted on. By the voters of New -- so wouldn't be imposed. Unless it got a majority vote by our president. End another thing is in the economic development district -- -- to capture a little bit more hotel motel revenue. Going forward which could be very helpful that industry continues to grow the mayor's. Basically vindication. You know this is a community wide challenge we faced in everybody's got to be at the table open. Solve the problem. And together took a break can -- give me five more minutes. Our cards they will -- come -- back dog and then -- Koplan deputy mayor and believe this is important to all those. This city infrastructure was legally concerning fire fighters prisons. There's a lot of money needed that bed I'll look like it's there it's so this -- each and every one -- -- -- -- -- -- A review -- deputy mirrored in New Orleans and Koplan. And the correct me if I'm wrong the -- has been working hard that the legislature. Try and find the money for a firefighters pension that we got to pave the courts are we got to pay at the Justice Department says we're gonna pay the bill -- the trio. Library is where everything else in the -- Has three pieces -- legislation. To who didn't seem control that correct. Well I think I think that the cigarette tax unfortunately. -- beaten back by the tobacco lobby in this is one of those that I think the voters in in the -- it would most. -- want to vote for. If you get it would have allowed to do local cigarette tax. That would solve a lot of our our financial problems. And I think it would be one that their their voters again in the world -- supported unfortunately the tobacco lobby got the better the legislature they would give. Our City Council chance to put before voters and that's really an unfortunate our situation -- and from what we can't figure out. You had it. I had to put the city in position to address that need we need car and -- restrictions on what we can need to ask our voters support and that the real problem. But there are a couple of the proposals that are still out there one Tuesday -- police and fire Milledge and the voters who won't back in the nineteen. I didn't close pot built -- police and fire. With their vote. Impact and the and that's on the outs and the legislature considered giving -- chance that. As well as other popularly working out an economic development. A legislation. That would allow -- to capture some of the growth in the tourism and which is really gloomy. IndyCar career from the war wrong -- as -- that there was a appear. To overrule loses in like 4045%. Over drinking water because of all the broken pipe. I'm happy living authority people appears saying that we have to sort -- are part of this fifteen billion dollar flood protection programs. We don't have money for we don't have the broken pipes we don't have that for the -- So form for the -- prison for the pension and what would have civic groups come appear people highly educated motivated won't help their community. And I say -- of them will warm bodies suited to taxes you will get -- to either so all this stuff. And they all its. Noble we don't trust government number two we think if they do that we're but the corruption in the ways that that -- in the money well since those. Well I think definitely there's -- want to pay taxes. And certainly don't -- -- ineffective government. Well I'll say in response is that is it really that you look at at what Atlantic district -- accomplished. You know back in in 2010 which could cost as at a hundred million dollar deficit spend in pop culture or we -- -- And run ourselves toward bankruptcy. And we stabilize the budget every year since 2009. We've spent about forty million dollars less and then the mayor Nagin in previous administration did not think that the taxpayers and all of the citizens at all can look around thirty they would or honor roll. That got together that's been in the -- more. They're improving the streets they're proven infrastructure their group in the street lighting. You know the murder rate is down so. You know we're doing a lot. More with less money and then in 2009 black city. But as you say that these looming liabilities that we've got to come to grips within and from you know the buyer's perspective trucks and there always will be public safety. And so are big fear is that we can't figure later to get some revenues principle that that people be happy. Tax which would include. A cigarette industry. We reluctant to to be able to offer that up to the voters that it would put helps solve our problems. Buying bikes and more ideas both in terms touch. That we've been making and trying to identify some revenue sources the last hour could be could grow. One part of court action -- it comes to a vote on property taxes and approved. For the voters here in New Orleans are we talking about six mills treadmills so I'm pretty mills were talking about and what does that translate to say approved. 200000 dollar home. Sure you they're gonna have to get acting under the specifics of what that translates to a week. We've really been talking about an option of five -- for police about -- -- fire. Those -- great -- fifteen million dollars each so that the total about thirty million. And we do have the breakdown. But I don't wanna try to you get that is that I am -- India and know you want to -- to very important meeting to talk to -- thank you so much room and yes there were to get a Super Bowl here that are land him in -- -- and Kumble and would help. They did so without art.