WWL>Topics>>5-20-14 1:10pm Angela: with artist Peter Max

5-20-14 1:10pm Angela: with artist Peter Max

May 20, 2014|

Angela talks with famous artist Peter Max and Angela King, whose gallery will hold an exhibition of his works.

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Another day in paradise. On another beautiful day in our most spectacular spring ball. Very excited about our programs today especially our first one. This is a man I've admired from afar for so long it is the dream to be able to talk to him. In our second hour were going to be talking with. An incredible woman who with her husband and two children. Gave a sugar for a year and as many of you know and sugar addict it is -- crack at all. And but they did so I'm gonna find out how they did it and -- by can be inspired. And our third hour is going to be the major debate that's going on -- as we speak. And it is the optometrists to want to do the work ophthalmologist. -- going to be having that discussion. But again let's start with my dream. Art has been seen on the body of the Continental Airlines 777. On -- early Winter Olympics and has been official art of five supermodels. The answer is Peter -- one of the most renowned American artist who captured the art world with his unparalleled use of -- And captured our hearts with uplifting images. Statue of liberty to icons many decades. Peter -- our guest today. Joined by -- Who has been in Portland art gallery owner for thirty years. And who is hosting argues that Saturday. Angela -- gallery on Wall Street so I welcome you. -- -- You really. You have just been an -- hero to me for. Now I mean yours sincerely and certainly. You have lived this incredible life -- you continue to it. And you have created. It was a great works for the sixty. After that there's something. So associated with you during that year -- our culture was exploding and -- works with and frankly that is. So talk to me about that time the sixties. Well the sixties it was an amazing period. And by the ways -- and McCain on the phone it was a. No she's sitting right here in the studio. Oh she's not the oh that's good about him because she's white -- -- you look plant there. We'll keep Peter. We're so excited though yet. Our bank executive Libby was in this weekend. Yes yes oh my god who wouldn't surprise me but it. So busy what a nice thing for the city of New Orleans to have you come by. I gotta love that gallery and I love that dealer she's the best. She is wonderful. She is exercise teacher we don't talk about we talk about. Great art but. Ruined if you would start acting and I wanna go back year. Incredible life that you plan that -- sixties is when sparked. That you had this incredible. Sixties that you know was an explosion in the cultural explosion. And it was just a -- -- Well something that it was -- You're going to duplicate content from the thirties that the forties to the fifty's it's there predictive that went into the sixties my god. It was like this hippy generation that was what stuck it was all of these unbelievable cultural thing that touched. The whole planet culturally so much. And I was lucky to come out in the and that explosiveness. You always had this passion for color. I always look I look ensuring. Because portability and just ridiculous history. At what that was about 23 years old Monty. In good in shape hard to lose any of these. With these five measles so that was to be she's about to be certainly. If she was -- sort of an office and my -- requires -- she competes in a little boy out of -- Never thinking this is something you do for a living political opposition is something. Label portable board to do and so little they have these Chinese. -- -- -- with Korea the papers and look who was in Corsica familiar with the with that was. With the tools that familiar with the architect of they would shapes and colors and before they would like this love love love to draw it paint. And that's what the said the use so that changed. And then -- That we moved to Israel and then of course my mother followed this protest that verdict he was in the Austrian. That's it was announced that he was very very -- professor in Austria and it was living. In Israel. And my mother -- if you would take -- -- as a student nieces and -- and -- all those people and twenty's. And and she tried once more once more that she brought my drilling program. If the board that controls these guys are capable of that about the people so he. And this first student. And a bit of about maybe twelve -- old. And he didn't take any kids so this sixteen -- seventeen. And I studied with -- for the three that is that the ensuring that every single day. You know he hadn't models all of the that was heavily used it was sort of like this before. But I got used to -- started throwing a lot of -- out of Jordan loading the future. Eventually left Israel. We went to terrorist -- father had relatives there ought always to state believe the nine months in Paris. Guess what. My head -- -- -- my father's sister was aunt of mine. Got me into a class a two -- children's classes. At du Louvre Museum. The biggest music over the world -- Such studies there. And then well move. And terrorists we went to America. -- -- with the regular guys who would you wouldn't believe who was the first kids who sit next immunize school my first. Day in class. With the kids that became beyond beyond beyond belief -- this. But it would -- as -- young actor but it name will also be you know who two days ago he -- -- You know. Also you know. Yeah he's done. Seven people who. Does that the yes system. See him. September 4 the months since -- opposing -- before and so. But with the ability. And so and that would school here in New York. And I study with the best art teacher of that live that the New York City but in referring to Cheney royally. It would McCain that was so good and every magazine -- Butler they gave me -- to do. In two days which you put you at that list is -- that done before and musical. Probably to fight in nine congress magazine cover. But nonetheless continues I did 1000. 123. Magazine coverage. Can you mention. It's good that. They thought was on the magazines haven't even think it was some months. Unbelievable. When you were at the arts to be here. When you were art students league in Manhattan where you also studying the masters or were you at that point just working on your own stuff. I was working the study in the masters smiled stylized with. -- and -- teach political royalty and when he was bestowed -- this same school I was I was student. There was a young kids that sit next only became beyond belief davis' name was normal Rockwell. So it all the Rockwell. Was like peace is best friends. And I was my teachers most famous student ever ever ever. There have been extremely extremely proud so you go to school in just instantly the time was right and and opportunities were there. Yeah. Everything was right everything was right. And I became a -- orders but he is still love to to a page that feeling of loving ought to draw it loading the page views coast. It's the same. Today what you know. Get to western do which is on the right across the street from the league consent in Manhattan. But all of about 23 blocks away from my own studio which is about 20000 seat. -- about forty people there. I get like an adrenaline rush. It doesn't end and that's what makes you so incredible that you have gone from every not just generation every decade. And created something. I think he's working you know we're going to do to match we're gonna take it. We're gonna take a quick break we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk continue our talk with you and with and McCain right after this. Great American artist Peter Max our very special guest today. And Angela king of Angela king gallery on royal street who was hosting him this weekend with a special exhibit which will we'll talk about later. But -- love the wonderful compliment you gave Angela I'm. As as a gallery person. Being among your very favorite and I know how much she review issue so I'm hoping that two -- you. I mean she's telling me things in the commercials great stories about you but about how YouTube meant. Yeah. Was this. Notion. Maybe shouldn't mean yeah in. And in 1988. Is when we began to work with you and it was with the former gallery there there with together and then. We started publishing your work and having hosting shows learning many shows. Right. And did so well beyond belief. And the I am looking is like the biggest gallery in the city. And thank you for that but. Is she using dynamo she really is the -- we -- Very heartwarming things about you when you after the storm you came down you were very generous and helped -- some real heroes. In New Orleans and done she was also talking about your love of animals. Big lovable animals besides having an acceptable. Very it was my wife. In New York City we both love animals luck and we are well known in New York City for having like. Saw that shelters. And raised I mean all kinds of stuff to the big animals. You know really happy that we we do that we needed to adopt adoptions that we raise money levels reduce all the time. Peter tell a story about the count in your life that was rescued long. Right that was really an amazing moment my life. What happened was. I've forgotten how it happened but I heard of them who. Is that it was a farm upstate new York. And and I had just started going up to look at some of these farms just coincidentally. It was disputed. Critics oh. You know that they had a sense that the was. That's sick -- -- -- was -- for the for the -- jumped over there and if she ran for life. And they do it was February and we've heard about it I told my friend -- beauty get a car would go to. There was an hour drive. And we went up to it was. A ritual to Wear that I'll. Would follow it jumped over offensive. Series that is just book it was she is she's Leo talk. Blah blah blah and I want to say look up on it. I would put money up with. Because they've admitted that on the -- so before you won't double and that she'd. You know waited to achieve you know if you live life. That old is that you take care of it in the open until then that would. So I expect him a few thousand books several of its -- to collect almost adopters and prepaid. It has taken care of that it did that sort of the body used to have -- two. And and Wednesday it wonderful that she passed away. And by the I was so. And I -- -- -- -- -- You knew where it. You know who it was not an analyst Peter -- but she saw me. She's like -- opens up she's like -- this person you know like those that. Basically physical side. You know one of the other visits and Peter remember when he came down and you did a fundraiser for. The SP CA and you ended up adopting a cat and bring the -- home to New York but that cat got -- limousine to the airport. Let me say that -- kind of person but that is terrific that you you in your life are involved like that. And there's no doubt in my mind at that count -- exactly or may not have known you were famous artist but. The guy who saved. Do you ever. Do you ever -- animals. Yes they -- people deserve and painted panels and -- -- do fundraisers. For example who all the time and animal shelters this is something that might like -- To all the time we just love love love of these animals is now. Thank you just brought the very important word -- that his posters because I'm I'm remembering well. You know there there's fabulous art that you produce and done but not everybody can afford it and so. You really mastered the posters. So everybody can enjoy. Yeah. And that's very important votes -- sharing. It is yes. There are opposed to become the up. -- Posters. Posters that collective posters. And do this -- So that's what I've done. Little you know. Look posters -- -- aggressive of Princeton. This is the minister -- over the years as a daughter you know we do posters who do physical. Reduce conflict it was just fantastic. That you that it that it. You also John. And I read correctly seven presidents. Paintings it is open to residents are. I think it's seven presidents. I think that each president. For the last seven decades opposite. Google does have been have been on for. About you know -- is rising to two terms. So that's what -- did. And what do they have them. Those presents eight. President. Like I became very very friendly. With Bill Clinton can do all the sick. -- Parties were. You still want it to be on. You know he's he's just very unusual. In an Angel can verify. Actually I was telling a story earlier about. The renovation of the statue of liberty which happened in the seventies. And I'm Peter painted. At fifteen or seventeen foot tall paintings of lady liberty. On the White House lawn and those were all auctioned off and sold to raise money to renovate the the lady liberty statue. Which was a wonderful thing I wanna talk to -- about his -- back and really among my favorites at all. Peter we're talking about it Angela just tells the story of how you help raise funds for the renovation of the statue of liberty. Yeah a gigantic paintings on the White House lawn. Yeah but. -- and I was just saying to her of all your works I think that that the faces of lady liberty are among my favorites and you just you do them every year is that correct. I paid that year to. Throughout the years in certain years in the July 4 I've become very patriotic. You know and what happened was. When. I I started painting the statue of liberty. And then what happened was. Simply told recently came up here who sold me on the news. And he was quickly in the mine in he had just written a book on the statue of liberty coincidentally. And any Sydney Pete you know -- But the statue of liberty is. Is on the verge of completely collapsing. The whole inside is that true. Meeting in its structural. Is totally rusty in any date -- -- in the fall apart and break into hundreds of pieces. But it did any people need to be trucked in supplies in -- -- if there's anybody in the world and it's saved -- -- mean. It's piece of accidental. And it and do well went to sleep -- -- thought about it couldn't not to think about it. And then -- I Soviet -- These media on the TV Wednesday and it did to call -- -- -- new and Lee Iacocca. Was you know very. Major major shipment of Chrysler motors called about that sort of it is something patriotic with the statue liberties as the -- going to be New York tomorrow I'll come to your policy -- to do succumbed to my house. -- -- for breakfast that we go to his studio. And at the end of that day he decided. He's that -- hit the -- -- the the renovated. The question is about -- applaud this hundreds of pieces inside is that she was all rusty. And cracked like beyond belief the -- that was made to look into the notebook mice studies should be it should have just sixty outside the inside of the statue. Is that what it's told instead to a typical story shortly -- got to -- the statue of liberty so was it directly myself with -- I was in disbelief it was lucky lucky lucky to do -- -- my favorite place in the middle on planet -- United States of America. -- so wasn't born here but I got to cut it when I was sixteen. And as the greatest place in the world that all over the world. I think is as fantastic. As United States. -- -- -- -- -- -- Which. We think it's it's the hippest coolest place the planet are -- -- because planet earth lives in the United States. Every city in America has people from all the hoopla. You know that's it no other country has and neglect but it. We'll stay with this Peter Max we're gonna break news -- we're gonna comebacks and illegal way this is Angel and a well. Will we are with the great Peter -- super artist of many decades who will be in town this Saturday at Angela king gallery. On royal street. And we're just talking about the phenomenal life that he has land. And again started very young. But was there sixties hello where we're talking about yeah. And and he was just getting some great stories I love those stories and I was talking to Angel looking about. I just -- nearly liberties and she was telling me this story than in 1989. After the Tiananmen square event. That you did a whole series of -- A lady Liberty's using what was it Angela. -- do you remember you painted 89 liberties and do you put the chops of the students. That were involved in the protest protests in Tiananmen square. Yes. Only it's I it's nobody is remember exactly -- -- England but. You know these states -- -- to be needed renovation. I've raised money for those who like -- came up. In the 2000. I think it's something special. Where is the president of the United States I did -- -- -- -- -- you as the mind boggling. And besides getting rid of its. What other areas I mean you love animals you love your patriots. What other things motivate you. Or that -- much of what motivates mile is the data they go to -- it is to do it today. To comment here and do I get into that bush in the paint any minute now analysts thought anything whether -- at 10 AM or 11 AMR contains so. Twelve policy and I'm painting in painting in painting. That got a fellow world to me he's sort of it DJ he -- good music on the -- all the time and some publicity and that they could be five paintings and that it could be -- to lose all the things you know just painting called they'll look at. -- just eclectic to my friends you know put musicians like we're going to take out of luck with 12 o'clock in the city. You can't stop creating music treat. A piano you create the on tape microphone on the that this is constantly creating music. It created a special thing that we will be seeing in New Orleans on Saturday. And that's the that the magnificent work with the photograph. Of Maryland in room. And in it it's by the incredible photography Milton green. Get so angry he was amazing photographer. Who got a tape you know you'll need to photographs -- And it's -- Need to use those photographs which it did. -- And so you saw the photographs and I'm just curious how you come up with the idea. Of -- an exhibit like this. Well what happens. You know I get from Milton green family. They have a lot of photographs that he was an official photographer of course. So I look through them and I've met him once but twice. I couldn't believe the charisma and he's it. Was shining -- -- -- almost phase. Uncivilized. I just couldn't believe a beautiful to look and by the way after -- better. I think forward 68 months later she passed the way it was beyond -- Still today remember a beautiful ocean. Beyond beyond -- beautiful. And so your memorializing her in a sense in this work. You could say that you know other big I admire quite a few lawyers and that looks and we just got from the -- family. The explosive quite so portable. So not making all kinds of paintings of Maryland hopefully one of these huge shortly locals. Marilyn Monroe. And so Angela what will be at your studio we have. Canvas paintings. That aren't these photographs that Peter has painted and on paper as well and to -- it's a beautiful collection of them. So it's the magnificent collar we still associate with Peter Max coupled with the business and there are all different they're different. Poses in different photographs. That -- You have known this man for thirty years percent 29 years. What you've seen the evolution of his work. How do you describe it. Well he's semester of color and to. It's it's really impressive and beautiful to see a body of work coming by Peter because it's always so fresh it's always so bright and it's just it's. Lifts your spirits it's it's a wonderful thing in and there isn't anybody who handles the paintbrush and handles that much paint together. And keep it is as clear and clean stroke as he does. He's a master with a paintbrush and it's hard to do the kind of work that Peter doesn't he does that. -- -- We're privileged to have you here and it's really important for people like you to come to our city and to for people in New Orleans to be able to enjoy your work so -- And I'd say and McCain has been my argument -- and so many Lebanese army is not and point. Percent to 88 is when we first met so that's a long time him. And that you -- -- my favorite quality of this you are so fantastic good knowledge of art and what I come to -- beautiful city New Orleans. And -- wouldn't be at the end looking gallery I guess like a rush I get like -- throw my body. You know that -- going to be review is unbelievable city on top of that you know. Yes this but I think is very exciting -- Angeles certainly being the leader among them is on our evolution of the our world here in New Orleans has grown ups and certainly post-Katrina and even before them. Creating art districts there's just an acknowledgment. That this is such a creative town. I -- become a hub it's really a center and this whole region. Of art in people we have the -- -- coming up that is something that's growing larger and larger prospect threes and open in October. And the city is just. Full of -- and we've always had incredible music incredible food and the visual arts have just grown leaps and bounds in the last thirty years. It's. It's wonderful thing. I can't wait to be. -- We cannot wait to have you here either. A -- to take the break when we come back I do wanna talk to Peter Max about I'm just curious because they'll never seen studio. When you close the door and you look at the campus where he began stay with this will be right back. Again our very special guest -- artist Peter Max and you've seen his work all over I mean it's. As we said it's been on airplanes five Super Bowls he has been the artist for five Super Bowls for the Olympics you. That the riot of color of the the beauty be as Angela king said it ain't looking gallery he up lips and I think that's the perfect word. So Peter Peter Max I do -- askew is an issue or in your studio and you have a blank canvas. And if you said the music is playing you'd just start. I just start. I don't know where that would approach I don't know what color with a bit before you know adamant the color of -- shapes. And a painting away from the enjoyment music. It's almost -- depends. Then suddenly twenty minutes goes by thirty minutes and I love would have seen on the campus. And I just I work -- work. It's just like what you all of its own sometimes in the department's own 28 minutes later he could be he -- -- -- perfect reality. That's what that's about it to its creative things that happened to -- them blown away each time it happens it happens more than once today. To keep tabs immediately. -- very very fortunate. That you recognize your own creativity and have created this life. Yeah that we all can enjoy. Have you ever done something that you stand. On Vinatieri then that is that is a -- -- want. Did you really if so there you really because like it takes something -- like so much. And dignity and so I can make something out of it -- -- -- Develop. Well when you I know you did campaigning of Taylor Swift so the question is. Do you when you were watching television seeing a movie meet somebody at a cocktail party. It can -- Salem and do her aren't going to detaining him. Not so much like that it happens occasionally to be targets so that this piece of news an amazing personality great phase. As you know of course I get attracted to witness in my -- and in the paint this. But a lot of times it comes to these and many other ways. Occupants come to view that it. People who work with me you know it's just it's just amazing it's not always -- of people's substances. Fantasies in certain situations and that means. Not from this world because they do like from another world and I love all the stuff the policies of the world. I've always loved it's always been a source of deep deep creativity. So almost wanna ask where do you go from here you continue your work but. With that you know technology changes. Just the idea -- using the photographs of Maryland. It. You don't put a -- This is. Yet until. OK. Okay and what -- view of the world. And and we appreciate your time we really do but of just talking about. Just says the technology for the creation of posters or. You tell you about it Warren has committed to be -- kind. -- Okay well. He's really bought disciplinary. But that's okay Portland he's. You know so he's gonna be here this weekend yes can anybody -- yes it's open to the public and Peter will be here we have a beautiful body of work. There are over fifty new paintings that weird. Busily hanging right now and then by Saturday to hunting believable exhibition and you'll be there from six until nine on Saturday night. To forty when royal street. Everyone is invited to come and meet him. Now that this is great to 41 group yeah. You know we'll do we'll we'll take separate and then we'll come back and hopefully he'll be finished and we can talk him again and stay with this. Again our special guest Peter Max. And Angela king and Angela king gallery here in new worlds on royal street Peter Max will be here on Saturday night the public is. Welcome -- from 6 to 9 o'clock to say really that the man they called the master of color in America and just just on phenomenal work. And Peter I just wanna say that the invitation to the event on Saturday night just arrived and I'm looking at. On your -- -- to the masters the beautiful motor. The meg yeah 12. Then go. Just your thoughts on on why he decided to do that. Well. It's you know I haven't even though -- do things. -- happens in this you know you know when you're walking in the street you know humming a tune. Well you whistling and so in some cases it would make you do this just to. It's just one of these things that comes to company. That is. -- -- -- your favorite artist. Lots of them -- Nazis. Who -- holes of my best friends -- people. And we will always. In the same price point he and I would have at least so it was the same prize today -- pieces of course he's been gone -- certainty -- and so. So something that I did for let's say 20000 heated for twenty and it with a -- needed -- Same size though something missiles with forty or 50000. Maybe it's certainly gave me because of -- of the eighties and successive themselves. And with some TV. It's golden. Is not much more time around. The -- goes through through my -- more than gold and diamonds gold and realistic. Unbelievable. It is unbelievable -- in interestingly you're saying that because pantomime were just talking about. From a gallery point of -- you really want people to -- because they want it. Exactly when. When people. Ask it in the first place what. Is this a good investment we we generally say that you buy things because you love them first the investment is. A bonus when the -- goes temperatures have certainly. You know of course it is. Stuff that I did the series ago there was a 51 of those today. So this is where why didn't I have that. Because I loved your work but I did have 15100. But anyway you are a delight and I look forward to meeting you once again thank you for coming back to do. Thank you and Angela Kelly dispute if you wanted god bless everybody. And just see all of you with a few days government. All right you think so much Peter once again thank the great Peter Max and Angela king Angela king gallery. At 241 -- street Saturday night. Stay with us everyone we're -- -- the newsroom but we'll invite.