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5-20-14 12:10pm Garland: on the coastline

May 20, 2014|

Garland talks with Sandy Rosenthal of Levees.org, Anne Rolfes of the La. Bucket Brigade, and author John Barry about the ongoing efforts to sue oil companies to restore the Louisiana coastline.

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Aggressive in the beginning to attract this'll all weird to millions are wont to do Ingrid and should oh. Or attempts in the road with you alleges lectured to king Cole Waltz through blood cell -- and protection of our youth. It's 97. Or Lou. And veterans there what's happening we have and Waltz with those founding rector and you know blog at. And thank you for joining notes. -- And were waiting in Scholl. Rupture and skewed view and new moments and -- Rosenthal elder president. Of the dog -- And -- better that's the fourth forum reviews and tell McLemore. Formerly with the -- thinking museum upload authority. All the room Roger wouldn't Croatian American axle and Verizon the rate it's a blood. 92 when it's -- trees of America so from an element is gonna call you God's. I am almost to grow it as. A -- about access road and sure the standard Rosenfeld is him. Our job a stroke view -- what the late. Well first I want bank boat and insanity. Day personally and it organizations have been incredibly support of from the day the slot authorities filed the lawsuit. And thanks to their support and the support of bothers. I think we actually had. A very important but quiet victory today. There was supposed to be a hearing in the house civil law committee on two bills which attack the lawsuit. Those bills were dropped from the agenda. Because. It looks like we've got the votes on the post bills. At least we do now mean I don't wanna start. Growing because things can turn around and are. To me that means originally seventeen bills were filed against losses seventeen. And right now if those two bills that response we heard from the committee today. Those two far support hold on activity. There's only one last which will be heard tomorrow in the house natural resources. Committee it as the force 69. And it would -- it certainly -- -- to -- losses did did the others most of the other bills taken direct attack that it. Out of date that the contract required governor's approval and so forth. This one attacks the legal claims. That says that. The -- authorities simply cannot. Crew under the legal claims it's making it actually says you know would be that the -- authority. It is it is that you can't do there's a federal law that goes back to 1899. That makes it legal to do anything. Two empty air the effectiveness of -- that's a quote from the law. And it. This bill last before 69 prohibits the -- authority. From suing over something that impairs the effectiveness of the -- which makes no sense if for example a barge. Crashed into eleven. And breached it. And flooded people. Argument if it didn't plotted to what people would just -- you know crashed until I mean damaged and we -- the barge company. Four or the -- mr. -- to the barge company. Over damaging in the lobby and six incredibly stupid legislation in dangerous legislation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Having worked in moral built in fourteen or fifteen hours and days seven days -- what are your thoughts. Lull it's it. Really great -- because John points out we have managed to beat back. Very powerful. Interest bit sloppy in their in -- and oil industry during this legislative sessions. And so that is something should feel proud about and I think. It Harold and Newsday. And new way of doing business and that state I don't believe that the oil industry has ever been battled and this way. Before and about a wonderful thing on an audience and we a big one tomorrow and I'm really urged. You're listeners to go into the green army web page together Greek army dot com. Says that they can determine which legislators near term call because there are some that are on the brink. I'm a rarity here from -- of people because that's -- all about it is protecting the war. I'm protecting the united that we love from a storm you know bottom line -- -- John had been saying all along. It is not unreasonable at all on the fact is that the oil companies did break -- and all we want is for the infection. This is sandy Rosenthal and I'd just like to add a -- -- and said that yes we did have a a victory today. That the people did does stand up and show what they can do and and I need to point out that many of you listeners think well what can I do what difference does that make. The oil and gas companies have so much money what can we do but there is a lot we can do. We -- we got these the victories despite the deep deep pockets of the oil industry and despite their influence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All agree and I don't know how many -- clear that thing that -- is important but the thing that I keep going back to. And nobody told me I'm wrong that this sport OK let's say your pro war -- So you. Blame it primarily oval that you would -- that's true. And you feel like -- companies have contributed. And up charity. -- education money in royalties and taxes over the years they're -- earlier on their side. But if you feel that way then you have to open your wallet. Causes could take billions. Of dollars. Billions. For you'd be able here. And not have a nice light here. But for you to be able to live here like Katrina you'll goal way of we kid turn this round. And it is shows that simple and -- the oil companies. Signed documents of which they've violated but that goes before a court. And the court decides. If the oil companies are right -- the boards of wildness and bright and Joseph and correct me if I'm wrong. This suited to go to move for the courts. In the courts agree with the oil companies and and they dismiss this with prejudice. That means that nothing can be brought up in the Fincher -- would be -- That would be correct yeah. Unfortunately. All right. Let's take a break and when intrusive comments questions to -- 0187. Drove her unit were in the country 866 rated nine and zero -- Are welcome back. Ripping -- -- -- about the battle that we've been no doing shows on reportable. Since legislature rule. Soltys -- resume of Libby authority. He just -- Walsh -- -- mindset or corporate settle it yet legal agreements over the decades and decades and it's. That as your dog the canals -- wars -- and through the swept through the march. Are you gonna let's all watery and injured we're gonna -- and -- and you took -- salt water wouldn't kill the war. Yes the Levys -- much bigger losses but. Nobody. Argues that the canals did do major dent in the orphanages. You know tomorrow if I can and are certain you know. I I agree that the levees. You know our major contributor. May be the major contributor. But actually in parts of the state it's the reverse the Louisiana mid continent oil and the trade association for Exxon. You know shell BP Chevron and its that are they did a study themselves. And they -- own study concluded. That and I'm in the west bank and overworked or -- -- And that area. Quote the overwhelming. Claws on quote of land loss in that part of the state overwhelming cause. Was their own oil command post and looking at the Barrett tired and terror my own base and country out listeners in that area. These -- itself studied in nine and 2006. They -- 76% of the land loss in that area. Was oil and gas operations so while overall. I agree and certainly on the east bank of the river below the Levys did more damage. But in parts of the state an enormous amount of the damage. Was actually done by industry. And the point was to let the courts decide who did what damage. Exactly and yeah I mean you've got listeners in those areas near legislators on. The committee. You know Robert delay got from from the West Bank -- appalled from black -- -- -- follow from Saint Bernard. Joseph Harrison as you move a little bit for a bowl. Followed. To the last. Attractive square I'm -- are all people on the committee voting tomorrow. So. If there -- -- state represented and most people don't know who their state representatives but it's not too hard to find out. Those Turkey votes this week in windows votes. When those people over. Then you know -- those areas where damage arteries of the damage according to the industries owns stock was actually done by the industry. If those people voted to. In favor of the lawsuit. The lawsuit when it will survive will go to the courts. There's two of those of representatives. That the thing coastal districts with the most at all. Well they called them and okay. You. The thing we hear so moving. People in the legislature's. Thing. They'll bloom will look to yourself these. Authorities. Have this ability. But the purchase to -- is consumed one what do you think Cuba. All of the courses are those losses world surprise however in the Paris lawsuits are much much now or in focus. And you know the -- scope of the slot authorities. Food is so much water. It's the one with elaborate -- boring the industry to the table this probably heard in the past. About three weeks ago the attorney general Wednesday but he Caldwell publicly revealed. That because of the what authorities lawsuit. The oil companies want to come to the table and negotiate a statewide. Deal which is something everybody on the -- of the story. Wanted in the first place as a statewide deal. But it still lawsuit is -- -- Than. Than there's snow leopard. Indeed there are already -- over 300 what are called legacy lawsuits essentially over pollution from oil wells. Better already in the courts. And the Paris lawsuits essentially -- one day moral lawsuits. To be over 300 dead already access the industry actually supported it deal. Which allowed the Paris lawsuits to go forward. In order they killed a lot of sport these losses and the reason industry's support that was because they don't feel particularly threatened by the Paris -- Correct me if I'm wrong but if whole company's. As the internal there are turning journals suggested that states and -- -- current stable and good feud that is. Does that change your agreement would -- current law firm. The law firm. Twice once back in August and then again maybe six weeks ago. All all offered to waive their contract. And have their sees net. Determined by arbitration. If -- you know. If they had settlement talks that led to. Eighty. A deal. So they would they also want to access you know. A hundred predicted. Did the defendants. Excuse entered from trying to obviously I am afraid citizens store and out. But the defendants would pay honor percent of the -- who wouldn't come out of the settlement. This C did it would work out a settlement with. The a lot of -- what this day and then any fees the the lawyers god would actually compromise separate negotiation with the defendants would not come -- of the settlement. A lot of people loose and that is then so very. Gilman says -- on Monday in a -- also. But you know phone call coma era. Emailed them really make a difference would -- them may have. That it and that I would like to repeat the names of people who desperately need tall they are. I'm crisply appalled and doubts on the chair Harrison and pray. She trying to declare a little and -- -- follows on in saint Bernard parish our feet. You know really -- but it's probably. Our last weekend she -- You are. They need information to understand how their constituents want them to the and that they don't hear anything term we the people and they're only hearing from oil industry and so. Absolutely your listeners can make it different I mean I've been calling every day. -- You know it does take a little bit at times to look -- the number but it doesn't take that much time will you consider what to -- which is. Our ability to remain here in New Orleans -- in the southern part of the day. You know into the future show. Yes you know you can make a difference please you know figure out your representatives and call. And at at a very minimum those those seven representatives that that we just mentioned today at a minimum even -- just a few minutes. You can call 225. 3426945. And just asked the whoever answers the phone to leave a message urging their -- to vote no to SP two foot 69. Everyone's got a couple of minutes. And John almost several visiting all of them in -- earth girl coastal -- representatives right. I'll leave this. Like to oral form or golden at all. And -- in and Tuesday. Don't you understand that we've we've goal while -- -- court. To see if it's legal -- of oh for us that it's important and that. To reach globally and you're not gonna be there anymore you're like I have anything you rapids and they think that that is not part of that or understand. Constituents get -- every poll that we've done and we don't get one pretty recently actually -- than in this seventy to 80% support a lawsuit. There are few undecided and you know 20%. Don't support it. So their constituents yet. The problem is you get to Baton Rouge and a politician makes ought to see this is just another piece of legislation. That is par. Trading off with the governor for you know we're friends appointment somewhere they see it is just another they did did they don't get that this is unique. That we are actually effecting people's. Ability to live here. In the future visited the ability -- -- don't -- -- that they could be you know it's just another piece of legislation and. That recent poll by Silas Lee. Says 74%. Do not want the legislature to intervene with the lawsuit. And 93%. Said they want oil and gas not to tax -- to pay for the damage oil companies didn't move when I wanna point out. That's not. -- devotion. And -- what was senator Bradley told -- -- I don't I don't lead from the front pack. He doesn't care what the polls say -- you that you basically said he doesn't care with the residents thank -- -- and one of. All -- all of second's historic got to take breaks they were there please vote gore knew where we're at some calls imminent. This is something that affects everybody listening. Maybe even a little bit in Florida and Georgia and Alabama and its appeal and the rest of the listening Oreo. Because that was the sport goes down. This fishing industry goes down there's talk whom wanted to be lost in the United States much this year but. Once again Ingrid finger about the lawsuit filed on themselves the Louisiana upload protection authority east against 97 oil companies. Ought to legislate towards and Baton Rouge. Fighting it tooth and nail. Don't want horrors that have view or any one particular way. And one of the interesting pages which which brilliant movies via -- I don't know what court that would go to and and and get approved. But to retroactively. Group of people and stay in there more retroactively. Hughes in the law. Best and Algeria and think you rolled road life. You'd get caught. You're going to be fine -- a lot of money -- go to the legislature and say. I'm like my ticket Delaware we're at end the red light law at the same. I submit. I can't find that -- a Google it where -- anywhere else in this country. The law that's been retroactively. Appeal -- him -- miss reading that. Not I think the whole idea retro activity -- and it's it's outrageous you know it's no different. There's already been a court decisions saying that decision to go forward. I was -- and actually the -- legislatures and contained. And what and mrs. intervening directly yummy violates separation of arsenic access. What it would judge issued an injunction. Telling the legislature that it could not consider certain bills. I mean -- would be an incredible front. To that branch of government. What we have here is the executive branch the governor. Is telling another branch of government the legislature. To intervene in the third branch of government the judicial branch retroactively. Kill losses. I mean AZ. As I said it's set on yourself in the past. He's there what they're really saying is that the industry is above the law. And I don't believe anybody should be above the law whether you agree with the losses are down. I think everybody every one analyst says would agree that in principle nobody's above the law so. That is except in Louisiana want it to the oil industry. All right let me go to one of our callers team -- rope around your room with. On -- Okay thank you call it sure I notice that they mention in note certain represented is that we should contact what about an affiliate group. Who is chair of the energy committee as a Democrat -- have been used on our is that go to. And now like you know the. Your response. I mean right right now the issues and the state legislature and of course you can have a vote there. So. There's a vote in committee tomorrow if it comes out of committee that we do have a chance of beating -- committee but frankly it's an uphill right. We do have a chance probably will be a better chance to be -- on the floor. Our next week it becomes audit committee so -- that casting Garland to get people to call legislators. But there -- you know apparently Anderson and the congressmen obviously she does not have. Direct impact on the legislature. I was noticing in the social movie you mr. faircloth. When it went well for the legislature talking about these issues. It was as where there with the amended bill was intended to apply retro actively. Never did answer the question do immediately. And these bills just before six in -- talk about retroactive. Yeah I mean a -- all intended would be retroactive. There's some legal question about clear that is and you know it will end up being litigated probably. If it to bill passes but the court could conceivably uphold it. All right look for you know -- bravely do your own board and John and sent. Hey you guys there. But it's just sales so for all we know we have the best politicians money can buy. Eight the company bought all of the crooked. Every crooked politician that votes for this. Obviously. Take it hasn't been operator idea -- Israel you know the ball in the -- for this thing. And -- standards are realize we have a boat. -- we can all be an idea that by 80% of the people could be against this. And that they called it the right people in this is this is going thorough. Just don't know if there's any thing. Bet we can do I mean we between how we complain standing jump up. The whole nine yards and it just makes good common sense. But yet. Do what's best for -- well it's green obviously failed a lot of fuel you know law stocking -- companies on the -- You're already done something though that started out with seventeen bills how many bills -- -- just. One although there -- couple more that. Could come back. So -- so people like David put enough pressure on to. At least wipe out most of the bills for. Yeah. Let it that we have to recognize that. You know what you just said is is I think historically true that we not on the job and here are and -- -- and interest. But actually the block is really exciting because it is ushering I think I -- day. And that in green eyes general honor it which it didn't support it. It's absurd -- -- lot in a lot of other around the state is there is in new energy and while in the trap liquor cabinet and get away and those that work. In the interest -- their pocketbooks but again in those that they represent. You know I tried turning in people. And neglect not immediately get away with these we're gonna remind. You remember how my mission in mind -- and hopefully -- -- the letters are here again you know here. Is clear and -- old Billy. -- and he be here I'm not in and you know calling in the next you know three -- can make a big difference. We're gonna take you know break anybody mobile phone number of people can call that the number to call. -- but a main switchboard number in the house and is 225342694. Or five. All right and we're gonna put that room where political as it read. Couple more time for the year and this hour. Come right back governor of -- brigades and AM 053 yeah. All right here's your osu towards who lives around saying it's so peaceful region flood protection authorities at the flood authority to protect who's your New Orleans who -- rounding errors. Soon -- sort of an oil -- pipeline company is because of damage they did to -- Over the -- it. Records show -- knew about it. Please sign agreements not to do when they did to the current account through an almost all cases they did. So. We have and monitoring. A number of people Sean Berry's. And roll with the -- bucket brigade. Organizations and Rosenthal Lebanese or. Have all been fighting this in the house and the senate. Try and get these bills knocked down there trying to kill the flow of authority. Lawsuit. Drawn. Suitable for six in and again explain to the audience. What that is what the current services. And why we need people. To talk to their raptors. Yeah and which year last goal post on line is I'd love like estimates if he has coal is legislator people. Get frustrated and they think they dale listened but in fact. As you pointed out we stopped sixteen of the seventeen bills thanks largely to work and then and sandy. Now as far as that's before 69 tomorrow. And we will be heard in the house natural resources committee. What it does is takes away. Certain legal causes of action. From the slot authority so it cannot screw. Under these. Legal arguments. And one of those as I said earlier. Actually was. Federal law that says it's illegal to do any thing that impairs the effectiveness of velocity so. Used an example of the barge or freighter cracked crushed elaborate. You couldn't do of the lobby. Board's concern. It's it's. Terrible people legislation. In my view and not -- even if you look paid to take a lawsuit. Out of it it's still terrible piece of legislation. And again. -- call to review it to be very candid very blunt and tell me if I'm driving them from putting dual. Review of talks through hyperbole. If we can't find the money. -- we can't rebuild. The coastline and at the early and a we can we we -- 5.0000000075e+19. Billion. To try to keep it the way it is right now I'm doing the show tomorrow. With a number of experts that they are fifteen billion dollar -- wall is that the -- by and him were forever grateful. But it's only for a 100 years old. It's not good enough for watched coming that this would -- point. Tell me if -- said. Now there's no exaggeration. And -- without the body was. Easier rightfully. I mean you probably heard began to eight years ago about on your protection that it's totally inadequate. You know it's it's sounds great but just compare the Dutch and that protection you can. Protect against that standard in this part of the world because the -- stone base equal what category five art and it would be prohibitively expensive. But we do believe. That we could get to at least 500 year standard. That is divisions -- man you know -- of the flood protection authority it's also the goal of the master plan. The the other side say well this lawsuit and affairs with the match play and no it doesn't. They've never been able to explain how it and hear what it would do. If the plot authority wins is on the master plan in this area. That we could yet. To a higher standard. Of protection. And these arguments often chosen to Erica and very complicated. But I think it's safe to say if you're listening audience and you're insult the wings he'll look for a look at your house. Look at your school. Look at your -- you can happen. I don't know why did you -- as adept as you didn't get it before Katrina. You don't seem to get it now this is your -- your boring knocked down. Six thing bills. By helping draw and an end and Sandia and those others that are fighting is. And this is more survivable. That this would really big stuff say BP would tell people two. Called who -- there and call again. Certainly. I'm gonna name this the seven. Probably most critical representative that they you should contact at this point and they -- Chris Leopold. -- gas fellow -- Billy Charles Cheney Jenny just clan Johansson. And clay scheck's native. And that is a house switchboard number you can call which is 22534269. Four -- five and at a minimum please just asked the staff would leave a message urging the bat to vote no to as to be 469. And -- you -- or you have all the information and more yes we are gonna post on our website all of these names and all of the individual phone number's about to make it easier for everybody here and your thoughts. I think also at arm dot com in and get at information. Look the other -- is that I'm taking care our first line in the manner in the Asian. That's one of the actual authorities. Would actually be wonderful our common I mean. There's been study. That -- lines from the universe if you want to get that I'm that would be an incredible then. -- local economy. And I'm really really to mean that we are going to get cheery about rebuilding her think about the job in all -- -- -- Think about opportunity. Opportunity that there would be and when you hear the other side. Streaming alarm about what might into our economy and really quite all argument. Yes in my heart pocketbook -- I'm boiling ASCII. -- you know in ballots or in use or you know across the oceans but it. Islam is -- taking care or is nothing but wonderful -- -- And I had to homeowners you -- that starting said the same exactly and -- vigilant. Thank you so look forward to do and looks we may have base -- tomorrow looks fund would get back on to what happens with. Or is that helps build number reports that -- All right thank you so much thank you great thank you -- to. Our goal goal -- and Julie hill that this double the bureau. Says in the area more than 53 yeah.