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5-20 4:20pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

May 20, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Herbert talk to LSU Baseball Head Coach Paul Mainieri about the post season SEC tournament.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Post season tournament action is here it's the SEC tournament and tomorrow the LSU Tigers take on the Vanderbilt commodores at 9:30 in the morning we go to who Alabama or LSU coach Palminteri. Saunders now coach McNair thank you so much for the time. Coach you have these series all season long take us through some of the things that are different from a preparation standpoint. Are you set things up. When you go into the tournament knowing that you might have to play you know a lot of games in a short amount of time what would think do you have to had just gone from regular season deterrent. I don't think you try to get too much you get it started you'd think it's -- yeah yeah they -- -- here yeah. You find a curve ball that you don't appear that he going to be playing on consecutive days credit they ought. Temperature pretty lecture at 21 in the time that it's imperative that we. It it's like regional actually that we went the first two games in the -- in the corner. All ought to at winning it because if we win. Our game tomorrow and -- game on third he retire already are gonna win two games on the week and a total board but if you. Whichever one of these first two games are secure the first two games are arguing called particular one of the purse you've been near the -- party -- well. As well Saturday and Sunday -- -- it totaled five games I don't know how much pitching. You'd ever get the pitching depth yesterday under the situation -- -- it out there and take one game at a time -- here he didn't went to our. If you torture the winter annual in the match and in the end appreciated there are on guardian series -- Saturday -- You know it strategically. Tutored future you know you'd think -- I'm down to pitching well and make him play in amateur routes and caught -- -- the character. Up where they get to top opponent. Now our coach Larry explained to the fans because acts as a lot of fires coach -- because he's gonna tell you. By his strategy or what he can reveal so to speak. We decide on on the pitching rotation you know they actually look how dominant. Aaron -- has been Indian you look for the team like Vanderbilt. We all know what he's established at LSU. What 28 in his 31 starts the past two seasons. Winning and in and you feel very confident when he's on the on the mound but. Mobile why he's just explained to fans. And the pitcher rotation high you decided. The -- keep him for the second game. Well -- you go back a couple of weeks on the distance trying to -- on the back we are rained out on Friday against Alabama. And they didn't know it didn't in central shattered. And then you know that we cited its -- and -- in the game and that it rained out reason we get that. We are concerned it would then be on that -- starters broke. And we thought that the third -- and -- -- -- one game against Alabama that street agent northwestern statement Thursday. At Auburn and we are we need to get an extra days' rest in there as it turned out. We carried out and he to a negotiated pitch on -- in Auburn instead. But just Doherty tried to establish all the circulation -- Saturday start. He went Saturday and guardian offered. And then just give them five days Gretzky who pitched Thursday year. Award -- that these important games she turned and not. You know win or you see -- over and I agree reported back on short rest and make sure he has. You know the proper -- -- arm. That he he can pitch at -- Fumble on in -- the number -- -- avoid injury and and number three strong against double turn and go the way it's got to work there's a growing. Thursday Burnett allowed into our game and otherwise what we would've been knew it was -- it or keeps you know. It right out today though it did work out approach say it goes tomorrow which were all very property the ability as well. Now a coach an area looking at cal Allman and yet to be excited about that -- claiming his first SEC victory. And what I was reading is that he will be the starter when and if Ellis who plays at third game and SEC tournament is. Is that where you're at Wimbledon right now -- -- -- what he did against Auburn and you comets and him. Yeah I think so obvious they get you know become almost start out that she never hurt Carter era out you get into the first game of the year. And then and the teacher and letting people and he been hurt her wildly over a 100% that you want your -- So law you know shot. It back to being they're not that at least he has a certain level at bat what it is and to be able that. Get that position cover first stage on a ground ball to the first stage and not turn the thing. You yet been able to do that early and then because he hasn't pitched -- -- entered China on a lot the endurance. Don't currently you know well but he is ready to do it again property they were touched -- an -- that he'd be about 75 pitches and we thought it was about trying to shut him down so. You know he pitched really well and a lot of competent in him in our third our league pitcher so. Then he'll know that third start here but we're there at that that third game for the pitcher and get the third guard here and hopefully continue to establish and -- I wouldn't count on. As we go into reachable -- to actually get. Now our coach urban area look at buy you clothes on the season and a high note and as far as scoring runs it was almost like a football scores getting touchdowns look at starting with. Mile and a lot against northwestern but. I was reading way -- you first conference road sweep since last march at Missouri. Scored 29 runs 38 hits. And -- of party wins for the season. I don't know Twain I rather be thirty did you get a win a lot of games and and not win the series maybe Sweden people. Action you know you know I mean that would be great weeks -- in the -- -- on and comp -- -- would great. Know what you you know I'm not trying to take anything away from what we accomplished that. You also have to take into consideration the pitching we're going up against noted. It wasn't at Vanderbilt Jalabert step that we played against in our sport game moral don't will be agent somebody early ninety. Our mile an hour security name is yet here they get a whole scheme of start the Bernanke are mile an hour. There'll be more in the challenged Marlin. You know like I don't really expect that are -- up -- grunt work beyond so yeah I think yeah. If we can win in greeted to -- the you know but the one thing that that that it these give it. You know that that believe that -- that -- -- you know especially you'd be bigger -- the other team's pitching or honorable -- as well bet it. Game might be my glory goes group -- out -- or -- -- scoring game and especially the pitching you know it -- -- -- -- but are now. You know a lot of unless we are that the guys early entered the challenge and they're -- operators is forty wins and there's a place finish and -- -- -- And if Ronnie coats and name moving forward now we know after the week in -- in the national seed to come out in the regional sites. You feel LSU once again be on line -- host region. I feel like we earned that already but I don't know that'll happen. I think a lot depends on whether or not yet he keep it for 50 right. You know they'd only get to -- a -- hurt we're -- they're competing with standard built on this. Out Chara line I think -- a lot happened on. But you know what we do in the game this week may have some -- orderly Joker I don't know what -- selection committee which side. You know behind closed doors -- I don't wont hurt if we do well this week. But you know -- just never know is that third place winners were hoping to build a mistake by Vinatieri more waiter in each each Vanderbilt RPI it's -- sure our. -- which right now that team that we want a couple of games -- expect we move up a couple notches well which carry more weight I don't know might actually -- that you that there has been yet he. And you won forty -- game -- deserve -- -- And that's been their history and yet he's in the NCAA tournament or be disappointed it didn't happen this year for -- It's out of our -- -- we can do it and that's which in this week in what the committee did their job and was here -- -- are you concerned that. LSU coach pulmonary Kotchman -- thank you so much for the time to look tomorrow morning. All right LSU and Vanderbilt 9:30 AM in the morning right here on WW. He's by the Hebert and Deke Bellavia Minneapolis it's a global 52. Not New Orleans should the new stadium take precedence over a once in a lifetime historic event you can cast a vote online at WWL. Dot com WW on whose time is full -- time the first new to go to Jim --